kid koala

Fancy some defrosting twinkle toned tingles, in truth this is not what we were expecting when our eyes lit up to sparkle as their gaze fell upon an email mentioning new Kid Koala grooves in the offing. This, I have to say, is quite something else, okay there’s no envelope pushing, if indeed that is what you were expecting, rather more instead what you get is a chance to step outside of this maddening world for six minutes in order to blissfully drift among the stars, for here there’s poise, tenderness and majesty interweaved amid the porcelain ice sculpturing of this achingly slow astral sleepwalk whose navigational point sits somewhere between a youthful Earlies and a shyly retiring Low, a heavenly hymnal if you must all snow haloed and demurring. The track in question, ‘the observable universe’ comes peeled from a forthcoming full length for Arts and Crafts entitled ‘music to draw to : satellite’ – it’s an album that finds Kid Koala immersed in delicately woven ambient symphonia which at various points stops by to welcome on board Emilíana Torrini whose seductive shy tones can be heard on the beguiling visitation that is ‘Adrift’ – think after hours Musetta in a studio love in with a particularly bruised Shortwave Set.


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