Catastrophic Disasterbato

Hell’s teeth this certainly pinned our ears back and damn well nearly fried them clean off, the latest sonic sore thumb to be unleashed by the skull dungeon imprint finds the aptly named caustic sound terrorists Catastrophic Disasterbator giving your speakers a work out the like of which they’ve never seen or dared imagine. The eleven track ‘demo #1’ certainly takes no prisoners, amid the blizzard of sand blasted skree, these short electro shocked slabs of power electronic punishment gouge and snarl with trepanning torment, the equivalent of re-enacting some kind of home-made cyclone experiment replete with room flying shards of furniture searching you out with an eye to flail your skin straight off your face, these dudes are obviously enamoured of merzbow, melt banana, kylie minoise, Tayside mental health et al – approach with due care is all we’ll say.

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