look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping….part 11

Look what we sneaked online while you were asleep…..part 11

Various Artists Fuzztones – Illegitimate Spawn/Sin

Fuzztones – what can I say – the dogs bollocks. Those of you previously unaware or puzzled as to the fuss – see that’s what happens when you live under a rock for the best part of a quarter of a century then retune for a brief potted history via their website at http://www.fuzztones.net/bio.htm or else consider this. By and large ignored wholesale by the press swiftly dispatched by many as 60’s copyists (which pretty much rules out the whole Detroit and Scandinavian scenes does it not?) the Fuzztones have doggedly pursued their trade. They are for many the key note link to the whole of rock ‘n’ roll’s Pebbles / Nuggets heritage in fact you’d be forgiven for swearing that they’d flipped headlong through some kind of rip in time straight from the mid 60’s such is their authenticity and grasp of the primitive rudimentary, they coined the term grunge long before Seattle saw fit to announce it’s birthright on the music map via Sub Pop et al with the genre (though arguably their sound has been anything but – though the influence on Mudhoney’s cleaner 60’s vibe is indisputable). Never one dimensional the Fuzztones mix and switch between classic fuzzed up garage punk, lysergically enhanced west coast psychedelic, vintage mid 60’s beat pop and candy coated 50’s bubblegum with the Stones, Seeds, 13th Floor Elevators and the Wailers pretty much high in the influential stakes. You could say they’ve single handedly redefined a whole genre.


The Fuzztones aren’t dead – far from it as their recent ‘Lord have Mercy on my Soul’ single for Twist records (home of Thee Jenerators) in fact it’d be better say that they are more than equipped these days to shoot the shit and deal a crushing put down to many of the bright young guitar slingers getting kudos from the clueless press than they were when they called it a day as Tina Peel and emerged, much to the annoyance of their management, into their fiercely dependent Fuzztones guise. Asides that there’s the latest ’LSD’ CD / DVD retrospective on Get Back (which sadly we haven’t heard) which features 25 spanking toons from the Fuzztones vaults.


‘Illegitimate Spawn’ is so simple and obvious an idea you can’t help wondering why nobody thought of it before. A Fuzztones tribute album or more rightly a Fuzztones double tribute album. Featuring forty two bands / tracks culled from all four corners of the globe and rightly paying homage to one of THE great unsung heroes of the whole garage scene. The origins of the idea prompted by Italy’s Lysergic Love who feature here getting to grips in fine style with ‘Hurt on Hold’. Word has it the Fuzzy dudes where so enamoured with the concept that they put out a message on their website requesting potential covers and received enough material to fill a further two sets.


Twenty six years on and the Fuzztones are now the proud parents of a brood of fuzz riffing kooky keyboard loving bastard offspring they never knew they had all banging on their door to pay their dues. Amid this two hour plus set there are a handful of household legends in their own right – the late Swell Map-er Nikki Sudden makes an appearance with the drop dead gorgeous ’Just once’ elsewhere Jayne County – currently the subject of a superb vault trawling release by Munster records with ’Wayne County at the Trucks’ – provides a pretty tasteful reply to ‘Me Tarzan, you Jane’ with the harmonica laced ‘You Tarzan, me Jane’ while Bad Afro stars the Defectors admirably take apart ‘It came in the mail’ and put it back together not before souping it up and giving it a much needed re-spray. In addition there’s four specially recorded homage toons from the likes of Vibravoid, Batlord, the Weirdtones and Manganzoides the whole release superbly packaged replete with an extensive 28 page booklet featuring rare photos, information and artwork by head Fuzztone Rudi Protrudi.


As to the actual release well with 42 bands on show it’s a shame to have to miss out the majority, hell apart from a small select few I wasn’t even aware, much to my horror and embarrassment, of half of these bands. Safe to say none disappoint but then if I had to select favourites then pick the bones out of the following. Staggers do a neat line Munsters meet Love with their audacious refit of ’Cellar Dweller’ while the sublime sounds of Marshmallow Overcoat give you that feeling of being under dressed unless you have on your sunglasses in the company of ’Skeleton Farm’. The She Wolves prove its not a wholly masculine thang by stomping in with the fraught and tight as a gnat’s arse ’Heathen Set’ and as not to be outdone Finland‘s Deletones kick in with the brisk but shimmering ‘Third time‘s the Charm‘. Then there’s the razor sharp Lloyd Cole-esque hip shaking Intercontinental Playboys interpretation of ’Brand new man’, getting sleazy by the shedload are Holland’s Sonic Litter who do deliciously bad things to ’Highway 69’ while the Paranoiacs from Belgium up the ante considerably with the Nomads in a head on collision with Motorhead carnage of ’Cheyenne Rider’. Over on disc 2 you get treated to the acid flashbacked ’Lovely Lady Deb O’ Nair’ by Vibravoid which sounds not a million miles from prime time kaleidoscopic Traffic while in the hands of the Deadbillys ’All the kings horses’ is given a suitably subtle psyche enhanced countrified demeanour with just the merest traces of the Stones’ ’Paint it Black’ in the mix. The ghost of Muddy Waters is apparent on ’Shame on you’ by the Ravens – dam – we could go on and we haven’t even mentioned the excellently named Cosmic Goblins or Aliens and Strangers.


That said pushed to pick the four tracks that stand out way ahead of the chasing pack then you could do much worse for having the frankly weirdly creepy Hank Ray oozing from the hi-fi as he exhumes ’Ghost Clinic’ while Mad Juana deserve investigation for their superbly psychedelicised Beatles-esque middle eastern mantra as evidenced on ’Idol Chatter’. Argentina’s Gondolieri endow a casualness rarely heard these days and decorate ’Charlotte Remains’ with the kind of shimmering soft psyche sheen that would suggest they’d give the Green Pyjamas a serious run for their money. Yet all said and done nothing quite compares to the uber cool Plasticland who amid a coalescence of acid flashbacks and the hallucinatory backdrop of drip dried wah wah effects court with a meanly disorientating psychotic haze for the wickedly sinister ’Ward 81’.


Essential stuff and of course every good boy deserves the Fuzztones. You know it makes sense.


more of that essential type groove from the ghost box folk this time from regular visitors to these pages pye corner audio whose ‘stasis’ full length is set to raise their stock considerably not least because from what our ears do detect this short excerpt – incidentally titled ‘at the heart of stasis’ – is a sublimely dream weaved slice of kool kosmiche whose motoric murmurs and svelte star gazed future grooving imsgines as were, an alternative time line wherein the sound worlds of Vengelis and Zombi collide….. https://soundcloud.com/ghost-box/pye-corner-audio-at-the-heart-of-stasis-clip

bruised in the sparse weave of cinematic melancholia and spirited in prettified folk posies that sound as though they’ve spellcrafted their way through a misty ttwilight dream haze, the much anticipated ‘the botanist and the archeologist’ set from Faten Kanaan finally awakens. Now those of you possessed of a vague recall might well note our adoration of her last EP – simply entitled ‘EP’ – see here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2015/12/08/faten-kanaan/ . set for limited wax release this week via the ever crucisl polytechnic youth imprint, a teaser video for ‘spy film’ has been sent ahead as a herald to wooo and seduce in equal measures, ghosted in an entrancing Vengelis like cosmic heraldry, Kanaan lightly flutters over the murmuring motifs like a sirenesque vision draped forlornly in sepia whisps, something we suggest that ought to be high on the list of you Jane Weaver loving types.


Been quite a while since we visited the Exile Pots sound bunker, ‘being frozen’ released a few weeks ago was recently found entering our listening space, a mammoth head expanding experience best encountered, one suspects, in a mildly stoned state through head phones if only to elevate the trip-a-delic colourings as you fall headlong into the mallowy dissipates of its strangely intoxicating floral cosmos which one minute evokes visions of lilting star crossed lullaby serenades, the next passages of detatched and weightless eerie out thereness before returning you home to the boredom of reality upon a  serenely dream draped frost tipped space sleigh orbiting aglow with the navigational twinkling of spectral ghostlights all replete and guided by a host of sonic reference markers of which Louis and Bebe Baron, Tristram Cary and Mort Garson’s ‘plantasia’ all instantly call to mind. http://exilepots.bandcamp.com/album/being-frozen

Described in passing as ‘sadcore shoegaze twee from Vermont’ – and who are we to argue – these be two quickly drilled releases from the Cold Delerious Few which to put it politely, ought to adore and frustrate in equal measure not least because of its authors impish want for putting the would be listener ever increasingly on the back foot by somewhat pic n’ mixing his way through varying sound styles all admittedly housed under the broad spectrum of noise. For example, take the polarising opposites of the two sides that make up ‘hiding face’ – the lead track, a bonafide pop nuget blurred and bleached in bliss hissed discordance of the type much echoing a late 80’s New Zealand noise core scene whilst over on the flip, ‘wierdo in white’ totally drops all attempts of pop posturing, that is, the kind of pop posturing with a semblance of structure no matter how warped and atonal it might be, instead opting for some freeform frequency spiking fuzzy skree. Like wise on current outing ‘walking in and out of frame’ – the lead cut comes honed to a fracturing soft psych shimmertoning that hints of a youthful Teaardrop Explodes albeit rephrased through the kaleidoscopic eye of a joint enterprise gathering together Cheval Sombre and the much missed NY combo Nick Nicely while flip cut ‘termite wings’ is deliciously grooved in a minimalist retro phrasing of the type that ought to appeal to those of you admiring of 70’s sounding cold war electronica.  https://colddeliriousfew.bandcamp.com/album/walking-in-and-out-of-frame


sorry folks, but more Faten Kanaan, stumbling across this little gem, again from the imminent ‘the botanist and the archaeologist’ set through polytechnic youth, this is track one ‘viriditas’ which unless our ears do deceive has something of a classic era Goblin about its wares, retooled I should say or as were, by La Dusseldorf

Just what you need at the start of another long bruising week, a blistering wake-up call courtesy of NOFX. Blessed with a sentiment I think we’ve all been through, some of us on a regular basis, ‘I don’t like me anymore’ is a scowling beat yerself up banger gouged and grooved in a rough raw razoring all suffocated in self loathing. This version is an alternate take of the cut currently to found oi oi-ing and causing a fuss as it punches and stares out the competition amid their recently released ‘first ditch effort’ full length, this cut incidentally appearing on a cover adorned flexi of the latest issue of new noise magazine.  https://soundcloud.com/newnoisemagazine/nofx-i-dont-like-me-anymore-alternate-version-new-noise-magazine-flexi-002

a great disappointment around here is that we scarcely get to feature anything heading out of Poland, so you can imagine our mood and curiosity were buoyed by us unearthing this blissful gem by how to disappear completely. ‘fever ray’ just out on bandcamp heads up an EP of the same name, in short a six-minute celestial visitation gushed in the delicate bathing glow of euphoric whispers all teased by a stilled jaw dropping melancholic soft burn, in truth its the sound of a cosmic last breath as the starry lights fade and all becomes nothing. ‘lost in moments’ is no slouch in the affection stakes either, all ethereal shimmer tones effected by dissolving dream dazed dissipates and ghostly spectrals, one for tuning out of the hustle and bustle of the day’s dreariness in favour of the escapist donning of the head phones.  http://htdc.bandcamp.com/album/fever-ray  

messages and metaphors aside, I’ll readily admit I’m hopeless with these things, ‘seven days’ comes accompanied by a comic book, a seven track ambient suite, each track dedicated to a day in the week and each collectively gathered to form a week long diary telling the tale of a visiting stranger bearing gifts. Now here’s the tricky bit, is the benefactor really an angel or is the whole suite meant to be viewed as a dream state of some kind, we find by Sunday that they are in hospital and the mention of going home, so is this an emerging from a near death coma. See I told you, no good with these things. That said what you get here is a quite ethereally entrancing medititative mosaic with each movement lasting just shy of eight minutes, essentially each being musically the same track though tinkered, pitched and toned anew, essential for head phone happening and believe me crafted in such harmonic grace and sense of peaceful elegance that you’ll emerge from the other side suitably chilled and feeling as though you’ve been touched by a ghostly visitation and just for the record we quite fancy the idea of a moonflower. Anyhow this nugget hails all the way from South Korea is by a trio who go by the name Janice and the Pink Monkeys and is essential listening for all those who adore their listening space blossoming in cosmic floral posies.  http://pinkmonkeys.bandcamp.com/album/7-days   

floor thumping mind arranging psychotropia from earwiggle dude Sunil Sharpe, this is the fourth tinfoil head trip, herewith three deeply entrancing excerpts found voyaging into the dark heart of techno and all deliciously daubed in subterranic pulsars which by way of the subtronic grooving of ‘foil 23’ – the best thing here incidentally – sound like they’ve emerged from the dark side of an Add N to X sonic death star. https://soundcloud.com/sunilsharpe/tinfoil-tinfoil-4-previews

quite possibly the coolest thing on planet pop right now, been a fair while since we had any Wicked Whispers groove adoring our head space, new thang ‘if I set you free’ out next month arrives pressed up on limited gold foil wrapped coloured wax, indelibly mushroomed in 60’s lysergic happenings, this kaleidoscopically strut twanged babe woozily radiates to the mellowing undertow of blissed kissed soft psych shimmer tones whose trip-a-delic vibes to these ears at least, sound not unlike a prime time Misunderstood cooking up a mind morphing alchemist brew from out of the essences of blue oyster cult’s ‘don’t fear the reaper’. Smoking stuff…….

an interlude……

a rummage through the archives……better skin up folks……

Strawberry Alarm Clock….


Purple Overdose….

It wasn’t all creating strange sounds that imagined both alien and futuristic worlds through sequences of bleeping electronic boffinry, while the history of the legendary BBC Radiophonic Workshop pitches a curtsy and an affectionate nod to its pioneering sound alchemists – Oram, Derbyshire, Hodgson, Baker et al, the studios most alluring work came from its lesser known players one of whom Elizabeth Parker was commissioned with the task of creating an entire sound world to accompany David Attenborough’s award winning ‘the living planet’. Utilising found sounds, synthesisers and a huge degree of creative imagination, Parker crafted perfectly a unique melodic micro universe that complimented exquisitely the sense of mystery and wonder of nature the entire score of which has just been released by Silva Screen on a limited pressing of arctic pearl coloured vinyl.


The cause of an affectionate buzz around the gaff, this is M Craft as rephrased by those folk Cavern of Anti Matter, the title track rendered into a frost tipped orbital that in truth sounds as though its just been taken out of a galactic refrigerator to defrost, uber chilled and trippy with it, petrified pastorals softly caressing a delicately balanced sonic trajectory where sits at one end Oddfellow Casino whilst at the other Cheval Sombre and C Duncan. https://soundcloud.com/heavenlyrecordings/blood-moon-m-craft-cavern-of-anti-matter-people-remix-1

okay i’ll put my hands up in admitting that for now, we have mislaid that NoMen CD which came shoehorned into the recent Fruits de Mer goodie bag, fear not for we have assembled and despatched a search party tasked with hunting down the said errant disc. So to kind of make up for our lack of organisation and other failings, here’s a spot of out-there woozy weirdness from these psychedeklic alchemists, ripped from the soundtrack to Italian horror flick ‘the devil’s cupboaard’ this trailer features sounds so fractured and wired out in psychosis and disturbia as to have the sun turning in and in its place looming shadows forming long upon your listening space, psychedelic sorcery blues very much tuned to a youthful of arrowe hill grooving conjuring up a head-shrooming Barrett-esque bad juju arabesque.

Tripped over this whilst having a mooch around Bandcamp, this lot hail from Tokyo and go by the name of アルテミア – which if our google translator is working correctly means Artemia – they’ve a double A sided single out just about now no doubt doing a fair amount of heartbreak entitled カーマインの水槽/colors – the former track roughly translating as ‘aquarium of carmine’ and is something longingly dream draped in pristine pop poised shoe gaze swirls. However, that said, we here are more than a little fond of the flip cut, the readily more animated and upbeat indie twee twinkled ‘colors’ with its sunny love noted boy / girl conversations and chime shimmer toning riffola which if anything ought to appeal to those of you with a thing for releases heading out of the Matinee and elefant sound houses.   http://artemiajp.bandcamp.com/album/colors 

There’s no denying that shade adorned Glasgow darlings Candy Maps have something of an affectionate ear for all things Velvet-teen and Brothers Reid for ‘falling down’ comes pressed upon a cooling caress that smokes, snakes and stirs seductively from out of a bliss kissed hissing 60’s fog pouting and purring to a shadowy statuesque groove that echoes to the soft psych motifs once the hallmark of a youthful pre Oasis bothering Creation imprint. ‘fly trap’ is a more reserved affair, all lolloping sleepy headed mirages and sepia tweaked chime cascades which once gathered opine to a warming cosy toed and hushed hymnal glow that longingly hint of the butterflies of love and the wreaths colourings. http://candymaps.bandcamp.com/album/falling-down 

Arriving like London buses these days, a very quick mention for these given that we’ve managed to temporarily mislay an email giving us a heads up on the latest release happenings imminent on the mega dodo imprint, fear not folks we will nail the errant missive and be back later no doubt. For now, by way of small recompense here’s two nifty mix cloud sets cobbled together by label head honcho Mr Blaney – a tuned in uber cool roll call of punch you out power pop pretties (flaming groovies drop dead killer ‘shake some action’), mod-tastic groove (The Keys ‘hello, hello’), vintage psych (third bardo ‘I’m 5 years ahead of my time’), surferama (evan johns and the h bombs ‘hey woo’), lost gems (the attractions ‘slow patience’) and that’s just show #5. Show #6 opens to Dick Dale’s ‘let’s go trippin’ a cut that used to open up Mr Peel’s Saturday morning social ‘home truths’ – from therein it’s all well heeled garage beat / soul with platters from sir douglas quintet, the stairs’ gem like LA’s-esque ‘weed bus’, the trashmen., some groovily twanged cool cuts from Dave Vanian’s extra curricula Damned combo the phantom chords, a little bit of essential Dr Feelgood and wrapping matters up with a smoking Carl Perkins ‘put your cat clothes on’….. 



must admit we here do adore the detuned warping ebb and flow effect murmuring off this lilting collaboration between Simon Waldram and pleasure holiday (Julia Fernandez), with the promise of more head to head encounters to follow (an album with a working title ‘insolation’ is mooted), toned in a lo-fi sparseness ‘en un coche’ radiates with a lazy eyed soft psych shimmering whose fuzz scratched pretty pop prowess lullingly spirits to the distant echo of classic era Flying Saucer Attack – indeed that good.  https://simonwaldram.bandcamp.com/album/en-un-coche-single

there was a little brief flurry of activity at Fruits de Mer towers following the mind morphing antics of their acclaimed recent Dr Sardonicus festival what with a limited CD repress of their Record Collector curated ‘plankton’ compilation of long out of print selections from the labels first year of releases, plus there where posters – all now adorning our walls and framed to boot, a limited stash of postcards featuring aborted sleeve designs and a smattering of recently unearthed ‘the geometry of thistles sets, the debut album from 2011 by merry pranksters Cranium Pie. These babies now come housed in the legendary, and dare we say, much sought after fake Korean and Japanese variants – see link below for full explanation / history and availability – recorded before their critically adored and head expanding opus ‘mechanisms pt 1’, ‘the geometry of thistles’ reveals a lighter and more playful side to the Cranium Pie persona (if you ever needed further evidence – check out the kookily wonky seaside kaleidoscopia of ‘granny’s wall’ which brings down the curtain on the set), still fried, wayward and somewhat, not so much missing, but in search of a plot, it provides for a curious tumble into the surreal and absurd realms of progressive psychedelia as it invites you to leave reality at the door in order to embark on its mind fracturing woozy trip dipped journey. Oozed in spectral folk visions shimmered in stoned out hallucinogenic hazes, the slow ghosting opening title track guides you gently into their senses dissolving amorphous sound world before a brief detour into the halls of the softly alluring regal floral posy that is ‘master of mystery’ while the slightly disorientating ‘rememberred’ twinkles with an impish oddness that imagines a union of the Grails, mirror mirror and giant paw gathered for a ceremonial mystic induction under the watchful all seeing eye of Psychic TV. If at this point reference markers are still required, then its to a richly woven tapestry which once unfurled reveals at various points the ghosts of Syd Barrett, Gong, Floyd, soft machine and most notably the ozric tentacles all looming and lurking as inspirational sonic spirits the latter of whom are readily called to mind on the sub 12 -minute headtrip that is ‘trawlermen / there it is’ albeit here as though they’ve been drop kicked into consciousness dissipating dreamland of the Beatles’ blue meanies.  Frazzled but freakishly fun.

the back story to the release….. http://www.fruitsdemerrecords.com/geometry.html

there’s a very rare interview here  http://plenirockium.altervista.org/1331-2/ – English translation to the bottom of the page.


first of two essential releases from the soft bodies sound bunker first of which is a newbie from the Cleaners from Venus. Culled from a forthcoming full length ‘last boy in the locarno’, ‘gorgeous day’ is a curious thing, spooled over drifting wisps of lazy eyed sea faring lounge lilts, an almost matter of fact and sighing vocal wistfully reflects, its almost withdrawn humdrum toning rubbing at odds to the mellowing sun burn of the caressing motifs beneath which unless our ears do deceive has something of an appeal that admirers of both Robyn Hitchcock and Edward Ka-Spel may find plenty to adore, in which case throw in a little Vini Reilly to the mix and bob’s your uncle type thing. The track comes accompanied by a video animation created by Judie Lowther who you may well recall entranced us earlier in the year with her quite superb ‘circles and holes’ cassette.


Your second helping of soft bodies groove comes courtesy of long time no see Aug Stone, indeed it has been a fair old while, here he is backed by the love conspiracy for a two track twirl around the dansette, admittedly not quite what we were expecting, the soul stomping briskness of ‘written in the stars’ – by ourreckoning the best side here – is sassily sown to a classic Motown echo that shimmies to old school Smokey and Jackie W, yet scratch a little deeper and a cool effervescent pop prowess shines threw to recall a youthful Lloyd Cole and Robert Lloyd and the New Four Seasons. That’s not to say that the lead out cut is a slouch for ‘don’t put a time on love’ has had us mildly irked for the fact that we can’t quite put our finger on what it reminds us of, its that pesky melodic phrasing at the start has had us dogged – I’m suspecting some Bacharach and David classic – ah well onwards as they say – this babe struts and slinks its way across a nifty doo-wopping 50’s bubble grooving – quite tasty all said, any questions?  https://softbodies.bandcamp.com/album/dont-put-a-time-on-love-written-in-the-stars

Solidifying their elevated status in our affections, ‘long holiday’ comes prised from the Flyying Colours ‘mindfullness’ full length, a bliss kissed kaleidoscopic dream coat through whose softening psychedelic prism the haunting thoughts of the what might have beens had Terry Bickers not parted company with the House of Love at the critical point of them jumping ship from Creation to Fontana come ghosting through. Essential in case you hadn’t figured for yourself. https://soundcloud.com/club-ac30/flyying-colours-mindfullness-long-holiday/s-TbT20

absolutely no info on these cute pups but let’s be honest here isn’t this a bit of a dandy. In truth we ripped this off the sound cloud page, might already be out for all we know but its available through elephant stone who used to send stuff at one time or other, seems we’ve fallen off their mailer list. Enough of the grumbles though for the thing that’s causing no amount of fuss in the Sunday Experience dance parlour is this blistering babe from Seafang entitled ‘motorcycle song’ – a rollicking road ripping roustabout that pouts and scratches through a howling sonic cauldron that manages to freewheel and slipstream between euphoric dream dazed hazes and bliss kissed purrs to gritty post punk gouges with sublime and seductive ease, indelibly cut from the rarefied cloth of the Shangri-La’s and possessed of the bite of the Manhatten Love Suicides albeit after several sessions on a dragster track. https://soundcloud.com/seafang-946577687/motorcycle-song-1

okay this is getting all a bit daft now, no sooner do we despatch one rogue track making eyes at us on the sound cloud page then another pops up in its place. This is forthcoming on club ac30 by Is Bliss. As apt a band name as you could hope for because ‘Ocean Blue’ is all hazy sitar laced arabesques and head spinning swirling mirages not to mention transcendental mantras which just between you and me put us much in mind of My Jealous God getting a floppy Spacemen 3 hairdo makeover type thing by those 90’s club land psychedelicists the Paris Angels. Far out stuff.  https://soundcloud.com/club-ac30/is-bliss-ocean-blue

is it just me that hears an echo, perhaps a distant vibe of ‘no regrets’ rippling through the underside of this rather quietly majestic outing from James Cook – so it is just me then. There’s an understated beauty chorusing through the emotionally disarming ‘sensations’ as it grows in definition and density, with each coming melodic wave a little more peels away revealing its vulnerability, all the time its lovelorn nature is resolved to fracturing and fragmenting in surrendering formations. A distractive gem that’s best filed under slow to burn. An album ‘anti love songs’ is looming.

With the trademark promise of ‘we’ll be back with this later in the week to review in full but for now this’ – look can we just say we’ll endeavour to pay a return visit to this collection at some point in the very near future, mind you just in case we do forget, the link is below so there’s no excuse for you – yes you – not getting busy with the tracklisting especially when sneaked in between the gathering roster of talent there’s this little gem twinkling from out of the groove lines. We refer to the track ‘portals’ by Neuroscepter that features on an excellent compilation put out by the Venus Aeon imprint entitled ‘elements Vol 2 – air’. This shy eyed frost tipped lunar carousel comes divinely twinkled in elegiac rushes of ethereal chorals and the deft delicate weep of twinkling motifs softly bathed in a sepia framing that give the impression of lulling vintage musical box ghost lights fanfaring amid the glinting pillow of a starry night sky, really is quite touching especially if your choice of listening poison happens to veer around fortdax and Discordia. Affectionately arresting stuff.  https://venusaeon.bandcamp.com/album/elements-vol-2-air

tripped across this on a recent Normans records mail out – those dudes are curating a live extravaganza this Friday at Bradford’s fuse art space where there’ll be appearances by Dundas, Sophie Cooper and Mohammad – the latter of whom are intriguingly described as an Athens based chamber drone duo and who as it happens live up to the billing if that is, ‘vildblomma’ is anything to judge by. Culled from a limited repress set of a 2009 release entitled ‘rota vildblomma’ via the anti-frost imprint, this shadow lined prowler is not, as it happens, cut with the macabre musicality that’s liable to have you shivering from behind the sofa, though instead is steeled with enough ominous dark hearted portent as to have you frequently peering over your shoulder squinting to observe the shadows crawling into life around you, not least because of the poised pensive nature of blending of electronics and strings coalescing into a foreboding fog.  https://soundcloud.com/mohammadsound/mohammad-vildblomma  

talking of cassettes, one of the hottest around must surely be Konstrukt’s ‘live at islington mill’ – a strictly limited 175 pressing that captures Istanbul’s finest free improvers shimmying up to 808 State’s Graham Massey and Tombed Vision’s David McLean’s – alas only a brief excerpt here but enough I’m sure you’ll agree to give fair idea of the potent cooking brew underway within, a furious fusion of freeform freakishness punctuated by moments of tripped out cosmic sequences whose woozy drift scapes squirrel intricately whittling out sonic worm holes in the astral void, all said though for the best part its wild, raw and devilishly out there sitting somewhere on the sonic axis between inside ov of a butchers shop and the schizoid happenings often found bleeding out of the foolproof projects imprint.  https://soundcloud.com/astral-spirits-records/konstrukt-feat-graham-massey-david-mclean

Alas we’d love to share links to a teaser track ripped from a forthcoming set for Aagoo records by mind monogram entitled ‘AM in the PM’ – however the label are for now, remaining tight lipped and protective of this little sweetie and who can blame them for ‘the boy, the wolf and the hill’ touches so many bases in terms of references that one suspects its liable to be greeted with hugs of admiration from the underground cognoscenti. Fashioned in the mellowing soft brush strokes of a youthful Animal Collective, kissed with the lo-fi artistry of Ariel Pink and the off beat pop prowess of June Panic and the Doleful Lions, this slyly shy eyed nugget comes hazily glazed in delicately mottled soft psych spectrals traced in the sparsely woven minimalist afterglow of west coast rushes.  

An interlude….

Just can’t beat a bit of Robert Lloyd and the New Four Seasons don’t you think……

If you’ve ever imagined in your minds ear Nick Cave channelling the spirit of Jim Morrison with a supporting cast of Thom Yorke mooching around the studio impatiently butting in on moments of down time lull, then might we suggest that Flies+Flies’ melodic mysterio ‘the sea’ be that guiding light that stirs those wandering night terror notions into full realised view. Amid hollowed atmospherics, the pulse of paced beats and the quivering flurry of spectral riffs, hymnal spirituals weave amid the desert scuffed noir traced snaking motifs as the sorrowful sigh of solemn strings opine, the effect is measured, murmured and quietly majestic, something we suggest of immediate listening attention tothose once beguiled and bewitched by those early happenings by her name is calla. https://fliesandflies.bandcamp.com/track/the-sea    

Can’t remember exactly where and how we hooked upon this sky smouldering beauty, but these dudes are when the sun hits who in truth we here are not entirely convinced we haven’t mentioned previously. Heading out of – we believe – Nottingham, their softly forlorn dream pop dissipates found bruising ‘immersed within your eyes’ are sweetly seduced in the kind of caressing hymnal haloes of bliss bathed weightlessness that used to adore classic era platters by the kitchens of distinction.

Eyed this on the interweb, the latest edition of audioboom’s ‘one artist one album’ series invites Hologram Teen-er Morgane Lhote to dissect, discuss and demur over Soft Machine’s iconic debut full length….


also eyed on the super highway although ours isn’t quite so much in the fast lane but thanks to BT holed up somewhere on the digital hard shoulder, here’s a rather spiffing and mellowed mix tape cobbled together by Dean Wareham for the Voice of Cassandre dudes, perfect for chilling on this rather grey groaning wet Wednesday. An hour’s worth of vocal less instrumentals to kick back to featuring a smattering of grooviness from fuxa, shockabilly, peter green, galaxie 500, martin rev and er Dean Wareham, picks of the set though surely have to Frank LoCrasto’s utterly alluring ‘simple times’, James Last’s ‘ballad of the easy rider’ and the frankly awesome ‘wunderbar’ by Wolfgang Riechmann –  a kind of ghost riders in the sky meets Kraftwerk with oodles of lolloping motifs, a release sadly haunted by a sad backstory, its author never being given the chance to see the albums release following an unprovoked stabbing attack that left him dead. https://www.mixcloud.com/greggringo/dean-wareham-mixtape-n-425/

In fact here’s the ‘Wunderbar’ album in full, really is quite something.


Not sure where this fits in the grander scene of all things Reptilians from Andromeda, its certainly not on their much played to near destruction ‘sonic rabbit hole’ set for small bear records. So while we do what reviewers are expected to do i.e. research, twiddle thumbs, look exasperated and research some more, here’s a new video from these post punking psych dudes entitled ‘get the power’. A bit nifty I’m sure you’ll agree, all fracturing dead eyed fuzzing garage glam psychosis much possessed of a head frying suffocating gouging that unless your none to careful seems intent on dragging you deep into its sick blistering pathological skin peeling edginess.

Been such n age that we had the pleasure of featuring anything loosely connected to Eric Arn that we were nearly of a mind to file a missing persons report. However – panic over on the arrival of news that new solo happenings are imminent. For shortly, ‘orphic resonance’ should soon see the light of day via the feeding tube imprint which from it ‘pas d’une helice’ has been sent ahead on a reconaiscence sortie and damn fine it is to as it finds Eric Arn’s freeform finger plucking noodling ploughing amd engaging a much celebrated and rarefied sonic kinship with the likes of Anla Courtis, Loren Connors and David A Jaycock as he picks his way through a delicately intricate and distractive primitive tapestry whose free spirited delta blues detailing hints and nods to the late John Fahey. https://soundcloud.com/eric-arn-sounds/pas-dune-helice-from-orphic-resonance-feeding-tube-2016

must admit to adoring the way this babe buzzes and fuzzes softly warmed upon a smoking cool deceptively purred power pop axis that lilts and lulls with a nodding affection that wears its Velvet Crush, Boo Radleys and Teenage Fanclub badges on its lapel, this be the latest outing from Happyness entitled ‘Anna, Lisa calls’ pulled from a forthcoming EP set called ‘tunnel vision on your part’, one for the old school bus stop, summershine and sarah label lovers among you, nuff said.

An interlude…..

Those of you with fairly longish memories may well recall us mentioning Mort Garson’s ‘plantasia’ some months ago, if I recall rightly prior to its remastered re-issue. Anyway it was all to do with plant sounds and melodies created with the aim of encouraging plant growth or something or other. Several years earlier Correli – Jacobs hit upon the same idea, there’s was te crafting of kitschy lounge sounds and summery serenaded easy listerning rustic symphonies with oodles of flutes, all very polite and charming in a chocolate box seasoning type way and all scored with the the intermittent inclusion of annoying pierced whistling additions which by all accouts were deliberately placed at various points one suspects to wwake the blighters up. Anyhow the set was called ‘music to grows plants – presented by Dr George Milstein’.

The press release pretty much sums up matters when it states with acute accuracy ‘a beautiful mess’…okay agreed we’ve taken that slighgtly out of context, yet in truth it aptly encapsulates perfectly ‘see tangerine’ – a trailer track heralding the imminent arrival of new groove in the shape of other houses’ ‘fabulous dates’ via the aagoo imprint. Described loosely as ‘my punk album’ by its creator Morgan Enos, beneath the itching fuzz scratches (which in truth it should be said, have a glam dragster vibe all of their own) there’s a twinklesome pop pretty demurring within whose welcoming yearn chimes and charms seductively to a curiously out of season yuletide lilt that’s quite affectionately adoring and liable to give you a fuzzy glow. https://soundcloud.com/aagoo/other-houses-see-tangerine/s-Su9AQ

Now here’s something of an insidious earworm that’s liable to give you disturbed sleep patterns as it hosts impromptu play parties inside your head space. This is the crooked off road schizoid groove of the Conformist and a forthcoming single ‘komputer jenerated’ ripped from an imminent full length ‘lifestyle bible’ via the consumer consumer imprint, a screwball cut n’ paste shoehorning of Dadaist glitch funking scratch-a-delic technoid binary blip-hopula – phew – in short a maddening mash up of Herbie Hancock, Art of Noise, Muslim Gauze and Cornelius – seriously if there are any questions I will be surprised. https://soundcloud.com/soundaffectspr/conformist-komputer-jenerated

Alas apologies as we’ve absolutely no information on these folk, discovered this straying sweetie whilst on a retreat rummaging around soundcloud, this is Contrail Vanishing Point and a track entitled ‘vertices’ – quite the thing if you are in the mood for a spot of dream drifting floatiness that’s seductively sprayed in magic dust whilst murmured in genteel elegance not to mention ripe listening for those whose listening preferences frequently orbit the atmospheric and elegiac environs of the hidden shoal imprint. https://soundcloud.com/contrailvanishingpoint/vertices1

plenty of Static Caravan action looming in the wings, a split label face-off with Fruits de Mer planned for Christmas, something by Tele Funken, an album by the Memory Band and a limited lathe press from Duke St Workshop. Talking of Duke St. Workshop, Lee F Cullen from the band has an oldie but goodie unearthed and reappraised in the shape of ‘seasons of Julia’ which should shortly be treated to a long overdue pressing, an acid psych gem in waiting, arriving from what we can gather, from a pre Duke era – 2009 – or so the clues appear to indicate, all delicately weaved in sparsely toned spectral ghostings and etched upon a fracturing kaleidoscopic gothique that spirits away weaving the same kind of shadow forming tripping pathways as Paul Roland in an as were, mind morphing séance with Nick Nicely.

New cassette coming soon from our favourite indonesin based imprint gerpfast kolektif, this one featuring the lovelorn sun blistered shoegazing groove of Japanese dream poppers Spool. Ripped from their imminent ‘「私は泳ぐ、メロンソーダ」 set, roughtly or should that be, harshly translating as ‘I swim, melon soda’ – what this release might lose in terms of a memorable title certain excels in lovenoted prowess, not least is this the case than on preview cut ‘be my valentine’, for here under the cool caress of bathed bliss freezed bubblegroove harmonies is emitted an adoring calm beneath which the angular peeling and detuned fracturing of dream draped gouges scar with a bitter sweet haloing that hints flashes of ‘goo’ era Sonic Youth recoded as were, by Lush. https://gerpfastkolektif.bandcamp.com/album/–2

Going all sparse and cosmic on us now are you, here’s the latest – 8th if my calculations are up to scratch – in a year long single a month campaign by the Orange Kyte. Borrowing its spoken word narration from Vernon Howard’s spitualism and enlightenment handbook ‘the mystic path to cosmic power’, the stripped down minimalist mosaic that is ‘imaginary conversation #27’ is a strangely alluring soft psych shimmertoning mantra built upon a lock grooved pulsing spectral gospel droning motif of mind expansive proportions which to these ears sounds not unlike a dream forming mystic carpet ride wittled out in the likeness of an imagined summit meeting between a gathering of Silver Apples, Suicide and Spacemen 3 types.  https://theorangekyte.bandcamp.com/track/imaginary-conversation-27 

The one that got away, there’ll be oodles of castles in space activity shortly, in fact there’s another impatiently waiting at the next turn. For now though something from a recent long since sold out rare release entitled ‘electricity’ by bunker dwelling cold war sound alchemist Concretism, this one being an exclusive cut from the set entitled ‘it was there all along’, a wonderfully strange and alluringly bucolic coal burning sonic steam seasoning whose pastoral electronics weave and whirr to navigate a genteel demur ghosting the rural arteries of this pleasant and green idyll with a daintily misty eyed nostalgia, something we hasten to add, as on previous visitations, much reminiscent of the classically crafted caress of FortDax. https://soundcloud.com/concretism/elec-a3-itwasthereallalong

Making a brief appearance at a recent independent label market event in spitalfields, this one-sided hand cut beauty in a strictly limited pressing of just 40 features two quite entrancing and dare we say contrasting, sides to the creative persona that is Black Glacier. With a promise of more to come later in the year, ‘broken, with time to repent’ comes sweetly pressed in a haunting yet hitherto magical glaze of sparsely weaved riff picked bewitchment, I guess you’d file it under chamber folk blues, however one thing we are certain of is that this is the finest release of this type of calibre that we’ve had the pleasure of hearing since those recently received EP’s from Scott Urquhart and further back still to those early impressions sneaking out of the short lived and much missed earkly winter recordings imprint, all dreamy flurries speckled in shadowy portent kissed in autumnal atmospherics. Over on the flip lurks ‘ks/1’ – a bitter sweet drone collage surrendered in the delicate swish of pulse probing twinkling lunar opines, all distressingly lulling I should add. https://blackglacier.bandcamp.com/

Up for a rollicking slab of scowling garage psych, thought you might be, well they certainly don’t come more primed in in angular agit petulance than ‘permanent rewind’ by Falmouth based psych heads the Isabelles, possessed of a swing that’s liable to serrate, this strut gouged bad boy is on limited release via easy action and comes scowling and strutting with the kind of wiry dayglowed bubblegroove that recalls a Diggle vocal led Buzzcocks in a fist fight with the frenetic and frenzied – and dare we say – much missed the Scratch.  http://theeisabelles.bandcamp.com/album/permanent-rewind-single

many thanks to the guys over at Aetheric records for stirring us in the general direction of this, a new compilation from the Argali imprint entitled ‘saudade’ which for the unaware is the emotional longing for something or someone lost, an absence of a moment which could be a place, a sensation, a smell or moreover a number of things that cause a subject to momentarily yearn or mourn. ‘Saudade’ features eleven compositions each providing a sonic study into such themes of loss and each approaching it from a uniquely differing perspective. Of course the Aetheric chaps were keen that we hear the latest salvo from Hole House whose ‘when we haunted here together’ typically goes against script to craft a devilishly eerie drone visitation shimmered in the hum of oscillating insectoid pulsars transmitting through and from, one might reasonably and cautiously imagine, the other side of the veil, its all very Revenant Sea and Roadside Picnic in terms of subterranic sonic engineering which when viewed in a certain light might have some minds immediately relocated to the martian memories entombed within the unearthed spacecraft from ‘Quatermass and the Pit’. Elsewhere, and yes if we think on we will revisit the compilation later this week, just a quick mention for the opening track by Cousin Silas who I’m certain we’ve featured previously in despatches long since past, ‘evening drive to the coast’ is a beautifully poised slice of crystalline dream pop, well I say dream pop, its graceful symphonia and magisterial turn of phrasing falls ever so seductively into the kind of reflectively radiant vapour trailing lilt that locates it somewhere between a sonic signposting, in one direction Robin Guthrie, to the other Yellow6. https://argalirecordsnetlabel.bandcamp.com/album/saudade      

one of two imminent releases via Athens based sound in silence imprint (the other being from (ghost) which we’re currently immersed knee deep in both soul and mind cobbling words for a mention for in the coming days). For now though a strictly limited to 200 copies outing for Panoptique Electrical entitled ‘disappearing music for face’. Now there’s a fair amount of gushing about this from the label and rightly so, reference markers alluding to Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Hood and LaBradford are not unfounded or indeed lost on us. So while we try and twist arms in securing full downloads can we turn your earlobes ever so gently to the parting opus ‘smile fades forever’ – in short the finest seven minutes you’ll happily wish away without regret, call it majestic, monumental whatever, one that is not up for discussion or argument is the plain and simple truth of its elegance, poise and stateliness, a cinematic rapture pierced with a grace falling bitter sweet beauty both touching and bruised all countered upon a divinely tear stained slo-motion burn, a kind of lights fading end game teasingly ghosted in Vengelis murmurs.  http://soundinsilencerecords.bandcamp.com/album/disappearing-music-for-face

a momentary interval in all the dreaminess of the last few reviews, here’s a little something with serious issues heading out of Prato in Italy. This festering cauldron, incidentally by Malevelos Storm and titled ‘Satan’s hate human hate’, comes dragged from a full length going ominously by the name ‘striking aural lightning from the skies of hell’ – a brutal sledgehammer of trash gored doom metal the type of which you’re more likely to find these days heading out of South American territories, unrelenting and unforgiving all shot through with the grinning grimness of a Carcass aural atrocity.

Descending ever more into the fracturing and nightmarish disquiet of the macabre, currently holed up in some undisclosed location hanging the finishing touches to an as yet untitled forthcoming full length, this is a previously unreleased cut from those weird ear dudes the Truth about Frank. Going by the name ‘bharno’ this chilling slab of disturbia ominously ghosts amid a bleakened landscape petrified in horrorphonia haloes, the tension tangible and the atmospherics frozen and stark, botth gather to collude and comspire to craft an appressive light sucking collage whose eerie visitations shiver with the same tormenting edginess as that of hole house. https://soundcloud.com/thetruthaboutfrank/bharno 

New stuff incoming from c Duncan via fat cat, mentioned this in passing a few weeks ago here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/08/05/c-duncan-10/ because we are good like that, anyhow here’s the moving picture show accompanying forthcoming single wanted to want it to’…..

And is that Chron Gen my ears are detecting here, specifically from a ‘nowhere to run’ getting all street sussed, raw and fractuous as though swapping conspiratorial notes with the Parkinsons while on look out watching from the shadows. This folks be the forthcoming call to arms from the false heads entitled ‘weigh in’, a fist clenching slab of simmering agit groove spiked in the kind of protesting / reality from the streets bite that has echoes of the Ruts whilst all the time powered and pummelled by a finger jabbing buzzsawed melodic acuteness. Does it for us. https://soundcloud.com/falseheads/weighin

Okay seems this has been out for yonks and well I’m sure all you cats have been onto this, bought, worn and binned the t-shirt, but truth is these dudes must have sneakily slipped beneath our radar much to our annoyance and more so embarrassment. Anyhow we were alerted to this via a posting on some fruits de mer related discussion page, in fact this isn’t even the track that had us going gaga that ones called ‘resisting the rest’ – instead our heads were turned somewhat by ‘in too deep’ – and yes before you ask, it is down to that smoking lazily spun harmonica, worthy of the entrance fee just by itself. That said its not all harmonica happiness here that cuts it with us, this ultra chilled slab of garage psych slinkiness is kissed with the kind of authentic vintage that would have you swear its recently woken from a mid 60’s deep freeze and quite frankly sounds not unlike some secret supergroup hatchling assembled from a gathering of Seeds and Wimple Winch, oh and before we forget to tell they are called Chariots.

Some months ago, we literally fell over ourselves in utter adoration resulting from being lulled spellbound by the bewitching beauty that was Jodie Lowther’s quite exceptional full length ‘circles and holes’ – a review of which you can find here – https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/04/04/jodie-lowther/ We mention all this because we happened across a tweet from thee lady herself promoting said set and accompanying it with a sound cloud link to a track – which I’m suspecting – might just be an extended version of the albums parting shot ‘the circles’ – if not then it’s a whole new thing – whatever the case, this cut really is something else – touching, ethereal, elegiac and somewhat sprayed in the stuff the holds the stars in the night sky, the ghostly chorals and the sepia traced vapour trailing all akin to being touched by a celestial visitation. Available via the ever crucial soft bodies imprint. https://soundcloud.com/jodie-lowther/030916a

Just in case you were hanging around wondering what the flip cut to that double a sided split with the Dedwardians (see elsewhere) from the Sly Persuaders sounded like, well quite damn dandy if you ask me. Out imminently on the roadkill imprint this bad boy – incidentally titled ‘wild for the night’ is your straight up and about hyou up close and personal strut laced slab of cooly ripped rock-a-hula that to use quaint vernacular pisses in a melodic pool frequented, by the sounds of things, by the likes of the Sid Presley Experience / the Godfathers and the Jim Jones Revue. Nuff said.  https://soundcloud.com/slypersuaders/wild-for-the-night

Now isn’t this just the ticket, lead out single heralding the incoming arrival of a new Todd Tobias full length via hidden shoal records entitled ‘gila man’, this one going by the name ‘pollen path’ features guest fluttering vocals from Chloe March. Rightly noted by the label press gubbins as being shimmered in the kind of outer worldly ethereal majesty that one might be more accustomed to encountering on outings by the Grails, that said scratch just a little beneath the dream dazed tones and a bewitching folk spectral entrances away all softly smouldered in surrendering rustics and the spellcrafting lull of prettified pastorals that hint of the yearning murmuring free spirited innocence of the ‘wicker man’ as though recast by Tunng.  

and while we are here, a teaser excerpt for the album……reviews incoming….

Staying with hidden shoal a little while longer here’s two visitations by Antonymes, well sort of, first up the simply divine ‘towards tragedy and dissolution’ – a slice of impeccable Autumnal classicism cut with such tenderness it emotionally tears and stings with bitter sweet elegance – frail, fragile and poised whilst deftly stirred in a delicacy and an embrace of a forgotten songcraft. 

Next up Antonymes’ ‘delicate power’ this time re-aligned and re-imagined by Marconi Union who if I recall rightly we mentioned in passing several missives ago. Anyhow here they stretch out a comforting arm to somewhat cuddle out a thawing warmth to the original bringing it in from its touching isolation and tending to it an affectionate sepia glow and an adoring monochromatic musical box motif teased in genuflecting key string opines which if anything rather than dull the classicist magneticism serve to compliment it.


Affectionately noted somewhere here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/08/19/mauno/ and still turning our ear and head in equal adoring measure……

Another well crafted and deftly finger plucked fluttering irrefutably schooled in the ways of John Fahey and certainly up there in the affection stakes around these here parts with those recent Black Glacier and Scott Urquhart releases, not to mention the finest thing of this generic calibre that we’ve had the pleasure of clapping ears upon since the late Jack Rose. This is Sarah Louise and a track entitled ‘evidence of a bear’ from a very limited set ‘solo acoustic – volume 12’ being put out by the VDSQ imprint. Following last years ridiculously limited and dare we say, well received ‘field guide’ cassette release, ‘solo acoustic’ finds this rarefied talent graced by a debut vinyl outing, the sound wide open and free spirited is kissed by the quick picked flurry of delta folk shimmerings, the flow, the fluency and the frail finite artistry is so exquisite and impeccable that it truly makes for a most mesmerising and indelibly entrancing listen.  https://soundcloud.com/vdsq-1/sarah-louise-evidence-of-a-bear-vdsq-solo-acoustic-vol-12

alas no info on this for now, we eyed this on a posting earlier today had a quick wander around and quite liked the subterranic groovings etching into our psyche. This comes pulled from a forthcoming set from thee koukouvaya entitled ‘ancient race of techno voyagers’ heading out of the fiercely indie soundhouse this being ‘limbic crisis for sparkle and foam’. An expansive subtronic juggernaut gouged in purring pulsars of minimalist technoid kosmiche which aside being distractively funky at that, appears to have an agreeable knack of terraforming and shapeshifting before your very ears seemingly intent on sending out mesmeric subliminal messages from out of its pulsating hive mind – reference wise, should you require further prods – think Plaid and Battles forging alliances and going head to head with Automat.

Could have sworn we’d poured forth words of fondness for this slyly slow to burn lights lowered lovely, appears not it seems. This is living dead girl, a duo described by their press folk as an industrial / electro combo grooving to a sonic space populated by the likes of Portishead and massive attack. A good call you’d think, only these dudes are a tad cleverer than that for the bitter sweet bruise that is ‘Autumn’ forlornly sighs from the shadows all the time ghosted in a buzzing 80’s vintage electronica scratched in a noir down tempo dusting and woven to an alluring pop elegance that gracefalls with an adoring acuteness as to have you frantically rummaging your well thumbed record stash for platters by Salon Boris, the Knife and ROC for quick comparison. https://soundcloud.com/livingdeadgirlband/autumn-1

A spot of kosmic drive sounds anyone. One for all you polytechnic’in ghost box’ers out there I suspect, this is the retro futuro groove of the Dandelion Council with the wonderfully stilled chill tipped and enigmatic widescreen beauty ‘the story so far’ taken from, or so it seems to appear, a planned ‘beyond wist’ set. Must admit to admiring its serene majesty brought to bear by the coalescing of its opining glacial pastorals, swirling kosmiche carousels and pulsing locomotive beats. https://soundcloud.com/thedandelioncouncil/the-story-so-far 

Part of Fruits de Mer extended family by way of several well heeled appearances on the labels enviable release roster – which if I recall rightly you can find on that rather spiffing Strange Fish set and the Roqueting compilations – this is a teaser track from Russia’s premier progressive psych combo the Grand Astoria. With an album due entitled ‘as seen in technicolour, true stereo and four dimensions’ this is ‘game over’. Now I’m not sure about you (be honest now and put your hands up if on hearing the initial drum tracking that you felt inclined to burst into an impromptu bout of ‘walking on sunshine’ by katrina and the waves’), but this nifty slab of 70’s wired MOR initially fires from the starting line like some stoned up and hairy Hawkwind meets Black Sabbath head to head with some dandy blues rock-a-hula getting all scratchy n’ itchy in the process and then there’s that chorus, out of nowhere like you don’t see it coming down the track and everything gets – well to put it quite bluntly – a bit Rush only if Rush had a rocket up their jacksy and had relocated and been found vibing on west coast sounds along the way persuading Mitch Easter to board the ride to twiddle the production nobs. Of course I could be way off the mark. https://thegrandastoria.bandcamp.com/track/game-over-2

So what’s wrong with Todd Rundgren then, we only ask because this next track, ‘how we going to get there now’ was dropped at the last moment and onnitted from 2012’s ‘plumb’ for allegedly sounding too much like the Todd. Of course we refer to Field Music who are set to unveil the second of their Spotify ‘commontime radiotime’ podcasts – this one titled ‘commontime extra time’ finds the brothers mulling and musing over a host of favourite b-sides, demos and variously forgotten and lost record box gems in between which there’ll be an airing of the aforementioned ‘lost  / abandoned’ track which by way of these ears doesn’t sound as bad as you might first imagine, if that is you have allergic happenings when the Todd veers into listening space. Clearly revelling in a smoky soulful 70’s MOR drift, its phrasing sumptuously sunny sided is possessed of a smoulder toning lazy eyed west coast kiss whose pristine pop craft orbits a current vintage observed and applied by the likes of tokolosh, the panda gang and goodnight lenin. https://soundcloud.com/memphisindustries/how-we-going-to-get-there-now-ma1/

The Fruits de Mer winter catalogue has been unveiled – the schedule includes the labels first 10-inch release – Us and Them doing the honours, there’s also a very special release to mark the labels 1000th official release – that’ll be the Honey Pot, a very limited 50 only lathe cut release – celebrating Moloko, the now legendary annual members only freebie – a Bowie covers CD which follows last years acclaimed gathering and a release that was planned for earlier in the year before news of the Thin White Duke’s ultimely passing had the label rescheduling its roster as a mark of respect, elsewhere there’s the prospect of Sendelica going head to head with the Walker Brothers with a further bout that has Sendelica’s being retuned by Astralasia – while the hush hush split label single is – keep it to yourselves – a joint adventure with Static Caravan – hoorah…..

Links are here…….






Some videos are here – selected cuts from the ‘plamkton’ CD



And…..Schizo Fun Addict – out of who head Schizo Jet was recently in touch glowing about a newly cut track ‘chrome rush’ which hopefully should be seeing the light of day early next year, more news and clips  as and when we get ‘em…


Darn, would you believe we’ve lost all the linking gubbins relating to release information and other such stuff about this nugget, but hell’s teeth who needs words when the sounds speak for themselves. From what we recall this jaw dropper is out and about via the Agitated imprint. By last of the easy riders and titled ‘mystic legend’ this southern fried slice of coolly caressing soft psychedelia and is incidentally, the best thing heading out of our head cans since those smoking grooves by the much admired Hanging Stars, not least because this ghost riding dude swings and swoons seductively to a shade adorning secret summit meeting of buffalo springfield and the Byrds type as though under the influence of Meek whilst stirring up a dust cloud of vintage 60’s sonic spectres shimmered in harmonic haloes and a smoking gun toting spaghetti western strut.  https://soundcloud.com/forte-distro/mystic-legendwav/s-ZaAvu

Okay there we were minding our own business, as you do, eyed this track – a new one ‘liar liar’ – by Reptillians from Andromeda – mastered as it happens by current go to man for all things authentically vintage glazed – Fran Ashcroft – a then lo and behold we get a message from the band, well Tolga if you are in need of specifics. Fate I’d have thought, what do you reckon? Blimey you can feel the tension dripping from this, almost threatening to reach out and throttle you, a howling slab of sonic spellcrafting, a love song blistered in obsession and kissed with the kind of snaking sleaze toning whose swamp dragged primitive Wray-esque twang clawing nods at the altar of the Cramps whilst gouged in the shadowy prowl of the Fuzztones, its dark and suffocating, did we mention the vocal – a seriously trashed Debbie Harry channelling Nico / Dietrech, quite frankly right now burning holes in our psyche. https://soundcloud.com/andromedareptilians/liar-liar

These two cuts managed to hoodwink their way into our listening space having come highly recommended by the guys at Shindig – the link was broken incidentally lads, so curious were we to hear what exactly had the ‘Mojo’ Mills one so enamoured, a quick fumble around the interweb hooked us up to a Guardian review, equally smitten it seems though they admit this lot might just split consensus of opinion. The Lemon Twigs really do sound as though they live and breath in the 70’s, the early part I should hastily add, sitting somewhere between the Bay City Rollers and Badfinger. Easy on – I’m guessing at this point there’s a worrying frown forming on the brow. The bands beginning with ‘b’ doesn’t stop there either, basking in the soft, should I really call it cheesy, okay then – cheesy sun speckled MOR afterglow of a 70’s scene indelibly and irrefutably stirred, in awe and inspired by the Beatles are more pertinently the Beach Boys. Rightly described in passing as baroque powerpop, the Lemon Twigs apply a rarefied craft for the penning of pristine pop, the artistry isn’t new in so much as a raft of names from recent memory come idling to mind upon hearing these two selections such as the Brigadier, the Panda Gang, Ashley Parks, Epicycle and lest we forget, the heartstrings and no doubt many more besides, all have revelled in the sugary glow of this 70’s vintage. Here you’ll find ‘these words’ and ‘as long as we’re together’ – the former irresistibly candy toned comes blessed with a kooky swing and a mushrooming mellowing radiance that’s one sly ear on 10CC the other all over ‘holland’ era Beach Boys while the latter, the more lo-fi and vulnerable of the two, repositions Wilson’s intimacy a la ‘in my room’ to the wonky weird ear soft psych jubilant palette of those elephant 6 collective imps of montreal.



Organisation is what we need at the Sunday Experience sonic shoe box, had we had it then right this moment I’d be able to lavish your headspace and feed your eager enquiring minds with news aplenty of happenings in the Valerie Renay sound camp. Alas we haven’t so you’ll just have make do with the sounds, sublime that they are. One half of noblesse oblige, a solo outing therefore, her other half you might recall stepped out of the ranks as one half of die wilde jagd and turned in arguably bureau b’s finest full length last year. Not to be outdone two cuts previewed here, ‘I’m everywhere’ and ‘living in Germany’ offer up to two contrasting sides to the Renay persona, the former a beautifully entrancing ghost light, a spectral noir smouldered siren call that purrs through shadowy apertures emitting mesmeric mantras softly ghosted in airless cosmic vapour trails upon which are the whisperings of tender seduction, all desirably enigmatic and stately. Far edgier and dare we say, more disconnected and fracturing, is ‘living in Germany’ a brooding dark hearted missive daubed in a sinister chill tipped post punked toning threaded and somewhat suffocated by a tensely sparse psych tinged paranoia vibing whose obvious reference markers are both throbbing gristle and suicide though scratch a little deeper and from out of the minimalist murmurs appears a Grace Jones / Siouxsie hybrid channelling heavily on XMal Deutchsland.  


Damn, damn, damn – why on earth didn’t we pick this up on our hasty coffee, chat, cheerio fly by at probe records this morning, looked well tasty leering out from off the display wall, green vinyl an’ all to boot, absolutely kicking ourselves now, happen we might sneak back a little later. This blissful beauty comes ripped from the current psych psalm by thee oh sees entitled ‘a wierd exits’ through the castleface imprint, its called ‘the axis’ – an absolute trip-a-delic dream coated cosmedelic gospel groover deliciously mellow and out there and gone along the way smoking youthful Spiritualized platters and getting very floaty n’ wasted, frankly the finest FU song since couples invented break up’s.

Following our falling over ourselves smitten by that rather spiffing Reptilians from Andromeda track ‘liar liar’ – ever wondered what the band used to sound like in a former life, well for starters they were called Solar Chaos, a combo described by Tolga as very ‘lo-fi home recordings’ who then went on to recommend our listening entry point be a track called ‘do you love drugs more than rock n’ roll’ which I must admit is certainly an appealing slice of hypno grooving ear candy providing an imaginary rough guide of a loop meets spacemen 3 love in resculptured by a frankly frazzled sounding Telescopes. However, that said, our affections were somewhat tweaked by the chemically cooled kaleidoscopia of ‘are you in a ho-le’ and more so by ‘magnetic circle’ which has a definite post punk era primitive electronic kosmiche attaching whose hypno grooving orbital carousel pulsars had us much in mind of those the palace of swords dudes.

Hot off the presses as they say, new groove from Klaus Morlock here teamed up with the Hare and the Moon’s Grey Malkin for what is a most bewitching slice of ritual cosmic folk. The title track from the ’the virgin spring’ EP is quite something else, a 14-minute head trip into dream, fantasy and mystery that raises the bar considerably on the competition. Somewhat sub divided into three movements, the songcraft, playing and delivery is, believe you me, exceptional and breathtaking, its initial passages ghosted in a gloriously lush pastoral pageantry that beautifully swallow diving into the prettified courtship posies crafted by Nyman for Greenaway’s ‘the draughtman’s contrast’ whereupon a medieval jig flavours the listening space in a radiant lilting merriment which in truth strays far closer to Add N to X than you’d first imagine, not least the more regal moments found lurking on ‘add insult to injury’ notably ‘the regent is dead’ albeit as though sprayed by the timeless DNA of Circulus. All the time coursing throughout a mind morphing motif pulses away over which some stately toned monastic styled chamber folk recital hypno-grooves away imagining as were a meeting of musical minds between the north sea radio orchestra and bronnt industries kapital before reality calls and matters assume a more celestial serene as this tripped out journey head towards the end groove to a quite spiffing bonged out and mellowing Floydian mosaic. Stunning in short. https://klausmorlock.bandcamp.com/album/the-virgin-spring-ep

incoming from dust to digital soon, a frankly must have essential archive collection paying homage to the mysterious Washington Phillips. This release, a gathering of 16 tracks (his entire recorded output laid down between 1927 and 1929) sourced directly from the original Columbia 78rpm shellac recordings all lovingly cleaned, restored and transferred digitally, comes accompanied by a hard back book that features pains taking research on this lost and almost forgotten gospel blues craftsman carried out by leading Phillips authority Michael Corcoran which features interviews with the surviving members from the Simsboro era giving a rare and vivid account of his life, his work and his passing in 1954, even going as far as to finally put an end to the debate and indeed mystery of the strange home made instrument (the Manzarene) that he played which for years has puzzled scholars and fans alike. http://www.dust-digital.com/washington-phillips/

Another track from that superb and quite frankly weighty 400 track mega opus ‘touched 3’ – a mammoth gathering of 417 tracks – yes you read right – 417 tracks – all proceeds of sales going to the ever excellent macmillan cancer support society. We were just going to mention one track here but in truth its such a quality release that there is just no way you could give it anything approaching justice in terms of a write up. So to save any arguments we’ve opted for something old and something new. Now it really has been an age since any Alec Empire grooviness came a calling to chill and seduce our turntable, being that we’ve lost track of such things I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that ‘her shadow’ is a previously unreleased nugget from the mid 90’s, even now some 20 years on it still sounds eerily like an echo from the future its dream dazed dub techno minimalism piloting the kind of icy sonic sub stratas of a ‘patashnik’ era Biosphere. Elsewhere there’s the alluring spectacle of Abereiddy Astronomical Society’s bitter sweet ache of ‘what truth’ to contend with, vast levianthic swathes of dream drifting opines cast out a gloriously revitalising radiant bathing of peacefully serence oceanic transcendentalism – quite moving and indeed, majestic. Finally for now, Christian Kleine’s ‘skeleton fruit’ is an intricately crafted slice of pulsing cosmidelic ambi which admirers of old school Cheju / Boltfish might do well to check out at your earliest convenience.


from one marathon head trip to another, those with the odd 12 hours to spare and a thing for wig flipped spiritual / cosmic jazz might do well to lose yourselves in these 4 3 hour sonic journeys. Crafted together by Black Classical via NTS radio, they plot the history of spiritual jazz – it really an amazing listening experience which we’ve dipped in and out of, only wish I could spend more time for a closer listen, still all the cats are here, the hulking tracklist features – and this is just scratching the surface – the likes of sun ra, pharaoh sanders, john and alice Coltrane, ornette coleman, albert ayler, eddie gale, gil scott heron, infinite sound, bob thiele, herbie hancock, don cherry and many, many more – the only complaint being there’s no download option…..in fact tell a lie we might have found a link here https://archive.org/details/BlackClassicalSpiritualJazz19552012





An hour to drift, dream and disappear from the mundanity of life in the company of a superbly serene set list collected together by Antonymes for a rare appearance at the turntables at BBC Radio Wales. Regulars visitors to these missives will no doubt be all too aware of our fondness for the work of Antonymes, it goes back to the old school My Space days, listening to these tear stained fragile overtures that glowed and stirred with a porcelain classicism and an emotional tenderness so rarely heard done with such affecting precision, within there was an intimacy and sense of a fleeting moment of beauty captured and frozen, the trembling timbes hinting of a craft schooled and informed primarily by Satie. These days, home for Antonymes is the Australian sound house Hidden Shoal, a label who over the years have fashioned and founded for themselves an enviable repute for being a safe haven for sounds both elegant and ethereal not mention boasting a formidable catalogue that echoes to classic era 4AD. So herewith as mentioned earlier, 60 minutes in the company of Antonymes seamlessly interspersing tracks from his own considerable canon into a beautifully lulling selection that includes the spectral seduction of Berserin Quartet (‘hier und jetzt’), some spellbinding and utterly romantic though bitter sweetly bruised Greg Haines (‘something happened’), a frankly devilishly attractive Carpenter recaliberated by a playfully impish and oddly funk set Autechre via Rauelsson (‘split’), a little of what can only be described as wow that’s guaranteed to test the full gamut of your emotional spectrum by Jaga Jazzist (‘swedenborgske’) and darest we forget Marconi Union’s sublime ‘riser’ mentioned here in passing a few weeks ago, a Manchester based combo well worth taking out time to investigate.  https://www.mixcloud.com/antonymes/twelve-thoughts-fifty-four-years/

Anyone fancy some cosmic flower pop, this tripping lovely might just be what the great galactic doctor ordered, mellowing mind expansive grooviness from Canadian cosmonauts Elephant Stone, this be ripped from a forthcoming set due to land via burger entitled ‘ship of fools’ with the lunar love noted ‘andromeda’ being sent ahead on scouting duties all dreamily trimmed in radiant sprays of mushrooming kaleidoscopia.


You might reasonably think on encountering a release that’s 23 minutes long, featuring 23 bands each doing a one-minute track, that tthere was nothing much to write home about, I mean some bands would struggle to tune a chord in that time, that is if they ever got to the point of actually striking a chord. Yet not so, for ’23 minutes – 23 tracks – 23 artists’ is packed with industry, activity and vision. The album being put out through Eastville Vending might not be an original idea, wasn’t there a charity generating set a few years ago gathering some 60 bands each contributing a minute worth of recording, neither does there appear to be a remit / steer for the contributors to follow other than a very loose concept put forward by Neil Campbell (now would that be the same Mr Campbell from Astral Social Club fame), something to do with making ‘use of stash of mini cd’s bought in ‘99’ from Hong Kong’, unlike say – and this is where I curse my failing memory – the album released earlier in the year by some Bristol based label whose name escapes me that invited the selected few to pop a microphone outside their window and record the world outside their immediate listening space. Okay I’m rambling now. ’23 minutes’ features a whole host of recognised talents – laica, kemper Norton, assembled minds, band of holy joy, revbjelde and many more, the sounds range from (you might have to bear we us on this as the free credits ran out so the tracking is a tad tricky to navigate) – tell you what, shall we just do this as a list…post apocalyptic lights fading overtures (laica), primitive chamber arabesque (Neil Campbell), New Zealand styled late 80’s atonal mind wiping groove (concrete / field), insectoid industrialism (Graham Dunning), sepia ghostings (Sarah Angliss), ghostly telephonic lullabies (runningonair), biosphere-ian glacial lilts (decadniks), fringe frazzling fodderstomping (robin foster), bowed chime jubilance (which if our tracking is up to the mark is by Elizabeth Veldon), techno dub demur (foldhead – though its more than likely FM3V – darn this tracking), noise (noise research institute), gloopy minimalist strangeness, the kind of warping lounge crookedness you’d expect to find loitering on the frank and Wobbly label (revbjelde), out-there radiophonic dub chilled in the macabre etchings of mount Vernon arts lab (farmer glitch), sinister disturbia (ix tab), bowed glitch (ekoplekz), minimalist chill rave distress calls (assembled minds), zany 8bit tomfoolery (xyliltol) and then the free listening credits ran out….bugger leaving us apologising to Tim Hill, band of holy joy and kemper Norton for the absence of a mention. https://eastvillevending.bandcamp.com/album/23-minutes-23-tracks-23-artists 

one of the releases we managed to nab at Probe records over the weekend – last copy as it happens – was an essential Fledg’ling release that gathers together four rare archive cuts from Anne Briggs. An exceptional release which like a punch to the face, strikes you immediately for its rawness, honesty and emotional giving, ‘four songs’ features three tracks taken from an appearance on BBC’s ‘folksong cellar’ in 1966, this series of 45 minute broadcasts recorded and put together by Peter Kennedy and hosted by Robin Hall and Jimmy MacGregor aimed to create the spirit of an informal get together, recorded in the basement of Cecil Sharp House these shows hooked upon the latent folk revival scene of the day. This broadcast dating from August 1966 found Ms Brigggs sharing a billing with the ian Campbell group, Cyril Tawney and Roy and Val Bailey, the recordings capturing her at the peak of her powers unaccompanied across three bruised and beautiful cuts the best of which sitting on the flip, ‘polly vaughan’ is a haunting Irish song whose roots stretch back through the centuries and tells the tale of a man mistaken shooting his true love mistaking her for a swan. In addition to the three BBC cuts there’s also a very rare 1965 track painstakingly restored and cleaned from a tape recording of a live appearance made by Glyn Blatherwick and preserved by Spike Woods entitled ‘the verdant braes of skree’ – sheer folk purity at its finest. http://fledglingrecords.co.uk/

also nabbed from Probe and again the last ‘un in the shop something tasty curated by Clinic. Now those with long memories might well remembered, if memory serves right, two cassettes emerging through the finders keepers shop window, ‘the lost tapes record club’ – they appeared in such limited number that were you to blink, and we did, then they’d gone, vamoosh, offski – often for vastly inflated mark ups on online auction sites. Well what we have here is a super limited hand numbered 250 only wax version of volume 2 – search parties are afoot now tasked with hunting down volume 1 because everybody knows its not a good thing having a grown man weeping while looking mournfully looking at the empty space in his record collection where it should sit. Anyhow out via exquisite corpse, ‘the lost tapes record club EP2’ features 8 cuts – 10 if you count the download additions, would you believe we’ve momentarily lost the download code coupon in all the bunting flinging. Anyway a release that I think I’m safe to say is perfect for all those whose listening loves frequent points touching upon say – ghost box, the superimposers, that amazing psychedelica monsterism set, lounge-tronica and all manner of 70’s electronic vintage, strangely enough sounds to us like an early Earlies best of compilation which be fair is no bad thing. The earl hennessy open matters with the gorgeously lolloping and seafaring serene of ‘sun song’ – a chill tripping blissed out Superimposers seduced by tropicalic string swathes all blessed with the kind of lilting pastoral mellowness not heard around these here parts since the days of Discordia and the debuting Toshack Highway album.  Next up harriet Pullman interlude has the same kind of grainy reverb soaked hypnotics that had of us a mind to go trawling around for our secret stash of movietone grooves. In sharop contrast and straight into the shadowy domains of Edward Ka Spel albeit as though bedevilled by a horrorphonic orchestra made up of various mischief makers from the Villa9 studio sound house, ‘lindow pete’ – a field recording by Harriet Pullman – is a quite nifty slice of disturbed bizarro which to these ears strays ever so slightly off to the left in the general direction of those impish souls La STOP. Flip over for ‘old cup’ by the floor vibrates, blimey I’m straight back in the 70’s and sitting in front of the gogglebox watching ‘vision on’ – absolutely lulling and hugely enticing if you happen to love and adore the twinkle sets of both belbury poly and a youthful Isan. And then it’s the shimmer toning steam engined joan rushfield interlude chuttling through the wiry undergrowth of your psyche’s darkest parts, the only grumble being I wish there was more of it. The wonly and slightly dizzyingly off road ghost light that is ‘hauntedradiomastered’ seesaws and creaks as though its escaped from the bearsuit records sound house while everyones eyes were looking the other way while Jonas Krantz serves up some nifty dream dazed and drifting kosmiche tropicalia fuzziness on the demurring ‘stratoshere’ which at various points had us imagining Manual shimmying up to a particular playful Seeland. Alfred Davenport wraps up the vinyl version with ‘moonbeams’ which in its initial moments sounds like ‘sailing by’ recaliberated by Joe Meek before going all about turn and emerging as a wonderfully sepia tweaked campfire cosy toer with just a tad speckling of a yuletide glow.

Just 50 lathe copies of this ultra limited between albums curio from Duke St. Workshop. Featuring two tracks (‘uno’ / ‘duo’) that could easily be lost scores for an unfinished early 70’s spy noir, ‘scuro estivo’ finds them momentarily relocating from their trademark synth swathed strangeness to incorporate and occupy a more sophisticated and romantically phrased sound world sweetly haloed in cosmopolitan pastorals all delicately demurred in a caressing Autumnal lounge lulling lazy eyed affection that recalls above all, those murmured tones emanating from the sadly missed L’Augmentation sound house. The looser and more tenderly toned of the set, the ‘duo’ (at least that’s what we think it’s called) side of this split wax persona, comes deliriously ghosted in purring 60’s styled noir motifs mournfully etched in a haunting regret and an affecting mellowing bitter sweetness, lush with Italo crushes and a fair degree of shadow playing as to imagine it being a meeting of musical minds venture between John Barry and John Baker, a rare case of a release with its own dress code requirements of smoking jackets and cigarette holders. Out via the ever essential static caravan studio.

Uber cool chill tipped psychotropia from patten’s new warp full length ‘psi’, this nugget incidentsally titled ‘sonne’ is a nifty slice of old school minimalist techo drone done to its finest, much reminiscent of a darker and edgier plaid with their heads turned and tuned into the shadowy sound worlds of cobra killer and spk.

Just what we here have been in need of all day, fast furious frenetic agit gouged blister bop-a-rama. This spiked out punch to the chops comes courtesy of Ashley Reaks and is ripped from a new take no prisoners last man standing clarion call entitled ‘this is planet grot’ – this here track going by the name ‘no point at all’ – a shocked up shakedown whuich despite being a tad over the ideal sub three-minute head but still shapes up as a slamming slab of fist clenching, adrenalin pumping, the cavalry racing over the hill groove from the streets that initially put us in mind of Serious Drinking all shoehorned into a razor sharpening riff raver complete with obligatory terrace sing-a-long chorus. Any questions. http://ashleyreaks.bandcamp.com/track/no-point-at-all

Tripped over this by sheer accident, damn fine it is to, especially if your ears appreciably stray towards classic cult soundtracks from the 80’s – here I’m thinking anything Carpenter, ‘night of the comet’, ‘terminator’ – a gorgeous slice of silken kosmiche from LA Takedown about which we have diddly squat info about other than to say this is a one track trip into movie land whose symmetry and sense of feel for its somewhat vintage sonic environment is worthy of note. Here the full gamut of 80’s tropes minus the kitsch-y balladeering (at the juncture we ought to warm there are occasional moments of big guitars – fear not though its more cutting crew than whitesnake and Europe thankfuylly) Are shoehorned under the spotlight with seamless affection which before its scarcely had a chance to saunter to the 10-minute mark its already serviced your head phonic space with what might easily pass for one minute, Zombi and Goblin tasked with choreographing sunrises upon distant future worlds, the next some nifty blissed fused motorik opines. From therein I guess the best advice we can give is to strap yourselves in and ready yourselves for a transcendental trip for between the lilting ambient moonages, Jarre-esque motifs and lunar pastorals, the sound space gets coloured in radiant showers of starry eyed space drive pop the kind of which recent headed out of the static caravan sound house courtesy of free school.

Talking of the 80’s, is it me or does this sound as though its just bussed its way in from ’84, not that we are complaining, for this quite alluring new thing from lower dens entitled ‘real thing’ prowls and purrs with a free spirited desire whose musically beautified ice carved fragility sighs to the crush of its lyrically brutal honesty, all the time caressed amid cascasdes of chiming motifs, their poise, prowess and majestic toning bestowing a Cocteau-ian kiss to light and seduce the noir timbered demurring atmospherics, this honey provided a classic study in crystalline soul.

Incoming from Dilly Dally, a new EP that finds them remodelled and redesigned by a host of specially invited friends. The EP due early next month entitled ‘fkkt’ features reworkings of selected tracks from their ‘Sore’ debut from the likes of odonis Odonis, Bad Channels, Nailbiters, Force Publique and CRIM3S whose superb glacial retreatment of ‘desire’ sublimely rephrases and relocates it into the shadowy terrains of the much missed no ceremony to seductively swoon all in a magnetically harrowing chill rave ghost light. https://soundcloud.com/partisan-records/dilly-dally-desire-crim3s-remix/

Something I’m guessing for the cool kids, its by Goon who hail from LA, its on CD, download and all the usual nonsense but what you really want is a copy of the strictly limited 50 only hand made cassette entitled ‘mystery box edition’ which promises to feature secret tracks in various variations such as reverse looped and tinkered speeds along with j-cards with secret messages revealed by the shining of red lights or something or other. Anyhow the EP is called ‘dusk of punk’ an EP which I can say without a shadow of doubt will be re-appearing here in a fuller review later in the week. For now though here’s the opening cut ‘dizzy’ a lazy eyed smoked up nugget bubblegrooved in a slacker glam psych vintage vibing whose out of it Elephant 6 Collective stylising craftily snakes about a classically cooled melodic converging of pavement, pooh sticks and the doleful lions types. http://gooon.bandcamp.com/

Incoming from buried treasure, or more precisely Revbjelde. Initially intended as one extended track sub divided into four movements, ‘for albion’ was recorded during sessions for the bands album. Amid an era of political upheaval, uncaring prejudice, social unrest, the damning protection of vested interests and the establishment lie. Such sentiment courses through this four track in so much as it relocates the listener to a secluded place, the surroundings unfamiliar, isolated from the outside world. Tempered in quiet disillusionment, anguish, confusion and to the occasional sound of an upright piano being somewhat totalled, ‘for Albion’ slips through the cracks spreading in disturbia contagion with it displaying an ability to disarm, charm and disquiet in equal measure, in truth its liable to seduce and scare your listening space with sublime creaking and creeping uneasiness for here the four movements come shrouded in mystery – sometimes macabre (‘faran ofost’ and ‘’manian plegende’), sometimes magical (‘agrona wuhhung’ and ‘brigantia lufian’) flickering all the time just out of eye line and focus speaking in musical tones both ethereal and eerie. ‘argona wuhhung’ opens proceedings, a ghostly folk spiritual, think dead can dance taunted, haunted and terrorised by the creaking primitive overhangs of preterite and your roughly in the right generic region, appreciably something that ought to appeal to those much adoring of the more eclectic and left field happenings emanating from the gizeh imprint. Both ‘faran ofost’ and ‘manian plegende’ operate in different terrains, daubed in a somewhat shadowy vibing the former a nifty slice of industrial rave that impishly nibbles around the sound environs of assembled minds albeit as though rewired to a subtronic grooving by revolutionary corps of tennage jesus while the latter, annoyingly short I should add, opts for a brooding spine tingling industrial chamber sound oozed in all manner of spectral readings of a bigger widescreen filmic overture. All said best moment of the set is the parting ‘brigantia lufian’ which wraps up matters with a beautifully tripping dream dazed folly whose ghostly pastoral visitation echoes the likes of Komeda and Korzynski, best described as an acid psyche folk spellcrafting.  https://buriedtreasure.bandcamp.com/album/for-albion

another of those superb mix tapes cobbled together by black_ops has just recently landed ominously titled ‘we who are imagined’, this one opting for a blend of eerie disturbia (nurse predator immediately calling to mind along with the lo-frequency noise squiggles of the aptly named shiver) and dream drifting ambience, the latter of which none more so perfectly exemplified than on Geneva Skeen’s quite enchanting choral pulsar ‘ambivalence’. Elsewhere matters take on more chill toned spine tingling turn care of master wilburn burchette’s ‘deep dimensions’ whose strangely unreal detachment had us much in mind of Stylus’ ‘last seaweed collecting hut…..’  set from many years ago while staying with the tension setting mood ouvala’s ‘the creature at bay’ may well have some of you choosing to sleep with the lights on for the next few nights. Those in the mood for a spot of celestial euphoria might do well to tune your ears to Emra Grid’s bitter sweetly forlorn ‘an old procedure’ while old friends hole house emerge from the other side of the veil with a track featured, and dare I say much loved around these parts, entitled ‘when we haunted together’ (from the ‘saudade’ compilation) – incidentally the blighter still gives us night terrors.  https://www.mixcloud.com/black_ops/we-who-are-imagined/

blame our impoverished time poor restraints, you might have to hang on for a few days while we immerse ourselves in this album before we come back with words of fondness, that said we did hook up to the maudlin sounding (title that is0 ‘if you cared less (we’d be dead)’ by the death of pop from a new full length just out on the Spanish imprint diskos de kirlian (whose press blurb type write up, would you believe, we’ve momentarily lost in the too many windows open on the dashboard fiasco we laughingly call a work / sound desk) entitled ‘turns’ which I’m sure I read somewhere arrives in a ridiculously limited edition of 100. Anyhow this nugget had us much in mind of a post Bickers House of Love, all subtle soft psych tones and that unerring sense of something bruised and broken yet gracefully intimate.  https://discosdekirlian.bandcamp.com/album/dk36-turns 

Those of you with fairly long-ish memories might well recall us swooning in the ailes and getting a tad fond of Snails’ 7-inch outing from, oooh  – about 18 months ago on the ever hip and now temporarily put to bed great pop supplement. There were rumours of further singles to come, they never emerged, an album in the offing we feared might be lost. Intended for release on GPS before plans hatched to concentrate on polytechnic youth and deep distance, a schedule brought considerably forward by matters out of the labels hands, ‘safe in silence’ finally gets its deserved release via undergrowth records. We here are thinking those GPS guys have missed a trick for this full length is succulently wrapped in a classically toned pop vintage that cools with a deceptively soft stroke of 60’s psych, twee pop bubblegrooves (see ‘more than a second’) all graced with the crafted finesse and allured musicality of Belle and Sebastian’s debuting ‘tigermilk’ along with the occasional passing nods to a youthful Tindersticks not to mention a flashing flash of the gorki’s (none more so is the Mynci influence better exemplified than on the shy eyed love note ‘red nose floating’). Its not brash, its far from wannabe and neither is it immediate like a rash. Instead ‘safe in silence’ is coolly assured, it doesn’t see the point in shouting and rudely vying for your attention, rathermore it hangs about quietly at the back of the queue shyly hoping to catch your ear, and when it does, between you and me, lets just say that this might well be making a bid for one of the albums of the year. Perhaps the aforementioned Great Pop Supplement single ought to tell or hint of the affectionate charms that lurk amid these grooves, both sides of it feature here, ‘winter hearts’ chirps to Bacharach motifs while arrested in an autumnal glow much recalling the much missed L’Augmentation while ‘talking to Anthony’ – what can I say, smitten on first hearing, still am as it happens, its lazy eyed string weaved lolloping softly tingled with a radiant folk hymnal spraying, arcs and allures with the sensitive tenderness of the aforementioned belle and Sebastian and tindersticks with a sprinkling of hey paulette for good measure. In truth, each ttime we’ve put this blighter on its as though someone has switched on the sun such is its lightness and happiness. Opening the set, ‘jennifer jones’ is kissed with an autumnal opening ripped straight from a ‘durable dream’ era Moviola before repositioning itself upon a vintage Sunday afternoon bandstand piping out a soft serving of old psychedelic peculiar to a music hall framing that hints to a mid career Kinks in cahoots with the purple gang. Its safe to say that ‘safe in silence’ is an album of two contrasting sides, the more reclining and thoughtfully toned spirit of the collective found over on side 2 often tugs with a hymnal campfire glow, it’s a mood captured like no other than by the surrendering ‘maisie’ with its lolloping prairie motifs serenading duskily to a cosy toed melodic framing that blissfully sways and swoons to an old school timeless folk spiritual while elsewhere the mellowed ‘seventeen’ lazily nibbles away at a secret Hefner songbook of lost lovelies before the parting sun burn of ‘go on down’ knocks you off your lulling perch with its radiant sprays of pop shimmered effervescence. A very special album indeed. http://snails.bandcamp.com/album/safe-in-silence-album

Old school creeping Brit horror from out of the transistor. Mentioned this in passing a little while back, a six-part audio drama transmitted at fortnightly intervals entitled ‘akiha den den’. Written by Neil Cargill with sound-scapes provided for by Simon James – a name you might be more readily familiar as Simonswood or more recently Black Channels. This weird ear chiller centres around a radio ham who one night begins to pick up strange voices from a girl trapped in an abandoned amusement arcade, he soon learns that she is not alone and that there is a community of these lost and stranded souls with one of their number attempting to cross the threshold from their world into ours. It’s classic radio-phonia much styled in the hand of Nigel Kneale albeit possessed of a Sapphire and Steel makeover and blessed with its own paranoia prickling cold war / BBC Radiophonic sonic mosaic all crafted and located in the secret parallel worlds of Ray Bradbury’s imagination (with the fairground imagery and talk of the Monday Man echoes of ‘something wicked this way comes’ are recalled).The drama features a stellar cast of players – Ian McDiarmid, Joy McEvoy, SheilaReid, Mark Little and Wendy Rae Fowler, those subscribing to the series will be rewarded with all manner additional soundtrack contract, mysterious codes and voices between transmissions.

As Mr Cargill notes – “A great deal of radio drama nowadays pretends to be something else – a Hollywood blockbuster soundtrack, or TV thriller. And they succeed on that score, but in Akiha Den Den we’re exploring what radio does best and harnessing its unique strength – intimacy, that one-to-one voice in your ear. It can be compelling and friendly – or chilling and spine-tingling, because you know for that moment the voice you hear is talking to only you.”

While for Mr Jones it marks a creative career ambition – ‘Opportunities to create worlds in sound this rich, strange and complex don’t come along very often in radio. For a long time I’ve wanted a project that combines my love of radio drama, sound art and experimental music. Neil’s vision has given me the opportunity to work on such a project.”

The first broadcast can be accessed either via http://www.akihadenden.com or via https://soundcloud.com/user-872475453/series-1-episode-1-voices-from-the-deep-darkness

not quite sure whether this is a limited re-press or whether the label has managed to unearth a stash of boxes of it behind the sofa, left there no doubt when the back room boys fled at the thought onset of an alien invasion or worse still a door knocking candidate of the *Owen Smith / *Jeremy Corbyn (*delete where applicable) touting for leadership support (who said we couldn’t get topical). This nifty 10 inch set from Silva Screen features Brian Hodgson and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop doing spooked out things to terrify and traumatise 60’s children for Dr Who’s meeting with the Krotons. Hodgson of course was one of the leading sound architects of those classic timelord adventures, he gave voice to the Daleks, created the sound of the Tardis dematerialising and on hearing this collection of 24 tracks, appeared to have a fairly tuned in ear for the imagining atmospheres of strange worlds. In many respects an excellent companion piece to the Ochre released ‘tenth planet’ score from a decade or so ago, Hodgson allowed free reign to channel all manner of manipulated sound wizardry does it so with an eerie futuristic zeal – hums, whirrs, drones, pulsating chip boards and all manner of binary bleeps cloud the senses with an unerring sense of a cold, clinical and emotionless robotised emptiness, in fact on several occasions such where the chilling machine manipulations that we sweared we were listening to Mr Boom’s EAR. Those with a fondness for strange sounds, the treats are in abundance over on the flip where your headphones glow awash with string manipulations, tonal trickery and low end frequency pops, the collection also features the reworked opening theme from 1967 marking the arrival and tenure of the 2nd Doctor Patrick Houghton, in short it’s a pleasure to hear these sound scapes as stand alone entities, what chance of hearing say, Dudley Simpson and Malcolm Clarke’s score for ‘the daemons’ and ‘the  sea devils’ treated similiarly so.   

Now just remind me, isn’t this the dandiest thing you’re hearing right this moment, not sure about you but its certainly got our sound speakers swooning amid what looks like smoky haloes of bliss kissed swirls of hazy hullinogenia. Coming at you courtesy of wrong way records, this cool cat comes courtesy of London based psychedelicists Muertos, ‘black box’ is a darkly prowling beauty swamp dragged with a primitive growl that’s cooled with the hollowing smokiness of Gallon Drunk and grooved in the lysergic haze of the black angels. Those thinking one trick ponies might well do yourselves a favour checking in on the flip ‘ballroom spritzer’ – a mesmeric mantra dragged from the shadowier side of the 60’s, hypno-grooved with a dead eyed post punk purr and seductively laced up in tensely coiled shade wearing atmospherique which had us here much recalling of those uber dudes the Clerks from a few years ago. https://muertos.bandcamp.com/album/black-box-ballroom-spritzer

heading out the portal editions sound house this is Bristol based head flippers Silver Waves with a track ripped from a current set called ‘EP3’ – ‘V’ is a distractively dislocated slab of hot wired and fried digital glitch core, a kind of post apocalyptic critical meltdown, both schizoid and intensely brutal, its so left field its off the radar, to enter its domain is to enter a place darkly detached and removed of feeling and emotion, hive mind brain food for Artificial Inteligences whose harshly punctuated drone drills and blistered beats have you feeling as though your inside a huge hulking mainframe pinball machine, in short a sinister future vision of a Tron nignhtmare to come soundscaped by mutant musical nano bots recalibrating Aphex Twin’s back catalogue.

Back with wrong way and keeping it high on the cool kudos setting, next up is the Valkarys with an EP entitled ‘since I was fifteen’ that comes pressed on 10 inches of orange wax from which ‘grandma’ has been sent on ahead to do the heralding gubbins. Is it just me or are we picking up the Go Betweens vibes loud and clear on this nugget, maybe its down to its lightly sprayed sun speckled crystalline chimes hinting Byrds-ian influences, the boy / girl harmonies fluttering in the breeze or the strangely bitter sweet 60’s tang shimmer toning from its grooves, whatever the case we here are well and truly smitten. https://wrongwayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/since-i-was-fifteen 

This ‘un has been causing abit of a buzz since entering our ear spaceearlier today, marooned to the murmuring blissful tones of a youthful Broadcast 60’s soundscape trippily moonwalking a kosmic lounge trajectory hinting of mid career Stereolab found freefalling into the sumptuous terrains of lake ruth, this is vanishing twin with the adorable ‘vanishing twin syndrome’ – a gorgeously orbiting slice of prettified kaleidoscopia all mushroomed in subtly washes of trance toned arabesques and packing psychedelic phasers with stun settings switched to swoon.

More irrestibly cute grooviness, this time from flaminggods in the shape of ‘taboo groves’ – this sly eyed lilting lovely comes radiantly swayed and spun upon a kookily tropicalic vibing spirited in eastern motifs no doubt packing its own peace pipe and aboard a magic carpet caught in a bliss kissed drift wind.

Incoming on handstitched, more uber limited happenings, on this occasion a 50 only CD pressing from VDU entitled ‘guilloche’. VDU better known to kith n kin as Noel Murphy and to the musical community as wauvenfold / bury&disinter is found here retreating back to basics inhabiting a starry wondered symphony daubed in a 70’s kosmiche silver age, piping out modulated call signs from a yesteryear outland with its headspace and eyeline firmly in the tomorrow. https://handstitched.bandcamp.com/album/guilloch

Another of those mix tape things for you to check out, described by one of its presenters as ‘ectoplasmic pop omellete’ which whatever it is sounds fine by us, anyhow this is your regular sitting with ‘the séance’ – an hour’s worth of sounds demurred in the ethereal, the eclectic and quite frankly the eerie, I must admit we do love checking into these occasional gatherings if only to get a heads up as to whats either lurking musically around the corner or being given a swift lesson in what we should be hooking up to. Anyhow as said its your usual mix of eclecticism and strangeness, boobs of doom striking out like a sun scorched apocalypsia afflicted Grails with the seismic ‘nihilism – thanks for nothing’, elsewhere there’s the demurring ghost light that is ben chatwin’s quite beautifully unreal spectral ‘kraken’ while equally alluring is the ghostly visitation of revbjelde’s ‘brigantia lufian’ from their current ‘for albion’ set – something we should quickly make note ought to appeal to those much admiring all things Komeda and Preterite. In between there are moments of goonery and er ‘goony birds’ from martin denny, some yello, some Floyd and flawless perfection from the Cocteau twins. https://www.mixcloud.com/jamespapademetrie/the-s%C3%A9ance-10th-september-2016/

Those in the mood for kookily kut medieval pastoral posies dinked in soft psych flashings and eclectically smoked in olde English eccentric, might well do yourselves a favour in making yourselves a mental note as to a new oddly shaped opus due to land via mega dodo from Icarus Peel. The wonderfully woozy and out of step n’ time ‘forget me nots’ comes ripped from that aforementioned ‘forget me nots under pussy willow’ set – a sleepy Sunday morning village jamboree, one imagines being conducted inside the kaleidoscopic imagination of Syd Barrett, this prettified flutterby comes whisked in dreamy drifts softly lulled in a peculiar and hitherto familiar musical tapestry whose idyllic charms have courted the populace since time imemorial whilst fusing the absurd, the fairy tale and the nursery rhyme to a radiant sun calling waltzing mischief. https://soundcloud.com/mega-dodo/icarus-peel?fb_action_ids=10157401714620007&fb_action_types=soundcloud%3Apublish

What is it about this post punk minimalist echo that has the hair’s on the back of our necks in swoon formation and the beat of our heart at a near ice formed pause, this uber cooled gem from Fugiya&Miyagi entitled ‘outstrippping (the speed of light)’ heads up the second of three planned EP’s – this one named – obviously – ‘ep2’ through impossible objects of desire. A cruise controlled cosmic nugget wrapped in the arrest of shimmering streamlined synths goaded along by a pulsing panic attack beat that to these ears sounds like a prime time Magazine rummaging through la dusseldorf platters for source and inspiration whilst coercing a particularly chilled B-Movie along to the studio party. https://soundcloud.com/fujiya/outstripping-the-speed-of-light

perhaps his most accomplished work to date, John Foxx’s ‘cathedral oceans’ trilogy is an intensely moving ambient symphony, in many respects it is meant to viewed as an audio artitectural space meant specifically for people to enter, walk through, explore and if they so wish, lose themselves in, at once ethereal and elegiac, the aim to create a space to contemplate, a life work in its creation, utilising chorals, Gregorian chants and swathes of heavenly oceanic ambience, its origins stem back to recapture the vast cavernous magisterial rejoices of Foxx’s choir boy days as a child, whilst musicakly its roots first flowered on elements of ‘the garden’ in the earely 80’s.

due to be released September end through Edsel, the trilogy gets a lavish gathering by way of a strictly limited 750 only hand numbered 5 x vinyl album presentation replete with a 12 x 12 inch art print and a book containing images and passages from his ‘Quiet Man’ accounts all housed in a hardbook book set.

Ordering info – here https://johnfoxx.tmstor.es/

Trailer – here –

Girl power –

Five bad boogying felines from the vaults…..

Pleasure Seekers….

The pandoras….

The whyte boots….


The lov’d ones…..

My word this sounds more like the electric sound of joy than the flip (which incidentally pop pickers we mentioned light years ago somewhere here – https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/08/20/tomorrow-syndicate/ ) – this young hearts is a forthcoming wowee from those dudes over at the polytechnic youth sound lab by tomorrow syndicate entitled ‘into the void’. A silver surfing pop purring cosmically mushrooming head colouring slab of lunar psychedelia all hinted in soft subtle hazes of 70’s kosmiche slinkily tooting west coast after burns – think that covers it – did I say I’m in love with it?

There’s something of the eternal and innately mystical about this preview hearing from a forthcoming collaborative set between the hare and the moon and future passe that’s sewn in the very fabric of our ancestral coming to be; ageless and archaic, its speaks in a tongue familiar yet forgotten, its rooting in custom both historical and myth made, an echoing ghost light whose alluring spellwoven chamber folk is bound in ceremony and the magisterial yearn of a primitive sonic vocabulary lullingly sighed in chorals and the stilled haunt of fog bound fanfares, stunning in a word.  https://soundcloud.com/thehareandthemoon/rossignol-with-future-passe

Yowzah, uber cooling out there groove from long time no hear space cadet Sterling Roswell. Out through blang this is the hallucinogenic happening that is ‘atom brain monster – rock’ – a cosmic road trip oozed in oodles of psychotropic reverb all flavoured with a mooching and smoking Link purr stuffed with reality altering fringe flipping mind frying freak-a-rama, very Fuxa with a side serving of Spectrum if you ask me.

You might well remember us mentioning cousin silas way back in the midsts of time, two years ago in fact – we just checked – at the time we were rather smitten by a release just out on the we are all ghosts imprint entitled ‘the sound of silas’ which at the time we likened to those classically hued gems tripping out with enviable frequency from the hidden shoal and cathedral transmissions sound houses. Seems our Silas is a restless soul and loves nothing more than exploring new sound rooms so to speak, in as much as mixing up the styles. On this occasion 70’s kosmiche. Well if I where you, I’d find myself a quiet spot, far away from the maddening day crowd and free from distraction, don the headphones close thine eyes and prepare to fall into the airless voids of Cousin Silas’ superbly trance toned ‘berlin evenings’ – the title track from a new set just out via the we are all ghosts imprint. A nineteen-minute odyssey journeying into the deep recesses of the mind, indeed this is prime time brain food, its silken contours, symphonic grace and overall dream toned demur acts as were, as a rejuvenating refuelling point, for amid these vapour trailing dissipating choral drifts, a peacefully serene secret place awaits delicately tuned into the hulking sensurround sonic architecttures once piloted by Tangerine Dream, in short the finest we’ve heard since fruits de mer dropped several gems by a certain Craig Padilla.   https://weareallghosts.bandcamp.com/album/berlin-evenings-waag-cdr004

How this little sleepy headed sweetie plays with your head, one minute there’s something so heartbreakingly bruised and distressed as it sighs mournfully to a disconsolate chamber folk motif that you feel the urge to throw about its form the understanding arm of support, the next picks itself up and dusts itself down to waltz daintily to a sweetly adoring floral pageantry peppered lightly in a blossom toed free spirited innocence. This is the latest cutie from the la bel net label, its by shy eyed souls Safir Nou, the track to which we were a moment ago referring, the opening calling card ‘imaginary cloud’ from a new full length called ‘groundless’. Another release much deserving of a quiet moment, ‘groundless’ is exquisitely expressed in neo classical phrasings all intricately whittled and charmed in intimacy. However, its ‘blue dance’ that we suggest you turn your attention to, for a beautifully lilting courtship is at play between the caressing Autumnal textures and the undulating tumble of the delicately picked rustic ripples as they engage in affectionate play leaving timew for a little impish playfulness with the onset of the crookedly cute Soviet fused Francophile oompah of ‘puppet’s waltz’.  https://safirnou.bandcamp.com/

New from the lesser spotted and temporarily re-activated feral child imprint (a small occasional home to curios and magical melodies from the same chaps responsible for such esteemed sound art houses as deep distance, polytechnic youth and the recently retired great pop supplement) comes a hand numbered 300 only three track taste toned 7 inch from Pete Astor. a wonderfully lazy eyed trio of prettified psych pastorals all delicately stripped and murmured in the kind casual recline that we here have come to love and adore from those shy eyed souls the Soft Hearted Scientists. Teetering between the kaleidoscopic cracks that divide Nick Nicely and Paul Roland, ‘do nothing’ breezily purrs while deceptively dropping little earworm eggs in your psyche just when your succumbing to its sleepy headed spell charm, this off centred honey comes cut to a softly matured eccentric English psych vintage that’s kissed to the disipatting demur of a hazy kick off the shoes and settle back vibe replete with modulated shimmer tones. That said we here are most smitten by the brief brace of flip cuts, the gorgeously introspective sea drift that is ‘buddha said’ is framed by a beautifully opining tropicalic riff shimmer that had us much recalling of the flawless finger work of Vini Reilly – simple, stark and quite statuesque all said. Those paying attention and somewhat up to speed with things might note our introductory mention of the Soft Hearted Scientists and then thinking, why, where, what – blighter hasn’t mentioned them since, happen he forgot. At ease young folk with the flopping fringes for it’s the cosy toed and lulling caress of the sepia tweaked warmly hued ‘cradle song’ that much minded us of those Welsh alchemists albeit here as though swapping notes with a ‘gigglegoo’ era the Freed Unit, just adore those tip toing crystalline riff chimes, blissful. 

Fancy some woozy west coast vibing, in truth they don’t come more tripsy and tasty that the joyously sun hugging fanfare that is ‘sundial’ by the cool ghouls, blighter literally oozes and reverberates feel goodness like it was fast going out of fasion. This babe comes ripped from a melodic full length currently swooning about the coolest record emporiums entitled ‘animal races’ – and is that a banjo we hear buried in the mix working the psychedelicised strings of the lysergically countrified cascades that tumble in bliss kissed formations, we’ve yet to mention the undoubted affection for the Byrds running through its core and the fact that this comes kissed with nods to a ‘bend beyond’ era Woods. https://soundcloud.com/melodic-records/cool-ghouls-sundial-1

Doing these reviews is, I don’t mind telling you, at times an onerous responsibility, we have on occasions, whether due to time constraints or simply forgetting, lain awake at night worrying about releases we should have been on to or had promised to review, the regret list is overwhelming, we can but try. One release that escaped our gaze, though we did briefly mention it at the time, all that good work unravelling in our failure to follow it up with a detailed full review, was an outing a year or so ago through the unquestionably underrated blue tapes imprint. By Trupa Trupa, ‘headache’ is one of those very rare melodic moments of discovery, an almost road to Damascus occasions in so much as an album that operates on so many levels sonically speamking, that you’re scarcely unable to source its reference points. The album originally out on cassette and CD has now been picked up by an equally smitten Ici d’ailleurs –  a French based label who play home to the likes of yann tierson / third eye foundation et al – who so impressed have decided to release a remastered cd version of the set along with a double wax outing. ‘headache’ is all at once intense, an agitant, a sore thumb, an album that plays with your head, seesawing awkwardly at times bordering shambolic chaos at others just leaving you jaw agape hitting you between the eyes by its craft, creative awareness and muddying of the generic sound pools – part prog – well in truth – a lot of prog – a little hardcore, a little art pop all tailored in essences of psych. They sound like no one yet sound like everyone, at times its as though they’ve sneaked in to your gaff while you sleep, checked out your record stash and have tailored an album out of your record collections best moments just for you. Sometimes they sound like fugazi with perhaps a pixies itch, other times you’d swear they’d been heavily adoring of releases heading out of Vacilando ’68, I even swear they revolve around a sonic axis with the cardiacs as the primary central cog. ‘headache’ will, I guarantee, challenge you, tease you and drive you to distraction and ultimately have you peering through your record collection to check which albums they’ve been dutifully noting in order to turn you head on. 


don’t know whether I should mention this, you know what sensitive and fragile souls these folk people are, but we did manage to rescue a stash of neglected Shirley Collins albums from a local charity shop just a few weeks ago. Unbeknownst to us, around the same time Domino had been making eyes and overtures in her general direction in an attempt to coax her out of her recording retirement. The result of which this November sees the release of her first album in 38 years. Entitled ‘lodestar’, it’s an eclectic collection, a journey in musical appreciation more so, gathering together songs English, American and Cajun covering a period going backwards from the 50’s to the ancestral roots of folk in medieval times. From that set ‘death and the lady’ here revisited – a version of which she originally did with her sister Dolly for their 1970 collaboration ‘love, death and the lady’ – is a ghostly tale of a young woman one day happening upon Death who has come take her, a conversation ensues as she tries to bargain for life to no avail. Revisited some five decades later, Collins weaves a delicately lilting spectral both graceful and humbling, enriched and entwined in a tapestry that’s timeless, this folk ghost light is pressed upon a simple and plaintive reading that’s as touching as it is haunting, while I’m here I must admit I do love the frail Fahey phrasings and the genteel riff scythes, admirers of the hare and the moon will flock to swoon.

If stoned toned scuzzed up big beardy heavy psych is your bag, then may we suggest you retuning your ear gear in the general direction of Fuzz Evil’s monolithic beatnik boogying ‘Odin has fallen’. Ripped from an imminent self titled set for battleground records, this fuzzed out slab of vintage swamp blues is blessed with a devilishly tasty psychotropic swing that nods to a kaleidoscopically minded Black Sabbath blissfully mellowed on a force fed diet of mind expanding ‘shrooms, one we should add ripe for those Bad Afro and Rise Above admirers among you.  https://soundcloud.com/user-817414796-360083301/odin-has-fallen 

Talking of Bad Afro, these dudes are preparing themselves for their mammoth 20th anniversary party with a landmark gathering of celebratory talent……tell you what rather than me waffling on, here’s what head honcho Lars has to say…..

20 years of Pushing Scandinavian Rock to the Man! have gone by. Bad Afro Records is no longer a teenager and the anniversary party will take place at Musikloppen at Christania in Copenhagen November 5th. BABY WOODROSE, NARCOSATANICOS and TELSTAR SOUND DRONE are on the bill. Instead of looking back focus will be on the present artists on Bad Afro and all three bands have releases out in 2016. The second Telstar Sound Drone album Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles came out in March, the new Baby Woodrose album Freedom was released September 16th while Narcosatanicos will release their first album on Bad Afro November 4th. Narcosatanicos will play a full set since the night will also be the release party for the new album in Copenhagen. There will be 200 free beers when Loppen opens at 21.00. The first 100 guests will receive a free Baby Woodrose vinyl 7” including the two exclusive tracks Breaking The Spell and ESP. This single will not be available in any recordshops or as streaming and will no doubt end up being collectable. 

Some of the bands with releases on Bad Afro the past 20 years: The Hellacopters, The Nomads, Baby Woodrose, Backyard Babies, Spids Nøgenhat, The Flaming Sideburns, Turbonegro, Telstar Sound Drone, On Trial, 22 Pistepirkko, The Dolly Rocker Movement, Dragontears, The Defectors, The Janitors, Sweatmaster, Cosmonauts, Silver, Narcosatanicos, The Mojomatics, Ricochets, Gluecifer and many more.

Bad Afro Records, Guldbergs Plads 14, 4, 2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark




pushing the wow factor to near critical meltdown, there are times – rare occasions I’ll have you know, when things comes across our way where you think, bugger me this is gonna put some folk in retirement, its not as if ‘nocturne’ pushes the envelope any great distance, rathermore it hides the blighter from the chasing pack. Of course it sounds like Joy Division, but imagine Curtis n’ co loved up and psychedelically mainlining on vintage krautrock templates tripwired in bliss kissed 60’s shadow plays and lost in a mind evaporating cosmic moment whilst shoehorned into a studio with Hannett weirding up matters on the mixing desk and a host of specially invited players such as cabaret Voltaire, the Durutti’s, a few passing Throbbing Gristle’s and in the corner surrounded by banks of futuristic looking blinking lights and wires Jean Michel Jarre all coalescing into one hulking creative hive being transmitting wig flipped eye swirling kosmiche kaleidoscopia for a floppy fringed new world. Anyhow its by the Early Years returning earthbound after an 8-year head ttrip with a new double wax set ‘II’ through the ridiculously cool Sonic Cathedral imprint   https://soundcloud.com/sonic-cathedral/tey-nocturne

previously never releaed out side Japan, Ryuichi Sakamoto’s score for Yoji Yamada’s film ‘negasaki – memories of my son’ finally gets a limited outing via milan. It re-affirms Sakamoto as quite possibly the finest composer of this generation in terms of utilising a widening spectrum of emotion to his sound craft. Both expansive yet intimate, his touch and his phrasing trembles and teeters between the bruised and fragile to the radiant and enchanting in a seamless passage, the arcing arrangements soaring to murmuring with breathless beauty, the flow divine, the effect bewitching. From that set ‘nobuko’ blossoms from ache to hymnal, the operatic machanisms and the forlorn chorals ghosted in a sepia tailoring are demured in a vintage aura, the shift of pace exquisite adores it with a quietly affecting grandeur that’s both euphoric and crushing.  https://soundcloud.com/milanrecords/26-ryuichi-sakamoto-nobuko-from-nagasaki-ost

If I’m being honeest, I always preferred ‘get over you’ to ‘teenage kicks’ as a younger self, more rounded, less panic attacking than its more famously acclaimed sibling. Kissed with an edginess, a subtle scuzzy toning and a new wave effervescence, the 50’s echoing harmonies hinted of the Beach Boys’ sunny surf being relocated to Derry by way of the pub rock Canvey Island central and given a reality check and oodles of teen angst to boot. Adding to the continuing celebrations of punk’s 40th anniversary (how times change – then pyriahs now part of the establishment) Union Square are releasing newly remastered versions of the Undertones’ first two albums along with a 7 inch featuring Kevin Shields’ – yep him from My Bloody Valentine – remix of this lost 1979 issue nugget that tightens up matters by way of a diligent clean up of the original mixing desk tapes with scarcely any reverb haloes to write home about. https://soundcloud.com/salvolabel/get-over-you-kevin-shields-remix-2016

Must admit to having being a tad smitten by this lots ‘benny’ – featured here in earlier dispatches. With time drawing nearer towards the release date of their Tin Angel full length ‘rough master’ – end of October note-takers and diary dotters, there’s been the sneaking out of another teaser to, as they say, whet the appetites. A delightfully skewed love note, ‘again’ finds Mauno somewhat lackadaisically – shall we agree to say – shambling and stumbling affectionately crooning across a kind of Pavement like wiry wonkiness peppering the crooked sun fried path with moments of animated fracturing where without warning riff squals impact and erupt with a brief twisted tense toned blaze of emotion heightened adoration, very odd but lovably so. https://soundcloud.com/tin-angel-records/again

Don’t start hectoring us for information on this because we haven’t any. That said when has that stopped us pushing things your side of the listening desk. A free to download compilation from the Amalgamated Futureless Artists colletive entitled ‘my invisible friend’ – second volume no less and a bit of a strange thing which we’ve only had time to cautiously dip our toes into, that said judging by the ultra eerie ‘all my children will be golden’ by I Monster and Colours of Melancholia there’s definitely a tangible whiff of disturbia that ought to discombobulate (our new word of the day) your tranquil listening pleasure especially if your chosen aural poison teetering around the weird ear spectrum of a youthful the truth about frank albeit as though TTAF had relocated to the surreal chill toned landscapes of the Lovecraft dude and then decided to pipe out a mooching dark chamber grooved mind fracturing lounge recital. Still there’s always ‘hangovering’ to cheer matters, of course we jest, for Dr Almeja and Massimolotov craft a superbly vibrant trance toned oasis of sound whose somewhat subliminal texturing causes your headspace to terraform, mutate and eventually fry beneath its hypnogrooving glare, a bit like a subtronic between sonic skin changing (pre techno) Shamen being picked over by a dead eyed deconstructing Depth Charge. All said, from what we’ve heard thus far, we here are more than a little subdued by ‘Akrasia’ by Nihilore and Bignonioides – a most becoming slice of vintage lounge electronics that sounds as though its stepped right from a would be lost 60’s TV cult classic show and something of the calibre you’d expect to be rescued from the vaults by that Jonny Trunk bloke.  https://afapresents.bandcamp.com/album/my-invisible-friend-vol-2

New Static Caravan loveliness slowly tumbling down a distant green hill, this is the long mooted new full length from the Memory Band, well a track from it, the album due at the fall of November is called ‘a fair field’ with this ‘the mason and the lark’ being sent ahead to play tick with your afffections. Featuring a reading by Basil Bunting of his poem ‘briggflatts’, ‘the mason and the lark’ is a gorgeously hazy floral delicately turned and trimmed to a gracefully airy and wistful waltzing motif, all at once affectionate and lilting it radiates to the rustic chirp and pastoral coo of the land, amid its genteel sun hopped spray a mournful undercurrent opines in remenerance for lost moments, forgotten hidey holes and a past erased by the advancing new.


Been a while since we last had anything to swoon to from the battle worldwide sound house so to make up for this seeming oversight they’ve hooked us up to two utterly adorable releases.

First up to the plate, Margins – a Melbourne based collective who star rose brief and brightly across two acclaimed full lengths before imploding in 2013. Before the parting of ways however, they cut a track that was intended at the time to form one half of a split 7 via the Tym imprint, the release sadly never happened remaining virtually unheard until now that is. ‘bowies package’ finally sees the light of day via a free download, a statuesque slice of poised beauty quietly demurred and softly hypnotic, its crafting coiled from a math rock generic pool is seductively spiralled in spidery shadings of bliss kissed soft psych, all at once mellow and mesmeric the riffs delicately splinter from their noir shimmered root branch to create hazy swirls of dreamy dissipates, the effect is quite alluring not to mention serene.  



Second up from battle worldwide Mike Gale and Ilona V, a somewhat stripped down version of Co-Pilgrim, both surely in need of no introductions here, the latter occasionally peppering these musings courtesy of releases via Bracken / Fruits de Mer in the past. ‘the white lady of hapsaalu’ – the lead track from their ‘dream pool’ full length is surrendered and smouldered in lost summers and woozed by a west coast sea breeze haloed in hushed harmonies, an as were lost pristine pop knee trembler echoing back to the classic time when releases tumbling out of the likes of the sarah, bus stop and summershine imprints had you hugging the transistor for dear life whilst fighting off the urge to swoon, utterly adorable. Alas no sound links – trust me we are working on it and the label.

How did we miss this, probably buried in the unanswered and unseen mountain of emails currently pushing the Sunday experience in box to critical breaking point. This is a recent Too Pure singles clubber – absolutely all over the shop – and in a good way I should add, from Vincent Vocoder Voice this is the crookedly demented and wiry ‘500.000 hymnals’ – a mini art prog opera of sorts that packs more ideas into its fractured and fried 4 minutes than most do in a career, no doubt clearly under the influence of the Cardiacs, either that or some seriously mind frying hallucinogens, belive me when I say once this blighter gets in your headspace it’ll party until you drop.  https://soundcloud.com/too-pure-singles-club/vincent-vocoder-voice-500000-hymnnals 

We really are slipping with these reviews for its been a fair while, to long all told, since we mentioned or featured the ever excellent unexplained sound group who for the last year or so have been sourcing some of the finest cutting edge sounds from around the globe. Latest ‘survey’ finds them turning their radar upon Portugal – alas for now just two preview tracks to concentrate the mind and disquiet your listening space, ‘lamina animal’ by !calhau! sounding as though its emerged from a bewitching primitive fog from a time rooted deep in our medieval past, a dark beauty descends, a solitary siren voice enchants with mystic mischief, gloomed as were, in a chilling macabre gothic straight from a scene where Macbeth encounters the three conspiratorial witches, this folks stirs from the deep shadows of the eccentronic research council’s ‘1612 underture’. As to @c, somewhat in sharp contrast, they serve up ‘bacchanale’, a curiously off road slice of minimalist subterranean glitch, – unsettling, occasionally eerie much like a transmission from the other side trying to reach through the static hiss of a tuning radio dial – reminiscent of the more abstract grooves found loitering and lurking on the more out there offerings on Fat Cat’s celebrated ‘branches and routes’ compilation from a few years ago, specifically the tracks pulled from their ever excellent and occasionally ongoing ‘split series’ and something of interest to all whose listening loves lean towards lo fi and low end frequency manipulations. https://unexplainedsoundsgroup.bandcamp.com/album/portugal-experimental-underground-016-survey 

We used to be on the Kranky mailing list many, many years ago, recent times I’m suspecting we’ve fallen foul from favour and somewhat dropped. We miss those packages, but hey that was another age, another time, another life and over the ensuing years we’ve lost touch as to what a Kranky ensemble sounds like, hell we must have really cheesed them off, we don’t even get emails. So it was a both a surprise and a welcoming chance to sample their latest offering when up popped on our player MJ Guider’s ‘former future beings’. This ethereal sortie taken from the recently released ‘precious systems’ full length is a glorious end of day’s slice of forlorn vapour trail euphoria all softly weaved in neo classical flurries and demurred in heavenly chorals radiantly daubed in sun scorched shimmers, one suspects a perfect soundtrack to accompany your final journey through the eternal veil though not just yet.  https://soundcloud.com/kranky/mj-guider-former-future-beings 

This is so damn sleazy and sexy that if I were a record I’d ask it out in a shot. New thing from Kim Gordon ‘murdered out’ – hell it’s feral, raw and beautifully brutal with just a touch of psychosis thrown in for good measure with the Kim cooing, purring and scratching her way through a maddening swamp dragged blues swing whose tensely wired friction and fracturing tightens to choking with each leering lunge.

While we get busy winding up the Sunday Experience gramophone in preparation to playing their latest release from Wooden Wand (just this morning taken safe custody of having languished unloved in the local sorting depot for over a week) this is a forthcoming on the much fancied Soniido Polifonico imprint, no doubt destined to be exquisitely packaged as ever and available in an ultra limited lathe cut pressing of just 67, this be Hey Exit. This Brooklyn based collective excel in the craft of shyly eyed murmured dream pop, yet while their generic compatriots freewheel in the execution of jubilant shoe gaze radiance, Hey Exit distance themselves preferring to remain out of the light, instead intricately honing bruised and crushed crystalline opines that draw you close to their intimate quite space as exemplified pristinely on the airless and ethereal ghost light spectral that is ‘holding collapse’. All said we here have taken up something of a soft spot for ‘cut them out’ which you can find over on the flip. In short your classic sun scorched celestial much reminiscent of a youthful Flying Saucer Attack bunking off choral practice and opting to attend a late 80’s New Zealand bliss kissed noise school recital, jaw dropping stuff. http://heyexit.bandcamp.com/album/holding-collapse-cut-them-out

Electronic system ‘skylab’

Dave pike ‘jazz for the jet set’

Hugo Montenegro ‘come spy with me’

‘music to read james bond by – volume 2’

Lew davies ‘delicado’

First of two planned releases from the patterned air imprint (the guys that brought you assembled minds critically acclaimed hauntologist rave ‘creaking haze and other rave ghosts’, ‘runningonair’ by RunningOnAir is a seamless collection of recordings made by Joe Evans at the dawn of the internets first flowering of music file sharing in the 90’s, a pre hauntologist / cold war (see the subtle ‘Low’-esque meets Carpenter distress calling future chill of ‘in search of the W’) ghost light from an age not so distant yet whose user friendly ease of appeal / use was so steeped at a primitive stage that it may have well been another age  Immersed in the hopes, ambitions and fears of new technology and new highs (no better foretold than on the chill waved pulsar ‘seven (civil war on drugs)’), prering into the future at its potential nightmarish consequences, ‘runningonair’ is comprised on nine suites. A beautifully amorphous set strictly limited to just 150 specially crafted hand numbered copies (there will be a standard jewel case variation) all leather tied replete with u cards, artwork inserts and all manner of eye feasting trinkets. One for the Ghost Box completists, ‘runningonair’ swims in familiar terrains, a head phonic delight, the symphonies streamlined and seamless hint of a nostalgic future facing wonder and while it does offer a glimpse of a past peering into the future, its structuring, vibe and texturing is indelibly moored to its 90’s surroundings culturing a less rash, less overtly pop specific, more nocturnally murmured shadowland of techno’s infant spirit. The decade’s tropes are all here, the kookily seductive space lounge lushness of ‘more than machine’ is silkenly strobed in down tempo swathes, the divine yet ghostily omnipresent ‘runningonair’ a kosmiche AI hive mind central lonesomely orbiting the milky white star lit voids and the vibrantly panoramic futureworlds as expressed by the mesmeric ‘in heaven’ all pilot an as were then, new age sound spectrum similarly navigated by the likes of Biosphere, Plaid and the Future Sound of London. Elsewhere ‘second thoughts’ – which between you and me, might just be our favourite moment of the set, applies oodles of dream dazed psychotropia to its melodic matrix, emerging from the dark side of the Floyd / System 7 it demurs to a new age kosmiche of the kind that oft populated the Delerium imprint of the day while the oriental flavoured cosmic dub of ‘we’ courts a seductive a subtle noir undertoning that imagines John Carpenter rewired by Craig Padilla. Veering into ominous tones ‘an ongoing situation’ drifts into the kind of edgy paranoia that recalls 70 gwen party albeit here given a makeover by fortdax while ‘peaceful’ brings up the rear slinkily edging matters towards the end groove with some uber cooled Balearic rechannelling of some smoking hot 70’s disco funk smoochiness. An essential headphonic happening.  

Warms the heart hearing they came from the stars, I saw them – wonder whatever happened to them, they were at one time pretty much permanent featurexs on our turntable. Anyhow this is the latest mix tape / show cobbled together by Sir Real (geddit – Sir Real – surreal…..okay I give in…) for mouth of God, a two hour headphonic hit rammed to rafters with good grooves aplenty, among the tunes and indeed bands we’ll be making a note to check out closer in the near future – wintergaten, cloud becomes your hand, hackney colliery band, wave machines, these hidden hands and morgan delt – the latter of whom I suspect will be on our radar later this week – also these shoehorned amid a playlist of familiar favourites such as Scott, Gong, Ween, north sea radio orchestra, stereolab, die staat, sproatley smith and Revbjelde whose ‘brigantia lufian’ ix rightly getting more deserved airplay –  we suggest you seek out the album ‘for albion’ at your very earliest convenience.  https://www.mixcloud.com/loonydrummer/sir-real-presents-the-mouth-of-god-on-mwr-150916-all-stinking-up-the-place/

Happened across this on a shoegaze listening tape – which if I recall – might well have been put together by Dean Bromley – in fact it is we just checked – you can find the full mix here https://soundcloud.com/dean-bromley/sets/shoegaze-dreampop-psych-15 – all lovely star gazing stuff as you’d no doubt come to imagine and expect however, the cut that caught our earlobes was a sweetly surrendering sortie by the Pink Elephants entitled ‘cloud symbols’ featuring Nikki Lee. Comes pulled from a set entitled ‘’temples in the sky’ – an EP no less – seductively swoons with all manner a sun burnt after glows and featuring a wonderfully hazily dream dazed smoking cool noir glazed vocal that might just be up the shoegazing street of those much adoring of the more bruised faraway of a slowdive back catalogue. https://soundcloud.com/pinkelephants-1/cloud-symbols-feat-nikki-lee?in=dean-bromley/sets/shoegaze-dreampop-psych-15

Not sure how we came to miss this, believe you me the administering of kicks to the backside are currently at an advanced and painful stage. This floppy fringe folk is ‘orbs’ by Heaters through – we guess – the beyond beyond is beyond imprint, this trip pill is a rather nifty uber cooled hazy glazy bliss kissed babe so airless and drifting I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear it had moon walked its way to some cosmic studio, not so much dreamy but more dozing, just love the woozy arabesques and the vapour trailing sun scorched stratospherics towards its close.  https://soundcloud.com/mike-newman/03-orbs

Literally just arrived in the in box and so hot off the presses that we’ve smudged the email contents. This is a soon to be free to download single from the ever wonderful Cae Gwyn imprint (recordiau cwy gwyn). Alas no sound links just yet, we will wrestle them from the label in time for its 14th October release, but this is ‘cloudy leftovers’ by palenco which by reference to the press release the label describe as ‘autumnal tinged’ – a comment which I must admit has somewhat been the cause of heated discussion in the Sunday Experience listening tent, not least because each time we’ve cranked up the sound player for another tasting then everywhere has been bathed in a cheery spring toned radiance. Mind you that might be down to the fact that there’s a certain whiff of the Go Betweens escaping from its grooves, albeit the Go Betweens headed up by a Lloyd Cole type doing Robert Lloyd impersonations whilst navigating their way through the Micro Disney back catalogue, which in our book is no bad thing, of course folk much admiring of the matinee label and say Hey Paulette will gravitate towards this like bees to bright flowers. http://www.recordiaucaegwyn.com 

This is going to flip wigs aplenty. Sneak peak at an imminent journey into the mind by XAM duo taken from their self titled debut kosmiche opus presently locked earthbound on to a swoon path via sonic cathedral this November. XAM duo initially the solo project of Matt Hookworms now features co-pilot Chris Deadfall onboard for the head trip, ‘I extend my arms’ provides the navigational point as to where krautrock and kaledoscopia meet, a hitherto unseen lulling leyline where converge the worlds of Kraftwerk and Spacemen 3, a truly mind expansive hypnogrooving hallucinogen of white hot whirring wires, Dadaist diodes and bliss toned binary signatures colliding, morphing and dissolving with an old school vintage sounding terraformic triipiness.  The video incidentally was directed by acclaimed visual artist Anna Peaker.

There’s a little quote from Jim Barr off get the blessing fame that simply reads ‘…could easily become a cult classic’ – and while we don’t ordinarily get drawn by the hyperbole of a press release, do you know what, on this occasion he may well be right. At least that is if preview track ‘champions of the world’ is a fairly accurate hint at what lurks elsewhere. This is Bristol based big top heartbreak and a forthcoming debut album by the name ‘deadbeat ballads’ – the aforementioned track a darkly spun sometimes comic, sometimes odd yet curiously crooked sore thumb, a part dark carnival / freak circus / strange cabaret prowling and peering from out of the shadowy cracks of a midnight hour, its creaking motifs sea sawing to a Victorian shanty sway whose music hall gaiety is descended upon by a  macabre toning that all at once reflects back hints of dave cronenberg’s wife, tom waits, lupen crook and Brecht and Weille. https://bigtopheartbreak.bandcamp.com/album/deadbeat-ballads

Rather loosely stumbled across this via a posting on the rusted nail records facebook page, described as ‘UFOlk’ – a term which I’m sure in time will come to lessen the burden of hauntologys usage for anything that sounds slightly odd or ill fitting to any recognised generic box placing, this be the ominous sound of Loner Deluxe and ‘moon dunes’. A paranoiac cold war call sign etched in a chilling conspiratorial macabre all deadheaded by a sparsely tense and futile minimalist sonic void and possessed of a flatlining weary vintage to which admirers of all things orbiting the ghost box and polytechnic youth sound spectrum will swoon to. Cold, oblique and to these ears veering ever so disquietingly into the early transmissions of both Add N to X and Mount Vernon Arts Lab, essential listening then.

Incoming from invaderband whose prolonged silence and absence from these pages has been duly noted, a debut full length is readying itself for release, scheduled date of appearance towards the back end of November. For those note quite up to speed or having dozed at the back of the gallery, this lot feature Adam Leonard amongst its ranks, this project honing in, somewhat on a misspent tuning his ears into the sci-fi / new wave / electronic sounds of the days. The album, self titled, is so far only giving up one of its number, but what a belter it is for ‘ship of nothing’ rattles out of the traps sounding like some forgotten studio room cutting from the Soft Boys ‘underwater moonlight’ sessions that finds Robyn and Co channelling the psychotropic progness of the Cardiacs. https://adamleonard.bandcamp.com/

More incoming wig flipping mind expansive trip-a-delia, this time from Deep Distance who look to be lysergically lighting the Autumnal release schedules with the promise of full length grooves from SLOWS and Sula Bassana, the latter of whom having just dropped off ‘organ accumulator’ to warp your semses before the full on arrival of the albums considerable cargo descends to melt your frontal lobe. Now unless I’m very much mistaken, I suspect that these dudes either have access to the means of time travel or have unwittingly fallen through a dimensional fracture only to find themselves relocated to the late 60’s where they’ve been cobbling psychedelicised sonic shapeshifts in a Silver Apples style by way of this hypno-grooving kosmick woozer which comes replete with the kind of slinky and dirty strut gouged riff growls you’d expect to be casually nudged out by a youthful Primal Scream undergoing seriously zonked out Spacemen 3 flashbacks, consider it a much needed mystic eye makeover.

Pardon me if you’ve already seen. Heard, bought and played to near death this one, but we did eye this with a sense of overwhelming envy on a posting earlier today. A limited CD and vinyl outings from Norway based imprint Synesthetic that gathers together long out of print, rare as hen’s teeth recordings from the Acid Mothers collective titled – would you believe – ‘the early acid mothers temple recordings 1995 – 1997’. Smoking headspaces for two decades now, Kawabata M\okoto and his merry pranksters have provided the ground zero setting for new age psychedelia often taking it to places where along the journey many a listener has never returned, all at once yesterday / now and tomorrow, they’ve oft pushed the envelope incorporating elements of jazz, prog, cosmic, drone and pure unadultered white noise experimentalism into their freeform freakstorms. This set gathers togrether thirteen humungous slabs of brain frying sonic out thereness from the early flowerings of their extensively tripping back catalogue, its raw, primitive and zonked out, we here being much smitten with the freakishly skronked out no wave crookedness of the aptly titled ‘satori lsd’ which in truth has you feeling stoned just listening.  https://synestheticrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/the-early-acid-mothers-temple-recordings-1995-1997  

You may recall us mentioning this a day or two ago https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/09/23/mike-gale-and-ilona-v/ with a promise to secure sound links for your listening love – many thanks to Darren over at Battle Worldwide for sending these over – a pure gem I’m sure you’ll agree……. https://soundcloud.com/battle/sets/dream-pool-by-mike-gale-ilona-v

many thanks to Dave / Sula Bassana for getting in touch (following our mentioning of a sneal preview cut from a set about to emerge on the highly fancied Deep Distance imprint) about the ultra hip psychedelic sound house that is Sulatron records which he runs. Between you and me we’ve been long time admirers of the label and so while we were here thought it might be a good idea to sample some of their wares. It strikes us a little odd as to how Sun Dial haven’t quite found themselves orbiting near the fruits de mer extended family thus far for ‘regenerator’ really does come possessed of the kind of mind fracturing dream dizzying stoner psych grooving much in evidence on platters bearing the name Sendelica with these dudes opting for a sonic trajectory that all at once flips, trips and rips minds with its smoking arabesque kosmiche, reference wise imagine the more beatnik-y fried and transcendental tonings of the Ozric Tentacles back catalogue with just a smidgeon of Blue Cheer for added karma. https://soundcloud.com/sulatron/sun-dial-regenerator

sounding as though they’ve stepped from the offices of a classic late 60’s Elektra soundspace somewhat stumbling from a chemical haze, this is the uber chilled sound of interkosmos with a track called ‘hypnotizer’ – the album of the same name from which its pulled from initially saw the light of day way back eight years ago where it appeared as a ridiculously limited CD-r pressing and a free download via clinical archives. Back in present day, this humungous set get a long overdue twin disc wax release, a monolithic beast its head indelibly located in an early 70’s psych / krautrock fused vintage with its eyes peering into the astral spying glass of a tomorrow to come with this sun scorched arid dry desert crossroads cutie coming smoked in a deliciously primitive texturing that manages to sublimely dissect the pathways where godspeed, grails and alphane moon converge. https://soundcloud.com/sulatron/interkosmos-hypnotizer

we do love the noose swinging chill croaking and creaking from this primitive ghost rider hymnal, its ominous dead heading contagion scowls with a Cave like post Birthday Party dread as it wanders wearily counting and collecting souls across the desert dry outlands morosely serenaded by the deathly howl of haunted spaghetti western scores decayed and detuned into a grim grinning chamber recital. Its name be ‘the man in the long black coat’ – a Dylan cover no less by black angel drifter from a self titled full length just about to break cover on bastard recordings. Those with an eye for such small detail might be thinking just about now, bastard recordings – ah Morton valence – any connection perchance – indeed there is for this is Anne and Hacker from said ensemble on extra curricula duties doing, as what the press release rightly describes, as a spot of  ‘sonny and cher on heavy medication’ – in short, quite stunning the spectral opines, the crackling croons, the slumbering riff groans and the oppressive overcasting skyline gather in conspiratorial session to give it a tensely tormented yet tender trimming which has the words classically cool branded upon its hide. 

And back to that much mooted second helping of Patterned Air loveliness, on this occasion from CukoO who is better known to kith n’ kin as Victoria Wilson once of Avrocar.  The aptly titled ‘woodland walk’ is a release you’d normally expect to be sneaked out by those Trunk types, its graced in a peculiarly familiar 70’s nostalgia that immediately transports those of us of a certain vintage back to infant school, plasticine, spangles and vision on / magpie, a beautifully crafted treasure trove, composed, arranged and played so as to act as sensory stimulation for severely and profoundly disabled schoolchildren. Commissioned by portage in newham, London this charming slice of school craft invention gets a deserved wider audience courtesy od patterned air. Tucked amid this musical tuck box are nine brief suites all daintily spun, an uncluttered affair comprised of repetitive motifs which with the aid of feathers, pine cones and other finds foraged from the woodland floor are   purposefully designed to give the listener a sense of both the visual and audio texture, feel and place of the subject matter.  Utilising an EMS VC53, a Revox B77, reel to reel tape player along with a host of found classroom instruments and objects CukoO crafts something wonderfully rustic, particular note should be made of the playful courtship beaming from ‘pine cones’ where the kooky cuckoo call chirps affectionately to the rasping lull of the pine cone rubs or as on ‘conkers’ where for once matters take a more animated phrasing by way of the autumnal mistiness that descends over the pops and cracks of a bonfire night gathering and the crackle of a fire dance. As with all patterned air releases, this omes pressed in a hand numbered 150 special edition that’s packed with inserts, miniature artwork cards, a feather all eye catchingly gathered and lovingly bow tied by a leather strip. Of course there’s your standard jewel case variant while those preferring something a tad bit more special can order your CD housed in a handmade canvas bag with drawstring to boot.  All in all a delightful sonic school trip for all ages.

Very brief interlude time, this is Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith in action, this is, I think I’m right in saying a demonstration video – something that’s been charming our listening space pretty much all evening – quite lovely amd mesmeric don’t you think – anyway we’ll be off at the weekend in search of her stuff – notaby a recent set called ‘ears’ for closer listening love – just thought I’d share that with you. As you were.

Touching on age old taboos such as the descending spiral into depression, loss and suicide, ‘colour tv’ is a sometimes frightening and fracturing up close and personal graphic portrayal of a lifes moment in confusion and crisis, much like the medium itself (fleeting snapshots of highs and lows) its an uneasy viewing wracked in hopelessness and a disturbed imagery. The first solo work of Jonny Cola, its been a while, now without his A Grades, this track / video marks the first fruits of an artistic multimedia collaboration between Jonny Cola and former A Grade-r Jez Leather called jukebox headaches – there’s promise of a surrealist black comedy hatching in the shape of ‘restricted vision’ later in the year. Musically ‘colour TV’ shows that Cola in the intervening years out of the spotlight hasn’t lost none of his enviable knack for the pulling of a stinging tear jerking sonic gem from out of the bag, oozed in his trademark glam graced tropes, elements of ‘aladdin sane’ era Bowie and Mott the Hoople flicker with monochromatic nostalgia rehoused as were, into Peter Gabriel’s ‘3’ for what starts frail and cautiously soon rises to symphonically soar sweeping you along in its bitter sweet emotional turbulence, typically epic and crushingly beautiful. 


<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/171829553″>Jonny Cola – &quot;Colour TV&quot;</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/jukeboxheadaches”>Jukebox Headaches</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p> 

From out of the ashes of Bracken records there came Fruits de Mer, from humble beginnings and the patronage of those keen eared souls scouting the undergrounds backwaters for happening sounds, the label has over the ensuing 8 years forged an enviable reputation that has seen it likened to the most cherished labels of a fading yesteryear – vertigo, brain, charisma et al, stubbornly vinyl from back in the days when most where still sniffy as to its image / practicality and selling point, the label has over time become something of a record collectors wet dream with strictly scarce variations heading out in all strange though attractively eye catching formats – tapes, flexis, box sets featuring test tubes, walkmans, misspressed vinyl colours, lathes, scarfs, buses, badges, postcards and the legendary subscribers freebies and festival goodie bags – have all served to heighten the reputation of this advancing cottage industry. Such is the publics fondness for the label there’s now a friends of the fish off shoot for bands frequenting into their sonic spectrum, a label endorced by Keith and Co yet run separately under its bigger siblings wing. And so after all these years, the label final reaches an acclaimed landmark – its 100th release. This celebrated 100th release is a bunting festooning family affair centred around Mega Dodo’s acclaimed the Honey Pot, it features a gathering of fruits de mer friends in party attendance – some of those here – Anton Barbeau, Nick Soloman, Judy Dyble, a few faces from July, the Pretty Things, the electric prunes all specially invited to hone their uniquely eccentric craft to the grooves of this very special double wax outing entitled ‘ascending scales’. In advance of this auspicious occasion, Fruits de Mer have issued an ultra limited two track preview CD that gives fair warning of the psychedelic potency to come, featuring Anton Barbeau on guest lead vocals, a cover of Dublin psychedelicists Orange Machine’s lost 1969 nugget ‘dr crippen’s waiting room’ – here adored in a sun peeling hazey drenching of kaleidoscopic showers and mind re-arranging wah wah swirls all possessed of a tripping English eccentricity upon which our ears do detect the frequenting of murmurs of Irma tonalities – always a good thing in our book. Over to the flip, a tripped out dose of dubbed up mind morphing magick eye mysticism courtesy of ‘time machine’, originally by Stray this mellowing visitation features Mr Saloman on lead guitar duties doing wonderfully tripped out mosaics in a Traffic psychedelic style.

Today would have been Trish Keenan’s birthday, the departure of the Broadcast visionary five years on still leaves a gaping void across the forward thinking underground sound landscape. To mark the occasion of what would have been her 48th birthday the bands website have put together another birthday tape in her honour……


last weekends Liverpool festival of psychedelia event was pretty much a Sonic Cathedral affair with various faces from the label’s esteemed catalogue popping up at every turn on a nearby stage, here’s the labels mind floating festival set…..advisory note – some listeners may never return to normality or for that matter reality – features a few forgotten sound alchemists – chiefly psychick warriors ov gaia, lfo, death in vegas and jesus jones – though if I were you I’d fast forward through the grooves with immediate effect to hear not waving – wow.


mentioned this a little while back somewhere here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/09/05/false-heads-5/ –  this is the blistering new rumble from the streets by agit groovers False Heads entitled ‘weigh in’ – a blister kissed slab of raging bad boogie shortly to ooze from the 25 hour convenience store imprint….

I heartily recommend that you don the head phones for this if only to experience the full sensory effect of its terraforming head trip, this folks, is the latest from Nadi Como of whom we have absolutely no info about except to say she resides in Los Angeles. ‘Aller me’ is a curiously detached affair, what first sounds like some darkly chilled early career template dragged into the light for a vault digging appraisal of Front 242 soon begins to manifest into something somewhat fractured and macabre to icily peer from the shadows of a Cobra Killer / Miss Kitten collective nightmare before unravelling and fraying into a wiring peak of psychosis disturbia.  https://nadicomo.bandcamp.com/track/aller-me

that said contrast that with this and what becomes apparent is a considerable and unerring talent with a thing for playing with your headspace and having your expectations firmly rooted on a teetering back dfoot, for ‘the travellers code’ is as seductive as ‘aller me’ is sinister. This utterly enchanting ghost light comes traced in a frail sepia scratched yearn trimmed in noir tonalities pressed upon an elegantly bruised and breathlessly quiet grand framing whose impacting emotional hit is kissed with a sultry spectral sophistication thats softly surrendering and irrefutably captivating. 


Another release that’s been busy burrowing deep into our psyche, this is ‘evolve’ by AF Siren taken from a forthcoming imminent third full length ‘mysterious people’ – a psychotronic sore thumb whose mutantly murmuring technoid tailoring comes from the distantly dark Cabaret Voltaire school of hypno grooving eeriness with an added summer recess spent doing a finishing class at Biosphere central, just adore its disconnected remote vibe which by our reckoning given the right kind of exposure might just find itself flattening the floors of the most in tune forward thinking club houses. https://soundcloud.com/afsirenmusic/evolve 

An interlude – having a bit of a Liverpool moment provoked or perhaps should I say prompted by being re-acquainted to Amsterdam’s ‘does this train stop on Merseyside’ – the song we believe, is going to be the subject of a Radio Merseyside documentary towards the end of the year. Its followed by Pete Wylie’s ‘heart as big as Liverpool’ and a BBC radio documentary about the legendary Eric’s…while just to keep things a little contemporary, just down the road, a little way outside the Liverpool influence, radio Lancashire’s superb ‘on the wire’ show hosted by Steve Barker might well fill the gap left by the sadly absent ‘mixing it’ on radio 3 in terms of eclectisim and strange sounds, this show featuring familiar folk caverns of anti matter,  ashtray navigations and much, much more….


I’m feeling that you fancy some head warping hairy psychedelia, so with that in mind let us introduce you tto the latest happening thang flying out of the hallowed 20th birthday celebrating turf of the mighty bad afro imprint. So let’s get the getting to know you gubbins out of the way – viewers – Narcosatanicos, Narcosatanicos – viewers – ‘vile’ be the name of this howling stoned out bad juju juggernaut, a wiring cauldron of cacophonous arabesque cool gouged by a mind frying skin peeling grooving lost in the hallucinogenic fog of an unhioly 60’s occultist ceremony, all at once brutal and about you like a contagion up close and uncomfortably personal, comes ripped from a new full length ‘body cults’ destined for bad things this November.

Due for release as November falls via fish people, something that promises to be an audio phonic delight, a mammoth set spread across three CD’s and four wax discs featuring a live recording of Kate Bush from her acclaimed award winning residency at London’s Hammersmith Apollo in 2014. ‘before the dawn’ provides a very special sonic document of an eclectic artist who many have been compared but none have neither matched let alone bettered. Across five decades, Ms Bush has enchanted, allured, bewitched and held the chasing pack beneath her spell. Not one to follow the pop parade, Bush has crafted a hermetically sealed creative world whose seamless palette has been drawn from a tailored spectrum of disciplines that extend beyond music and into the choreographic flight of dance, drama, literature, nature and the frailty of mankind, upon this intimate canvas are weaved fleetingly revealing moments of her personality. This live document, as said spread across 3 cd’s and 4 slabs of vinyl, centres around both the monumental suites ‘the ninth wave’ and ‘a sky of honey’ – a teaser taster of ‘prologue’ – taken from the latter is featured here. The album was mixed and produced by Ms Bush herself with no added overdubs or re-recordings. http://katebush.com/news/kate-release-live-album-dawn 

Scheduled to crash land on a passing comet, Rosetta’s 14-year space mission comes to a close early tomorrow morning (GMT). The craft along with its partner Philae set out in 2004, its mission statement to study comets and in so doing achieve a greater understanding as to the origins of the universe. Its mission now complete, to mark its achievement and act, somewhat as a memorial, Vangelis was invited to write a score marking its legend. A double album set, ‘rosetta’ is Vangelis’ homage to this feat of mankinds desire for knowledge, as it hints on the tin ‘rosetta’s waltz’ is a lushly toned and captivating symphonic Wurlitzer, a lonesome orbital serenading a courtship between rosetta and comet 67p, a majestic, a panoramic and just a tad, tearfully touching finale.


Promised to grab the sound links for this little nugget earlier in the week, the forthcoming happening from the much loved cae gwyn imprint – this ‘cloudy leftovers’ by palenco a mention of which you can mooch over whilst you listen by hooking up to here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/09/25/palenco/ and here https://soundcloud.com/recordiaucaegwynrecords/palenco-cloudy-leftovers

Plenty of Akiha Den Den creepiness over the weekend with the appearance on our eerie earphones of the second instalmemnt of their vintage haunting radio play, however for those subscribing to this terrorphonic creative project spearheaded by Neil Cargill and Simon James get the opportunity to receive additional ‘easter eggs’ in the form of clues, script reveals, additional narratives and like this, stand alone musical sequences prepared by Mr James and featured in the broadcasts. ‘there are others’ initially aired in episode 1 of this fortnightly transmission is, an as were, ghost light emerging from a monochrome TV set, a gorgeous magic lantern mosaic graced in the celestial pastorals of a youthful fortdax and somewhat reconfigure and fused by mesmeric murmur tones by palace of swords. https://soundcloud.com/user-872475453/bonus-ost-there-are-others

Alas no pledge option to have the Gedge and his Wedding Present compatriots come around to your gaff for a cup of tea and a slice of cake followed by a live rendition of the album from a room of your choice, we have a small space under the stairs that we are busy redecorating on the off chance. This December, via hatch records, sees the release of ‘marc riley sessions – volume 1’ – a gathering of three BBC sessions – 2008, 2009 and 2010 – in case your taking notes, all pressed upon vinyl and CD and all echoing in the finest tradition of Peel and Selwood’s ‘strange fruit’ collection. These sets recorded for the award winning onetime one half of the finest double act to appear on radio since FM and the station jumping transistor dial – see the Radio 5 now BBC6 music classic tomfoolery and quality sound resource Hit the North and the anarchic radio 1 aired while everyone was in bed Graveyard Shift with Mark Radcliffe, feature a host of nuggets such as a cover version of ‘cheers’, ‘everyone thinks he looks daft’, ‘brassneck’ and the quite literally jaw flooring ‘heather’. The latter featured below belying that classic Gedge trait for the craft of cobbling succinctly the stinging, the emotional paralysis and the open sores of relationship break ups  http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/marc-riley-sessions-volume-1


here’s a neat little curio rescued from the vaults of time, originally appearing in 2006 whereupon it found itself tucked upon a very limited – 35 only – cassette entitled ‘Christmas ragas’ – this is ‘winds and strings from the golden crescent’ by Velerio Cosi, a mammoth 26-minute transcendental head trip rathermore perhaps a hullucinogenic hymnal swooned in snake charming mystic mosaics trimmed in the ways of far east elders hitherto ghosted in a primitive craft, its smoking bliss kissed serene all at once smothers, smoulders and soothes, its tripping wooziness a passage to a beyond where the trivialities of modern day life are replaced by a peaceful inward realignment of the spiritual consciousness, reference wise – for admirers of Ariel Kalma and the more out there moments from the esteemed boring machines back catalogue. https://valeriocosi.bandcamp.com/album/winds-strings-from-the-golden-crescent

before we get to more pressing matters later in the week, that being a review of John 3:16’s currently available collaboration with Mark Harris for little crack’d rabbits, this is another pairing currently doing the rounds. ‘am I nobody’ finds him sharing soundspace with I. symptom, a beautifully hollowing mysterio whose ghostly intimacy is biiter sweetly fractured upon the age iold question of purpose and importance in terms of our individual role in the grander scheme of life, the universe and everything as well as the residual memories we leave when we pass on. Indeed a morosely grim subject to swallow but done with such affecting measure not to mention, served with such fragile cosmic allure as to find it sonically setting its stall in alignment upon the outer edges of the more sparsely toned and reflective spectrums of Edward Ka-Spel’s extensive back catalogue whereupon it comes fused to the mercurial palette of a youthfully enquiring Porcupine Tree mindset.

Call it laziness in trying to fill in these blog spaces, but I just wanted to give you a heads up as to some killer groove heading this way shortly from out of the Club AC30 shimmer toned sound house. Of course we mentioned this weeks ago adored it then and as it happens still do. Anyhow enough waffle for this is Is Bliss who are about to enter dream pop orbit – ETA November – with a rather dandy sounding 12 inch debut – on blue swirly clear wax – as though you needed further prods – entitled ‘velvet dreams’ – links, soundclouds and earlier mentions here – http://store.clubac30.com/products/578686-is-bliss-velvet-dreams and http://store.clubac30.com/products/578686-is-bliss-velvet-dreams

Strictly limited to just 50 copies and heading out of Makina books, a rather special though strangely disquieting oddity from Middex. With a brace of classic outings for Polytechnic Youth under the belt, this latest – a two track C10 cassette accompanied by a 48-page saddle stitched booklet, finds these chill wave obliquers stripping away their trademark stark dystopian groove for something (‘invasion softener’) that’s immersed in the kind of micro sonic spheres of roadside picnic by way of the utilising and fusing of found narratives and the ice formed ominous layering of monochromed radiophonic manipulations which all coalesce to give it a decidedly old worldly vintage sci-fi terrorphonia not unlike, if truth be told, mount Vernon arts lab / quatermass. Similarly toned in detachment is ‘shattered by the night’ whose minimalist dub etchings and sense of disconnection might well have some of you reaching for your prized copies of Southall Riot and Ansuz Linasa’s ‘sunhead’ collaboration for curious comparison.    




much like the rural isolation and locational remoteness presiding over classic Hammer brit folk horrors of the early 70’s and the terrestrial TV terrorphonia of the day that brought to the home of a nuclear family living beneath the expectant shadow of the space age the likes of Timeslip and an earthbound Pertwee Dr Who, the Akiha Den Den radio play collective occupy and delight in a strangely vintage old school sinister chill to their story telling portrayal. Its an eerie space broadcasting from out of the crackle and hiss of transistor static from an age before the internet became the opiate of the masses dulling our senses and awareness, a time of cold war paranoia where folklore, magick and the ways of the old and custom still cast looming shadows upon societal beliefs. Written by Neil Cargill with music composed by Simon James, Episode 2 of this fortnightly transmission – ‘who’s with you?’ further blurs the lines between dream and reality, dimensional breaches rupture with threatening consequences, lost souls reaching out, the mystery deepening amid the spiral of stories within stories, its all very Nigel Kneale / Ray Bradbury.  https://soundcloud.com/user-872475453/akiha-denden-s01-ep-02-master-new

latest from the Orange Kyte in their year long monthly singles extravaganza shows no sign of taking its foot of the creative gas with ‘elasticity’ arriving cooly kissed in the deeply alluring hazy glaze of summery 60’s fringe flopping shade wearing soft psychedelia whose smoking shimmer toning swing, strut and swoon devilishly draws the invisible dots between a dream dazed era clock strikes 13 and the autumn leaves with lauded shoegaze space cadets presents for sally.


Everythings gone mysteriously silent in the Cardiacs camp, news reached us a while back that plans where afoot to release the lost second album by the Sea Nymphs – words of celebration and swooning alike are to found here  https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/08/16/the-sea-nymphs/ – so while we set to concocting a rather wordy and enquiring missive to their press folk here’s their forgotten Peel Session in full – eighteen years on and it still sounds ‘otherly’ and unlike anything then, now or tomorrow. Enjoy……

It’s been a fair old time since we had any time released sound groove with which to adore our sound space with, new thing from K’an entitled ‘babel’ out in October is currently on preview, beautifully distressed in hazes of distortion, the murmuring chorals and celestial chimes melding to gather in white hot intensity, momentarily emerging in ecliptical view before silently and bitter sweetly falling gently out of earshot.  https://soundcloud.com/time-released-sound/kan-babel-vessel-phoneme?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook

More returning strays, here’s something of a strange curio which I must admit caught us on the hop, the Inconsistent Jukebox featuring Lola Demo with a cover of a Queen yesteryear hit ‘I want to break free’. This just smokes, removed of the fanfaring bluster and pomp of the original, a more contemplative phrasing is set upon giving it a more tender intimacy, draped in smouldering tones of chamber noir all twinkle trimmed in a sepia framing succulently bedded upon dreamy down tempo caress and that vocal, what can I say, sitting somewhere between a Nina Simone / Nico hybrid fronting the Shortwave Set. https://soundcloud.com/barry_snaith/i-want-to-break-free-pop-version  

A tad disappointed to open up a CD we picked up off the counter at Probe only to get home and discovered it contained no CD and just a cardboard stiffener, now most right minded folk would be a tad miffed even despite getting it as a freebie, us lot though are more forgiving souls and with this in mind went trying to track the blighters down online. Anyhow the CD is by Has a Shadow – its called ‘hollow curve and rareties’ – which thus far we’ve been unable to locate, that said we did turn up the ‘hollow curve’ single via their band camp page and a killer thing it is to. Hailing from Mexico these dream dazed dudes appear adept in the art of crafting bitter sweetly hollowed dust ravaged atmospherics, that is if ‘hollow curve’ is anything to judge by, the missing link between the Church and Grails, this forlorn prowler ghost rides the kind of spectral contouring that was once the trademark bruising of a youthful Cure, quietly majestic and hitherto crushing. The flip is no slouch either for ‘some kind of animal’ comes haloed in the kind of bliss driven swooning strut that imagines a secret studio gathering of youthful Wilde Club signings the Catherine Wheel and Moose tripping out fringe frazzling dream pop kaleodoscopia. https://hasashadow.bandcamp.com/album/hollow-curve

Newly posted latest offering from Tomorrow Syndicate who are primed shortly for a vinyl debut on the ultra hip Polytechnic Youth imprint. Before that and now though, this here is ‘dreamscape’ a mellowing kosmiche murmur tone emerging from the sunny side of a La Dusseldorf shadow on an uber chilled cruise controlled setting sending back love note transmissions from a tomorrow too come whilst wired upon a blissfully affectionate aural astral lying dead centre at the converging point whereupon working for a nuclear free city and astronaut cross.

Somewhere about our person we’ve a promo cd of this along with all the press gubbins which in typical fashion we’ve managed to momentarily misplace. So while we get ourselves up from sitting on our hands and pulling faces, here’s a teaser track from a new thing from super cool mega dodo imprint. This is the orange drop with a cut pulled from their – I’m assuming debut – forthcoming full length, this babe snakes and prowls with the kind of wow factored garage blues swooning authentically fashioned as though a forgotten 60’s misfit that howls and hollers from the blind side of the jim jones revue albeit with a side serving of arrowe hill tasting for good measure. https://soundcloud.com/mega-dodo/the-orange-drop-if-you-feel-it?in=mega-dodo%2Fsets%2Fthe-orange-drop-stoned-in-love%2Fs-53a54&utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook

Quite a gorgeous thing, the latest heading out of battle worldwide recordings, this is another from the adorable co-pilgrim, a track taken from their full length ‘slows to go’ this being the sunshiney radiant ‘wave in the siddy’ – what can we say – upon us like a rash, those harmonies, the bliss toned west coast phrasings, the 70’s styled sun kissed MOR motifs and its overall affectionate feel good vibe – all irresistibly shoehorned into just over two minutes of pristine turned smoulder toned effervescent pop, perfect for those much admiring of say – the sunshine fix, beachwood sparks and Ashley parks.

Mentioned in passing a few weeks ago, this is the latest eye catching slice of ear candy from the shyly formed handstitched sound house. We say eye catching mainly for the fact that aside being in a strictly limited pressing of just 50 hand numbered copies, it arrives beautifully pressed inside a little ‘hanstitched’ hard card booklet replete with obi strip and a handstitched ‘seal of approval’ calling card. Really is the daintiest thing – upon the 3-inch CD entitled ‘guilloche’ the minimalist kosmiche tones of VDU – six tracks in all that somewhat find Noel Murphy – for it is he who is VDU as were, sending home melodic communiques from a yesterday age across the cosmic terrains from a distant galactic outpost, that is once the introductory transmission twiddling binary glitch and hiss of ‘1’ locates its intended dial setting. Not unlike a prime era Expanding outing, ‘Guilloche’ is wonderfully remote and reflective, intricately crafted both poised and yearning, this star dazed suite arrives indelibly adored in a silver age kosmiche aura, its simplicity and playful warmth at times calling to mind both a youthful ISAN and Plone. Cut from the stuff that holds the heavenly night lights in place, there’s an underlying bitter sweet forlorn attaching throughout ‘guilloch’ (as though these are lost echoes or more so the final call sign of a fading long since departed moment), that lingers throughout, its something deeply felt on ‘3’ whose bruised and cavernous frosty opines serve as an epitaph of sorts to a memory frozen in time. Somewhere else both ‘2’ and ‘5’ operate from an era rooted deep in the electronic sound legacy, the former a moon dusted pre German school cosmic fantasia daubed in star gazing futureworld overtures whilst the latter clearly murmured in motorik mosaics is possessed of a spirit that nods ever so affectionately to Cluster, Klaus schulze et al albeit as though rephrased through the technoid prism of the Boltfish set. For us though personally, unable to put a rizla paper between them in determining our favourite moment, the stealth like levianthanic ‘4’ is a hulking softly slow brooding dark heart swathed in deeply alluring though hitherto chill toned oceanic pulsar waves while the strangely playful ‘6’ – a curiously intricate shapeshifting beauty of a sepia framed vintage kosmiche comprised of warping barrel organs, frosted symphonias and artificial intelligence dream pop. Essential in case you hadn’t quite gathered yet. https://handstitched.bandcamp.com/album/guilloch

Sometimes a track comes along, it’s a rare event, that immediately puts you on the back foot, you like it but you can’t put your finger on exactly why, you imagine you hear its sonic references yet closer listens throw up nothing that’s considered defined and certain. Of course both Knife and mum are the guiding lights to this beautifully cosmic drone dream from Solilians – and yet then they are not. A description by their press folk as an imagining of ‘Stereolab slowed down to the Stars of the Lid’ only serves to add to the fracturing sonic alchemy that these tripping space cadets manage to both creatively confuse and caress. Ripped from a forthcoming full length for goodbye better records entitled ‘shin’, this is ‘hine ma tov’ – a playfully crooked minimalist murmur, a fog bound mysterio, a hymnal siren call visitation emerging from some would be Icelandic magic land draped dreamily in trip hopped mystic vibes that adore all in a transcendental calm, all at once wayward, way out and wonderfully woozy.  https://soundcloud.com/solilians/hine-ma-tov-merc-yes-mix-wav/s-5lwGy?in=solilians/sets/shin/s-jRzfM 

Well I’ll be honest in saying, I wasn’t quite expecting this when an email popped up in the in box fanfaring new groove from the esteemed elefant records. Lush, dreamy, pristinely pastoral and utterly romantically spell binding, this is a taster from a forthcoming set entitled ‘love is enough’ by Lia Pamina called ‘walking away’. As the press releaae rightly points out, ‘walking away’ dreams its way through a prettified path daintily seasoned in French chanson bouquets, this beautifully frail and fragile shyly arresting love charm swoons and seduces all the time dinked and dimpled to the soothing caress of hushed harpsichords and cooing woodcrafted florals, by our reckoning this might just prove to be an outing every bit as special, enchanting and magically crafted as that hitherto legendary debut from Ana D all those years ago.


Another of those – how did we miss this mysteries – this haunting psych folk mystic is by Silver Servants from a second language release from last year, something that’s sure to turn the heads – if it hasn’t already done so it, of those terrascopic loving folk among you….

Latest, one of many in truth – we must get them to mail us a definite release schedule – from the adored hidden shoal imprint. Scarcely a dry eye or a glum face in the gaff by the time this completed its visitation cycle, a perfect ‘before everyone gets up’ moment of sweet solitude. This is from a debut EP by duo glanko and daniel bailey, a track by the name ‘adiaphora’ – a beautifully set shy eyed lovely offering a masterclass in the use of space, poise and timing, a frail and fragile ghost light whose hypnotic lull comes teasingly shimmered in a sparse sleepy headed detailing that softly unfurls, stretches and thaws into fully formed view with demurring desire. One for the kranky old guard.  https://soundcloud.com/hidden_shoal/glanko-and-daniel-bailey-adiaphora

Well be honest, it was never going to be anything if it wasn’t magical. As the bite of Autumn threatens to snap the summers extended residency, Grey Malkin welcomes in the hibernatory season with a most alluring mix tape that transports you to lands of enchantment thought only existing in legend and folklore, a secret place of heraldry, mystery and wizardry, a wonderful sonic alchemy of lush symphonia, fantasia orchestrations and floral folk follies. Among this treasure trove harvesting a few discoveries have been noted for further investigation not least Anita Lane and Anna von Hausswolff while Lubos Fiser’s whose score for ‘the Valerie and her week of wonders’ I must have admit never previous having heard though based on the evidence of the gloriously baroque sounding ‘the magic yard’ you can be rest assured its firmly on the listening list now. Add in some familiar faces – mellow candle, mary Hopkin, coil, the frankly immaculate Walker Brothers, the legendary pink dots, goblin – incidentally with the superb ‘suspiria’, fairport convention, George auric and the must hear ‘do you choose to forget’ by Charles vaughan and you have a most tantalising aural accompiement for your autumnal adventure.  https://www.mixcloud.com/SantaSangreMagazine/grey-malkin-mix-for-santa-sangre/

5.30am this morning, our listening started in demurring fashion with the appearance of this on our sound player. You’ll have to forgive me as we pulled it from a facebook posting and then erroneously forgot to make a note of who exactly is putting it out – in fact tell a lie its yes no wave music. Anyhow this is utterly enchanting and free spirited, haven’t a clue what genre you’d file it under – perhaps Simon Reynolds has already given it a name, what you do need to know though is that this will listening time well rewarded. By Dialita this is ‘taman bunga plantungan’ a track taken from a free to download album entitled ‘Dunia Milik Kita’ – a rather wonderful folk choral daubed in south seas mosaics and lushly dinked in pastoral cascades all liltingly lightly toned and dazed in joyfully feel good expression, reference wise a bit like Polyphonic Spree and Circulus forging alliances and relocating to some tropical hideaway.  https://soundcloud.com/yesnowave/sets/dialita-dunia-milik-kita?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook

Incoming on editions mego – we really must try to sneak ourselves onto their mailing list – this is Sendai with a superb slice of binary bleep bop entitled ‘porter swiss’ culled and sent ahead on scouting duties from a far larger double wax exploration in sound called ‘ground and figure’ – just love the way the little glitch cut ups ricochet restlessly colliding and terraforming the space they impishly inhabit, the sounds both intricate and abstract distractively dart with erratic rhythmic consequence all the time zig zagging impatiently to create a strangely remote yet hypnotic isolationist sound world. One we suspect ripe for adoration of those Wagon Christ and tigerbeat6 lovers among you. https://soundcloud.com/editionsmego/sendai-porter-swiss-emego-232

As the nights draw in and summer finally bows to its hibernatory nap, the deathly grip of winter doth approach. With the onset of October – the ‘darker half’ of the year begins in the Northern Hemisphere, the end of the harvest season upon whose fall is marked ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ and the Festival of Samhain. To celebrate these pagan festivities Melmoth the Wanderer has summoned forth from the wilderness ‘wand’rin (but not lost) on All Hallow’s Eve’ to descend upon the land and usher forth its eerie enchantment, a musical magicalia of lost souls, caught dreams, night frights, unexplained sounds and ghostly occurances. Peering from the nocturnal mists of a chilling witching hour this unsettling recital cries and coos to weave a disorientating disquiet, spectral sirens call with fatale seduction to rub alongside visitations from dimensional breaches, the gathered players within include broadcast, the belbury poly and the focus group and more all here to conspire an oddly coalescing mix of creeping dread and dreamlike enchantment. https://www.mixcloud.com/Melmoth_The_Wanderer/wandering-but-not-lost-on-all-hallows-eve/ 

Must admit to loving the stripped back detuned candy pop vibes emanating from this new thing by Menace Beach entitled ‘maybe we’ll drown’. From a January pencilled for release full length ‘lemon memory’ through Memphis industries, ‘maybe we’ll drown’ is a strangely attractive sore thumb which you’d imagine in anyone elses hands probably wouldn’t work in so much as the chemical reaction between the cutesy cute morosely effervescent vocals twinkle toeing atop a strangely fragmenting and slavish matter of fact 60’s velveteen riffing that needles away with sparse spidery delight at moments fraying into art pop acuteness a la ‘the lodger’. Nuff said.

Is it really too late, or for that matter too early, to start making resolutions. I only ask because several times in the last twenty-four hours we’ve found ourselves bunny hopping on to sound excerpts tripped over on various faceboook postings which has all proven very distractive, especially since what you should be reading right now are reviews for Slows, Henri Herbert and Entrance – oops that’s let the cat out of the bag – ah well. Anyway this is Ocadium with a track pulled from a new set ‘time and space’ this being er – ‘time and space I’, a wonderfully chilled moment of cosmic drone wooziness which as it happens had us much recalling of Barry Gray’s end credits for Gerry / Sylvia Anderson’s ‘UFO’ TV series from the early 70’s in so much as signifying a sense of the eerie unknown, add to that mix its trance like tonalities and void like isolation and a chilling listening experienceis in prospect.  https://rotafrangitur.bandcamp.com/album/time-and-space

The first sonic utterings from a secretive shadowy collective known only as the Mortlake Book Club. A gathering of musical scholars attending fire side discussions in smoke filled dusty halls of residence, amid the gothic settings and to the echo of centuries of learning, they sit in amicable conversation, between the passing of musical notations they swap stories and theories to the backdropping crackling chorus of a roaring open fire. The mystery and legend of the mortlake book club is suffused by a timeless thirst for knowledge and enlightenment, there are those who say it’s founding principles were the preserve and protection of John Dee’s collection of written works, a library sourced from the disciplines of science, literature, magick and the occult. The aptly titled ‘exquisite corpse’ their first known revealed recital, is a collective gameplay based on a surrealist technique where players add parts to a said text / image et al none seeing the full work till its completion. Ghosted by a soothing monastic calm, ‘exquisite corpse’ is a thing of tear stained elegance, its eerie portence shimmered in a beautifully bleak casting whereupon walk the spirits of centuries passed released, this haunted and hollowed majestic symphonia mourns, bows and prays to the lost all the time genteely caressed by the arcing sway of tortured arpeggios and souring string genuflects. In short its emotionally withering yet adoringly affectionate.  

Currently doing bad things on our turntable, here’s the hairy freakbeat groove of Datura4’s ‘fools gold rush’ who fuzzily heaving wah wah woozy psych tapestry arrives kissed with a hazy vintage that’s smoked in blue oyster cult colourings fused with elements of the bad afro crew and latter day kaleidoscopic kids the wicked whispers…..

Sabbathian voodoo groove of the blackest kind, this is Crystal Fairy –  a supergroup of sorts comprised of members of the Melvins, at the drive and la butcherettes – with their debuting platter ‘drugs on a bus’ – this bad boy coming pressed on limited 7 inch formats ahead of a cranium crunching self titled full length due early next year via ipecac. A thunderously locked grooved slab of mind expanding freakishness replete with grizzled gouged serrating riffola and a vocal not unlike, it has to be said, Rush bloke Geddy Lee singing for his supper as the fires of hell threaten to charcoal his backside or at least something quite similar.

Several new things about to descend from the beloved bureau b sound factory, first of which being a set from Adelbert Von Doyenentitled ‘sternzelt’ – alas only snippets for now, this release originally emerged way back in 1978 via the legendary Sky imprint, listening all these years on it still sounds very much ahead of the curve, a masterclass in minimalist sustain the first part of which sounding not unlike some sea front somewhat hermetically sealed in a bubble and left to orbit side B of Jean Michel Jarre’s ‘Oxygene’ with the second half surveying the hypno grooved kosmiche psychedelics of Sonic Boom’s EAR explorations. https://soundcloud.com/bureau-1/adelbert-von-deyen-sternzeit-snippets-out-oct-7-2106

the sixth instalment of Bureau B’s hugely acclaimed ‘kollektion’ series sees John McEntire rummaging through the archives selecting lost moments and familiar favourites in what is essentially a homage to the unsung electronic visionaries Cluster. https://soundcloud.com/bureau-1/cluster-compiled-by-john-mcentire-kollektion-6-snippets-out-nov-25-2016

second instalment of bureau b’s forward thinking collaborative series ‘con-struct’ finds Schneider TM invited to sample the vast archive of sound finds left by the late Conrad Schnitzler – again only snippets yet a musical expression viewed through the prism of worlds more readily occupied at one time by the likes of Tristram Cary and the Barron’s – Louis and Bebe, its all remote, isolated logick sonics – strangely eerie yet rather than being somewhat future telling all rathermore peaking inwardly into the vast dream pools of the sub sconsciousness. https://soundcloud.com/bureau-1/schnitzlerschneider-tm-con-struct-snippets

finally, for now at least, all things being well schedule wise, there’ll be a fuller mention of this over the weekend or just a little thereafter. If I’m being honest the latest from Automat has been smoking our turntable since appearing in ear view these last few days. ‘OstWest’ presents a more rounded, smoother, slicker and sophisticated side to the Automat persona. Still bathed in the familiar tropes of their previous brace of full lengths – 2014’s self titled debut and last years quite remarkable ‘plusminus’ – there’s a more coolly coalesced nocturnal vibe prowling throughout rhythmically smooth visitation. https://soundcloud.com/bureau-1/sets/automat-ostwest-album-snippets

just ahead of the transmission of the third episode of the radio drama ‘Akiha den den’ here’s your second tasting of the bonus themes that come part of the fully subscribed series package, this one introducing the all seeing mysterious entity that is Silph, a seer of sorts, one of many of the strange who pass through the dimensional fractures into our reality from the macabre fair ground. Composed by Simon James, this character theme draws similarities to the soundscapes employed on the Jon Pertwee era Dr Who, those same gloopy motifs and curiously eerie dreamscapes that scared TV children of a certain vintage and announced the arrival of the shows ‘foe’. https://soundcloud.com/user-872475453/bonus-ost-silph   

fancy a moment gathering your thoughts in sweet solitude perchance to reflect and chill away the labours of the day, then may we turn your listening ear in the general direction of a sweetly mellowing mix tape cobbled together by the pattern forms crew for the esteemed ghost box corporation. A most alluring astral trip into the starry beyond all delicately dimpled and coloured by way of bucolic braids and pastoral posies into a prettified lunar lounge palette. Many here gathered thus far have managed to escape our listening gaze, Joel Vandroogenbroeck particularly catching our ear courtesy of the wonderfully airless orbital serenade ‘spaceline’ as well as Sam Sklair’s drifting demur ‘photosynthesis’. Elsewhere silver age electronic echoes adore at the passing into view of Christian Chevaliar’s woozy ‘royal place in Brussels’ while the lush oceanic orchestrations of Steve Gray’s ‘billowing sails’ are prepped for swooning, in fact there’s so much here we’d love to mention all in their own right but time does press on, best moment for us though is James Asher’s ‘shutter speed’ – a lilting slice of playful 70’s kosmiche which ought to appeal first hand to admirers of midwich youth club.  https://www.mixcloud.com/GhostBox/programme-16-the-pattern-forms-mix/

new limited cassette set via spun out of control, this is orgasmo sonore with ‘post apocalyptic’ a track taken from his ‘themes international – the lost tapes’ collection, a coolly grooved locked motorik motifed slab of floor buzzing retro library loveliness which by these ears appears to be picking up elements of a Zonbi-esque 70’s vintage.  https://soundcloud.com/spunoutofcontrol/orgasmo-sonore-themes-international-the-lost-tapes-post-apocalyptic

staying with spun out of controls and again another strictly limited to 100 cassette only affair, this be the smoking nocturnal ‘pursue’ from a set by Bryce Miller by the name ‘city depths’ – very slick and smouldered as though a grainy 80’s spy noir traced in elements of both Carpenter and Budd yet moulded in the likeness of Gnac. https://soundcloud.com/spunoutofcontrol/bryce-miller-city-depths-pursue

more cassettes, more limited pressings of 100 from a label previously unknown to us – kit records – ‘atelier / ferme’ by Poirier marshall partners is a collaborative sonic study cobbled together by the joining of minds between object agency and swim platform – this affectionate if somewhat gloopy cutie going goes by the name ‘atelier4’ – in short the kind of sound one might imagine emanating from a would be studio meeting of Yellow Magic Orchestra and ISAN types, all adorably affectionate, sleepy headed, orientally tweaked and above all quite kooky.  https://soundcloud.com/kitrecords/poirier-marshall-partners-stras4-kr20

kit records are also responsible for the quite wonderfully wonky Cosmic Neighbourhood release ‘collages II’ – from which on preview comes ‘elf house’ – a beautifully bonkers and fried cut n’ paste sticky back plastered pop paper mache cutie which many long term admirers of the more out-there kooky sonic experimentalists on the bearsuit records fringe of sound will absolutely adore – in short a gorgeously gloopy and frazzled fisher price re-enactment of radiophonic kosmiche viewed through the creatively cracked eye of 70’s TV art craft boffins Vision On.  https://soundcloud.com/kitrecords/cosmic-neighbourhood-elf-house-kr21 

dipping somewhere between prime era Portishead and the Sneaker Pimps, its feet irrefutably planted in a mid 90’s clubland clouded and caressed in slick sepia framed noir, this is recent / forthcoming inconsistent jukebox collaborator lola demo softly purring her way through a silken toned shadowy down tempo beauty entitled ‘frozen’ whose nocturnal allure magnetically grace falls and demurs to an as were Nico-esque sojourn in Bristol. That said further listening is advised, not least a suggestion that you turn your listening ear in the direction of the frankly haunting enchantment that is ‘fire in the head’ – stilled in quiet elegance, this Nico referencing ghost light walks as were, between the aural fracture lines that separate Fever Ray and the rich allure of the Hare and the Moon.

Apologies to Constellation Tatsu who’ve suffered the indignant fate of being overlooked of late, it happens, oodles of emails, messages and musical downloads not to mention our filing system or should I say lack of, threatening to rewrite the chaos theory. Anyhow grumbles and excuses out of the way, we’ve fired off missives in the hope of securing downloads of their current batch of lovelies though not before briefly mentioning this little gem. Appearing on vinyl as opposed to the usual trademark limited cassette variation, ‘terelan canyon’ is a collaborative encounter gathering together the talents of harpist Mary Latimore and koto player Maxwell August Croy, it’s a mellowing affair whose dream like apparition visitation as viewed on opening track ‘caroline’ is both poised and ghostly not to mention enchanting in so much as the marriage of musical expression that each player endows and adds upon the other, its romantic gesturing and touch delicate deftness is exquisite, the flow breathless airy, the effect demurred tenderly in the kind of frosted and fragile neo classicism that subscribers to the sub labels spiralling the Fat Cat sound house will do well to seek out at your earliest convenience. http://www.ctatsu.com/portfolio/terelan-canyon/ 

Been a while but Silber have just recently announced their 5 in 5 winter catalogue the first of which finds psyche pop peculiar Azalia Snail joining the esteemed roster. For those previously unaware for the 5 in 5 series each artist / band are given the brief remit to cobble together 5 short sound-scapes, each to last just a minute each. Those familiar with Azalia Snail will no doubt be happy to learn that her trademark kookiness and wayward sonic persona are all present and standing to peak perfect attention. ‘dream dazzler’ is a clockworking curiosity of toy keyboards and fisher price instruments sourced, one would imagine from thrift stores and flea markets, all psychedelic carousels and radiophonic lullabies each of the quintet seemingly possessing their own unique personality so that ‘dream dazzler return’ has the kind a glitch scratched funkiness you’d readily have expected to fall out of the frank and wobbly sons sound house while ‘dream dazzler 78’ has something of the Delia’s – tomorrow people’ era – about it, ‘exit’ emerging blinking from a mid 90’s techno flashback, ‘dance baby’ a schizoid toy march much reminiscent of Whizz Kid leaving our favourite ‘deep’ to be ached in an ice sculptured intimate ache.  https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/dream-dazzler

Next up in Silber’s current 5 in 5 batch, the ominously brooding approach of Cloaca with ‘almsgiver’. Perhaps best filed as doom drone, there’s certainly a degree of icy edginess attaching to these sonic signatures of portent to suggest that when they emerge into view that any vestiges of light are sucked dry into their apocalyptic shadow, sustain is the prime mover here for these hulking levianthans are cut and carved as primordial pulsars heralding an end of days disquieting chill, not I should add, for the faint of heart. https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/almsgiver

Staying with Silber’s 5 in 5 series, Koyl serve up ‘fingerprints’ – perhaps of all the releases from this recent batch, this is one that manages to shoehorn the most ideas and musical phrasings. Each track apparently dedicated to a finger on the hand with the rather trippy dust plains spiritual ‘versus’ opening up proceedings and gently freefalling into ‘pulling the trigger’ which unless my ears do deceive sumptuously navigates terrains previously occupied by Grails. Best moment without doubt, the angelic and dare I say beautifully eerie ‘flipping the bird’ whose bitter sweet repose somehow manages to capture, step and fill the finite fault line existing between Ennio Morricone and John Barry. ‘la corde au cou’ tenses the mood a smidgeon sounding as though its stepped straight from a classic 70’s horror giallo before the flighty and decidedly binary funk struck ‘yubitsime’ sweetly orbits its way to the finishing line beneath the vapour trailing shadow of boards of Canada. https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/fingerprints

Finally, for now that is, via Silber, Premature Burial serve up ‘factions’ and into the bargain grace your listening space in disorientating fractures of shadow framed eeriness that veer from Front 242 meets 1919 industrial groovings (as found on ‘compromise’ and ‘action’ – the latter named as though rephrased through the sonic viewfinder of UK Decay) to haunting slice of sleepless disturbia as on ‘inaction’. All said for us it’s the parting shot ‘divide’ that provides the sets best moment – a celestial occurrence shimmer toned in sun scorched dream hazes. https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/factions

 Emerging from out of the opa loka imprint, emerging being being the operative description, this is the debut full length ‘lumbar fist’ from Richard van Kruysdijk here hiding beneath his Cut Worms alter ego, safe to say an album that both haunts and seduces in equal measures and something that is irrefutably slow to burn. For now, time limitations perilously pressing on, we’ve honed in on two cuts from the serene daubed cinematic opus – ‘séance drop’ and ‘crabby plasma’. Recommended for head phonic listening, both these glacial murmurrings are meticulously woven from out of a sparse starting point, evolving and revolving delicately assuming mass, depth and definition the former mentioned particularly dream weaved into a porcelain shimmering hypno-grooved orbital softly opining transmissions from a far flung galactic out post. ‘xrabby plasma’ is made of darker things, possessed of hulking pulsar waves, these glowing dream machine mesmerics whirr and woo much like the pulsing rays emitted by a resting UFO from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s 70’s TV series of the same name.  http://cutworms1.bandcamp.com/album/lumbar-fist 

Time for a little light relief, a curio high on our wants list is a particularly kooky CD being put out by Croydon Municipal, its name ‘and this is me’. As said a kooky curio that gathers together some 24 tracks recorded and released at some distant point in the past by people more commonly known on both the big and small screen. ‘britain’s finest thespians sing’ to give its full title should give fair warning as to where this is coming from, I’m guessing something strictly for the completists, it features selections from Oliver Reed, Ian Carmichael, Phillip Lowrie, Ian McShane, Stanley Unwin, Sid James with Liz Fraser and a whole host of household names mainly from the 50’s / 60’s comedy circuit – call it punishment or guilty pleasures here’s a sample of the strange goings on you’ll find amid the grooves, the Terry Thomas cut is – I’ll warn you now – a challenge……

Terry Thomas

Harry H Corbett

Roy Castle

More inconsistent jukebox incoming, this cute thing is currently being prepped as a Christmas single, a cover of an old Transvision Vamp top 3 back in the days when pop music still twinkled before its death came at the hand of Simon Cowell and from an age when getting into the top 40 still required the selling of singles to the factor of four figures and not four people as it appears to be the case these days. It finds possimiste aiding and abetting in taking the exuberant sting from out of the original and in its place slowing matters to a sweetly alluring murmur, the chirping strings – very Spector, the golden pop age glow and the softly swooned tip toeing lightness give it a vintage festive sigh that’s no doubt modelled on Doris Day, strange thing is that each and everytime we’ve played it, I swear its started snowing. https://soundcloud.com/barry_snaith/baby-i-dont-care-featuring-possimiste    

Before we power down the hi-fidelity sound system and head off into the night, just a quick word to say that three of the finest releases this year will be appearing here over the coming days, a killer debut full length from Bonfire Nights, the much anticipated second album from the Sea Nymphs – yes we have promo copies and finally the Bordellos new thang ‘how to lose friends and influence no-one’ via small bear records. Now we’ve give it a very quick spin and first listens have thrown up ‘piss on spotify’ and ‘stone turns to stone’ as being the key stand out tracks – of course another play will uproot another to take pride of place in our affections, so with that we’ll just leave you with the latter mentioned cut while we lock up and disappear into the midnight air, I’m thinking very Clinic.


these days it appears that shoegaze central can be located in Indonesia, the amount of releases we’ve happily tripped over in recent times has proven that there’s something of a rebirth in the far east, latest in a long list of dream pop purveyors are Annie Hall whose forthcoming ‘saudade’ EP is set for cassette action via hema records.  By way of a teaser they’ve sent the aptly titled ‘hollow’ on surveillance, a beautifully fuzz laden slice of shimmering bitter sweet euphoria replete with arcing vapour trails, opining riffola and bruised vocals all gathered together and heading on a bliss kissed trajectory that to these ears sounds not unlike a midway refuelling point visited upon by chapterhouse and ride.  https://soundcloud.com/hemarecords/annie-hall-hollow

new killer thing from soundtrack of our lives mainman Ebbot Lundberg, pulled from a forthcoming debut ‘for the ages to come’ this is ‘backdrop people’. It finds the former Sool man shimmying up alongside the Indigo Children for a spot of euphorically fanfaring psychedelic ear candy that arrives like a kick to the head kissed with a 60’s beat grooving undercut, an emotion frenzying growl and a hazy lysergic twist all shimmered and swooning to a west coast vintage of endless summer afterglows. Think that covers everything you need to know.

Orbiting the very outer edges of a sound spectrum populated by the likes of the eccentronic research council and the extended family lines of both a year in the country and ghost box are the Magnetic North – a collective featuring ex Verve man Simon Tong, Hannah Peel and Gawain Erland Cooper. Between them the collective have perhaps crafted the years most socially aware set with the release of ‘prospect of Skelmersdale’. In the main a fond nostalgic trip by the hand back to an era of hope, idealism both social and political and most importantly, the utopian dream. Skelmersdale a new town project that failed, refound itself and has since been largely forgotten by the planners who designated it a blueprint for future living. From that set this is the beautifully bitter sweet ‘signs’ – an at times mournful yearn peeling away at the years and historical significance of this once planners dream with the sighing harmonies, the airy rustic brushstrokes, the sliding riff opines and the skipping string arrangements daintily dream weaving a musical phrasing both heavenly and homely whilst breathlessly adored and allured in a pastoral tweaked hymnal caress that to these ears has all the classicism and craft of a youthfully mellowing Tunng.

Borrowed these from the muffin junkie web page, seems they are currently cobbling together a Halloween mix tape for airing shortly which will feature a guest appearance by Tom of the blue giant zeta puppies  Anyhow by way of a heartfelt thanks to Grey Malkin for sending over copies of the Hare and the Moon’s ‘the Grey malkin’ cassette here’s something bewitching and yet all the same utterly enchanting in the shape of ‘the dream’ – graced in eerie lullabies and medieval mantras, this ghostly visitation comes cut from a centuries old melodic craft upon a heraldic tapestry coloured in darkly spun nursery rhymes, land rituals and superstition not to mention etched in the chilling seduction of lost Giallo horror soundtracks.


Same webpage, rummage a little further down the credits and you’ll encounter the fragmenting psychedelic bad trip that is the NoMen’s ‘l’armadietto del diavolio’ from a prepped release ‘the devil’s cupboard’ – freakin fried occulto grooviness if that is your chosen listening loves happen around the crafting of wiring woozy sounds that are both disorientating and groomed in night terrors not to mention chilling vibes much like echoes from the oblivion with nods aplenty to a certain Mr Barrett..


apologies to the silber crew and of course Dyr Faser whose 5 in 5 outing we omitted – well overlooked its fair to say during the course of our scribblings on the latest batch of Silber outings. Five delicious post punk sore thumbs from a minimalist electro past c 1980 – in truth perfect for all you old school Mute, factory, fast records et al admirers and something that should equally appeal to those subscribing to the likes of the Weird and polytechnic youth imprints. Reference wise these five chill toned nuggets head out from beneath the shadow of the normal and fad gadget, the latter mentioned irrefutably so on the opening strike ‘just a face’ while both ‘until then you’ and ‘to be desired’ come possessed of an Edward Ka-Spell-esque grooving of shadowlined soft psych distortions. Best moment of the set though comes with the starkly sparse approach of ‘take the one’ which annoyingly tapers off just as its about to blossom though not before giving hints that its author is something of a Cheval Sombre fan. https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/dyr-faser

Staying with Silber just a little while longer, another release that escaped our gaze was Electric Bird Noise’s ‘nighttime tides’ – a 32-minute astral head trip, perfect for headphonic delight. This cosmic odyssey provides a mesmeric chill pill that enables you to forget and drop the worries and labours of the day in return for diving deep into its celestial pools. Navigating a trajectory that’s equal parts tangerine dream and Floyd, this hulking hypnotic dream machine is cooled in cruise controlling repetitive loops of vapour trailing oceanic bliss kisses, so setrle back, skin up, strap yourself in and let your inner self fly. https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/nighttime-tides 

Just a quick mention for this, in celebration of Steve Reich’s recent 80th birthday, NTS radio or more specifically the illum sphere has gathered together a killer two-hour mix set featuring selections from his extensive catalogue, shame there’s no download…….


a little witching hour eeriness with three readings from the library of Edgar Allan Poe….

christopher walken reading ‘the raven’ by Edgar Alln Poe

Christopher lee reads ‘the tell tale heart’

Christopher lee reads ‘the black cat’

A very brief mention for this nugget, this I hasten to advise is your suggested listening acquirement for day – the Beaulieu Porch who are doing a limited deal whereupon you can nab all their albums – four in total for less than a packet of smokes – how ridiculous is that. Of course we’ve had occasion to mention Beaulieu Porch is passing in long since forgotten dispatches – new full length ‘Sarum Sounds’ employs a more edgy and fractured tone and finds them in a somewhat schizoid melodic frame of mind as they tunnel their way deep into the fragmenting firmament of the psychedelic eye, the pastoral posies of the past replaced by a scuzzing kaleiodoscopia which admittedly still bears the trademark Ooberman styled lilts yet now revolves and orbits a twin mooned mosaic whose influence freewheels between the luck of eden hall (none more so than on the sci fi psyche out grooves of opener ‘giant supermen’) and the doleful lions. That said plenty of Std Barrett and Keith West motifs daub and colour this wildly wonderful psychedelic mirage the latter most notably on the breathlessly aching and cosmically cooled ‘goodbye sarum’ while the day-glo’d new wave freak out ‘Thursday sound revival’ hints of an untamed crooked crafting that wouldn’t look far out of place on ‘SF Sorrow’. All said on this brief first hearing our favourite moment by far ‘june’ is sumptuously trimmed in baroque corteges sighed in ghost like ethereal weaves of lulling chime motifs and genuflecting string arrangements (see Ooberman) which by the close fracture and frazzle into a searing haze of rabbit hole falling psychosis. https://tillsammansrecords.bandcamp.com/

future polytechnic youth happenings should see releases by the tomorrow syndicate, home current and this little cutie from bastion void making their way into listening homes shortly before the onset of the silly season. Pressed on limited numbers of lathe cut wax, ‘Canopy process’ first made its way into the bright light way back in 2012 appearing on the ‘designs for coloring’ album, two minutes of playfully laid back cosmic serene where cross wiring repetitive loops of vintage electronic flavourings jostle affectionately for pole position crafting out bliss toned imaginings of futurist seaside promenades set upon planetary satellites populated by holidaying robots, certain something for the ghost box, plone and isan admirers among you. Further listening is thoroughly advised by way of the recently released ‘nippon cs’ outing – a kind of musical travelogue with field recordings and inspiration drawn and born out of travelling by train, plane and bus across Japan, perfectly encapsulates the feeling of motion, its lulling effects, the changes in both the timelines – the hustle and bustle of the day day and the sleepy headed night views as well as the landscapes outside as the sounds scurry and terraform revealing one minute the busyness and speed of the metropolis (the glitch phrasings) and at others the calming flow of the serene trance of the countryside (the silken ambient mirages).



okay admitteedly we don’t usually feature filmic things here, but I’m going to make an exception on this occasion because this really is quite superb, apparently / created using just Underwood 315 typewriter, it’s by Lizzy Hobbs – a celebration of Amy Johnson’s legendary solo flight from Croydon to Australia in 1930 – it’s called ‘g-aaah’. Quite amazing.


<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/168314107″>G-AAAH</a&gt; from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/lizzyhobbs”>Lizzy Hobbs</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Somewhere in our recently downloaded file pack we’ve a copy of ‘sweet chariot’ which thus far we’ve erroneously neglected to mention, the same can be said for the ‘live at the Copenhagen fest’ set – all will appear here in the near fullness of time. For now though we’ve happily had occasion to stumble over ‘Earthling 1’. Of course we refer to those beardy alchemists of cosmic juju the Earthling Society, ‘earthling 1’ being their latest outing, in fact so fresh and newly pressed that the paint on its juggernaut outers is still sticky, a two track monolith which for now – due to time constraints – we’re skipping the mammoth 29-minute head tripping delights of ‘fading stars of the purple dawn’ for a later day in favour of the bite sized sub 10 minute wig flipper ‘ritual in bou saada’ – in short this hulking slab of mind altering lysergic sprayed spiritualism sounds like a humungously hairy super psychedelicised spaghetti western arabesque, absolutely gonged out and draped in oodles of freakishly out there and woozy head frying primordial mysticism. https://earthlingsociety.bandcamp.com/album/earthling-1


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