the subterranean satellite band

I’m fairly certain we’ve had recent correspondence from folk connected with the subterranean satellite band which we will do our utmost best to rescue from the email mountain in the coming days. For now though, they’ve a track on the blog that celebrates itself’s ‘psychedelic’ compilation happening as part of the labels four part colours series, this one being the ‘orange’ one. A strange sonic sortie is ‘certain things’ – pierced with an eerie majesty there’s a kind of kosmick spaghetti western vibe withering throughout replete with dust ravaged atmospherics from out of which peer momentary glimpses of irresistibly frayed west coast murmurs and celestial hymnals all sublimely fracturing into overcasting hazes of finality which all said sound to these ears like something forged from the dark half of a working for a nuclear free city persona.   

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