Ah Skull Dungeon, indeed again I hear you cry, latest off the download press a rather spiked apocalyptic three track set from Metamorf which I’ll admit right now will have you imagining the modern day trappings of descending the rings of hell in an elevator. Don’t be fooled by the dainty cover snap into thinking that this is going to be anything other damnable warfare scabbed in a darkening cloak of black metal macabre. Mind you that said parting track ‘endless story’ does swallow dive into dream draped pastures, all rather airy and sweet in a hazily tripping rustic ghost lit way. ‘dying heart’ though is another matter, you can feel the edgy sense of disquieting paranoia and sense of judgement day dread biting at its heels as it encircles with vulture like watchfulness leaving ‘far away’ to pick at the carcass all the time soured in despair and abandoned hope.

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