frans kedes mix BBC more death and horror

Way back in the late 60’s and throughout the 70’s, BBC records issued a vinyl series entitled ‘sound effects’ – like it said on the tin lid these recordings featured short sound extracts drawn from the BBC’s considerably voluminous library, the intention being to be used by DIY sound buffs, schools for educational purposes or to tie in with a TV serial season – there’s an excellent article delving into their history written up by the invaluable pages of ST33 here – anyhow before we get a tad side tracked here’s Volume 21 of the series ‘more death and horror’ reworked and atmospherically animated to chilling life by Frans Kedes, something we suspect that ought to be of uppermost interest to those of you much smitten by the sinister ghost lights set to tape by that Melmoth the Wanderer fellow.

The original mix can be found here…..

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