so there and grey malkin

all things being well we will be revisiting this one a little later today for what is a positively prettified cornucopia of strange seduction, for ghosting through the fractures of psych, hauntology, lounge and filmic noir this is ‘resilient to yo yo’s tomb’ – a four track set that pairs together the talents of both Grey Malkin of the hare and the moon and so there. All at once curiously surreal and dreamy, this quartet of delights reveals a little more of itself with each repeat listen, for now we’ve trained our ear on the opening salvo ‘mayhap morrow’ whose floral pageantry is sighed to an exceptional songcraft that dissipates and dissolves with vague echoes of George Martin’s ‘theme 1’ albeit as rephrased by Schizo Fun Addict and then wired through the viewfinder of a very youthful Porcupiine Tree, add to this the divinely arresting bucolic courtship of pastoral pirouettes sparring with the hiccupping glitches and you have something of a playful posy that’s lushly harvested with a distractively disarming free spirited wily airiness. As said more of this later.    


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