the delaware road

A little more context to this I feel is required… this comes as part of a hulking multi-art / sound / historical spectacle due to happen a little later in the year…..words from the man himself should help iron out any confusion, or who knows – perhaps muddy the mystery further…..

Is it life copying art / literature or the other way around, in an age of alternative facts and truth, the spectre of Orwell’s dystopian nightmare ‘1984’ blurs with fearful consequence. So to with music, the genre known as hauntology has extended its borders to re-wiring our memories to confuse the distinction between the actual and the imagined. In a haze of misinformation, alternative histories and corrupted memories, the Delaware Road and the Corporation have ghosted the timeline of pop, twisting both its past and future by reaching back and forth in time to rewrite its script. Yesterday we featured a video drawn from an unknown vault of the secretive shadow dwelling Corporation, it features Benson Fairlight, a lowly sound man at the mysterious facility moonlighting on synths with the Delaware Boys found here appearing, or so one would believe, in a chart bothering attack in the mid 80’s, however information received informed all it was from the 90’s, dipping their toes in the big shiny suits and big hair glitzy mirror ball world of synth dance soul, it was released on rent free records,, the track in question ‘you always knew I’d feel that way’ is – I’ll warn you now – a tad saccharine for our usual tastes around here, that said we’re not so snobbish as to not to pick up on the coolly grooved noir teased sophisticated vibes which unless I’m not very much mistaken have something of a sly nocturnal funk feel of Shalamar and Shakatak about their wares, 808 State heads might well be equally appealed. But did it ever happen……

Words from the man himself about this archive find…..

‘Its actually a bit of a piss take, totally fictional – recorded around 1994 and part of a series of imaginary productions by Benson Fairlight, manager of The Corporation studios in The Delaware Road. Confusing I know but nature deplores a vacuum etc! – Heres another one that features in the live show interval…….


there’s a ‘bunker gig’ in July – to be more precise in a nuclear bunker  – an evening with the Delaware Road, the event features Dolly Dolly as the Director of the mysterious Corporation in the role of Sir Babington Gifford– details as to the background history, the interweaving playing parts and how to grab tickets for the event can be found here

Mr Gubby goes on to further say…..

‘All these dead ends, vids, details, odds & sods sort of come together in the show if you’re paying careful attention. I’ve also had Jarrod from I Monster drawing all the characters from the Delaware story for a brochure at the bunker show.

Benson Fairlight, studio manager at The Corporation and producer for Rent Free Records 1980s synth pop duo The Delaware Boys. also composed the classic library music cue ‘Your Dark Chocolate Box’ used in confectionary ads throughout the 70s + 80s.

There are 20 characters in The Delaware Road that have been fleshed out with their own back stories from world war 2 until the 1970s.  Some of which (but not all ) may be vaguely familiar to fans of archival electronica & experimental music’.

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