beaulieu porch

Equal love and hearty thanks to Beaulieu Porch whose ultra limited 20 only pre-Christmas bundle (featuring CD copies of ‘IS’, ‘Sarum Sounds’, a personalised Yuletide card and this here rare as hen’s teeth copy of a 7 inch issued way back in 2014 as a limited 250 only issue). The 7 inch pairs together ‘the view from Gainsborough’ and ‘of particles’ the former of which beautifully fuses elements of reverse looped freak fried poppiness with pristinely turned baroque braids to imagine a cosy toed kaleidoscopic summit meeting happened upon between the Left Banke and Nick Nicely. However as much as we adore the art pop psych fracturing of ‘Gainsborough’ it’s the flip cut ‘of particles’ that had us all a swooning in the listening corner, a psychedelic pastoral ghost light woozily wandering along a nursery rhymed olde English vintage peculiarised by a Barrett quaintness with a shadowy nod to Paul Roland.

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