orchestra baobab

This next one sneaked itself amid an email that we very nearly missed, found loitering in the spam folder and about to fall into the delete bin where it not for us rescuing it. Now this is quite superb and from a personal point of view takes us right back to those lost night’s listening to the late Mr Peel when amongst the various platters from hopefuls either bashing the life out of instruments for the sake of speed freaked sonic terrorism or those cobbling weirdly trippy glitch oddities, he’d drop without a word of warning some nugget from the African continent to which all of a sudden the gloominess of a shadowy stretching winter cold listening space would miraculously chirp and radiate brightly as though the sun had momentarily returned having remembered it had forgotten something. Topper most in these occasional and impromptu exotic soirees would emerge the Four Brothers. We say all this, not in an attempt to add to the word count of this mention but to introduce the returning sound of Orchestra Baobab who after a 10 year absence have gathered together for the imminent release of ‘Tribute To Ndiouga Dieng’ (dedicated to Baobab’s original vocalist who passed away last year) for the world circuit imprint. A wonderfully joyous collision of Afro-Cuban motifs and traditional African vibes that radiates and sways with a soulfully feel good celebratory electricity as exemplified by deliriously light and vibrant ‘foulo’.

The band are preparing to tour the album’s release with appearances as follows –

31 Jan – Roundhouse, London

02 Feb – Celtic Connections, Glasgow

04 Feb – Opera North, Leeds

Further dates TBA

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