so beast

December’s offering from time released sound, a bit of a delightful sore thumb it has to be said and something that sound wise is a detour from the usual established TRS sonic format, in truth something you’d expect to sneak out of the Bureau B label, it’s not quite Automat but it’s not far off, that is if the excellently titled ‘sex, love and cooking oscillator’ is anything to judge by. This is So Beast with a set called ‘Kira’ – the track in question prickling our ear lobes not least because it wonderfully mutates with such disconnected zeal one minute a crookedly hypnotic and sparsely toned kraut industrial grooved slab of spectral edginess – think part DAF part Lydia Lunch, the next lurching, fragmenting and assuming a sleazily feral uprooting to waywardly detune itself superbly into an angular slab of art groove boogie.   

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