mary ocher

Now I’ll be truthful here in saying that we were just going to give this a quick listen and file it in the essential listening section of this extended weekly missive. It deserves more than that. I’d say we were entranced, mesmerised and locked into its ethereal enchantment the minute it crackled into life. This is a teaser track entitled ‘endlessness’ taken from Mary Ocher’s ‘the west against the people’ full length. Produced by Hans Joachim Irmler, the album is due for release on the klangbad imprint, this first hearing is  approaching something truly immaculate, described as cold wave which personally I feel underplays its beauty, this minimalist hymnal is touched with an air of isolationist classicism, the melodies whispering and yearning are ice framed upon a willowy seductive murmuring whose frosted noir tracing really is unworldly and captivating leaving us here with the kind of jaw dropped adoring which has rarely came troubling our way since the first time we hooked upon early teaser copies of Goldfrapp’s ‘felt mountain’.

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