down the gullet

latest sunrise ocean bender approved pod ‘down the gullet’ features two hours of head tripping smoking groove, some of the featured nuggets we’ve had much cause to rave about in recent dispatches not least the opening mind fryer from Dire Wolves not to mention essential happenings from the Myrrors, Centralstodet and Oulu Space Jam Collective – the latter of whom mere mention of has just reminded me just where the hell are my eggs in aspic cassettes. Sonically sandwiched between these treats there’s a live visitation from the mighty Hills going all karma and transcendentally mystic on you, something by flowers must die that’ll really turn both your mind and surrounding listening space inside out and some cool wig flipping slo-mo astral wooziness from the previously unknown to us Lamagala. Strap yourselves in and head over to

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