look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping – transmission 3…

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping….

Transmission 3….

Revolutions of a 45 and 33 kind…..

The one that features……

Doncaster electronic foundation, the pulselovers, promenade cinema, damsel in a dollshouse, white shape, odyssey os argonautas, the equestrian vortex, eurnovision, dancing deadlips, fecal vomit,, r seiliog,  art of the memory palace, the bordellos, nunofyrbeeswax,belacide, orbit service, jay Tausig, frans kedes, bbc sound effects, keith seatman, the hardy tree, plaid, euerp1, mirian kolev, panophonic, the blog that celebrates itself, chaz bundick and the mattson 2, r  stevie moore and jason falkner, gulp, julie’s haircut, gnoomes, pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs, has a shadow, daughters of grief, arabian death mask, emptiness, sonic realities, spectres, grouper, jerry lee lewis, kevin o’neill, earache radio, ouroboros, Italian psychedelia, psychedelic furs, stationary travels, hypercube, wilder Gonzalez agreda, Darren Charles, british space group, William onveabor, the molochs, gorillaz, slows down, flaming lips, cage the elephant, carlo savina, Sylvia, rhys marsh, beautify junkyards, half Japanese, Dorothy ashby, patterns, rob Clarke and the wooltones, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, lay llamas, the apeman, cat le bon, emmy the great, Vivienne eastwood, soundcarriers, ghost box, jon brooks, Doncaster electronic foundation, odd box, slowcoaches, the exbats, tough tits, hatori yumi, trimdon grange explosion, kit records, mal Thursday, the trolley problem, Ronald binge, coronation scot, the pulselovers, promenade circus, damsel in the dollhouse


we’re opening this particular missive with a track we mentioned a little while back. The ‘theme from the persuaders’ originally scored by John Barry for the iconic ITC funded 70’s TV series pairing together Roger Moore and Tony Curtis has sat with us since childhood and taken up a small place in our undying affection. This version exquisitely rephrased by Doncaster’s the Pulselovers is pulled from an excellent covers set entitled ’the fourth masquerade’ assembled together by the Doncaster Electronic Foundation (DEF – no doubt a nod to Heaven 17’s BEF – British Electronic Foundation), the release gathers a cast of previous unknown – to us at least – circuit twiddlers re-appraising well known pop hits of yore, special attention ought to made of promenade cinema’s take on Abba’s ‘winner takes it all’ and damsel in the dollhouse’s magnetically chill toned faded glamour brought to pass on their version of Supertramp’s ‘logical song’.






Heading out of Illinois hoisted upon a desert dry trade wind, a mysterious psychedelic arabesque spell charms and spirit walks, this is White Shape with the mind arranging dream tripped astral blues of ‘space reaper’, sitting somewhere along a sonic spectrum located between the Heads and the black angels yet touched with the mercurial hallucinogenic grace of Jefferson Airplane crafting out joyously out there woozily sprayed inner eye odysseys. https://whiteshape.bandcamp.com/releases


I’m feeling a tad disturbed that thus far our usually up to the mark radar has so far managed to miss this, sneaked out earlier last year this is the trance toned psych of Odyssey Os Argonautas. A trip-a-delic dude hailing from Lisbon who specialises in the stirring of a rarefied gathering of intoxicating essences derived from the middle east to forge a head expansive potion of kaleidoscopic flavouring amid whose lysergic reverbs ghost tracings of a Barrett in situ Floyd weave their dream coat of many colours. https://odysseyosargonautas.bandcamp.com/album/odyssey-os-argonautas


Damn our failing memory and ability to recall, just this minute I can’t remember exactly who the Equestrian Vortex is and I know I’ll be kicking myself senseless the minute their identity emerges through the recollecting fog – no doubt at the moment when I click the publish for this mention. Anyway as you might have been able to establish for yourselves, this is Equestrian Vortex with the rather ominous and shivery ‘skull mountain’ – a macabre chill pill daubed in a paranoiac Radiophonic dead heading detachment all cradled in a seriously glowering light sucking stillness, a warning call for the curious, the stupid and the ignorant, a shadowy portal to the other side, very atmospheric and very creepy, a bit like imagining Mount Vernon Arts Lab still under the influence of ‘hobs  lane’ re-tooling Stylus’ ‘skomargraph’ full length. https://soundcloud.com/the-equestrian-vortex/skull-mountain?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook    



Currently prepped for a fuller review later this week, by the way many thanks to Paul for sending over copies of both the current and last years – well 2015’s – EurNoVision CD sets – this folks is the whole album played at once and condensed into eight minutes of sonic revelry which in truth doesn’t sound as scary or chaotic as you might first be led to imagine, a crookedly cool subtronic no / art /  new / future pop pyre if you must with poland’s dancing deadlips leading out the bizarro circus to its concluding end groove. Only weird ears need apply. https://eurnovision.bandcamp.com/track/eurnovision-2016-all-songs-at-once


Been a few weeks since we had the pleasure of Fecal Vomit’s sandblasted skree shredding our sound player to mere dust, new twin set ‘gurgle it and spit to better feel the taste of your success’ is nothing if it isn’t uncompromising, leading the charge ‘you accepted so let’s toast with this piss’ is as extreme as it gets, a full on whirlwind of caustic sonic terrorism which within its 23 minute duration you sense you are under some form of siege battling hard to keep your wherewithal together in the face of the extreme scowls of atonal butchery. The charmingly entitled ‘2000 year old advices for squirting shit from the biggest experts in that field’ offers no hiding place, distorted spoken verses, snatches of ceremonial chants, oddly fitting field recording cut up and insane blasts of acid bath dipped sonic screams impart a brutality that’s both acute and disquieting.  https://skulldungeon.bandcamp.com/album/gurgle-it-and-spit-to-better-feel-the-taste-of-your-success


Tailored in a blissful haze of celestial raptures all trimmed in delicate Balearic kisses and marooned upon some far flung lunar out post lazing beneath the soft burn of alien suns, there’s a dream toned serene syncopating fluidity to R Seiliog’s beautifully oceanic Detroit tech draped ‘myopia’ that smoulders and coolly glints beneath a lights lowered  chic to nod to the shapeshifting sound palette classicism of both 808 State and Future Sound of London. This cut heads up a recent extended play entitled ‘shedhead’ for Turnstile Music released at the tail end of last year, rare appearances are scheduled with dates booked at London’s the Waiting Room (18th) and Brighton’s Hope and Ruin(19th). https://soundcloud.com/r-seiliog/myopia


Imminent on the horror sounds imprint in ultra limited cassette variants, a new full length from Art of the Memory Palace entitled ‘Voiture blanche dans le noir’ – an imagined darkly chic 70’s soundtrack which we’ll leave Andrew from AofMP to take up the thread……

‘a French, new wave thriller soundtrack album called “Voiture Blanche Dans Le Noir” (“White Car In The Black”) via apocryphal film and soundtracks label, Horror Pop Sounds on cassette & download. It comprises of fairly short vignette tracks, broaching Broadcast / orchestrated Serge Gainsbourg territory’

Release trailer…..


Was I just imagining it, or was it through the fog haggled haze of this thing we fondly refer as to our memory recall that the Bordellos did promise that this year they would be going on a charm offensive. See that’s going well then because we’ve just eyed this sore thumb from pop’s most curmudgeon on a rather nifty free to download compilation entitled ‘you don’t have to be fashionable’ – volume 5 in fact which means we’ve some catching up to do – from the with a messy head folk. It be called ‘Velvet Tuesday’ a previously unreleased sortie that finds them on fine frayed form emerging through a detuned fog of crooked discordance stumbling, scuzzed out and slightly worse for wear wallowing in a sea of acutely estranged scuffed up and edgily fractured psych blues ju-ju. Somewhere else and I’ll admit they initially got the vote mainly due to their name and then we heard the actual track, blimey I think I might be in love, for reasons best left unasked the description whoops a daisy pop sprang into my head, really – do not ask, clearly loveably dishevelled and somewhat all at sea, nunofyrbeeswax’s ‘car’ is a wayward knee slapping oddball which to give it some kind navigation point on the pop spectrum would be to say it was the sound of the Boothill Foot Tappers and the Shillelagh Sisters ganging up on Belly and rephrasing their back catalogue in their own appreciative style, plenty of caterwauling, whoops, shrieks and coos here that lead you to suspect someone more than a tad familiar with the back catalogue of Lene Lovich or at very least her delivery and oh yea and a side glancing admiration for PJ Harvey. Elsewhere and finally for this brief visit, we will be back shortly with more, we’ll leave you with the rather infectious and catchy earworm that is ‘to celebrite’ by Belacide which aside having the most curious knack of being both happy and perky and yet somewhat sad and introspective, ought to appeal to those of you with long memories that can cast their way back to those early Pickled Egg records outings by both Le Bleu and Gulliver. https://withamessyhead.bandcamp.com/album/you-dont-have-to-be-fashionable-vol-5


Been a fair old while since Orbit Service troubled our sound player so you can imagine that we here were much hyped at news of new Orbit Service groove, this be the darkly woven and ominously brooding ‘estar sozinho’ – applied with an 80’s industrial goth vintage – see fresh, industrial, society and sordide sentimental, this shadow playing isolationist hymnal teeters ever so adeptly into terrains more commonly the home of the Legendary Pink Dots. https://orbitservice.bandcamp.com/track/estar-sozinho


I’m certain we’ve said it before, covers versions of Nick Drake tracks are hurdles best left avoided, the perfectionist he was his completed studio recordings oft take the song as far as it can go. Oh sure, there have been those that we’ve loved who’ve brought a little something to the table – Beautify Junkyards, Rhys Marsh and does my fading memory recall hearing a version of Psychic TV covering ‘I was made for magic’ way back many years ago when we were oh so much younger. ‘northern sky’ has always stuck with me, elegant, eloquent and ethereal, there’s a kind of beautified grace surrendered in mystery and yearn rising from its grooves, its lushly hushed tones revealing an at peace with everything trembling tenderness and a first person intimacy rarely heard on any other Drake track that makes it unique and special. Left in the hands of Jay Tausig, incidentally hitting up something of a creative purple patch what with two releases in as many days – his frankly astonishing re-appraisal of the Who’s ‘Quadrophenia’ and ‘incantations’ – reviews of both visiting these pages next missive – ‘northern sky’ is somewhat opened up and given an airy spring cleaning which sound wise finds it relocated into the kind of terrains more readily associated with Dennis Wilson, and while arguably, it may well lack that essential magical ingredient breezing through the original, what Tausig returns to the party is a crisp lilting and lazy eyed contently drifting warmth. https://soundcloud.com/jaytausig/northern-sky


Way back in the late 60’s and throughout the 70’s, BBC records issued a vinyl series entitled ‘sound effects’ – like it said on the tin lid these recordings featured short sound extracts drawn from the BBC’s considerably voluminous library, the intention being to be used by DIY sound buffs, schools for educational purposes or to tie in with a TV serial season – there’s an excellent article delving into their history written up by the invaluable pages of ST33 here https://st33.wordpress.com/sleeve-pages/sound-effects/ – anyhow before we get a tad side tracked here’s Volume 21 of the series ‘more death and horror’ reworked and atmospherically animated to chilling life by Frans Kedes, something we suspect that ought to be of uppermost interest to those of you much smitten by the sinister ghost lights set to tape by that Melmoth the Wanderer fellow. https://soundcloud.com/user-883721636/frans-kedes-mix-bbc-more-death-and-horror

The original mix can be found here…..


Oooh, look what we eyed on sound cloud, no doubt sneaked on there without much fuss and fanfare, we’ll let the press / liner note blurb recount all you need to know – ‘all hold hands and off we go is the 5th album of strange Electronics, Psych, Radiophonics, Drone and quirky Folk by Keith Seatman’. Herewith an extended pre release teaser, the album is heading out into the light sometime April-ish and again finds Mr Seatman forging alliances with Mr Powell for an album length sonic journey into the surreal, the strange and the sinister, a psychedelic pseance populated by waking dreams, nocturnal nightmares and supernatural forbearance, a melodic map of discovered Barrett-esque continents and hitherto beyond the eye magick lands. Trippy stuff.  https://soundcloud.com/keith-seatman/all-hold-hands-and-off-we-go


believe this has now sold out of its – is it the second repress seem to recall a blue vinyl version before Christmas – of its yellow wax variant, this is the charmingly affectionate the Hardy Tree with a spot of wood whittled bucolia from an album entitled ‘through the passages of time’ – this being the quite alluringly shy eyed ‘near windmill bridge’ which to these ears sounds not unlike the floral tones of Douglas Gamley being draped in a twinkling sepia nostalgia by littlebow.


In celebration of their US tour starting, Plaid have released a free to download twin-set entitled ‘Bet’ / ‘Nat’ – the former cut on an insular setting that finds them reaching back to their younger selves distilling minimalist Detroit tech design patterns and working them into an intricate glitch shape shifter. Flip side features the blissfully purring ‘Nat’, the preferred side if truth be told, comes blessed with a wonderfully mooching and somewhat lazy eyed cybro-tronic bass twang all immersed into a curious hpyno grooved artificial intelligence smooching funk pill that strangely draws from the Berlin school of cool electronics to imagine a slo-mo Herbie Hancock cutting slick sun refracting symphonic shapes out of Kraftwerk studio floor cuttings. https://soundcloud.com/plaid/sets/bet-nat


must admit to being somewhat taken by this little lovely, tuned and turned as it is to emerge from its slow thaw fragile state delicately shimmer toning with the same stilled elegance and lonesome grace fall as we’ve come to expect from platters bearing the name Yellow6 upon their sleeving, this is the simply serene ‘rudimental winter’ by E.U.E.R.P.I. or Mirian Kolev – we are really quite unsure at this point –  anyway something which we here suspect ought to have you old school Labradford and Stars of the Lid types drooling in states of adoring rapture to its dronal demur. https://soundcloud.com/mirian-kolev/rudimental-winter


before the hypnotic lure of the heavily studio sampled bliss bruised ‘loveless’, there was ‘isn’t anything’. Their debut full length was an exemplary fine tuning and a keynote bridge linking between their want for the craft of melodic noise and feedback laden shoegaze. We of course refer to My Bloody Valentine, the subject of a new covers appraisal by the very excellent the blog that celebrates itself entitled ‘forever and again’. There will be mentions aplenty for this over the weekend along with further thoughts on the labels quartet of releases that heralded the start of the New Year. For now though can we draw your listening affections to Panophonic’s sublime and faithful take on the classic ‘you made me realise’, a kick to the head, at once to the uninitiated it’s the sound of shambling friction and stuttering chaos, yet through the discordant haze of pedal effect skree emerges moments of rupturing effervescence, tranced out tripping turbulence and panic attacking frenz.  https://soundcloud.com/tomlugo/panophonic-you-made-me-realise?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook  


this one is heading out shortly on the company imprint and finds Chaz Bundick (Toro Y Moi) teaming up with the Mattson 2 for a new full length entitled ‘star stuff’ from off which the title cut has been unveiled one suspects to cause a fair amount of swoon activity. Sounding as though its sneaked through a secret back door and slipped out of the 60’s, this bruised babe slipstreams the defences delicately purred with a funky and loose lushness all ghosted by the seductive swirling sting of wallowing string cascades, the sparse daubing of woozy riff flotillas and a cinematic noir beat classicism. Slyly tasty all said. https://soundcloud.com/company-record-label/chaz-bundick-meets-the-mattson-2-star-stuff/


simple, direct and ridiculously potent, may take some weaning your turntable off its contagious ways after the merest of plays, this is the legendary R Stevie Moore found hooking up with Jason Falkner for a full length gathering heading down the tracks on bar none by the name ‘make it be’. From that set and sent ahead as a herald, this is ‘I h8 ppl’- a sub four minute pop art bomb that comes blessed with a snazzy strut kissed kick backing swagger all trimmed and tamed with a choral hook to die for not to mention an insidiously catchy sing-a-long sassiness to boot that grooved in a day glo new wave bubble grooving all purred upon a pop-a-delic palette whose settings are tuned to a radio hugging frequency. Blighter ought to come with jabs. https://soundcloud.com/lostcolonymusic/01-i-hate-people-05-mstr-021016


mentioned this a few weeks ago – here as it happens – https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/12/08/gulp-3/ – this is the latest moving picture spectacle to accompany Gulp’s new thing coming via the O Genesis imprint….


Good stuff heading out of the rocket imprint, first up the second single pulled from their forthcoming ‘Invocation and Ritual Dance of My Demon Twin’ full length, this is Julie’s Haircut and ‘salting traces’. Upon a darkly traced palette the intricate weaving of micro pulsars waken into blurry eyed life, from the foggy earth beat kosmiche undergrowth dissent peers with a watchful eye, all the time the various sound particles slowly shuffle and unfurl finding their voice whilst gathering into a maddeningly acrid configuration, perhaps their most lush yet strangely inward outing to date, the sound of a band moving with confidence inside their own skin. 


Also boasting an imminent full length set, this one called ‘Tschak!’due to dock March time, Gnoomes move out of the shadows and into the celestial light with heralding track ‘Cascais’- a motorik distress call hurtling from a forgotten beyond where was once some hitherto lost galactic outpost, moulded in a stream lined space pop classicism, this floor throbbing slab of cool effervescence comes seductively surrendered in cascades of shimmer toning solar activity to intersect a sonic gateway sitting somewhere between eat lights become lights and the lucid dream.  


I think it’s fair to say it’s been a while since we featured ear gear from the immense sonic juggernaut that is pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs, herewith a track entitled ‘sweet relief’ ripped from a new full length ‘feed the rats’ via rocket out today in fact on limited blood red vinyl – as though you needed prods of encouragement. Bugger me though this is heavy, bearded beatnik space stoner that principally ought to appeal first hand to those Sabbath and Hawkwind purists among you while simultaneously catching the ear of the Mugstar brethren. 


Not sure whether we’ve had occasion to mention this particular track in passing, but here’s the uber cool Has a Shadow with ‘cul de sac’ – a deeply immersive audio phonic astral walk trimmed in mind expansive spirals of vintage key cascades delicately bedded upon hypno-grooving kosmiche pulsars all fried and frayed to a tripping shadow traced tapestry of senses dissolving delights, very far out indeed and something that ought to interest admirers of both the palace of swords and the tomorrow syndicate. An album ‘sorrow tomorrow’ is awaiting record store retrieval right this moment via the fuzz club sound house.


Alas no real information on this with which to pass on, we’re suspecting imminent happenings are afoot. This is the quite alluring bewitchment of Daughters of Grief with the Grey Malkin – aye he of the Hare and the Moon fame – this is a newly peeled track ‘the night’ – a love note ghost light which strangely strays I kid you not, into the kind of melodic magnetic embrace where sits at one end Fleetwood Mac and to t’other Glissando, a beautifully crafted vision all at once spellbinding, spectral and romantically tender not to mention touched with an ethereal gracefulness that leaves it lasting haunt long after the track has departed. https://soundcloud.com/daughtersofgrief/1-the-night-mb1


Blessed with a name like Arabian Death Mask, I’m certain you’ll be aware that what lies in store isn’t some kind of pre-school nonsense pop, no siree, as the title might hint the aptly named ‘grim realities’ is your nightmares coming to visit you in your waking day rather than them waiting for you to go to them in moments of nocturnal slumber. Fast furious and festering scalps of speed balled hardcore is what awaits, okay it’s not quite black flag, mayhem or even carcass, rather more these hell howling hounds emerge from the darkening abyss branded and scarred with an apocalyptic brutality that might suggest these chaps have a fair few unresolved issues in dire need of immediate address. We here are more than a little fond of the demonic belching found on the disturbingly titled ‘beer, titties and a bowl of scrotum chilli’ with its cannibalistic carnage cook book of serrated riff slices, primitive growls and coffin nailing percussion giving rise to pangs of unnatural dread. Incidentally the album arrives soon in strictly limited – like 20 only – CD’s housed in must have hand painted sleeves. https://arabiandeathmask.bandcamp.com/album/grim-realities 


We will be returning to this for a fuller listening experience in the forthcoming week, for now though this is ‘meat heart’ by Emptiness from a recently released full length entitled ‘not for music’. Dwelling in the shadows shying away from the light, there’s a harrowing melancholic bruising attaching to this electrically charged atmospheric wasteland, beneath the weight of a brooding foreboding an apocalyptic storm fire rises on the horizon, the sounds bleed with a tension wracked by a claustrophobically choking disquiet that’s both majestically beautifully yet sighed in a hollowing futility, like a deadheading chill wind it swarms to sonically nod to the Fields of Nephilim were they, that is, retuned through the darkening eye of Tulipomania. As said more to come.


A twin headed pod show curated by Ulrich Schnauss and Sonic Cathedral head honcho Nathaniel, this is the serenely drifting seventh episode of Sonic Realities among their collective record box goodies from Charlie Louvin – a cover in fact of Sandy Denny’s ‘who knows where the time goes’, some sublime French electronica from Frederic Wurtz, some recently released Kevin O’ Neill groove remastered from long out of print self released cassette only releases from the 80’s, Mr Schnauss in collaboration with Jonas Munk, the Spectres, Slowdive, the ethereal tones of Grouper and the killer himself Jerry Lee Lewis. https://www.mixcloud.com/sonicrealities/sonic-realities-episode-7/   


More of those sublime sounds from Kevin O’Neill’s lost cassettes……this is ‘lucky for some’….


listening resources…..

podcasts a go, first up from Earache Radio, show #3 features a plethora of wholesome snot nosed slam dancing garage grunge from the likes of Sonic Youth, American soul spiders, unnatural helpers, claw hammer, the crumbs, the pleasure fuckers, the Apemen and more….



aaaah, again no playlist though don’t let that detract from the tripping grooves emanating from out of a killer dub mix tape from Ouroboros entitled ‘Voyage Into Dub’ – basically that dude Youth allowed free reign for 70 minutes to super chill your headspace. https://www.mixcloud.com/martinglover50/ouroboros-voyage-into-dub/


we’ll just simply say that this set is smoking hot…….from the Origin People collective this is Samo DJ….. https://soundcloud.com/origin-peoples/samo-dj-mlat84


two hours of Italian psychedelia anyone, I’m guessing yes, then fall beneath the spell of global psychedelia’s latest mix cloud offering, a by and large woozy experience interspersed with moments of freaky wigginess, among the roll call selections from le orme, the trip, deadpeach, golden cup, insiders, lay llamas, Jennifer Gentle and more…..essential……







mix cloud loveliness from the Stationary Travels folk with the unveiling of ‘hibernation II’ – an hour worth of bliss toned dream pools which by our reckoning best moments come side by side with the appearance of Drombeg’s quite simply alluring and dare we say jaw dropping ethereal ghost light ‘coomnadiha’ at least I think that’s what it’s called – eyesight not being what it is so on and so forth – and Bethan Kellough’s angelically poised ‘vision’. 



over at https://vimeo.com/user17960724/videos here’s Hypercube with the minimalist glitch trance nugget ‘owl eyed spike’…..

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/194797962″>HYPERCUBE – Owl-eyed spike video</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user17960724″>Unexplained Sounds video channel</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


From Unexplained Sounds here’s another teaser from that voluminous and excellent ‘2nd annual recognition test’ full length – we really must try and free up time to mention this in full and give it the justice it deserves…..anyway I’m waffling here’s Wilder Gonzalez Agreda sounding radically different from the last time he appeared in these pages herewith ‘Scala’ – not quite ‘oh superman’ by Laurie Anderson, but employing similar principles of sound, hypno-grooving dub pulsars punctuated by bouts of weird ear activity, all very strange and kooky not to mention decidedly trippy. https://unexplainedsoundsgroup.bandcamp.com/track/wilder-gonzales-agreda-scala


tis always good to hear the third ear band and here they be on a newly peeled podcast cobbled together by Mortlake Bookclub dude Darren Charles and sitting pretty alongside sonic selections that include tracks by buffalo, palace of swords, pil, demons, the hare and the moon and delia Derbyshire. https://www.mixcloud.com/darrencharles16/unearthing-forgotten-horrors-episode-54-a1-radio/ 


listening loves this week, the British Space Group…..


Time for some smoking cool sophisticat groove…..this one is from Carlo Savina……


Some seductive disco soul anyone….Sylvia with ‘the lollipop man’


Back to those Nick Drake covers we mentioned earlier when casting an ear over Jay Tausig….here’s the Rhys Marsh cover….

..and beautify junkyards…..


stuff…..and strays we picked up along the way this week……..

a rare newly peeled interview with Half Japanese conducted by the Sound Renaissance folk that features a sneak peek of a track culled from their latest Fire records released ‘hear the lion’s roar’ – the cut being the surreally wired and weird ear mooching b-movie hallucinogen ‘attack of the giant leaches’ – http://www.soundrenaissance.net/interviews/interview-half-japanese/


from 1958 this is the incredible sounding ‘in a minor groove’ by Dorothy Ashby….


Mentioned somewhere above courtesy of the excellent ‘myopia’ cut for turnstile, here’s a little more of the electro wizardry of r seiliog…..this un is an oldie from yesteryear…..’peripheral thermal’ be its name….



<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/198593037″>Patterns</a&gt; from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/dkatsafouros”>decay79</a&gt; on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


Can’t remember there ever being an edict around saying we couldn’t feature Rob Clarke and the Wooltones just for the hell of it, so just for the hell of it here’s Rob Clarke and the Wooltones, their latest and best – what’s that, the cheques in the post, why thank you chaps……mentioned here of course many, many weeks ago….. https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/12/04/rob-clarke-and-the-wooltones-12/


the legendary Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy – the making thereof…….



Nicked this, well rather more was so taken with their appearance on the aforementioned Global Psychedelia mix cloud set, see elsewhere, that we went out in search of more and nailed this for your discerning delights…….this is the full ‘Ostro’ set by Lay Llamas – quite something else….


Mentioned previously via the earache radio pod here’s a spot of twanging cool from the Apemen, this is ‘intoxica’ from their split way back in the early 90’s with the Mono Men on the demolition derby imprint….


 Delightfully crooked and wonky loveliness from Cate Le Bon – this is her current ‘rock pool’ EP for Drag City we believe…..



new thing from Emmy the Great through bella union, just love the way it day dreams its way from start to finish……



something else we missed and again something from aeons ago, this is the heavenly shoegaze shimmering of Vivienne Eastwood and a track called ‘rose pedals – quite sublime, prepare to swoon……



super duper heavy duty repress of the Soundcarriers quite immaculate ‘entropicalia’ now available at the ghost box shop http://ghostbox.co.uk/news/the-soundcarriers-entropicalia-lp-repress/



staying with ghost box – walk around and fill thy boots with oodles of tracks from their extensive catalogue posted on their sound cloud page including snippets from the recent pattern forms full length ‘peel away the ivy’ https://soundcloud.com/ghost-box


coming soon on clay pipe music, this Spring in fact, new full length from Jon Brooks entitles ‘autres directions’ – wasn’t there a lovely little  label going by that name many, many years ago…..


RIP William Onyeabor…..



always good to have a spot of Half Japanese drifting into the gaff…..here’s the aforementioned ‘Attack of the Giant Leeches’…..


This ‘un has been causing slight rumbles around the Sunday Experience dance floor, this is the Molochs with the spectral 60’s sounding ‘charlie’s lips’ – is it just me who thinks that these dudes sound like the shadowy twins of Simon and Garfunkel…..okay just me then.


Again more 60’s sounding grooviness that’s causing heads to turn around the gaff, this is Cage the Elephant whom I’m fairly certain haven’t as yet troubled these pages, this ‘un being the spectral ghost rider ‘cold, cold, cold’ – blighter sounds like it’s just strayed from a spaghetti western set directed by Tarantino whilst graced with the kind of bewitched shadow playing monophonic vintage that suggests it’s fallen through a dimensional trap door out of the 60’s.  


How the hell did we miss this first time of asking, Flaming Lips utterly jaw dropping take on Mr Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ here given the colourfully vibrant treatment and smothered in a panoramic lushness that’s finitely balanced between the ethereal and the euphoric not to mention bliss kissed in rapturous hazes of dream toned dissipates that smother you in feel good effervescence. Stunning. 


I’m fairly certain we’ve never mentioned this before, our main concern not that though, but if we haven’t how the hell then did we come to miss it in the first place, an absolute gem, ghostly, cinematic and a mysterio touched by a Spaghetti Western like classicism…..up there with Grails, Devastations….this is an oldie from Slows Down….



abstract and minimalist electronics throughout the ages of pop



24 days of torture – yea I know we are a little late, or are we 11 months early – your call…..

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/195444476″>24 DAYS OF TORTURE</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user60220426″>VIK &amp; NES</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


And assuming the bombs haven’t dropped yet, it is after all two days his the Trump took up his presidential residence, here’s a spot of conscience prickling groove from the Gorillaz entitled ‘hallelujah money’ featuring Benjamin Clementine – a hymnal from the apocalypse anyone…..


Mentioned the latest rocket releases a little earlier – here’s another currently having us all a swoon – from a few months ago mind, this is Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation and the edit version of ‘ Rushing Through My Mind’ – hits the spot I’m sure you’ll agree……


…..and there’s also this strangely brief intermission…..any ideas……fades in slowly as someone used to say on the radio…..


we mentioned the Doncaster Electronic Foundation earlier, at the start of the missive truth be told, here’s a mix show the collective put together shining the light of electronic pop’s overlooked hits from the 90’s – disturbingly plenty of hi-nrg plastic pop here that might be a little too saccharine for our usual taste, the hall of featured infamy reads – 2 unlimited, kylie Minogue, kim wilde, republica and the pet shop boys – admittedly it does start to mix it up thankfully interspersing the latter half of the set with forgotten nuggets from the likes of chemical brothers, future sound of London, front line assembly, front 242, the orb, orbital, Bentley rhythm ace, the underworld, sheep on drugs – all sounds and reminds us of the days of Mary Ann Hobbs legendary breezeblock sets…… https://www.mixcloud.com/DEFsynthradio/def-radio-15th-november-1990s-special/

fancy some shambolic bear’s arse rough pogoing art grooved discordant pop listening, may we suggest you head over in the general direction and tune your WiFi radar sights to the sounds emanating from Odd Box’s first platter playing gathering of the year, even comes with a track list – a help – and featuring some wildly angular nuggets from the underside of pop’s vast spectrum keynote tracks amongst which are offerings from the likes of tough tits, girlfriendo, pale kids and Chuck Higgins – the latter of whom roundsout the show with some smokingly slinky saxophonic cool….   



here’s a few sorties from that aforementioned odd box gathering – first up the spiked and straight up close and personal angular agit sonic etchings of the slowcoaches with the blister forming ‘54’


Next up the ExBats  who do some rather nifty Modern Lovers-esque boog-a-loo for the sassyified Shangri-La’s nodding ‘everyone loves my mom’.


Finally last up for the odd box tips, the discordant edginess of the acutely austere and wired post punk war cry frenz of tough tits with the fracturing hollow of ‘hairless’


Would you believe it, we’ve lost all the information gubbins and the preamble link that contained, no doubt, oodles of interesting wordy things about this next one, so I’m afraid you are just going to have to put with me rambling on about it, for emerging through the moving picture frames is Hatori Yumi captured on a recent live appearance performing ‘matter’ to a transfixed and spellbound gathering of folk whilst crafting out mesmeric dream pools of celestial shimmertones.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/200378900″>Hatori Yumi – Matter LIVE</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/hatoriyumi”>Hatori Yumi</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


Just ahead of the release of Trimdon Grange Explosion’s self- titled full length set, more about which in a second, the Kit folk invited Alison Cotton to cobble together a mix tape of melodic delights to which she duly responded turning in a serene 78 minute sound collage which amongst the listening picks features loveliness in the shape of Judy Henske and Jerry Yester, Emmanuelle Parrenin, Dave Bixby, the utterly adored Lee and Nancy’s ‘some velvet morning’ and rounding off the show with a quite amazing appearance by the Small Choir of St. Brandon’s School covering Art Garfunkel’s ‘Bright Eyes’. http://kitrecords.com/guest-mix-alison-cotton/


As promised a brief mention for Trimdon Grange Explosion’s forthcoming self titled debut, available shortly in a plethora of formats, the one we’ve our eye on is the deluxe variant which aside incorporating the CD, an autographed print and postcard also comes accompanied by a cassette of live and studio improvisations, Anyway this lot used to be in a former life the eighteenth of M\ay before splitting though not going their separate way, a solitary release on the retired Great Pop Supplement imprint and then nothing for six years marks them out either as a gathering of folk who like time to ensure their sound matures and ferments before releasing it upon an unsuspecting public or else lazy fops. I think we prefer the former based on the evidence of the teaser tracks posted on the preview pane of their band camp page which I must admit are currently causing swooning fits around these here parts not least because one of them is a frankly stunning 10 minute version of a traditional ballad entitled ‘the bonnie banks of fordie’ – a macabre death dolly that relates the tale of ‘senseless murder’ with two counts of fratricide and a suicide, cheerful eh. Anyway left in the hands of Trimdon Grange Explosion a psych folk enchantment calls to weave its ghostly spell craft and whittle out an age old dream like gaelic delirium that draws its energy from the very fabric and hitherto mystery of its ancestral woodland setting, reference wise imagine the hare and the moon in a studio conspiracy with the future kings of England. https://borleyrectory.bandcamp.com/releases


Mal Thursday’s show #101 is a ripping liars and bad luck special, two hours of deceit and misfortune with cuts from the speakers from the likes of Stiv Bators, Alan Price, Otis redding, the bee gees, Brenda lee, the ventures, the greenhorns, the escapades, the lively ones and many more besides. https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/malthursday/episodes/2017-01-20T10_20_58-08_00


the trolley problem……  https://vimeo.com/199613170

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/199613170″>The Trolley Problem</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/eoinduffy”>Eoin Duffy</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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The end grooves……

…from Donald Binge with ‘Sailing by’…..last one out switch off the lights….

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