check out

On the downside, a bit pricey, that said beautifully packaged and dare I say a rather eye catching addition to any record collection. And then there is the sounds, exquisite and dreamily murmured. This folks, is a 500 only vinyl pressing heading out of the Hornschaft imprint – who may or may not have some small connection to the Africantape label. A 10 inch set housed in a rather wonderful looking hand numbered 52 page hardcover fine art photograph album, its sonic authors are Check Out and this is – from what we can gather their debuting ‘self-titled’ outing. Two tracks on the sampler teaser player, the album features five in total all to be listened to in conjunction with the visual portraits within headed up under the themes of excess, exposure and death. ‘check out – part 2’ arrives lushly lulled by the caress of softly strummed string sirens who are crafted as such that they form demurring ripples of forlorn retrospection, their grace, poise and slow precision turn cooling dreamily to nod to those early releases via the kranky imprint and which mid way through suddenly change tone and track assuming a more snow burnt feedback sheened tranquillity much reminiscent of a slow burning Flying Saucer Attack before parting amid a briefly beautiful moment of defrosting twinkle toning. ‘part 1’ assumes a far darker and dare I say funereal posture, its slow burn neo classical tracing aching mournfully drawing it in to terrains more familiar on platters bearing the name Antonymes upon them before shifting tact to freefall into the sedate environs once occupied by LaBradford. Exceptional in a word.

more details via that special record



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