don’t let them tempt you….

New sunrise ocean bender playlist has landed and it’s a bit of babe, features a plethora of mind morphing kaleidoscopic sonic wooziness, some of these dudes we will be seeking out for further listens not least the two opening acts Supersize Me and Peachy Hat, the former doing a rather nifty take on the Crimea being rewired by Mirror, Mirror thee latter providing a cosmic campfire cutie of such blissful brilliance I could have swore I was being visited upon by an out there and deeply stoned The Church. Elsewhere cuts from the adored Tara King Th who I must say we ought to feature more, oldie ‘astro girl’ really is up there with the debuting Soundcarriers full length, then there’s the frankly faultless into the trees’ by Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions which I’ll just say, has to be heard to be believed, a brace of Mega Dodo’s – the excellent Orange Drop and mark and the clouds, tastiness from the Junkyard Liberty and a sneak peak of a track from an ultra limited live cassette from cult of dom keller from our new favourite label Eggs in Aspic – been warned this is selling fast on pre sales we hear. Add to the mix new things from Strange Collective and the heaters – the latter like wow sounds like the cavalry heading fast over the hills, an ultra cool mind frying dandy from Moonwalks and a killer thing from has a shadow whose ‘sorrow sorrow tomorrow’ I must admit sounds as though its stepped out the best bits of an early 80’s positive punk scene. Look do yourself a favour, forget me waffling just tune into the blighter….

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