Breaking cover from a period of silent exile, Goldfrapp have just announced the release of a forthcoming full length for Mute due at the fall of March. ‘Silver Eye’ is proceeded by a trailer single, the frost purred cold wave star kissed ‘Anymore’ finds the duo on a space walking trajectory dispatching earthbound distress pulsars with a cooling discotheque chic amid whose coded messages translate chill toned orbital raptures traced in a seductively woozy delirium all trimmed in a hermetically sealed electroid kosmick funk framing that’s finitely moulded in a future vision likeness of Donna Summer / Giorgio Moroder.   

Additional from the press release….

Goldfrapp will be performing a very special show at London’s Roundhouse on March 27th where they will showcase new music from ‘Silver Eye’. Tickets go on sale this Friday with a special fan pre-sale from Wednesday January 25th.  Fans should sign up to the mailing list at to get early access to the tickets.

Silver Eye is released March 31st and is available to pre-order now:


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