exploding numbers

Many thanks to Phil over at 345rpm for sending over the test sleeves and labels for the much loved and ridiculously limited Evil Blizzard Christmas lathe cut. Inside the pack he included a little addition, another Exploding Numbers release pairing together both ‘much loved two’ and ‘war on words’, this outing appeared on the 345rpm subscription series ‘454545’ and was in fact record 5 of the 45 release vault excavation undertaken by Phil in putting out a historical sonic catalogue of everything he’d put a hand to right from the days of the much missed Southall Riot to his PhilM outings and beyond. As said this one is by Exploding Numbers, a solo soiree recorded originally in 1998 / 2002 and to date left unreleased and gathering dust. The former track, ‘much loved two’ ought to appeal by and large to those much admiring of the Southall Riot, very much tuned into the vibe picked up by essential ear gear labels of the day – Bad Jazz, Earworm, rocket girl, ochre, roisin and more besides, the dreamy atmospheric shimmer tones spiralling from the grooves here extend far beyond mere post rock noodling into fleeting moments preserved upon an as were, sonic photograph, of course there’s hints of spaciness and a sense of seafaring which when gathered together suggest a demurred studio tryst enacted upon by an assembling of toshack highway, portal and j xaverre types. Four years along the creative timeline and flip cut ‘war on words’ assumes a gruffer tonality, amid the thickly smothered and buried deep lo-fi tuning, echoing ripples slip their mooring to craft a curiously grooved slice of kaleidoscopic kosmich that sniffs and skirts around a sub psychedelic palette forging together extracts drawn from both Roy Montgomery and Echoboy.

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