Been a few missives ago since we featured Welsh weird ears Sendelica, there will be more from them at some point as we’ve got downloads to their forthcoming friends of the fish release that is in need of swift listening attention. However, scatterbrains that we are we’ve just eyed a forthcoming re-release of a soundtrack they put out ten years to accompany Grant Wakefield’s ‘sleepwalker fever’ movie. The original release, limited to just 50 copies, is now spruced up and given the picture disc treatment along with a ridiculously limited and pricey hand assembled box set containing the picture disc, a DVD of the movie, lobby cards, poster and a t-shirt – all of which I suspect by the time I’ve written this and posted it up will be long sold out – other formats are of course available. Anyhow may we draw your undivided attention to the parting ‘sun of sunfazed’ – a mind morphing third eye astral trip out of whose slick and sedate jazz noir flotillas are formed silver toned dream spells of such mellowing hypnosia that you’d swear the grooves were smoking their own gear whilst peppering your ear space in rarefied transcendental essences summoned from the middle east.

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