larry wish and his guys

I won’t deny the fact that we here were initially taken by the unhinged lolloping crookedness of this, a new thing from the moon glyph crew, this being by Larry Wish and his Guys, as it happens limited to just 150 cassettes entitled ‘not from my come from’ with ‘calendar year’ being sent on ahead to scramble your fringes. An oddly fracturing account, guess you could at a stretch call it chamber psych prog, clearly these dudes have been long time admirers of the Cardiacs and the legendary pink dots with a side serving of Tuxedo Moon to boot for everything here shuffles and stumbles to a sonic misdirection to be blessed with a lo-fi oddness that out weirds even the most fried and tripping tones once upon a time found falling out of the Elephant 6 Collective.

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