the proper ornaments

stumbled across this, so apologies for the lack of information and shock fab news as to the current whereabouts and wherewithal surrounding the band at present. This is Proper Ornaments with ‘bridge by a tunnel’ taken from, what we assume is their current full length ‘foxhole’. Just love the lazy eyed mellowness of this, its lying down beneath a tree on a summer’s day staring wistfully at the passing clouds type of blissful calm that it attracts and exudes, the corkscrewing countrified riff work tempering a delicately snoozing west coast after burn, frankly it’s all quite tranquil and dreamy, once in your head the blighter sets up camp and claims squatters rights, if I didn’t know any better I’d say it was ripe listening fodder for those Goodnight Lenin types among you with a thing for Pavement.

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