fecal vomit

More unseasonal merriment courtesy of sonic sore thumb Fecal Vomit, seriously if you can pick from the bones of this anything remotely possessed of the Christmas spirit then frankly I will eat my Santa hat twinkly bell an all, oh hang better retract that because I’m hearing the vague interference of some homely wintry brass serenades bleeding through the static hiss at around the five minute mark, oh well as you were its gone. See – just for the naysayers – proof indeed that we have sat through its entireity, our ears are bleeding mind you, but we are troopers to the cause no matter that as reward we are prepared to have our synapses scrambled to mush and our headspace somewhat fried. Really though, I mean 27 minutes of impish speaker sandblasting, squalling hiss and frequency twiddling tomfoolery, which just when you fear your head is going to melt and your beginning to adjust your listening to its extremities the blighter quietens down – roughly at the 20.30 point in case you are taking notes. I can certainly see this going down a treat at the Christmas fisticuffs and who can shout loudest festive fued this weekend – as and added bonus keeps carol singers away….with a heigh and a ho. https://soundcloud.com/fxvx/fecal-vomit-something-sweet-for-christmas

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