There’s nothing like an opening description ‘this is some cold shit’ to catch our eye and have us flocking blindly towards. An excellent compilation entitled ‘hoarfrost’ put out by the guys over at Bristol based Liquid Library who describe this in passing as a gathering ‘of ambient sounds with a wintry theme’. Fifteen tracks lurk within, all from artists who’ve so far managed to avoid our radar, we’d love to give over time to them all but alas time constraints deny us the opportunity, so here with a brief picking of what’s about starting with the set opener, to the genteelly oceanic majesty this is the caressing ebb and flow sigh of Elaine Rasnake with the rather beguiled and dare we say aptly titled ‘comfort’. Next up and in sharp contrast, Pethaugarw serve up the skewiff ‘crystallisation’ – all scraped riffs, atonal scowls and freeform mischief set upon an ominously pulsing backdrop, quite eerie and erratic if you ask me – admirers of those Henry Cow chaps will surely adore. Somewhere else, and utilising the same eerie pulsars, Woe Town serve up the hypnotic’83 84’ which to these ears sounds not unlike the pulsing tones found from under a control panel from a resting flying saucer – very chilling and ominous. Be honest, calling yourself Zero gravity tea ceremony and having the nerve to name your track ‘merry fucking Christmas thanks for destroying everything now can I have a hug’ was always going to get our attention no matter how pitiful the sounds might be, happily its quite dandy in a post apocalyptic stars going out end of days type way, while we part to the bruising stoner shoegaze vapour trailing of Smiling Strange’s ‘petelumant’ –  maybe it’s just me but did someone order in Codeine to impart their appraising artistry of My Bloody Valentine’s back catalogue. https://liquidlibrary.bandcamp.com/album/hoarfrost

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