the eagle eyed among you might have noted with puzzled bewilderment, as was our own, of a very short video put by the rocket recording dudes that just simply read ‘NO’ in big bold words against a striking red backdrop, if I recall there was a brief bit of rumbling at the end and then, diddly – over and out. Perpetrators it seems where Gnod – back with a spanking new album and kicking ass. ‘bodies for money’ has been dragged kicking and screaming from a forthcoming defiance riddled set entitled ‘just say no to the psycho right wind capitalist fascist death industrial machine’. In an age when the world leaders, the corporate giants and billionaires of the world seem content on sending us mere minions racing to hell on a hand cart, art whether film, exhibitions or music should be the conduit for dissent to rise up in times of need to be the spokespeople for the conscience. Look around though, there is nothing, consumerism, greed and envy have replaced the values of tolerance, equality and fairness, rather than learning from the horrors of the last great war and moving forward for the betterment of mankind, we are instead now at a precipice; alliances broken, forgotten hostilities re-ignited and across Europe the spectre of right wing nationalism smiles through lying teeth. Depressing. Thank fuck for Gnod, through the putrid haze of deceit, deception and double dealing, a solitary voice scowls out from the snoozing populace, quite frankly this is no walk in the park it’s a war cry, bearing their teeth Gnod paint a bleak future through a seismic armoury of cranium splitting hardcore and chugging toxically gouged grooving, a furious agit grinning sore thumb broken and bloodied in searing frustration, just what the good doctor ordered, question is, are you listening?


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