parlor walls

This one comes pressed up on slabs of 7 inch vinyl the pre-orders of which come accompanied by a super limited 5×7 painting featuring original artwork by the band. Now we are assuming those measurements are in inches as opposed to feet – might be an issue flying these out from the local delivery services, but squabbles aside a mighty fine track – called ‘opposites’ looms on the waxen grooves, well at least one side of it, from a collective set by the name ‘play opposites’ by New York based combo parlor walls who in the liner notes describe themselves as ‘experimental no wave jazz trash’. A little unfair but hey ho, that said this should, aside drawing the affection of those attuned to the likes of Delta 5, Au Pairs and dare we say the much missed Ludus, strike a familiar chord with those angular post punk admirers of Controller. Controller.

additional – apologies – thanks to Parlor Walls for filling in the gaps, the pre order / painting comes with the album ‘play opposites’ – reviews of which are forthcoming……many thanks PW…..

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