hey exit

Initially becoming aware of these dudes, well dude to be more precise for Hey Exit is in reality New York based musician Brendan Landis, when they quietly ghosted their way through an ultra-limited twin set for the much adored Sonido Polifonico early last year. Now comes ‘slow names 4 – the bitter scent of light’ – a shyly though hitherto exquisitely frail     full length pressed upon limited quantities of c-66 cassette the sounds within of which, strike a seductive slo-mo chord with, it has to be said, the sensitive stylings of fellow New Yorker Cheval Sombre. Yet while CS crafts a bruised hymnal aura to his sonic visitations, Hey Exit instead serve up moments frozen in time, much like photographs, though expressed delicately demurred in opining ghost lights of a spectral delta folk detailing which on first encounter recall the late John Fahey albeit as though flashed through the viewfinder of a late 80’s New Zealand noise framing, most notably that of Roy Montgomery all rubbed with a flying saucer attack tracing. None more so is this best evidence than on the hollowing intimacy of the stilled storm approach that darkens the grooves of ‘there are some things that can’t fully happen, they are to grand and magnificent to fit in an event, they just try to happen’.  https://heyexit.bandcamp.com/album/slow-names-4-the-bitter-scent-of-light

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