look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping….part 6

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…..part 6

 more of what went before, many more typos too boot….

 Those ever finding themselves suffering night tremors plagued by visions of alternative worlds where a lunar pop variant of Ultravox mark 1 where fronted by mystical psychedelist Paul Roland might well think the skewed realities of dream and real life had somehow conspired to loom out of the figments of imagination to stand large as life in plain sight and having a cheeky brew by your turntable when Invaderband’s latest sortie comes rearing into earshot, for ‘attack of the pod people’ comes straight out of the TV Personalities secret song book, a buzz sawing new waved b-movie slab of sci-fi-rama trimmed in kaleidoscopically cosmic ray gun riffs gorged on Dan Dare doings and space spy school kookiness. Clipped in a softly cured English psych eccentricity, over on the flip ‘at right angles’ treads ever so subtly across the surreal lysergic head expanding fried fields of a post Floyd Syd albeit here rephrased by an ‘underwater moonlight’ era Robyn Hitchcock whilst sharing the b side space something of an ode for the outsider the analogue key swooned ‘handcuffed man shoots himself’ pulled from a BBC session hooks upon a mercurial myriad of reference markers not least the much missed beatnik filmstars who on this occasion appear to be stage invading a half man half biscuit soiree. 

Musical interlude…found sounds 12…Ruth White…

Picked this up on a ramble throughout the inter web, how I’ve managed to avoid this thus far is beyond me, its whole demeanour and execution is just so ahead of the curve not to mention the fact that it’s pure creepy and weirded out. But the main point here is that this was recorded and released in 1969, all macabre Moog’s with its author reading passages from Charles Baudelaire’s ‘the flowers of evil’ – a revisit and reappraisal of Ruth White is surely then a must.

Musical interlude….found sounds 13…eliane radigue

Mentioned Miss Radigue, if memory serves right, a few missives ago, not quite sure what this is called or on what collection you’ll find it, we’ve had a quick rummage around various listings and can’t find a reference to it alas….however it might be called – as it says on the tin lid – ‘islas resonates’ – its quite immaculate especially the looping ethereal choral drones found at the first 23 minutes – a bit like the expected greeting call as you pass through the veil at life’s journey’s end – perfect Sunday morning listening we’d like to think…..

Musical interlude….found sounds 14….Daphne Oram..

Aired originally to celebrate the 50th anniversary celebrations of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in 2008, this is a remarkable documentary focusing on Maida Vale’s first lady of experimental sound – Daphne Oram – includes rare interviews with the lady herself, discussions on her Oramics concept and her lasting influence on today’s pop…

Schizo Fun Addict / the Bordellos ‘Kassette’ (small bear records).

Would you believe we’ve actually waited over a year or more for the emergence of this quite frankly splendid split set. What started out as a concerned helping hand kick up the seat of the pants aimed at some bloke who just listens to a few records and writes words about them, with the sole aim that he get his act together was enough to have this shyly retiring person somewhat humbled and slightly embarrassed. Neither did the fact go unnoticed that this charitable offer was put up by two of his favourite bands, namely Schizo Fun Addict and the Bordellos. Of course the humbling and embarrassment hit such critical levels that the offer was politely declined. Still the idea remained, grew and almost became an obsession for one of the collaborative parties and once the seeds were sown Schizo’s Jet and Sister Jayne just ran with it and in their mind’s eye desired to create something merely more than another release but rather more a dedicated piece of art with a devilishly conceived idea for a lucky dip.

But more about that later.

So what we have is a strictly limited hand numbered 100 only cassette. On side a newly peeled album by New York’s alchemists of warping sun shine pop while on the other St Helens finest sonic sore thumbs the Bordellos.

We must admit to having an unerring affection for the Schizo’s, their skewed almost lazily casual application of their craft recalls with increasing mindedness the much missed Jumbo who chipped in with a brace of albums and one of the best debut singles in recent memory at the fall of the 90’s before being reported MIA in the early 00’s. Not your average sun shine pop band, the Schizo’s often pickle and pepper their kaleidoscopic sound board with a street wise slacker hip hop-ula swing that hints of a finding of the psychedelic path to a 60’s sonic golden age forged through listening informed by the Beastie Boys rather than the Ramones et al with primal scream and super furry animals appearing to loom large on their sphere of influence to occupy a curious twilight hinterland that sits between the kind of groove adored in monsterism island flashes, psych freak outs and the elephant 6 collective (– best evidenced on one of the sets highlights, the delightfully off kilter and kookily detuned and hazily glazed ‘lotion chills beast’ which all once manages to shoe horn for itself a soft psych sandwich made up of a smorgasbord of Olivia tremor control, of montreal and homescience ingredients all flavoured and trimmed in to a hippy trippy magic bus take out). In short they are the equivalent of a sonic spliff – how on earth else could something like the stoned out carnival ‘beggin for shelter’ find its way to wax (okay to tape). Eleven cuts lurk on this self titled set, a fried loved up cornucopia of swaggering strut cooled groove as evidenced on the wiring call to arms head kick ‘make a stand’. Opening matters both ‘lake of fire’ and ‘her name is love’ emerge from the skewed haze like forgotten salvos from Walking Seeds classic ‘bad orb….’ set, the former a gnarled territory marker kissed in fuzzy hallucinogenic paisley hued  scowls , the latter already mentioned and indeed adored in previous despatches, loose; fragmented and off its cake on the substance fumes emanating from a Fuzztones peace pipe. Somewhere else the teasingly brief mutoid ‘the pale horse’ tethers itself, or so it would seem, to freefall into the whole early 90’s Britcore crossover dance / indie scene. One of the welcome appearances here is a revisiting of  ‘dream of the Portugal keeper – part 2’ which reveals the collectives tender side and gives hint that when the fancy takes them they can do mercurial pop like no other. This honey comes breezing into view cast upon an amorphous lazy eyed pastoral palette that you suspect these days may have been hoodwinked as their own by Beautify Junkyard, utterly enchanting. The same trick gets repeated though to briefer extent on the tear stained ‘photon overdrive’ – a silky mosaic of souring sepia strings which unless ears do deceive could probably sneak onto the grooves of Bowie’s ‘low’ and look none too out of place. Likewise bliss pop colossus ‘A.M. Story’ arrives teased in dizzying dream drifts of 60’s ghost lights occasioned by rupturing tides of shade adorned sky pop which had we not not known any better would have hazarded a guess it was some recently discovered previously secret studio tape of a fleeting meeting between Stereolab, Broadcast and Quickspace. While admirers of all things Doleful Lions and Pavement might well do yourselves a favour by plugging your ears into the lazy eyed dubie that is the parting shot ‘diesel dolphin’ even if only to sample the seductive momentary visitations of prairie gospel motifs and the occasional nod to Mr Young.

As to the Bordellos, for their part of the tape pact – eleven pretty little sores sit on their side of the cassette. Attempting to trace their sonic lineage is a more testing affair, I’m fairly certain I’ve gone on record in past missives in saying that at their worst they are merely great while at their best they can floor you, reducing grown men to tears with a writing craft steeped in majesty, none more so is the case than on ‘temperature drop’ found here reworked, indeed the same cut that found itself secretly being bestowed with the dubious honour of being the best track we’d had the pleasure of hearing in that golden year of 2013 when it loomed large on our listening loves list following its appearance on the bands ‘Ronco revival sound’ full length. We’ll just say it’s the best thing that never appeared on the teardrops’ immortal ‘wilder’ set. But back to reference markers, it’s fitting that we lay the sound like table – the Fall, Daniel Johnston, Half Japanese, Guided by Voices, Freed Unit, Velvet Underground and Julian Cope all veer into their crafted spectrum, of the current crop of ear candy alchemists current ploughing the backwaters of pop’s musical atlas, Of Arrowe Hill are without doubt their closest allies. So what makes the Bordellos such a favoured listening treat, in truth I don’t know – and that’s probably the reason, however they are a jack in the box Jekyll and Hyde in so much as you never know what Bordellos are going to come out to play, like their tape sharing buddies Schizo Fun Addict they can at the drop off a  hat pull out a nugget that has you stopping in your tracks with jaw agape, like for instance, say, ‘melody inn’ – a slow burning smoking gun of shadowy seduction ghosting the darkly beautified romantic pathways of the Doors at their finest which all said would have most other bands shutting up shop considering job done on their pop career and no doubt off to live in some tax heaven on the ensuing royalty returns. Also special attention ought to be made of the harrowing ‘star light’ – a fragile and bruised beauty that resonates with the same dull ache that was brought to bear by Marr on the Peel session version of the Smiths’ ‘back to the old house’. Elsewhere the sparsely soft psych lilt that braids the grooves ‘hallucinations’ sounds for all the world as though its fallen off one of those critically cool one hit wonder compilations of 60’s lost souls the likes of whom find themselves name checked in those copious lists cobbled together by Vernon Joynson. Somewhere else there’s the rough n’ ready and admittedly rude ‘king of the bedroom’ finds the Bordellos in crooked off beat mood playing a kind of x-rated knock about skiffle blues bop that nods loosely to Lonnie Donegan albeit as though retooled by 10 benson while we must admit to a somewhat adoring affection for ‘the girl belongs to yesterday’ which aside coming oozed in harmonicas aplenty, is kissed with the kind of bittersweet autumnal haze that once upon a time draped and overcast the pop prettiness of Decoration.

As said the release through Small Bear Records comes in a strictly limited edition of 100 copies, each cassette hand numbered comes graced in artwork completed by Jet Schizo with each containing a cut up segment of a John Squire lithograph. 99 are available to the public- all sold out pretty much within days of release putting at the top of the bandcamp best seller list – however #1/ 100  – the master copy will shortly go on ebay as part of an auction to raise monies for save the children. This cherished item is the original test pressing cassette replete with the john squire hand signed lithograoh – numbered 54/250 and of course is the highly collectable 1/100 of the set. As though that wasn’t enough – the chaps at small bear have prepared a goodies bag that features a postcard with the track-listing to ‘Kassette’, a newsletter and a bumper gift of  CD releases from Postcode, Clara Barker and Phil Reynolds and the Dearly Departed along with a rare as hen’s teeth CD variant of the forthcoming 50 only lathe 7 inch from Fruits de Mer featuring Permanent Clear Light and Ex Norwegian which is due to go on sale on Christmas day. All proceeds from both the cassette and the download go to save the children.


Must admit to being quite smitten with this confessional cosmo-grooved lovely, a little slice of minimalist lunar soul groove that lilts and day dreams with a tripping affection that’s strangely detached and gorgeously amorphous coming framed in starry eyed wisps turned upon the delicate spin of a pulsing orbital axis all hermetically sealed inside its own demurred world – it’s by the Drones Club and its name is ‘soul of a spaceman’ and its out via PMR.


absolutely gorgeous this, a new EP forged from various b-sides and out takes left on the cutting room floor in the finalisation of their ‘Willow’ full length. This is Cold Country, a Chicago based collective headed up by Sean O’Connell whose aforementioned album ought to be attracting wide acclaim if the contents of this EP are what they hide on flip sides. Seven tracks sit within the ‘Fall’ EP that blends countrified cool (‘’when we were young’), gospel ghosted delta blues mosaics dreamily beset with the spirit of Fahey buoyed by Low Anthem (‘to providence’) and seafaring prairie pedal steel opines (‘letter to my daughters’) to such exquisite craft that in truth we’ve not heard the likes of since that rather wonderful Luke Harmonium dropped our way a year or two ago. However as ever with time constraints we’d like to concentrate your minds and hearts alike on two rather special cuts namely ‘song of return’ and ‘fall reprise’ – the former a milky murmured frail and fragile flutter by serenaded in the most adoring lunar lulled sepia swooned shimmer toning, whilst the latter – well sadly our free credits on the bandcamp expired before we had a chance to scribble words of fondness….safe to say it’s a bit of a heartbreaking honey and something which we’ll no doubt have occasion to mention in fullness once we nab those vital download codes.  http://coldcountry.bandcamp.com/album/fall-ep

A much welcomed message from Neil of the much missed dream poppers Whimsical alerting us to news that upon trawling through an old hard drive he’d unearthed sound files which had they not split in 2005, would have marked the bands second full length. Interest from Saint Marie records has since inspired Neil to contact former singer Krissy with a view to recording a third set though not before the recently polished and completed – aforementioned – gets an airing on the label next year. For now though Whimsical appear on the latest ‘Static Waves’ compilation – Volume 4 for the note takers among you – a kind of stellar gathering of sky pop talent currently orbiting the Saint Marie sphere of influence and featuring a weighty 33 track collection shoe horned across three shimmering CD’s of life affirming groove. For their part, Whimsical step in with chiming cascade that is ‘surreal’ –  a bliss blistered crystalline cutie swirled in effervescent pulse racing plumes of love noted rhyming riff noodles here found fondly tail gaiting the radiant sky parting jet streams of a ‘turn to the sky’ era March Violets

 Musical interlude….found sounds 15…..Xmal Deutschland…

Just to prove that the 80’s wasn’t always the horrifically vacuous pop wasteland that many bargain basement CD compilations might have you believe, some of us didn’t go near day time radio for fear it would rot our ear space, many of us even listened to stuff like this, the spawn of Siouxsie filling a void left as the Banshees stepped from out the outsider shadows of creative curve bending and into the pop orientated soft psych haze of the mainstream.


Regardless of a  fear that we stick our necks out a little too early, I’m fairly certain that should their promised debut full length shape up to approach anything as stunning as this, then frankly you may as well hand them next year’s album of the year award now. One of those very rare moments wherein you literally stop in your tracks transfixed at the pure perfection delicately unravelling from out of your sound system. Enigmatic, mysterious and despairingly bitter sweet not to mention hauntingly graceful, this is Public Memory and a free to download single entitled ‘lunar’ prized from a Spring pencilled, as yet untitled, set for felte. This sparsely woven beauty just smokes uber cool, sold to us as sounding like the Clinic which we’d have to agree, if that is, you arrested the pulse of ‘monkey on your back’ to a flickering murmur and then parcelled it off to a cryogenic chamber, we here though are thinking a spectral Modern Eon snaking over the Bunnymen’s ‘fuel’, betwixt its minimalist murmurs, hypno grooved mesmerics and hymnal haloes, emerging from the fracturing shadows something truly majestic  comes, spirited upon desert dry arabesque ghost lights riding on oceanic opines. 


Get over the fact that this ‘un is 16 minutes long, and yes we did get a mild visitation of the old five o’clock shadow during its stay, but for a fair few of you out there, we are suspecting that this will be the sonic equivalent of several birthdays all tumbling in at once. Its author is, by the way, only 20 years old, which kind of makes a mockery of some who’ve been plying their trade for some 40 years plus, it teams with ideas and reference points (three minutes in and counting we’ve already noted Beefheart, Billy Mahonie, Archer Prewitt – and that’s just starters) and while it mightn’t be pushing the envelope its packed with enough distractively waywardness and sense of disconnecting  all over the shop acuteness as to have admirers of groove that rips up the rulebook cooing fondly in the aisles. Kiran Leonard clearly has a few unresolved issues which fortunate for us translates on occasion into stuff like ‘pink fruit’. This intense, intricate, dislocated and clearly complex sound board heads up a forthcoming set for moshi moshi entitled ‘grapefruit’ which we suspect will attract critical acclaim when it drops next March. Be under no illusion ‘pink fruit’ is a colossus, a colossus that teeters and turns from moments of savage brutality and simmering storm gathering glowering to warping dream like states with the occasional off road detour into Vernon Elliott / Nyman-esque pastoral symphonia and fog bound wood crafted rustic hymnals. ‘pink fruit’ lurks on the dark side of Sonic Youth in much as Mr Leonard  possesses that same exquisite knack for bringing and pulling everything back out of the seeming fracturing discordant chaos, amid the claustrophobic groaning loom of the gnarled riffola a howling unravelling psychosis peels that jars, jabs, spars and scowls to lay invisible joining dots to the likes of thinking fellers local union 282, trumans waters and most obviously of all shellac, while lest we add in the small but essential detail that had this emerged with the trusted name of touch n’ go tattooed to its hide the blighter would be the toast of the underground scene. Incidentally the blighter comes pressed up on a single sided etched 12 inch this coming February. https://soundcloud.com/moshimoshimusic/kiran-leonard-pink-fruit/

Is it just me or does this crestfallen bitter sweet dream pop beauty have something of the purring pop symmetry of a post ‘Seduction’ era Danse Society in an as were sonic chill tipped lunar tryst with the much missed blacktzar concocting aural dream drifts from lost cuts of old Seeland nuggets – anyhow it’s a demo of a cut by Soft Kill titled ‘whirl’…a bit of softly reclining cutie if you ask me. https://soundcloud.com/softkillpdx/whirl-demo-version

And back to that Static Waves set from Saint Marie which we promise we will be spending more time with in the near future, for now though a little gem from the much adored presents for sally. ‘there’s no other place’ is a haze drenched lovely adoringly surrendered in reclining sleepy headed showers of Cocteau-ian after burns and the sighing chiming fizz of bliss bathed vapour glazes. Elsewhere you’ll find last king of England who I’m certain have visited upon these pages at one time or other, ‘red hook’ breaks from the usual pedal fracturing shoe gaze shimmer toning and instead opts for something more muscular albeit trip-wired as though loitering a cross roads intersection where simultaneously passing on opposite sides are Grails and black angels from out of which whose mantra detailing a brooding and arcane ritual / nursery rhyme  gritted in the lost ways of the olde hypnotically weaves its spell craft. Ought to appeal to those much admiring of Sennen all aid. . https://saintmarierecords.bandcamp.com/album/static-waves-4

Despite promises made last time we featured them, we again find ourselves somewhat on the back foot when it comes to all things the Implicit Order. Another new set sneaked out beneath our radar, one of which we’d have been none to aware of its existence were it not for the fact that we eyed a link on the excellent forestpunk blog site. For now we’ve only time to preview the opening salvo from ‘green hills of magic’ for ‘the sign I see it’ is a celestial angel sigh whose lonesome  tear stained opines softly lull as the hulking ambient tides cast a glorious serene calm. Yet for all its ice sculptured elegance, this being the craft of the implicit order, you sense that lurking ahead just out of sight something darkly macabre stirs in wait, and so with trepidation and a good deal of curiosity ‘the sign I see it’ slowly shifts in focus with the choral brightly set pulsars getting ever more dulled of their intensity much like the descent into the abyss where light soon surrenders to be smothered and extinguished by the shadows. For those adoring of Tangerine Dream.  http://theimplicitorder.bandcamp.com/album/green-hills-of-magic

Musical interlude….found sounds 16…pink Floyd

Okay we were going to prep this for a mention but it seems there may have been some kind of copyright / licence issue as we’ve returned later in the day to find the sound cloud blighter gone. This was meant to feature 6 tracks from the reputed first recording sessions cobbled together by the Floyd in 1965. Seems such a shame they’ve been pulled as it revealed the Floyd in a strangely mainstream and pop mode lights years from their sun dazed English psychedelic eccentric. However upon further investigations it seems these were sneaked out on a super duper limited 1,050 only double 7 inch by Parlophone for black Friday, though not officially part of the RSD listing they were sneaked into orders with little fanfare or flag waving.    

 I lose track of Floyd re-issues, box sets, archive trawls and such like, but this popped up on listings yesterday and I’m fairly certain that thus far to date, these haven’t been made commercially available. Reputedly the first recording session of Floyd, though there’s uncertainty as to whether this was Floyd as they became known or a precursor ensemble such as the Tea Set and features Bob Klose and Juliette Gale in the ranks on guitar and vocals respectively. All penned by Syd bar the blues standard ‘I’m a king bee’ and a Waters composition ‘walk with me, Sidney’, these much fabled cuts find a fledging Floyd clearly caught in the sphere of influence of the Stones not least on both ‘I’m a king bee’ and ‘double o bo’ with the former very much aping ‘lil red rooster’ with the latter freefalling through a heavily Bo indented and indebted rewire of the Holly’s ‘not fade away’. Elsewhere, perhaps the most curious cut is ‘walk with me Sidney’ which comes possessed of a curiously kooky loose wigged out soulful doo wop grooving that much recalls Thunders’ and Palladin’s ‘copycats’.  But for us the main treat here is the acutely lackadaisical ‘butterfly’ all gloriously crooked and somewhat frazzled not to mention casting something of a proto solo Syd aura to the proceedings to serve as a seedling in the warping mindset as to what was approaching in the far distance.

Post note…..fear not folks – a spot of digging around the net and we’ve unearthed MP3’s for the whole set – grab them while you can before these get pulled. https://www.reddit.com/r/pinkfloyd/comments/3us496/pink_floyd_1965_their_first_recordings_full_ep1/

New outta Alien Snatch records, we mentioned these dudes many years ago, hailing from Japan these are Suspicious Beasts who’ve a new garage growled grooving wax platter just out entitled ‘might die tomorrow’. A strictly limited 500 only vinyl time machine trip back to the primordial swamp lands of garage beat’s first hatching. Alas – annoyingly – no sound links just yet, but it’s safe to say the brace of beauties we’ve heard are evidence enough that these out of time alchemists are on smoking hot form not least on ‘summer child’ wherein the opening Who-esque strum something cooled in a sun glazed glam psych shimmering emerges sighed in west coast breezes and sounding I have to admit not unlike how I’d imagine a studio face off clash between the Oh Sees and Woods to sound like. ‘don’t find the devil inside me’ is a more strut gouged swoon grooved Nuggets-esque gem that appears to these ears to freefall into the bliss kissed kaleidoscopic swirl cool of Brian Jonestown Massacre albeit as though aided and abetted by the Black Angels. Fear not we are scampering to rustle up a begging missive for sound links as you read…..

Must admit to being more than a tad fond of Rob Clarke and the Wooltones’ retooling of the Seeds seminal classic ‘(you’re) pushing too hard’ found here removed of the originals anxiousness and instead arrested and haloed beneath the smoking cool mind expansive kaleidoscopic burn of a lazy eyed bliss kissed west coast mosaic which aside arriving so chilled and out there also appears to have brought along its own secret stash.

If I recall rightly I think we may have lifted this from the Japanese Gum face book page, this little darling is by Fenster of whom information about we have absolutely no idea with which to pass along to you dear observer of these crooked musings except to say they’ve a cassette release entitled ‘emocean’ currently on limited issue – 50 in fact – out via the berlin based imprint Spati palace which is quite gorgeous. At least ‘memories’ is for that’s the only track we’ve thus far had the chance of being wooed by ,and wooed by we have been for this initially comes dreamily doodled in a intricate seafaring detailing that has you imagining Vini Reilly and Manual marooned on a desert island spending the day packing murmuring musical bottles for despatch. But then amid the tropicalia cool something much minded of the softening sigh of a ‘tango’ era Fleetwood Mac begins to delicately emerge to spray and adore your listening space in a lights lower subtle jazz intoxica.  http://spaetipalace.bandcamp.com/album/sp009-fenster-emocean 

Not quite sure whose knocking this out – label wise – but this is the gloriously mesmeric debut single from Montreal psyche duo She Devils with a track entitled ‘come’ which by our reckoning should be high on the radar of all those whose listening loves ooze to the hypnotic sonic sphere of influence of both the Silver apples and a latter career Spacemen 3 – an utterly entrancing haze glazed mind morphing mantra..


brace yourselves for a bit of a shock, for we here are not really known for agreeing with the NME but find ourselves in strange territories in concurring with everything they say about Dan Sartain. A new full length via one little Indian is due to emerge after the silly season entitled ‘century plaza’ and from it ‘first bloods’ has been sneaked forth as a herald. Blessed with an impish ear for a blistered hook and the riff artistry of somehow who knows their way around six strings, Sartain has regularly breached our defences in recent times proving himself to be something of a sore thumb outsider subtly patrolling the outer spheres of psych’s schismic universe. For ‘century plaza’ the emphasis changes, downing his guitar in favour of his ipad , ‘first bloods’ finds him ploughing glacial electroid territories that on initial listens might well curry favour with the Adam Leonard / invaderband cognoscenti given its applied with a detached post punk minimalism that chills and flat lines with a mutant affection that suggests its parentage is owed to a lab tested DNA splicing of Wire and Magazine cultures, add in the overt nods of (as the press release so rightly admits) Van Halen-esque riff spirals, some neat floor hugging motorik murmurs with a few choice decidedly cooling funk shimmers and you have something of a  shadowy Studio 54 itching scab.  https://soundcloud.com/dansartain/first-bloods

I must admit to being a tad surprised and somewhat mystified as to why the Terminal Gods haven’t as yet thus far featured in these pages. This is the  flip side of a forthcoming 7 inch heading out of heavy leather productions entitled ‘road of the law’, ‘movement’ is a darkly brooding beauty surveying the wastelands of early 80’s cold wave, both glowering and majesty, a shade adorning lightening rod attracting reference markers as disparate as B-Movie, Clock DVA, a ‘seduction’ era Danse Society and the Chameleons under its shadowy cloak and freeze drying them in the uber cooled glacial chic of a classic early era Sisters of Mercy, nuff said.   

This deceptively demurred delight was sold onto us with the promise it came from a secretly mercurial place where ghosts the late Elliot Smith, and indeed it does though with a fair quotient of Nick Drake for good measure, perhaps it’s the intimately hushed bruised hymnal quality that dimples gently throughout or its airily spirited pastoral tonalities and mellowed thoughtfulness that rambles  wounded with sighing resignation, a kind of broken love note that much recalls the closer moments of Swimmer One’s last full length outing. Anyhow it’s by Blue House and it’s the flip side cut that you’ll find accompanying a debuting vaguely pagan records released gem entitled ‘hot air balloons’, incidentally it’s called ‘confessional’ and its quite special.  https://soundcloud.com/ourbluehouse/confessional/s-aJa8e

Emerging out of a raw primordial grunge soup with the dog tags of Suzi Quatro and joan jett about their person and sporting the kind of snaking and savvy spiked rock a hula gouging that used to adore platters graced with the we rock like girls don’t stamp of authenticity, this is the Dolls with the acutely addictive ‘kid kannibal’. A glam grunge throwback to the teen spirited bubble grooving time of a golden age 60’s bubblegum pop era though here found daubed as a fright wig twist-erella groomed in a  kookily macabre playground of teeth bearing shock-a-rama and fatal love obsession. Does it for us.

Happened across this dark kaleidoscopic cutie via one of those follow requests on that there sound cloud page type thing. This is – I’m assuming – the latest thing emerging from the Leeds based imprint plastic fish who thus far to date have managed with some aplomb to avoid our usually inquisitive gaze. A two track sortie from the aptly named Lull that features the softly smoked ‘cursed’ – in short a gorgeous shadow playing slice of becoming seduction that wraps itself in the darker personas of the much admired Haight Ashbury albeit as though playing studio tag with Kull, this bliss haloed darling delicately weaves its spell crafting intoxia amid a swirling haze of black hole showers of west coast haziness to both enchant and strangely beguile. Flip side features ‘rusk’ a lovelorn shoe gazing beauty freefalling into the euphoria hazed dream drifts of a ‘loveless’ era My Bloody Valentine whilst simultaneously adored in the vapour trailing wisps of a youthful dead leaf echo albeit as though sparring with a super chilled less erratic ned’s atomic dustbin. https://soundcloud.com/plasticfishrecords/sets/lull-cursed-rusk

A fog bound beauty amid whose dissipating swirls and misty ghost lights, the haunting congregation of ghosts past, present and future walk its landscapes. Described as a hymn to the outcast….where the normal butts against the bizarre’, the third single to be culled from Nick Nicely’s ‘space of a second’ set from last year, ‘London south’ finds the psychedelic alchemist weaving his mercurial artistry to craft a head bowed and sepia hazed  oceanic dream coat that fragments and fractures with eerie guile with  the creaking ethereal sigh of spectral chorals emerging from the shadows bathing the proceedings in a deeply alluring though acutely bruised cinematic gracefulness. Elsewhere you’ll find an additional brace of re-trims of the same cut by Grasscuts and Abul Mogard, the former rephrasing the original template as a romantically dreamy lunar pastoral delicately dinked in a soft symphonic kiss traced in starry pulsars and the sleepy headed chime of lullaby lilts. As to Abul Mogard’s refit, a beautifully hulking 15 minute epitaph of panoramic perfection – all at once poised, measured and murmured in a finite majesty all haloed in sun scorched after burns – utter bliss. Available through lo recordings.

Staying with lo recordings for an extended moment, must admit I’ve seen no listings for this release and if there are any, then they are probably languishing in our bulging mail box sack.  You may recall us falling head over heels for this lots ‘warriors’ which incidentally you’ll find included on this rather dandy EP release entitled ‘feuerwerk’ – a cut which we adored with undying affection likening it to some laid back and smoked noir tryst between no ceremony and alt-j under the keenly watchful eye of ROC. Anyway this is Vuurwerk who as we’ve already gathered have an EP of the year headed up by the super chilled ‘black aerial’ – a gorgeously cavernous ice formed beauty that orbits the darker more seductive outer edge spectrums of Moby’s melodic universe all clipped in galactic garlands. Think we are okay to include the sound links – we await the complaints and legal threats if not.  https://soundcloud.com/lo-recordings/sets/vuuwerk-feuerwerk-ep

Also out and about on lo recordings round about now, a new EP from Lilith Ai that arrives wrapped inside a 148 page comic / photo fanzine book featuring Lilith’s doodles and her friend, Georgia’s photography.  The EP features both cuts that featured on her debuting AA platter – those being ‘hang tough’ and ‘yeah yeah’ along with two newly peeled tracks in the shape of ‘riot’ and ‘catfish’. The former a kind of homage to the riot grrrl scene is a kookily off centred funk bitten slice of ear candy sassiness which we suspect you may need to nail your feet to the floor to stop them slopping off into frantic bouts of floor tapping reverie. That said it’s the latter cut that proves most interest here, for ‘catfish’ smokes with the kind of intimate maturity and grasp of life’s struggle that makes a lie of her tender years, all at once wounded, soulful and almost gospel like in its sighing graceful vulnerability that hints of a mid way crossing between Sandy Denny and Karen Dalton albeit as though reading from a Rodriguez song book. Links – we are working on them….

Eyed this on a face book posting, currently being prepped as a one sided limited edition on polytechnic youth, who are busy at present looking into seeing if it can be cut to play from the label outwards, this is Mitra Mitra of whom we alas have no information on other than to say ‘indecisive split decision’ is a devilishly demurred slab of doom grooved cold wave precision steeled in sparsely minimalist ice cooled future visions that to these ears sounds not unlike frosted  love notes being passed to and fro by Client and Cobra Killer to the backdrop of bleak Human League mk1 off cuts.

Okay we must admit in our adoring excitement we’ve somehow managed to mislay the actual links as to where this is as actually from. Now we know they’ve an album out on white lightning but I’m also certain that we hooked up to this via the gerpfast kolektif imprint who may or more likely may not be involved in a split showgazey compilation with another label whose name totally escapes me. Full of on the ball information aren’t I. Anyway one thing we are certain of is that this lot are 93 million miles from the sun and that this cut is ‘watch her fall’. A bliss kissed beauty haze adorned head swirling slice of dream dazed kaleidoscopia meeting at an ethereally celestial intersection where converge My Bloody Valentine, Ride and a ‘every heaven’ era Boo Radleys. Nuff said.

Hopefully, if we manage not to distract ourselves and forget, we’ll be pouring heaps of love on this in the coming days. This is the latest heading out of City Slang, the soundtrack to a new Tara Subkoff flick entitled ‘#horror’ by EMA, a typical chilling account shoehorned aplenty in tension tightening aural apparitions, haunting ghost lights and flashes of foreboding macabre  such as the opening titles which play heavily to a cinematic gallery familiar in the dread isolationism of ‘phantasm’ and ‘the candyman’ while the eerie lullaby chime chills of the brief but bewitched ‘spooky fingers’ and the dead headed minimalism of ‘cat in the woods’ hint of the sinister sonic crafting of the unseen and jerry goldsmith respectively. However that said, it’s not all edge of the seats frosted knuckles spookiness and detachment, well not quite, for amid the shadowy spectral mosaics there are moments of divine beauty, not least found on the dream draped enchantment that is ‘amnesia haze’ which lushly drizzled in FortDax-ian like haze allures is trimmed in a most becoming undulating tide of twinkling key florets that disarmingly decorate all in pastoral posies that one might hastily gather was an out there in the ethereal beyond star lit tryst engaged upon by the thus owls and fever ray. 

And back with gerpfast kolektif for two releases we are very much certain are heading out of their sound bunker or at least would be if one of them wasn’t already sold out of its ultra limited edition of 3 pressing. Bergegas Mati’s ‘you don’t need religion’ may well, we secretly suspect here, appeal to those of you whose listening preferences frequent the sonic axis whereupon you find Anla Curtis, my cat is an alien and expo70, irrefutably indebted to the noise niking New Zealand scene of the late 80’s not least Bruce Russell, this 11 minute sonic sore thumb is a pertinent lesson in the use of sustain and the head shrooming effects of high frequency manipulation, much like hijokaidan but without the ferocity, the brutal and the tendency to make ears bleed, its hypno grooving creating eerie leviathan like textures much like whale sounds it has to be said and which I guess for comparable effect would be to putting your head inside the valve tube of an old 70’s styled TV set whilst the transmission ceasing white dot is playing out, the effect isn’t unpleasant, far from it, but play at your wine and cheese gathering of family and friends from the local church readings and you are bound to get a few raised eyebrows and a polite refusal for future invites.  http://gerpfastkolektif.bandcamp.com/album/ritual

Don’t know about you but this had me instantly recalling 80’s combo And Also the Trees, perhaps it’s the down cast sonorous vocals or the hanged funereal bitter sweet forlorn ghostly aura permeating throughout. Happened upon this, as you do, on a momentary traipse through bandcamp world, this lot hailing from Montreal go by the name Scene Noir and this is a demo version of a track called ‘film school’ which, amid it’s softly soured sky sirens and shadow playing riff opines, if ears don’t deceive, subtly hints of the Fixx sharing studio space, as were, with a particularly bruised and withdrawing the Church.. Incidentally available through cold model records. http://coldmodelrecords.bandcamp.com/album/film-school-demo

A vintage cutie that we spied on a listing in the latest issue of Shindig – more about  that later in the week – for now though this is the adorable Free Design and a little slice of yuletide loveliness from the late 60’s……


Okay I’ll admit we neared towards this intrigued by the band name, its little things like that which work for us, we are after all easy pleased. An absolute gem of a release and given we haven’t quite committed to an end of year list of singles, this I can tell you is making a late bid in the swift movement of the affection stakes. They are called Cigarettes after Sex, they hail from New York and I guess come from the school of Galaxie 500, they boast a new two track single that on its flip features an REO Speedwagon cover – fear not it’s not as bad as it may first sound, along with the delectable ‘Affection’. I mean this has it all, up there with that Charlotte Gainsbourg divine cover of Hendrix’s ‘hey joe’ which is a bit of misnomer given that what we first assumed were female vocals turns out not to be the case but rather more the feline purr of Greg Gonzalez. Still whatever the case this honey simultaneously tugs heavy on the smoky seduction of the Delgados and Mazzy Star in all their sublime  sultriness albeit as though surrendered to the sugar spun  softly slow sensitive purr of delicately demurred spiralling sighs of dissipating riff opines – frankly in the Butterflies of Love league. On the flip the previously advertised REO cover. ‘keep on loving you’, if you are taking notes at the back, plucked from the 80’s power ballad wilderness is here kissed in the slow smoulder of celestial star lights and fashioned exquisitely in the lazily spun dream draped ethereal hymnal hush of Cheval Sombre – utter bliss.  http://cigarettesaftersex.bandcamp.com/album/affection     

Forwarded by Jon Yellow6 – a little side project he’s involved in – this is the debuting cut from Christopher Moody and the Underground Kings entitled ‘405’ – a beautifully breezy slice of stirring prairie pruned Americana that lollops, lilts and lazily woos and weaves the mid west highway arteries packing upon its trailer a smoky and embracing slab of  feel good old country gold whose blissful sense of freedom and going heads down into the great beyond had us here, on first listens, much imagining a moonshine packing gathering of mountain men made up variously of Dylan, Seger the Waterboys and Grandaddy types which is fine in our book. https://soundcloud.com/christophermoodymusic/405-1

And talking of Yellow6 – plenty of activity of late, release wise that is, this being the approach of the silly season must mean the imminent arrival of a year-end Merry6mas seasonal sonic card is due. And so it did today – limited to just 130 physical copies – and something which we will be covering a little later in the week. For now, asides eyeing with a good deal of crestfallen heartache a 30 only 12 inch lathe cut entitled ‘beat them at their own game’ which has long since flown the coup and  featuring two cuts that missed the final edit of his Silber released full length ‘no memories, only photographs’ – we did spoke this – ‘the church of sound’. A name your price set that finds, for what is these days, something of a rare event –that being a live appearance by Mr Atwood. As the press release blurb rightly points out a no frills, no bonuses, no Easter eggs or free gifts recording replete with additional crowd coughs culled from a show at Lee Rosy’s Tea Rooms in Nottingham, one evening in mid September featuring a 30 minute 5 track recording which typically gives insight and evidence aplenty of Mr Atwood’s exquisite craft at creating lush textures, colours and atmospherics from the most minimalist forms. Both mesmeric and tenderly executed, the finite artistry at work alludes to an almost hymnal gracefulness, the wistful slow burn, the wrapping in sonic prose, poise and a porcelain majesty, opener ‘flaming june’ is the sound of the Cocteau’s arrested to a murmuring pulse flicker, the arcing chords almost suspended in a frozen moment dissolve and dissipate into the haunting hurt of the sparsely bleached Fahey-esque ‘seal beach’. For us though prime ear worm moment comes with the arrival of the mellowing melancholia of ‘the fifth’ as it bathes all in the kind of tear streaked bleak beauty encountered many a time amid Morricone’s back story filling moments from his spaghetti western canon.  https://yellow6.bandcamp.com/album/the-church-of-sound

Guess it’s high time with gave this little gem another push especially seeing as the album is finally about to emerge following months of grief and all manner of setbacks. This is the Cush and ‘droids’ which we mentioned way back in another life somewhere here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2015/01/24/the-cush/ and here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2015/04/27/the-cush-2/


it’s not through laziness that we are re-posting old reviews, it’s just that we’ve tried twice now to download sets from bandcamp and we’ve been left waiting nigh on 10 minutes for signs of life to appear in our task bar only for an error message to be returned. Now whether this is due to some kind of maintenance being undertaken at present by bandcamp, or the more feasible alternate explanation, our crap broadband provider – BT in case you are asking – fast broadband my backside i had less issues with dial up – still one month to go on the contract and they are history. Grumbling aside we’ve recently had an email from cold cold heart who we first mentioned way back in the mists of early January when upon ‘megan’ swooned into our listening space and had us somewhat smitten. The band, as said, recently got in touch to say their debut album is being prepped for March / Spring time release, currently under the working title ‘how the other half live and die’ while they try to find a record label. For now here’s our original mention from the start of year along with links to that aforementioned ‘Megan’ track….quite sublime if you ask me……



High time don’t you think for some Christmas baubles. Quite at a loss that this didn’t make the cut in Mojo’s 50 best Kate Bush tracks last year, personally ‘December will be magic again’ is up there with her finest and in truth the season doesn’t start until I’ve heard its romancing tones, the closest point to which Ms Bush veered into Nick Drake terrains – the poetry, the classicist arrangements and that sense of child like awe all steeped and frosted in a warming magicalia and fond nostalgia;  a sleigh ride to a pre commercial era  twinkled in childhood memories serving up a snow globe seasonal check list of vintage festive memories all delicately penned, folded and sealed with a kiss ready for despatch and escape through the flue above a log burning open fire..

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/33008764″>Kate Bush &quot;December Will Be Magic Again&quot; (1980)</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user5922482″>Derek Langille</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

You might recall us mentioning Preston based sound alchemist Polypores a little while back in the year whereupon we briefly visited his excellent set ‘the investigation’. Since then there’s been a few releases that have annoying ducked beneath our radar along with a newly prized full length set entitled ‘a shunned place’ which has had our interests piqued since finding its way into our listening space earlier this morning. There’s even a limited cassette version which we here are eyeing fondly so for now while we are busying about trying to cobble up begging letters we’ll just turn you on to three cuts that have thus far caught our earlobes. Just edging it in the favourite moment stakes for now, ‘witch theme’ frequents the bleak future vision cold wave territories of Quatermass’ alternate universe, admirers of both Midwich Youth Club and Concretism will find much here that ticks the analogue nostalgia boxes not least it’s progian chorals, sinister isolationism and open university styled new world minimalism. in sharp,  ‘a face in the nettles’ is literally teaming with life, nodding to mid 70’s kraut pioneers Embryo it imagines the orbital freefall of the last geodesic dome from ‘silent running’ as it blissfully spins nonchalantly towards the outer edges of the cosmos, its lone occupant Dewey meticulously tending to his duties sustaining the lunar forest life. Last up for now the starry lullaby that is ‘the humming’ comes possessed of a deeply alluring hypno-grooving binary trippiness that one suspects admirers of Plaid might well faint in adoring swoons to. http://polypores.bandcamp.com/album/a-shunned-place

Another recent find on that there bandcamp community website and more vintage toned ghost box-y grooviness I’m afraid. This time from New York based cold waver Faten Kanaan whose latest sepia soldered sonic wares are gathered on a release simply titled ‘EP’. A most enjoyable set that provides for a broad spectrum ear view of the craft engaged upon by this mercurial talent with both opening salvos ‘planet 898 / circle is drawn’ and ‘santo sospir’ both frequenting the enchanting lair of midwich youth club and keith seatman – the former a gorgeously hypnotic slice of romantically phrased ice sculptured pastorals that had us here imagining a rather lighter and happier placed Add N to X, with the latter graced in misty eyed flotillas of cruise controlled kosmiche. However it’s the two cuts making up the rear advance that had us cooing aplenty. The bewitching and enigmatic ‘shadow’  reveals that despite the application of keys that Faten Kanaan appears to have ghostly folk spell crafts in his preferred sights rather than the lazily spun hauntologist tag for this siren-esque spiritual is weaves of a timeless tapestry that hints of the finite beauty of the Hare and the Moon. That said holding our affections prisoner ‘dream of rain on a coastal town..’ relocates Edward Ka Spell into the terrains of both the Weird and the Projekt imprints for some superbly crafted dub doused industrial psychotropia.  http://fatenkanaan.bandcamp.com/album/ep

Now this is something else, granted it’s been out a year, but hey whose counting the days when the sounds within are as bleakly beautiful as this. Alas no information as to who Neirimous Alloth Kuyll are / is other than to say they / he / she is from Russia and that this immense melodic morgue entitled ‘la magie de souvenirs’ is out via the dungeon lone foundation imprint.. As ever time prevents a full critical ear being applied, fear not we will try our level best to secure download links for further investigation. That said our interest was piqued upon hearing the opening salvo ‘the one who lives in the mirrors’ very much charters the eerily lullaby like ghosting sound-scapes that populated and presided over the visual creepiness of those classic Giallo movies of the 70’s with Goblin, Korzynski and Komeda being instantly called to mind, yet step a little deeper into its hypnotic spell crafting and through the mesmeric and macabre merry go round mosaics some dark disturbia awaits ever watchful as it teeters  with unsettling delight between the sinister and enchantment as though a bewitching sonic séance engaged upon by a gathering of palace of swords and the unseen types. http://dungeonlorefoundation.bandcamp.com/album/la-magie-de-souvenirs

Regular visitors to these pages will no doubt be aware of our affection for all things Finders Keepers, we only wish the blighters would include us on their mailing list if only to avoid moments of sheer panic and near heartbreak when we hear after the fact of iconic releases being trundled out in super limited edition format. One such case being the rare as hen’s teeth original soundtrack to the 73 witchcraft animation ‘bellladonna of sadness’ by Masahiko Sato. Described rightly as ‘an unholy grail of near mythical status’, this rarefied re-issue comes as a result of the direct blessing of Sato himself and marks the first in a series of releases exploring the multi faceted musical world of this critically admired musician. This outing features a previously unheard cut ‘TBFS’ rescued from the original master tape and for some 40 years or more left cold and shivering on the cutting room floor having missed the final edit. The album as said arrives in limited quantity housed in an embossed ‘pleather’ sleeve replete with poster and download codes. Essential as though you needed telling.

just out on the a giant fern imprint who you may recall us mentioning in times of recent past when we had the good fortune to trip over some roadside picnic / justin wiggan related release, the blighters really must start sending us links if this is the calibre of sound they are delving into. This is leaaves with a new set ‘forest words’ which we’ve only just hooked up to but have found ourselves utterly smitten by. In typical age old fashion time constraints prevent for now, us giving this gem a fuller mention, so excuse us while we guide your ear lobes to the parting brace of cuts ‘Antares’ and ‘uskollinen’ – the former traced in a bruised and aching porcelain beauty, it’s yearning waveforms casting retrospective ripples of tear stained regret atop the ghostly flicker of conversational echoes, while the latter – in truth the main event here, cuts a lonesome figure, a last shimmer before the great sleep, a fragile farewell steeled in the delicate slow turn of an orbital drift despatching its fading life force amid the purring opine of softly whispered euphoric hazes. Touching doesn’t do it justice.  http://leaaves.bandcamp.com/album/forest-words

Ah it must be the silly season for here come Snowflake records bearing gifts and treats aplenty for the festive season with their now trademark festooning of tune tinsel and trinkets masquerading as limited edition 7 inch singles all colourfully pressed and cosy toed in an abundance of Christmas cool. As per the typical script four such beauties with which to adore your tinsel toned turntable headed up on this occasion by the Terminal Gods who ought to be familiar to the more keen eared / eyed among you since we recently fell over backwards in purring awe of their current ‘road of the law’ single (although it was as a matter of fact the flip side ‘movement’ that had us cooing – but hey who’s splitting hairs). This twinset finds them serving up a newly penned hurter and a seasonal cover of a festive oldie from many years past. ‘Boundless’ the self penned part of this two track trimming arrives resigned and sighed in a bitter sweet, though arguably expected, disappointment, daubed in wintry hues and bleakly blown by Autumnal tides, this bruised nugget initially appears haloed in a youthful New Order shelling before retuning itself to the kind of reflective and melancholic frequency of the much missed Hillfields. Over on the flip you’ll find a rather curious and delightfully misshapen take on the Chris Rea yuletide seasonal ‘driving home for Christmas’ which on this occasion is somewhat steered, or so it would seem, by an almost pathological and unhinged edginess that suggests the protagonist is visibly frustrated, irked and bored by the madness of the season, all this comes set and seethed upon a dislocated and monotonously twisted industrial grind.  Limited to 350 copies all on white wax.




Next up Ikon who I’m fairly certain haven’t thus far troubled these pages which is I suspect  perhaps a fault on our part because ‘Gruss Vom Krampus’ is a brooding and chilling gothian ghost light bewitched in mythology and scared by the dread of nightmarish haunting whilst at sleep. Dreaded in epic eeriness, this slice of macabre merriment exhumes the legendary Christmas devil, a demon tasked with whipping children into to being good and smuggling those without salvation into the underworld for tormented reward, no dancing around the Christmas tree when this ghosts into ear view, more likely you’ll be hiding behind it as its icy tones chill all in fearful pay back with the sounds within withered in chamber groaned noir all arrested in a deathly sombre bleak celebration. Over on the flip a cover of ‘little drummer boy’ here rescued from its usual whimsy and fractured superbly to be haloed in an ominously shadowy muscularity ghosted in a spectral hymnal glazing of dark psychotropia. Comes limited on 200 copies of white and 200 copies of blood red vinyl.


This delightful babe comes limited to just 250 copies and is something which without wishing to steps on toes, had you  forced our arm up our back and forced us to choose our favourite of this Snowflake quartet – well this little slice of oddly surreal psychoramic pop would steal it. It’s by Juniore – a five piece female collective headed up by Anna Jean whose vocals have been previously lent to the likes of Jackson and Bot’Ox. ‘de saison’ is a gorgeously kooky 60’s styled shape shifter, initial moments are grooved and dinked with nods to late 60’s TV spy adventure noir a la John Barry and Ron Grainer before blossoming into a smoky slice of French chamber pop seduction that purrs to imagine a mid way crossing point linking Belle Epoque with Stereolab and Broadcast  all the time coming beautifully daubed in kaleidoscopic swirls of mind expanding fairground carousels..over on the flip awaits ‘pour Noel, cette annee’ – a cover of Mariah Carey’s ‘all I want for Christmas is you’ – one of the acknowledged cornerstones of the Christmas classic sound here softly shimmered in the playful spirit of Francoise Hardy. Quite perfect if you ask me.



No slouch in the affection stakes and very nearly toppling the Juniore track as our favourite moment. You might be forgiven for thinking that Tele Novella had been time locked in the monochrome murmured 50’s, there’s an innocence, playfulness and detachment from the gruffness of modern age that yearns for the simpler times found in classic black and white flicks of yore. ‘Christmas Spirit’ comes kookified in the mischief making merriment of Burton’s ‘nightmare before Christmas’, a chirpy carolling creeper crookedly cooing to a delightfully creaking shadow play of supernatural shanties and hi-jinks horror haunts. Over on the flip they sumptuously re-score Marvin \Gaye’s ‘purple snowflakes’ into a divinely tender treat that delicately dips and demurs strangely joining imagined dots between the free design and doris day. Only 350 of these babes –all on white wax. 



Fancy a bit of voompf to your festive frolicking, perhaps fed up with all the sugary sentimentalism and the jarring jingle bells of the season’s stereophonic salvos that once in unavoidable earshot  make you groan with melancholic misery to have you recalling best forgotten yuletides years gone by when frankly what you really want is something gruff, loud and frankly spiked in feel good jubilance not to mention blessed with a straight to the point  lyric that as memorable and as easy to learn as your ABC’s whilst not forgetting ramped up like a chest beating charging cavalry or a terrace tidal wave. Then step this way, for this is Scottish punks 4 past midnight’s searing seasonal sonic stage diver ‘it’s Christmas time again’ – a power punk party pack cut and coiled with the spirit of Mega City 4, Green Day and Leatherface and its available via orchestrated dystopia records on 7 inch slabs of white wax.


Goes without saying, adored around these here parts, this is the latest dream drenched celestial from pinkshinyultrablast. Culled from a forthcoming set entitled ‘grandfeathered’ due February end through club ac30, this is the twinkle some ‘the cherry pit’ – a vapour trailing love note blissfully bathed, star crossed and divinely dipped in a crystalline cocooning of cathedral chimes emitting myriads of lunar kissed euphoric ruptures much like, it has been said, a falling star symphony crafted by the much missed Kitchens of Distinction in the throes of its last death defying charge to a glorious end. Amidst the heavenly floor show the lost in the moment sound of a siren-esque vocal skips and hops daintily with disarming calm affection unaware and oblivious to the surrounding coalescing collapse. Comes pressed on ‘mermaid’ coloured wax as though you needed further prods. https://soundcloud.com/club-ac30/pinkshinyultrablast-the-cherry-pit/s-NpgYB

Musical interlude….found sounds…18…kitchens of distinction

Where the description sublime simply falls woefully short, this is kitchens of distinction at their most finest, still pushes the adore buttons even now some twenty years plus.

Musical interludes….found sounds…19..moskow..

Much too our embarrassment we have to admit to saying how the hell did we miss this….a rock-a-hula nugget from 1978 from moskow – this ought to appeal to all you whose chosen groove poison veers from anything vaguely whiffing of TV Personalities, Invaderband, the blue giant zeta puppies, beatnik filmstars and bearsuit….time for a reappraisal perhaps…..

Must admit to being slightly smitten by this delightful slice of woozy strangeness, there’s something of a day dreaming Le Mans about its wares albeit as though its genteel flutter by fragility has been deliciously disturbed, skewed and scrambled by the passing visitation of an impishly minded Pram. A forthcoming self titled set from Snowpoet through two rivers records is currently alluring our sound player from which this ghostly folk vision is culled. Entitled ‘waves’ – this whisper kissed enchantment arrives spirited upon a seductively haunting haloing of twilight apparitions murmured in the kind of frail and unworldly aura as that which made Lisa O Piu’s ‘whisperers, wavers, hunters and sailors’ outing for autumn ferment such an invitation for heavy play rotation though here dreamily toned in interweaving chorals and dinked in the dissipating unravelling dissolve of breezy pastoral posies that hint of a secret meeting spot where the worlds of Drake and Oldfield collide.  https://soundcloud.com/snowpoet/waves-1

Mentioned this in passing when we briefly previewed a forthcoming full length soundtrack score from EMA to accompany Tara  Subkoff’s new film ‘#horror’, which all things being well should be dropping into record land space about now through city slang. This is one of the highlights of the collection, the amorphous and enigmatically dreamy ‘Amnesia Haze’ – an ice shimmered ethereal vision kissed in frosted florets of sweetly allured enchantment which just in case you were asleep when we mentioned it the first time we expanded further upon somewhere here.


Eyed this on a latest listing from norman records, the long overdue return of Hijokaidan to turntables, admittedly not as punishing as previous outings of old, mellowing I hear you say, indeed though still crammed with enough skree seized sonic torturing as to have birds cease flight with impromptu immediacy and fall out of the sky whilst simultaneously leaving both your speakers smoking as a result of impact surges and your ears bleeding through the sheer intolerance to the high end frequency squeals. ‘emergency stairway to heaven part 3’ comes dragged from a super limited – just 750 copies cool kids – 12 inch picture disc currently doing the rounds on cold spring and finds Hijokaiden in playfully impish moods cutting what can only be described as a riotously cacophonic free form jazz jarred dismemberment which had I not known better would have hazarded a guess was a  caustic sonic soup cobbled together by some previously unlisted visitation of inside ov a butchers shop to the hallowed confines of the foolproof projects offices. As to the additional live bloodbath found here, we find hijokaidan on more familiar terrains testing your mettle and tolerance levels with a truly wig flipped slab of noise niking feral no wave carnage which though not as sadistic as say, Kylie Minoise and Tayside mental health, irrefutable takes its sonic scalpel to the likes of Sissy Spacek.   https://soundcloud.com/coldspring/sets/hijokaidan-emergency-stairway

There’ll be more Static Caravan groove appearing here over the weekend with the emergence of a new twin track by Rory McVicar. For now though something that’s been eagerly awaited here for a fair old while since first appearing on the labels web site listings. A new strictly limited to 300 copies only 12 inch homage to the late HP Lovecraft by wires and whirrs boffins the Duke St. Workshop. ‘tales of HP Lovecraft’ is due for hi-fi haunting in the latter quadrant of the coming January season, coming adorned in sleeve artwork designed by Marvel artist Sean Phillips; it finds the duo pitching up their shadow playing dystopian paranoiacs with actor Lawrence R Harvey whose place here is found in the creaking chair evoking supernatural spectres and chills of unease through readings from the great man of dark words. Throughout this the Workshoppers set to work in edgily casting and creating eerie psalms of isolationism whose macabre minimalism and ice cold detachment acts as a  sonic mind link forging telepathic turntable terrors with classic era John Carpenter and the sinister overtures of a ‘circus of death’ era Human League. http://www.the-monitors.com/2015/12/11/premiere-the-duke-st-workshop-with-laurence-r-harvey/

Ah ‘song to the siren’, one of those  tracks that admittedly has stayed close to me pretty much all my listening life, the original template by the late Tim Buckley was raw, too close and oft hard to endure without being crushed by its ache. A significant cover by this mortal coil provided for an exquisite rephrasing, however too distant, too ethereal and suspended somewhere to far to touch. Step up to the plate Lights that Change, for they have perhaps achieved the impossible in managing to opt for a happy medium and into the bargain maroon said classic to a more earthbound footing, still shimmered in wisps of the ethereal and the elegiac, a indeed true – ghosted, cradled and visited upon by a tenderly yearning spiritual spectral, its sense of space, poise and application of emotional burn adores it in a softly surrendering seduction. 

Do I suspect that this may well hint at new Moon Wiring Club groove to come. Think I’m right in saying that this is a new thing and if I’m not far off the mark something a little strange and disturbed at that. ‘into the chattering ground’ peers from a dark shadowy place, by the fading glow of its ghostly flickering a sign points to guide you  along an overgrown path that winds ominously to reveal the lair of mount Vernon arts club whereupon in a secretively hidden laboratory sonic cultures drawn from the manifestations appearing from out of the fractured psyche of biosphere and the gloaming parallel worlds of Wizards Tell Lies are fused, blended and bastardised into an eerie technoid disturbia. 

Update – from the album ‘why does my house make creaking noises’ through back workshop

Blimey they are all coming out of the woodwork of late, we’re literally awash with goodies aplenty from familiar faces who’ve thus far undergone worrying periods of silence or else have fallen off our radar viewfinder in recent times. One such welcoming return is a new EP from Distraction records mercurial sons, Necro Deathmort.’EP3’finds them beyond the point of return drifting ever further into the cosmic backwaters relaying final farewell transmissions across the starry highway before being lost to the void. Tune trajectory wise, ‘EP3’ finds the Necro dudes plotting similar sonic course settings to label compatriots Warm Digits, for here cuts such as opener ‘Sedan’ emis lunar love notes forged out of crystalline vintage kosmiche dialects, a hyper gliding pulsar steeled in a frost framing piloted by Karl Bartos. In sharp contrast ‘holy prism’ is demurred in a floaty mellowness that hints to the spacey super structures once upon a time constructed by Tangerine Dream albeit here as though bleakly though beautifully ached by the intruding appearance of a cybernetic John Foxx. Elsewhere the aptly titled ‘sparks’ sounds for all the world like a critical mass forming malfunctioning ‘man machine’ misfit degrading the diode and wires circuitry of an Add N to X mainframe while parting shot ‘tundra’ is a hulking leviathan armed in chameleonic cloaking weaving unseen through the shadowy voids drenched in brooding atmospherics and sounding not unlike some ominous future vision left on the cutting room floor from Vangelis’ score for ‘blade runner’. All said prime listening moment of the set is ‘regency’ as it emerges romantically traced in FortDax-ian swathes arced in sublimely forlorn glacial formations all dimpled in the mini euphoric raptures of  kosmiche kooled orchestrations. Blissful is short.


Musical interludes….found sounds 20…the mobiles…

Do you still call them guilty pleasures….well here’s one of ours – the Mobiles from many years back…didn’t not the 9 o’clock news do a hilarious pastiche of this or at least the whole new romantic scene….’nice video, shame about the song’ that’s the bunny…..

Been a fair old while since we were visited upon by the Manitou, however the silence has been broken thankfully by an email from Joshua alerting us to new groove in the guise of ‘trans earache express’. This is so delightfully old school new musik that we can almost smell the flock wall wallpaper and hear the crackle of nylon and if I’m honest had us frantically trying to root out our copy of 90 degrees south’s ‘plans for travel’ for comparison. An impish nod to Kraftwerk aside, in title only I’ll be bound and drenched in the kind of motorik mosaics that adorned Echoboy’s quite superb ‘scene 30’ release there’s a subtle undercurrent at play here that suggests if you dig a little deeper you’ll hear the sound of Depeche Mode’s ‘new life’ reduced to a sleeping murmur and awoken to find itself in the fractured wilderness of Numan’s insular ‘telekon’. https://soundcloud.com/themanitou/trans-earache-express

Hark now do I hear the wafting of wonky, woozy whirly pop happy happenings emanating from the odd balled eccentric hidey hole of the kooky internet wireless play room of Radio Bellbury spraying sounds of weirdness and the wired across the populace like some devil may care circus master dandy doffing discs of delight from upon his personage for all to amaze. Ah well enough of the picture colouring, it’s just ghost box dude Jim Jupp playing a few records. But hey what records they are comprising of forgotten finds (the roger webb orchestra – indeed yes the full unedited theme from the late 70’s TV series ‘the hammer house of horror’), kitsch cuts (Chicory Tip) and some essential new ghost box grooviness (toi toi toi and the caverns of anti matter). Amid this strangely become bouquet picking stirs the ghostly beauty of the Wyatt-esque ‘canterbury’ by Beautify Junkyards, some wig flipped daftness from Keith and Doug, cool 60’s grooved rock-a-hula from the Equals. Elsewhere keenly essential visitations from Fuzz, regal worm, zombi and a classic piece of lost vintage groove from vertigo forgotten dudes Gravy Train found here kicking out kicking out a blended potion of Zep-esque / pretty things strutness. Selected listening moment surely has to be Jonathan Fitoussi et Clemens hourriere’s’ five steps’ taken from a set of the same name put out by versatile france earlier this year – and something we annoyingly missed – this demurring dream dipped lunar orbital provides a master class in the delicate balance of old schooled murmur toning electro bliss. Oh and before we forget best mention the lost ghost box sortie from hintermass which has somehow managed to escape our affection, featuring various advisory circle and broadcast dudes found here ploughing the psych folk mytics much like some strangely divine lysergic dream visitation of murmurs of Irma in collusion with soft hearted scientists. https://www.mixcloud.com/GhostBox/programme-15/

Talking of the blue giant zeta puppies, seamless links time a go go – our favourite hip wiggling Wray gunning intergalactic twang overlords appear on a super limited charity compilation put together by those Sendelica folk entitled ‘Hiraeth’- named after an organisation providing help and support to refugees in the Pembrokeshire area. This set gathers together eight of the bands close musical friends as well as featuring a brace of previously unreleased cuts by Wales’ psych progian cosmic overlords with the aforementioned Zeta dudes stepping up to the plate with a track lifted from a Dandelion radio session by the name of ‘mad love’- a frantic quicksilver rescue mission jettisoned into the lunar voids in search of the lost in space man or…astro man. Elsewhere the Spookers – previously unknown to us – stump up the hypno grooving ‘souls of the dead’ – a demurring kosmiche carousel orbiting in the kind of lost spaces as currently piloted by the likes of the palace of swords and the cosmic dead, a milky murmured  mosaic of the mind’s eye trippiness that’s slinkily trimmed in the kind of smoky out there wooziness of sunray’. Soft Hearted Scientists step up to the plate with ‘drops in the ocean’ only to find themselves star eyed and revolving in tomorrow-esque meets Zombies kaleidoscopic swirls, a colourfully psych shimmered mushrooming mosaic traced with a bitter sweet affection spirited away on symphonically lushly textured Beatle-y montages, is that the sound of cat purring at its end we wonder. By coincidence, one time Tomorrow man Twink features here with an alternate rephrasing of ‘10000 words in a cardboard box’ – a brooding progressive psych gloaming ushered in shadowy peek-a-boo’s all cast in a becoming vintage eccentricity that hints of a kinship to the mercurial alchemists Paul Roland and Nick Nicely. Sounding as though been recently thawed from a long sleep undertaken in the early 70’s, there’s a decidedly acute out of step vintage at work here that suggests Paradise 9’s ‘crystalized moments’ may have slipped under the radar of those usually keen earned stoner folk admirers – that is when they aren’t pre-occupied with all things electric wizard and cathedral – Rise Above for this little nugget wedges its way under the skin much like a lazy eyed and super chilled Leaf Hound. And there we were ready to go all ‘can you dig it’ when the opening siren call engaged into life at the start of ‘blown to kingdom come’ the sets offering from the mighty the luck of eden hall – a typically pristine pop purred slice of fluorescently spangled psychedelia rubbed in the kind of shade adorned crystalline cool that much recalls the Dukes of Stratosphear. Elsewhere you’ll the powersteppers offering something of a break from the head frying mind morphing encountered in persistent frequency amid these grooves with a spot of Zion Train likening dub doused sound system grooving courtesy of the smokingly tasty ‘reason together’ while award for the most wigged out happening here must surely go to spurious transients’ ‘modus operandi’ – a tripping peace pipe toting freak out with which the bands last visit to these pages had us scant prepared for, think upon it as a bad acid Gong-ified stoned out tribal chanting schizoid jazz psych ju ju and we’ll say no more about it. Sendelica book end the set with two cuts, a studio and a live treat, the former entitled ‘Azoic’ sees them unusually venturing into states of frosted pop majesty, amid the softly delicate plumes of bliss burns something beautifully touching emerges carved in an aching likeness of Sigur Ros by a bruised and hurtful Grails. As to the live excerpt, this one coming ripped from a recent set at the cosmic puffin earlier in the year features the spacey Ozric-ian ‘obscured’ – an astral riding slice of way out Floydian classicism casting out a smoking head spinning transcendental of constellation lining arabesque mind expansion which towards its end goes all wig flipped and fried in a kraut gouged Embryo type way which does it for us, though the less adjusted among you may feel such sensory overloading may warrant a desire for a lie down afterwards. http://sendelica.bandcamp.com/album/sendelica-friends-hiraeth

Oh now this is simply divine, the serene sound of the universe in the throes of sweet decay, raptures of bliss kissed hazes symphonically signalling the passing from death to rebirth to mirror and backdrop the sighing fall and disintegration of the stars as well as the slow but sure distinguishing of the heaven’s lights. This is Virgance, better known to kith n’ kin as dream pop astronaut Nathan Smith. ‘paradigm 3’ is his latest shoegaze supernova, a celestial arc light dimpled in ethereal tonalities, showered in euphoric angel sighed choruses  and seductively drenched in vapour trailing after burns, reference wise akin to a heavenly visitation choreographed by a dream dazed Flying Saucer Attack as were  remodelled by Kevin Shields. Also features a guest appearance by dream pop darlings Ummagma  on ‘down by the river’ which alone worthy of the entrance fee by itself arrives sugar spun in an unworldly hymnal grace serenaded by trembling tides of sweetly genuflecting chime corteges. Resistance is pointless, best just surrender and let yourself be drawn into its warming white light oblivion. Simply immaculate.  http://thevirgance.bandcamp.com/album/paradigm-3

And back with Static Caravan for that promised outing from Rory McVicar whose absence from these pages has been duly noted – what no cards no phone calls – how is a reviewer to cope. Anyhow having last appeared here way back in the days when he used to cut the occasional nugget via norwich’s esteemed nr one imprint,  Mr McVicar is back with this pretty snappy twin set which finds him freefalling into Ben Vaugn terrains, which given that Mr Vaugn is an equally errant soul we’ll quantify that by saying ‘freefalling into Ben Vaugn terrains as was the case last time we heard him 2000 or so’….especially on the flip side of this new limited outing for ‘alone I’ll be’ is ghosted with an old school song crafting that ebbs and flows with an acutely soft melodic nip that keeps drawing you ever nearer and deeper, much like something by jon derosa o if I’m being honest to burn with a subtle adoring intensity. It’s the sleepy headed and hypnotic ’toothache’ though that provides the centre of attention here and rightly so, caressed in a thoughtfully reflective folk intimacy, its spirited upon a willowy and hauntingly breezy clock working canter that steps within itself showering cosy toed psych shimmers whilst nodding, though for the life of me I can’t put my finger on exactly as to why I’m drawn as such, to a youthful John Martyn.

Here’s an acoustic performance recorded for the local BBC radio…..

Tis been a fair old while since happy orange balloon dropped our way, a new album completed and currently looking for a label to licence it to, this is the very Orbital ‘the box’-esue ‘the theme of moral conscience’ – a gorgeous slice of slyly demurring pastoral spy noir electronica delicately reclined on a locked grooved musical box purring prettified posies into the moon shined night air which in truth serves as a linking sonic bridge between Ron Grainer and Gnac. Talking of Mr Grainer let the track plays through and up gets cued the ominous droid dub of ‘uscita numero 2’ as it looms from out of the shadows of the infamous room 13 of Maida Vale – the lair of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop – very EAR it has to be said.



picture interlude…..found documents 1….BBC Radiophonic Workshop….

A rare tour inside the legendary Radiophonic Workshop through a series of collected archive photos featuring the legendary Delaware Road site, the Workshop studios, the Workshop boffins and the Workshop gadgets – use the arrow navigators top left for additional pages……


Fear not we will be revisiting this in more detail a little later in the week. A superb oddly misshapen collection of Christmas crookedness courtesy of Australia’s re-activated Terse  imprint entitled ‘terse greetings’. Free to download, so no excuses for not partaking in its strange delights, still I guess it beats listening to another chirpy musical miseltoe for the umpteenth today as you frantically loiter and languish in ever growing waiting queues at the grimness known as the local shopping centre.  Just a quick mention this time around as we’ve eyed three familiar folk spooking the grooves within. First up Midwich Youth Club deviously delights with ‘the man who celebrated Xmas every day’ – a sinister seasonal romp decorated in the weird ear wooziness of Debyshire and Baker and modelled to sonically imagine, one suspects, the arrival to Christmas town of the mad mutant music hall freak circus replete with mind frying carousels and nightmarish nursery school recitals that gathered together sound like an unhinged and ghostly warping of ‘the dance of the sugar plum fairy’. Tauchseider you may well recall us mentioning fondly when casting an ear upon their castles in space debut, and no, despite promises their label still refuses to send over various spares – I fear the naughty step looms for them. Anyhow ‘Noddy’ – Slade singer, friend of big ears or otherwise where none too sure, however what we van be certain of is that this is akin to a celestial visitation, a dronal overture delicately sculptured to reveal a softly poised  dream drifting leviathan kissed in the passing after burn  of sun scorched shimmers – need we say more. Onwards then to the Revenant Sea who will again be featuring later in the week with a collaborative release that’s been on our to-do list for a week or more, for now ‘outpost 31 (maybe we shouldn’t survive)’ is not as grim or foreboding as the title might first have you believe, at least if you’re not a human anyway for this ominous slice of dystopian future vision comes tripped in images of post apocalyptic wastelands devoid of life as you and I know or recognise presided over by mechanoid foot soldiers. http://severedheads.bandcamp.com/album/terse-greetings-2015

A Cardiacs video from many, many years ago. Surreal, zonked out and quite frankly the final word in pop. Genius.


Described by their press folk as a ‘cheeky garage banger’ – Jeez they weren’t kidding were they. Latest heading out of the pnkslm sound house is this nifty slice of wig grooving rock a hula by the Castillians, their second single truth be told entitled ‘piggy in the middle’. This bad babe is a three minute party packing shakedown that scowls, struts and shimmies with raw potent intent, a 60’s beat grooved throwback authentically turned in the kind of acutely crafted vintage that might make even the Stairs pause, take a breath and go wow, did we mention sexy and sassy, no – well its ridiculously oozed in sexy sassiness not to mention packed with so much infectious cool that we here are surprised the blighter doesn’t come pre packed with jabs .


Not that you should need an excuse to feature the music of Drew Mulholland, these days having progressed through the various states consciousness having dropped the Arts Lab part of Mount Vernon for the more out there space cadet option of Astral Temple, however rather than through some kind of whim or mere fancy for featuring the aforementioned Mr Mulholland we’ve linked it to a news story that appeared on the Independent web site. Remember that bit – the Independent – not the Sport – the Independent. To cut a very long story short, apparently in Brompton cemetery there’s been mounting speculation that a mausoleum there is in reality a time machine or at least some form of conduit for travelling great distances in nanoseconds. The only problem is the theory cannot be proved because they’ve lost the key. Beggars belief doesn’t it, did George Lucas right this I wonder , something to do with secret knowledge of the Egyptians discovered in the Victorian age led eminent men to believe that they had mastered the art of time travel. The question or questions that need/ s asking of the Independent – was it a slow news day; is it an early April fool mistakenly unwrapped or some feel good news story to switch everyone’s attentions while the fascist upper class bastards in Whitehall – oh hello Tories I didn’t see you there – sneak through another purge upon the poor workers of this once fine nation. Of course we could be wrong and proven wrong next week and not alas last week as anyone who knows about these things will tell you that time machines can only go to the future of their time line and not their past, in which case this being Victorian in origin then last week might be a possibility – ah well was I wrong. On a lighter note we have here about person several keys in search of lost locks 0- will any of them do.  Oh and incidentally, the Drew Mulholland link, well simply that an image of the mausoleum appeared on the cover of Mount Vernon Astral Temple’s ‘musick that destroys itself’ – a collection of retro futuristic noodle hypno-grooves very much cultured in the style of a slightly more together EAR


Musical interludes….found sounds 21…Johnny Leyton..

The immortal ‘Johnny remember me’, included in a genre these days referred to as death discs, would you believe this was recorded way back in 1961 and the first chart topping success for the production tour de force that was Joe Meek.

Tripped over this by sheer accident, emanating from out of the inconsistent jukebox sound house which we believe features that Snaith dude who much too our embarrassment we did promise to feature more of a little while back, this bad boy is I think called ‘bodisity.’. Something which in its initial moments had us much recalling a more softly toned Muslim Gauze but which then goes on something of mooching patrol drawing to its fuzzed up stoner groove core some slinky funk frazzles and acutely wasted kaleidoscopia over some neatly kookily trip hop beats replete with some nifty Herbie Hancock meets Prince to cook up a whole pan load of seductively sleazy and sassy psych ju ju soup.


Staying with the Snaithness and the inconsistent jukebox, ‘bleed through’ finds the collective hooking up to Erika Bach to do seriously bad and dirty things on your turntable, this babe obviously freefalling into the more out there moments of Bowie’s ‘the lodger’ though sounding as though it’s been bitten by the Rick James funky tooth with some side serving of Sylvester and Minty for good measure with the resulting cocktail dragged off and forced head first in some Psychic TV tumble dryer. 


Mentioned these Canadian dream poppers a little while back in connection with their quite exceptional collaboration with Virgance so it seems only fair that we cast an ear of the duo’s latest extended play. Entitled ‘frequency’ and available on all digital formats along with a highly collectable limited edition 50 copy CD – which we’ve hooked up to our Christmas wants lists, it finds Ummagma continuing their surrendering trajectory into ethereal climes, all at once svelte and seductive with production controls set to pristine perfection, these vapour trailing gem stones flicker and flutter with a yearning effervescence across 5 penned originals and three guest re-trims. The romantically dimpled and demurred ‘Orion’ opens to the delicate tracing of twinkling star kissed lazy eyed lunar folk mirages before  shifting through the seductive gears with the onset of the amorphous ‘Lama’ – a kind of celestial tryst forged of the Lovers Speaks mosaics and the sweetly purring nocturnal drift space of the much missed ROC. ‘As the title might give hint, the frost formed minimalist murmured snow globe that is ‘winter tale’ comes caressed in the hymnal sighs of a  playful star hopping Cocteau Twins. Admittedly our favourite moment of the set, the cavernous instrumental ‘Galacticon’ hints heavily of the Bowie / Eno overtures over on the flip of ‘Low’ while the dream drifting sea farer ‘Ocean Girl’ softly dissolves upon the shimmering waveforms that had we not known better would have suggested had been navigated previously by a collective voyage embarked upon by Vini Reilly and Discordia. As to the sets three parting tracks, a guest gathering soiree of friends summarily sprinkling their own magic dust on the cut ‘lama’ – obviously of most interest to drteam pop enthusiasts here is the appearance of Robin Guthrie whose ethereal haloes brought to adore his remodelling ushers upon the proceedings a lovelorn euphoria. OMD’s Malcolm Holmes’ opts for a different route way totally deconstructing the original template and resurrecting it into a technoid / Balearic cosmic dream coat. Last up lights that change return favours to turn in the best of the trio to create a oceanic kosmiche cutie that burns with smouldered desire. http://ummagma.bandcamp.com/album/frequency

Those dudes over at silber media certainly no how to dish up the treats, not  content with releasing the latest Yellow6 sonic 6mas card, the blighters have once again marked their seasonal salutations with the release of a plethora of EP’s all of which we’ll do our damnedest to feature, either later today or over the course of the next day or two. For now though, plucked from the festive hat, we’ve had cause to be rather smitten with a cut from Exercitus Dei entitled ‘Christus Vincit’ which by rights should have you fixed to spot and somewhat forgetting of the cheap commercialism of the season for a second or, as the case may be, 16 minutes by which time you’ll find yourselves bathed in celestial lights and awed by the majesty of its passing. Of course as ever the press gubbins plays down matters a tad commenting thus ‘an extended meditation on the glory of Christ’ which I must admit on first reading had us slightly worrying that we were in for an extended spot of ‘thought for the day’ styled yuletide prose. Still, if your musical bag is slightly more robust and draped in regimental fineries then this may well furiously tick the boxes sounding as it does like the celestial cavalry fast approaching over the hill replete with the soft mesmeric after burns and radiant glow of ethereal chorals of angelic sighs. https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/christus-vincit   

Pulled this from the Manchester version of Time Out’s five best bands to watch in 2016 – which is not something we usually do because quite frankly end of the year lists and other such like have a tendency of giving us the heebeegeebees. However we made an exception this time around for this small concentrated list featured just five choice picks – three of which we’ve featured in recent months – those being TVAM, Pins and the quite amazing Whyte Horses, of the two errant souls seemingly making up the quintet – we’ll try and hook up to the blossoms later- for now though this is horsebeach with ‘disappear’ – described as for fans of the Smiths and real estate, we here are edging on the paris angels and micro Disney axis albeit were the two to find themselves buckled and braced by the delicate rub of Vini Reilly pastel opines with this dreamy sweetheart finding itself floating genteelly upon the delicate drifting haze of subtle 60’s west coast pop yearns, its lazy eyed opaque drizzled in warming tides of bliss bathed mild kaleidoscopia, indeed certainly worthy of an ear. https://soundcloud.com/horsebeach/disappear   

Another release where for the life of us we can’t recall having picked from, by hole house it’s a mix tape entitled ‘welcome the stranger’ – a departure from your usual seasonal fair, unless of course your seasonal fair happens to pass on the tinsel and baubles in favour of something more sinister and eerie in nature.. the isolation here is perceptible to such an extent that the author/ s even includes a list of influences which rather than rattling off a list of crucially hip sonic players from the last few decades instead includes morosely, stuff like – damp patches, dirty mattresses and rotten luck. Still at thirteen minutes in length the groaning doom dread overture within – akin incidentally – by and large – to those emanating from the found craft at Hobs Lane in the first – and best – of the Quatermass stories – is icily gouged in hypno wave forms of coldly detached industrial dub murmurs and scratching manipulations as well as Geiger counter clicks – all very strange and slightly disconcerting not to mention something best viewed from the safe comfort behind the sofa. Still, perfect listening for those times over the festive holidays when unwanted persons come descending upon you without invite like we reckon you could set your watch to how fast they scatter back to wherever whence they came when this rears groaning into earshot. https://aetheric-records.bandcamp.com/

Here’s the other of those two festive flika recordings releases currently doing the rounds, the other being that rather wonderful Bill Botting and the two drink minimums which we mentioned in passing a little while back. This ‘un comes from Norwegian collective Sunturns who are currently boasting a double set of festive felicitations entitled ‘Christmas II’ which over the course of the coming days we’ll try and nab full downloads for a more detailed review. For now though this delightful three track sampler should give warning aplenty of the beautified song craft at play within. ‘Sunni’ comes deliciously draped in an Autumn hued campfire warmth whose sweeping and undulating overtures beautifully brought to bear by the cantering cortege of twinkling keys are jubilantly crushed with a sepia toned vintage that yearns with a head in the clouds fond wonder, all this delicately decorated and adored in chorals, hushed hymnals and the sweet arrest of fairy sprayed magic dust which to these ears had us much recalling Ooberman  c ‘running girl’. The love noted ‘would you’ comes traced in the kind of exquisitely murmured detailing that teased the grooves of Prefab Sprouts ‘Andromeda Heights’ albeit here kissed with the sly incline of shoe gazed after burns. All said we here are somewhat smitten by the mellowing lazy eyed dainty that is ‘the Axial Tilt’ daubed in lunar baubles and the siren sigh of opining riffs all sugar rushed with subtly nods to a youthful Doleful Lions.  https://soundcloud.com/fikarecordings/sets/sunturns-christmas-ii-sampler

This is quite special, the latest lovely from Nashville electro popper Fleurie is, well, quite frankly, divine. A hauntingly beautiful ethereal visitation ghosted in an unworldly ice framed majestic grandeur that’s purred with supernatural seduction that all at once beguiles, bewitches and enchants all the time softly surrendered upon the effecting jubilantly radiant bathing of sepia crushed noir classicism, in short all together something else.  https://soundcloud.com/fleuriemusic-1/sirens

We’re about to send a little nudge to the guys at Saint Marie who promised to send along full download links for their current Static Waves soiree, as it happens Volume 4 – a three disc set of starry eyed dream pop divine which we’ve already had cause to touch on briefly a few mentions ago or so. Our revisit this time a little two-fold prompted not only by that timely nudge but courtesy of a friend request from Rebecca of the Emerald Down who feature on said set with the emotionally torn bruised beauty that is ‘turn away’ – a head bowed bitter sweet sortie tearfully teased in all manner of lovelorn crushes and the starry eyed sigh of bliss kissed Cocteau-ian choral caresses- goes without saying we need to hear more. While here we must make mention of Mark Van Hoen whose recently released full length ‘nightvision’ has found its way into our affections these last few weeks and from which ‘I love to fly’ is here found culled. One of those cuts best appreciated in a quiet moment with the lights dimmed if only to maximise the savouring of its lulling lunar lilts and the sweetly serenading dream drift flotillas seductively entwined in its orbital vapour trails.  https://saintmarierecords.bandcamp.com/album/static-waves-4

Responsible for one of the finest debuts in the last 15 years in the shape of their self titled opening opus, Working for a Nuclear Free City return from a 5 year silence with a new full length for melodic entitled ‘what do people do all day’. Ahead of its late January release ‘bottlerocket’ has been sent ahead on a scouting mission, a curious moth like post everything mosaic that refuses to settle, instead wilfully flittering, fluttering and staying out of step and out of focus, from out of the distractive twiddle of a radio dial a funky street wise stew of jarring ju-ju emerges dislocating and detuning your head space with its wiring club cloaked Dadaism which all said to these ears sounds not unlike the impish work of a crooked studio hybrid blended and forged out of crispy ambulance and a certain ratio spare parts. https://soundcloud.com/melodic-records/working-for-a-nuclear-free-city-bottlerocket/s-dy0Xx

Been way to long since we featured anything by the metal postcard imprint, there was a time many moons passed when they’d send over their wares in return for much regaling and throwing of bunting in the Sunday Experience shed, but such days are long gone, they probably hawk their wares for the delight of the printed media which is a shame because we suspect we are missing nuggets like this ‘un by the shed load. This is Origami Horses, who hail from Canterbury and come sporting a corking full length platter by the name ‘in love and in dub’ which, although we’ve only had time to sample just two tracks from, are strongly suspecting might be your new favourite listening concern.

You might well recall us mentioning the first of these previewed sets earlier in the year, I’m fairly certain we promised to follow it in more detail at the time but where somewhat derailed by moving at the time. Anyhow here’s another little excerpt showcase from that excellent Raphalite / Gerpfast Kolektif dream pop compilation ‘revolution – the shoegaze revival’ which includes a plethora of hazily dazed dandies including sounds of sputnik featuring ummagma and the very Teenage Fanclub-esque Maydear.

We mention all this not because we are on commission or get sent loads and loads of fab records from the other side of the world – incidentally we do not more’s the pity but because we’ve tripped over a shed load of mix tapes / compilations heading out of Asia – a territory so obvious in their adoring of all things lovelorn and fuzzy – not least the entire ‘revolution’ set included across three video sound links…..which you can find here……time constraints mean that at the moment we haven’t had a real chance to sample the delights though from what we have heard – trementina are certainly worth an earful blending My Bloody Valentine hazes with 60’s shimmered girl pop – albeit as though rephrased through a jesus and mary chain pedal effect courtesy of the quite perfect ‘hazy youth’….while from set 2 clustersun’s ‘hipgnosis’ has something of the Depeche Mode meets comsat angels about its wares……


next up, this tasty little Indonesian dream pop mix tape features a cornucopia of acts that have yet to trouble these pages here you’ll find the aptly named bleary eyes whose ‘unrequited’ is caressed with such crestfallen ardour that you might require hankies as a listening accessory. Somewhere else there’s cherrybombshell who do a neat line in shimmer toned shy eyed pop that on the evidence of ‘’kacewa’ freefalls with affection into territories once patrolled by the Sundays. No prizes for guessing that strawberry wine are starry eyed fully paid members of the my bloody valentine fan club for ‘taste me’ is kissed with a classic late 80’s Creation etching. lurking on the heavier end of the shoegaze spectrum post rock psychedelicists Damascus turn in a mammoth slab of white out groove courtesy of a demo cut entitled ‘slightest’ while those preferring their listening space cuddled in a dreamy fluttering may find themselves cosy toed by the affectionate purr of jellybelly’s ‘chagrin and the miserable autumn’. Personally we here are quite adoring of poptart’s ‘silensium’ with its mellowing slo-mo psychedelic furs-esque siren sighed rapture. All said favoured moments of the set is the sweetly faraway flutter by that is Seaside’s ‘giggle and blush’ and skylab’s exquisitely genteel hymnal romance ‘andromeda’ with the former having something of a Dubstar glint about their wares and the latter the ghosted in softly thawed lunar whispers. 

And many thanks to the kind soul who posted this, a compilation literally oozing in the finest sugar swirled shoe gaze that Asia has to offer. Entitled ‘half dreaming’ – this set was apparently sneaked out in 2008 on the Quince imprint and gathers together 16 of the finest exponents of dream pop from the East. Of course we’d love to spend more time and feel almost crushed for not giving a mention to everything here because seriously there’s not a duff cut in sight. However cherry pick we must for amid these grooves the vapour bliss kiss of Burrrn’s ‘song without words’ comes sugar rushed in summery 60’s femme pop shimmers all bleached in haloes of fuzz, somewhere else the softly twinkle set purr of perfect angel’s celestial visitation ‘cataclysmic’ arrives spirited upon desire laden astral glides while hideka’s ‘echoes’ aside being adorned in all manner of smoky sitar snake winds sounds not unlike a shyly playful Melys playing peek-a-boo. Also worth peaking at is Witherspoon’s bruising and beautiful murmured folk enchantment spectral ‘tingles and everything’ while talking of spectral, well they don’t get more minimal than Cryv’s ‘April and you, March and I’ – a bit of a pop rocket buried beneath a lo-fi productive haze which craftily manages to subtly draw the invisible dots between and another sunny day and ultra vivid scene. 

I’m suspecting we are a little late arriving at the party for this, the much sought after ‘Crystallize’ from Tokyo Shoegaze. Originally issued in 2011 this short, sharp and succinctly straight to point slab of dream drenched white out manages to mainline on a delirious ear candy serving of My Bloody Valentine in all their personas nibbling curtly at their early career noise pop fractures right through to the bliss kissed ‘loveless’ era with much gusto and aplomb, in its finite 39 minute shelling moments of feedback fuzzed oblivion such as is the case on opener ‘299 addiction’ fall headlong into lovelorn raptures as yearned forth on the adoring purr of ‘bright’ . Elsewhere there’s the siren-esque dimpled ‘waltz Matilda’ whose measured mellowing detailing and momentary eruptive surges had us much recalling the sadly missed Workhouse in terms of craft, poise and patience while the ethereal flutterby that is ‘free’ is we suspect wrapped, bowed and sent from somewhere high above the heavens leaving parting shot, the tenderly turned ‘back to my place’ to shimmer seductively in all its twinkling shy eyed willowy romance. 

Incoming on Static Caravan – new 12 inch from the Duke St. Workshop which we mentioned briefly – somewhere here – https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2015/12/11/the-duke-st-workshop-2/ – entitled ‘tales of H P Lovecraft’, this collection features readings of the great man by actor Laurence R. Harvey set to melodic bewitchment – only 300 of these babies are being pressed and all are set to sell faster than it takes the hairs on your neck to stand straight in stricken fear, blimey they’ve even done a cinematic trailer for those of us missing popcorn opportunities while we remain bloody minded and resistant in going the flicks because of Star Wars.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/143874597″>the hound</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/cashproductions”>Cash Productions</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

I’ve mislaid the pre-amble that came introducing this but I’m certain it mentioned that it was a solo outing by Foolproof Projects head weird ear Andy Pyne here masquerading as Ugly Animal, this being ‘melting horizon’ culled from a January planned full length debut ‘panic button’. Trimmed in minimalist electro swathes, ’melting horizon’ is so trademark foolproof project product,  typically off the dial picking away at old generic templates to create new sonic hybrids, this I guess, you could, if so optimistically inclined, view as freeform jazz scalped no wave while the more pessimistic of the parish would be furiously scratching around trying to frantically lay your hands upon lost salvos by the likes of this heat and brand x while stretching as far as the outer spheres of classic era PIL – whichever camp you happen to fall there’s no doubting that this is a hulking monolith pressed in chilling foreboding and much cultured in the ways of a late 70’s post punk scene dulled and grimed in bleakly ominous future telling. https://soundcloud.com/andypuffinboy/ugly-animal-melting-horizon

Like the Cardiacs, there should never be needed an excuse to play This Heat. Both bands though evolving from differing musical species, have plotted, created and  given an alternative exit route for others to follow and because of that are perhaps two of a very select list of truly visionary acts that have come to shape, influence and open minds to possibilities beyond the fixed point barriers of three minute verse chorus verse pop. Messrs Bullen and Hayward will shortly reconvene as This is not This Heat (a mark of respect for fellow This Heat-er Gareth Williams who died in 2001) for a two night residency (details below) – the first time they have performed together live since the band split in 1982. In conjunction with this truly rare event Light in the Attic are planning to re-issue on vinyl the bands keynote full lengths – ‘this heat’ and ‘deceit’ along with their ‘health and efficiency’ 12 inch – the first time that all these recordings have been re-issued.

Imagine then how strange this must have sounded eerily emerging from the fog and through the transistor speakersof those tuning in to Peel’s night time shindig one night in April 1977. This is the chilling though stunningly oblique ‘not waving but drowning’ sounding a touch Robert Wyatt unless I’m sorely mistaken. Still stands up after all these years.



‘Live at Cafe Oto 12th & 13th February





This Heat – Sleep – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_P_5OTEAeM

This Heat – 24 Track Loop – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xZ4JOTC53o


On the 13th February 1976 the seminal experimental rock band This Heat played their first gig. After a Peel session, two albums, an EP and a cassette tape collaboration they disbanded in 1982 leaving an undeniable legacy that has only continued to grow in stature and relevance.


While December 2001 saw the three band members begin tentative rehearsals, any hope of the band reforming ended with the death of Gareth Williams in the same month.


THIS IS NOT THIS HEAT, a two day residency at Café Oto, will mark exactly 40 years to the weekend of that first gig in 1976. This Heat founder members Charles Bullen and Charles Hayward will come together for the first time since 1982 to publicly perform new interpretations of their influential music in collaboration with an impressive ensemble of music luminaries of the past 50 years.


More information on this rare two day residency will be released in due course.


Curated by I-D.A Projects. Supported by care in the community recordings


‘This Heat’ (1979) and ‘Deceit’ (1980) and the band’s only 12″ single Health And Efficiency are being officially reissued for the first time by Light In The Attic on 12th February’.  

Relief in the Sunday Experience moderately warm and free from frost shed early this morning when we managed to secure one of the final copies of the latest Polytechnic Youth release by Mitra Mitra, there would have been glum faces around the Christmas tree log had that gone astray I can tell you – those with goldfish memories wondering what the hell we are going on about might like to go here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2015/12/06/mitra-mitra/ while those of you who just plainly ignored it in the first place, well let us not say no more about while we scribble your names down on our watch list. Any the folk at polytechnic youth are readying a new full length by the listening center who sound like this –  https://listeningcenter.bandcamp.com/ and where mentioned here as far back as https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2014/11/23/listening-center/ – anyhow no links for us to hear just yet – but its due January time and were told it’s a lot more ‘stripped down and minimal’ this time around. Added to that there are planned outings for Dean and Brita and Saddar bazaar due soon on Great Pop Supplement – word has it that the opening track on the Saddar album is’ worthy of the entrance fee alone’. Also imminent is a planned superb set from rhododendron on deep distance which having heard a sneak preview we can tell you is going to be up their vying for early affection with those chemistry set and the assembled minds outings (reviews for both incoming) with the lead out – as yet untitled cut of the preview proving to be a motorik murmurring kosmick psychedelic head popper of some measure that shoehorns elements of fuxa, slipstream and sonic boom into a gloriously mind melting astral arabesque carpet ride. More nearer the date of release and well we’ll round off this ‘shape of things to come’ moment with an old favourite from the polytechnic youth vaults……

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/123029001″>Je Suis Marxiste by Groupuscule</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user24992389″>Polytechnic Youth</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Many apologies to Matt Saunders whose Assembled Minds release have been hogging the hi-fi so much that we’d almost forgotten the point was to review it. So while we get busy prepping words of fondness here’s a little something we eyed on his face book page, seems he’s been in cahoots with Pete Kember / Sonic Boom to cook up some mind altering groove with early results being posted on this very brief sneak preview video – a tasty slice of Dadaist hypno-groove unless I’m very much mistaken…… https://www.facebook.com/AssembledMinds/

Fancy some smoky mind massaging progressive psychedelic lounge jazz cooled groove, then step this way to the dreamily intoxicant sound of Swede astral alchemists Den Stora Vilan. Clearly folks riding their own magic bus, ‘stolden’ – pulled from a recently released third full length entitled ‘utsikt mot havet’ -pretty much shoehorns with much shape shifting aplomb, a lysergic wig flipped tasting of the kind of woozy and wasted spliff spliced happenings lost at the tail end of the 60’s and these days found loitering and awaiting reappraisal by a new found audience of old school hipster groove on you tube. Admirers of Tokolosh will surely find much to toe tap to here. Available via gaphals.

Now would I be right in thinking that this has a Sweet Apple-y thing about its wares albeit found flirting with the dB’s. A free to download slice of strut cooled power pop from the excellently named the bishops daredevil stunt club entitled ‘the woman who got old’ – a tale of missed opportunities and ships briefly passing all kissed and curdled in hooks aplenty whilst simultaneously coming blessed with a radiant chorus line so infectiously studded that you’ll be prone to unexpected bouts of whistling it at variously inopportune moments, in truth sounds not unlike some foolishly left on the cutting room floor forgotten nugget found missing the final cut of Moviola’s ‘durable dream’ set. https://thebishop.bandcamp.com/track/the-woman-who-got-old

Arriving in record world some time towards the end of January will be a debuting single from Cardiff based collective Instructions. Headed up by Spencer Seglov whose previous outfit the Spencer McGarry Season released a trio of full lengths to much critical adoration from the likes of 6 music and the guardian, ‘soft rock is my radio’ is an acutely catchy and infectious homage to MOR / AOR, any similarity to Starship’s ‘we built this city’ being purely down to your mind’s ear playing impish tricks for this kitsch cooled slice of easy listening pop sounds not unlike a gathering of Ashley Parks and the Lancashire Hustlers types musing over a lost Paddy McAloon songbook.  Available through recherché records. https://soundcloud.com/soundaffectspr/instructions-soft-rock-is-my-radio-1

found this nuzzling on the sound cloud playlist being cued after the previously mentioned cut, how did we miss this. Been out for a fair while by the judging of things but a sweetie all the same. This is the hurricane heart attacks with ‘repeater / transparent radiation’ – the first part of which sounding like a returning lost hyper gliding hypno-hymnal jettisoned into the far reaches of the cosmic voids by a classic era Spacemen 3 with the latter – a smoking cool beauty – passing as a secret slo-mo collusion between Cheval Sombre and Will Sergeant. https://soundcloud.com/hurricane-heart-attacks/repeatertransparent-radiation-full-version

our new listening love I’m afraid – well for the next 10 minutes or so – this is  about to break cover via god unknown records, it’s by Cavalier Song and a cut entitled ‘stones for throwing’ from their ‘blezard’ full length. Alas not a lot of info on these dudes except to say these post punk pups certainly know a thing or three about the crafting of a fraying and dislocated dystopian schizoid soup, for this bad boy jars, spars and jabs in all the right place seesawing with obtuse Math-ian precision cutting acutely angular shapes from blueprints coloured and poured over by the likes of left hand. 70 gwen party. Godspeed and wizards tell lies. Ones to watch for we suspect.  http://godunknownrecords.bandcamp.com/album/cavalier-song-blezard-pre-order

Be honest, this is smoking right? Slinky, slyly wasted and oozed in the freewheeling cool of a mid 70’s Neil Young groove, though that’ll be Mr Young backed by a super chilled and reclining Lynyrd Skynyrd, this is the southern end with a killer forthcoming cut ‘lost girl’. This babe comes sumptuously toned in a classic era southern rock wooziness breezed by the delicate trimming of an exquisite easy on the ear vintage song crafting rarely heard executed with such finite aplomb outside of a Lancashire Hustlers (nee Panda Gang, BDI’s…) recording session. Any questions? https://soundcloud.com/the-a-3/southern-end-lost-girl

The  summoning of the great psych sun lord in the mystical sky, now we have heard rumours abound for months that July were cooking up something special, but quite frankly we weren’t in our wildest dreams expecting anything quite like this. This young folk with the floppy fringes, is the original article, a head turning and mind mushrooming six minute taster from a forthcoming album from 60’s psych legends July entitled ‘resurrection’, a kaleidoscopic juju traced in a rich abundance of English psych eccentricity that one suspects takes an admiring leaf from the Cranium Pie and fuses, fillets and fries the grooves in a truly spellbinding smorgasbord of wig flipped astral aural alchemy that’s pimpled in Arabesque mosaics and all manner of fuzzy and freaky faroutness which in truth comes on with all the fun of recreational drugs without the icky comedowns and grim slap of reality. https://soundcloud.com/july-resurrection/resurrection-taster

At an unspecified meeting point somewhere out there location unknown, a gathering of Jesus and Mary Chain’s and the Psychedelic Furs swap overdue notes of affection. A Christmas Star has been tracking their journey to this point with an unrelenting like precision that would make a tracer weep in admiration. Tired but fondly warmed by the moment, the time of the season and the crackling cosy toed glow of the smouldering campfire, the two factions pitch their differences to concoct a musical middle ground, a third way of sorts and through this dabbling and dinking from out of the psychedelic smoke Slipstream do appear and with them bring a shimmering of sleigh bells atop the wide eyed effervescence crush of miniature fire rockets of cosmic euphoria and the feel good coo of crystalline Christmas toned chorals – incidentally this listening vision be called ‘Xmas Jam;  https://soundcloud.com/slipstreamuk/xmas-jam 

You might have to hang on a day or two for us to listen in full to this and report back, but from early initial listens the latest heading out of the gerpfast kolektif sound lab is – well frankly – pure sonic creeping flesh. From a compilation album gathering together seven like-minded artists from the noise / experimental sound   spectrum entitled ‘chapter 0’ this is the unflinching brutality that is ‘there is no end forever’ by TGW / Togawa – a menacing without hope slab of searing power electronic terrorism, an aural autopsy of sorts, bleached, battered and belched over a dead heading trauma filled chamber of atrocity all gouged in a skin itching gloom doomed dread, and about as unsettling and unfriendly as you are ever likely to hear or experience this seasonal period..   http://gerpfastkolektif.bandcamp.com/album/0-chapter-0

A sweet slice of seasonal magicalia trimmed with enough winter tinged pastorals as to have you cosy toed aside a loved one dreamily eyeing the flicker and flutter of snowfall as it dances on the outside window ledge. Perhaps it’s the undulating cascades of frosted key twinkles or the woodcut chimes and the serene snow globed elegance that had us a tad drawn closer and feeling touched by the glow of nostalgia. Anyway whatever the case may be its available as a free download, it’s by N-qia – a Tokyo based duo, it’s called ‘God Jul’ and it’s really quite demurring.  https://soundcloud.com/n-qia/god-jul

Here’s something tasty looming on the horizon, this is swarm of bees – a collaborative project featuring those dudes from Art Trip and the Static Sound paired up with Prolapse’s Mick Harrison – who are currently holed up in a secret bunker chiselling out an EP tentatively pencilled for early 2016 release. Don’t know about you but ‘Sinatra 1’ has been smarting the ear lobes since swooning itself through our sound system early today, an immense kraut gouged post rock black hole that put us in mind of some colossal face off between the mighty Gnod and a brooding Aidan Baker and something that should by rights prick the radars of those among you well versed in the sounds of old school Kranky which as it happens here translates itself through the ominous detailing of a cosmic fog wasteland, at random points veers and emerges from out of an eclipsing trajectory to impart brief motorik pulsar communiqués.   https://soundcloud.com/swarm-of-bees-234423117

Not a great deal of information on this except to say it was forwarded to us by Eric Jovet who you might well recall featured somewhere on that excellent albeit grimly doomed offering by tgw / togawa on gerpfast kollektif and again, we suspect, is buried amid the amorphous dream trip that is I, Eternal’s ‘le matin’. This comes ripped from a three track set for the Russian imprint TRUP entitled ‘le rayon de lumiere’ and should first and foremost appeal to those of you fully subscribed to all things minimalist and vintage tipped in analogue electronics heading out of the polytechnic youth collective for this comes graced in a playful Radiophonic toning, sprayed in mind expanding mosaics and charmed in bizarrely becoming flotillas of Dadaist wooziness which to these ears sounds like a binary configuration of Stereolab fluffiness recoded by a gathering of Pop Off Tuesday and the Frank Chickens all fed through the weird ear sonic scrambler of tigerbeat6. Well trippy all said.  https://wram.bandcamp.com/album/tr129-i-eternal-le-rayon-de-lumi-re

While we are here, we decided to cast a brief ear over the latest outing on the TRUP imprint and hooked up with Flooducti whose three track ‘immunotherapy’ set really is the kind of sonic sore thumb that we here were once upon time regularly greeted with by way of occasional parcels of goodies sent forth from the much missed Scotch Tapes imprint many years ago. Here you’ll find the fuzzed scrawled Flying Saucer Attack meets Bruce Russell psychotropia of ‘battle of the falcons – symptom’s gauge’ eerily fracturing into the harsh industrial monotonous servile squall of the disfiguring lullaby pulsar that is ‘casual dining experience’. Whilst bringing up the rear the bleakly dead headed ‘everybody dies that’s what I love about people’ spirals with forbidding zeal into the darker and denser terrains of Add N to X albeit here scalped and detuned by my cell phone is better than your cell phone.  https://wram.bandcamp.com/album/tr144-flooducti-immunotherapy



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