eureka california

Damn we are getting so dizzy with the dishevelled distraction that this bad babe is pouring forth not to mention feeling a tad pinned down by the g-force velocity as it shifts up through the gears to fraying and frying intensity. ‘What’s he saying’ I hear you say while the rest of you cry ‘what’s he on about’ – new happening from Eureka California is to what we refer, a feral slab of awkwardly spotty goof groove, untamed, unruly and discordantly dandy. It be called ‘wigwam’ and its heading out of HHBTM as part of a fair price campaign for 7 inch singles. Over to the flip there lurks ‘only birds no feathers’ and ‘slack motherfucker’ – the former found scuzzing out and delightfully bastardising thought familiar riffs from a distant modern lovers back catalogue, the latter a storming up close and personal loose and loaded, scab picking and volatile cover of an old lost Superchunk ditty – who said the riff sounds like it was nicked from the Pistols ‘great rock n’ roll swindle’.

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