KUOLEMAN TAPPANEET: Punk rockia pienkustanteilta 1977-1983

Again more apologies are due, seems we’ve mislaid the link announcing all the gubbins on this particular release. If memory serves me right “KUOLEMAN TAPPANEET: Punk rockia pienkustanteilta 1977-1983’ is a must have collection coming out via Svart that gathers together a select handful of self-financed and long sold out and sought after small numbered releases by various spike topped hopefuls from Finland’s first wave of punk – very much in the spirit, it has to be said, of those excellent ‘bored teenagers’ comps put out by Detour a few years ago. The album title roughly translating as ‘THE DEATH KILLERS – A Finnish Killed By Death Compilation (1977-1983)’ features 14 lost rumbles of high octane snot nosed two chord pogoing disciples of dissent, a three track teaser is currently slam dancing and sneering its way on sound cloud with cuts from BLÄÄH, Brups and Tipi and Ministerit vying for your undivided affection, the former of whom do a neat, albeit rough, take on the Buzzcocks, the Brups doing straight ahead terrace anthems the likes of which would have found a likely home on the Secret imprint back in the day while rounding up the pack the latter mentioned steam roller their way through some gruff and grizzled no nonsense heads down muscular pub rock grooviness.

Full track listing –

A1. TIPI & MINISTERIT : ”ATK” [1980, Kuusankoski]

A2. TRAGEDIA : ”Teeskentelijä” [1983, Lempäälä]

A3. NEUROOSI / DOLOREX : ”Rock Against Seija Isonsaari” [1980, Suomussalmi]

A4. SOS : ”Kurjat” [1980, Lahti]*

A5. NIRVANA : ”Kielletyt leikit” [1980, Ruovesi]

A6. STRATUS : ”Valhetta vain” [1980, Pirkkala]

A7. T. TORNI BAND : ”Rauhaa ja rakkautta” [1981, Kitee]


B1. BRUPS : ”Ramptoniin” [1980/1, Vaasa]

B2. TUHTIKYMPPI : ”Raapimalla rahaa” [1982, Polvijärvi]

B3. NAUTA : ”Mä meen” [1979, Hämeenlinna]

B4. BLÄÄH : ”Punkfilosofiaa” [1982, Lempäälä]

B5. SUURKAUPUNGIN HAITAT : ”Elviksen kitara” [1978/9, Luopioinen]*

B6. KASVAIN : ”Onko Suomi Usattunut?” [1979, Jyväskylä]

B7. KOLLAA KESTÄÄ : ”Ahvenanmaa takaisin Ruotsille” [1977, Tampere]*


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