cibel gothic

and now straight back with those Skull Dungeon dudes, only had time to quickly dip into the dark delights on offer from Cibel Gothic via ‘dark shades’ the object of our obsession being the curiously lulling ‘Nestapa Jalma Nu Geus Maot’ which despite its opening greeting of the guttural utterings from sinister type primordial n’er do well’s soon blossoms delicately into a delightfully dainty floral posy spirited and charmed in clock working enchantment, child-like play and faerie magic dust. It makes for a sharp contrast to the apocalyptic Revelations styled dread that descends upon the parting opus ‘Perang Dimensi’ here accompanied by Noestalgya, (who we’ve already mentioned in previous notes and remarked of possessing an uncanny likeness to Soriah), the mood glooms for here a grim portent descends where the narrowing light of hope fades miserably at the feet of a hellish macabre, disturbing, dark and damned.

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