spiral stairs

did we just mention Pavement in passing, I’m certain that folk think these musings are hopelessly assembled, thought, planning and a fair degree of fine tuning are applied, hours of research and careful attention to detail – oh okay you’re right they are an accident coincidence, haphazard, forgetful and not so much scripted but thrown up in the air with the fading hope that they land with some distant semblance of sense. So where were we, ah pavement, well Spiral Stairs to be precise better known as Christopher Scott Kannberg founding member of Pavement and Preston School of Industry. New album ready to roll in the shape of ‘doris and the daggers’ from off which ‘dance (cry wolf)’ has been sent ahead to do the scouting swoons. Written and dedicated to drummer Darius Minwalla who died midway the initial album recordings, ‘dance (cry wolf)’ is a strangely shadowy earworm tightly wound to a smoking and slinky snaking riff corkscrew (which in truth had us recalling at times the brooding and magisterial tones of Jon DeRosa) upon which a hollowing ghostly aura descends, both teased in regret and introspection it’s groomed with an edgy 80’s atmosphere all housed in a stinging and bruising passiveness which all said  does it for us.

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