team picture / laminate pet animal

oh yes, spiffing new twin set from Leeds based cool dudes come play with me, this ‘un is guaranteed to cause fever pitched swooning fits when it appears at various fingers on the pulse feeling independent record counters sometime early next month. Pitching together the contrasting sounds of Team Picture and Laminate Pet Animal, the former of whom (‘back to bay six’) sound like the bastard off spring of the Cardiacs and the TV Personalities – I kid you not – who no doubt see their sole purpose the seducing and electrifying of your turntable with, what appears to be, an angular appreciation of moments scavenged from Tubeway Army’s ‘Replicas’ albeit rephrased through the new waving post punkular futuristic eye of Magazine. As to the curiously named Laminate Pet Animal, a totally differing beast on offer here with ‘Eve’ sumptuously morphing and terraforming amid a slinky down tempo back drop whose svelte lights lowered smokey future funk framed sonic sophistication is applied with the cooling brushstrokes of the Knife cloaked beneath the night found swapping notes with Alt-J.     

additional foot note – sound cloud links to both tracks along with previous split happenings featuring Ceiling Demons, Deadwall, Maggie 8, ZoZo and the mighty her name is calla……  


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