schizo fun addict

Yes, this is ticking so many boxes I fear our head might just fry in delight. New groove from Schizo Fun Addict entitled ‘chrome rush’ is being prepped for download only release early January, all things being well you can expect an early listening experience of both sides sometime around Tuesday wherein we’ll also be fondly adoring in print the flip side, a real serious slab of fracturing bad ju ju, a cover no less of Brian Jonestown Massacre’s ‘jesus’. For now though the lead cut ‘chrome rush’ is set to mess with your fringes, never could resist records with the sound of dragster cars revving in the background, this lysergic love note radiates and burns with panic attacking effervescence all the time rippled in soft psych shimmertones that pulsate to a hazy garage growl. Yet why oh why do I keep hearing the Creation each time it rears into earshot, though that’ll be the Creation rephrased through the angular viewfinder of a ‘Goo’ era Sonic Youth. And just when you think its done with you it jettisons off amid swooning vapour trails of cosmic euphoria. In short, this babe, struts, stutters and shimmies with the acute aplomb of a band assured, confident and riding high on a creative curve

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