spool’s out volume 1 now > ever

loosely back with polypores who we must thank for sending over digital copies of last year’s ‘the wastes’ and ‘timeholes’ releases as well as giving us the heads up on two further polytechnic youth outings due to happen this year with the completion of an as yet untitled full length and a further volume of ‘timeholes’. He also pops up a rather smart compilation being put out by the spool’s out / beachers folk on the bezirik imprint entitled ‘spool’s out volume 1 now > ever’ – a 26 track gathering which alas due to a combination of time restraints and the fact that out free listening credits have run out, that we are able to only dip our toes into. As said Polypores features with ‘the unravelling’ – a track that finds him melodically mining the kind of sound worlds inhabited by the likes of the palace of swords and tomorrow syndicate into the bargain spooling kosmiche sounds of a faraway yesterday which positioned atop a pulsing motorik murmur radiate and transmit images of distant future worlds. Previously untroubling these pages, though after this visitation I can tell you now that’ll soon be at an end, this is Spartan Jet-Plex with ‘brain dead’ – now if I were to say that this is the best thing we’ve heard since we happened across death and Vanilla and Tara King th many years back, then I’m sure you’ll be aware that this is quite something, sounding like something casually sneaked out from the Moon Glyph imprint, this hollowing slice of aching beauty comes traced in a ghostly chill toned angelic poise that’s demurred and bruised as though a quietly vulnerable and woodland dead can dance variant had been pared back and sparsely stripped whilst opining frost flecked hymnals. Somewhere else, admittedly we were attracted by the liner notes describing them as ‘depressed Beach Boys’, Fret! stump up ‘hillbilly’ – a track that is anything but ‘depressing’ and rather more sounds like the work of twanging chap well versed in the delights of man…or astro man, link wray and that dick dale dude. Last one for this brief visit, we will endeavour to return soon, a strangely wayward sortie from Kill Alters by the name ‘sensory’ – a kind of art smudged post punk misfit that appears to delight in wiring, skipping and cooing its way through a deeply immersive sonic hatchling that fuses Delta 5 with a particularly darkly mooching Cobra Killer and smothering them beneath a gloriously skewed haze of playfully angular psychotropic vibes of tripped out wooziness. https://bezirk.bandcamp.com/album/spools-out-vol-1-n-o-w-e-v-e-r

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