the active listener sampler..a brief visit….

Last ever Active Listener sampler, yes tis true, another trusted blog site sadly bites the dust, this being, if my counting head is on straight, the 44th gathering of strange delights from pops outer circle. Now we will be rambling at length about later in the week, but what with families to suffer, turkeys to eat and television to bore, we here are a tad limited with time. I’m sure those who occasionally pass these pages will be all too aware of the likes of the panamint manse, the dandelion set, Emily jones, the mortlake books club et al, so for this brief visitation we wanted to feature two ensembles previously unknown to us and a quick fumble in the musical sack turned up the Greek Theatre and Dead Radio, the former served by ‘now is the time’ do a neat line in misty n’ hazy damon and naomi with ghost spectral floral enchantment all tripped in the finest mystical regalia while the latter mentioned, set about shrooming your headspace in sky fracturing hazes of kosmick kaleidoscopia that loosely venture into Levitation styled airspace amid the monumental ‘meniscus’.

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