A quick hello and happy Christmas message from the Sonic Cathedral dudes giving us a heads up as to crucial grooves being prepped for next year (which reminds me I must nail a copy of that ultra limited cassette from XAM Duo currently doing the rounds) that include a reissue of a 1995 classic, a  solo outing from one of the labels favourite bands of all time – clues please on both – and what sounds like being a darkly woven killer thing from the Spectres due to release its contagion sometime around February with ‘dissolve’ heading out spreading its infection. Graced by a decidedly disturbing visual, ‘dissolve’ comes purred with a twisted psychosis, a shadowy sore thumb wallowing in an flatlining edginess, a dead heading mantra spraying disconnection and detachment, in truth had us much recalling a tensely taught and souring Sennen rephrasing a mid 80’s Wire back catalogue. Essential of course but then did you really need me telling you so.

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