odd box pod …. and friends….

fancy some shambolic bear’s arse rough pogoing art grooved discordant pop listening, may we suggest you head over in the general direction and tune your WiFi radar sights to the sounds emanating from Odd Box’s first platter playing gathering of the year, even comes with a track list – a help – and featuring some wildly angular nuggets from the underside of pop’s vast spectrum keynote tracks amongst which are offerings from the likes of tough tits, girlfriendo, pale kids and Chuck Higgins – the latter of whom rounds out the show with some smokingly slinky saxophonic cool….   


here’s a few sorties from that aforementioned odd box gathering – first up the spiked and straight up close and personal angular agit sonic etchings of the slowcoaches with the blister forming ‘54’

Next up the ExBats  who do some rather nifty Modern Lovers-esque boog-a-loo for the sassyified Shangri-La’s nodding ‘everyone loves my mom’.

Finally last up for the odd box tips, the discordant edginess of the acutely austere and wired post punk war cry frenz of tough tits with the fracturing hollow of ‘hairless’

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