swimming tapes

on connecting to our earlobes, the opening brief passages had me thinking we had something of a Cure wannabe on our hands not that I should hasten to add would that have been a bad thing. But let this honey toned cutie stretch and flex itself into life and what comes into focus is a softly speckled spring hued yearn carried upon an acutely dreamy drift wind all shyly effervesced in crystalline chimes and an affectionate swoon whose ear hugging radio friendly pop framing had us here much recalling those early platters from the likes of the Trashcan Sinatras and the power of Dreams. Anyhow before we forget, this is Swimming Tapes with ‘Cameos’ a track pulled from a newly peeled ‘Souvenirs’ EP via hand in hive. https://soundcloud.com/swimmingtapes/cameos  


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