dean mcphee

We tripped across this via a recommendation by Mr Cross of the Sonido Polifonico imprint, looks as though it’s been out for a fair while though seemingly buoyed by a recent pressing to wax, by Dean McPhee, ‘fatima’s hand’ is a superb five track set steeped in mesmeric mysticism all etched sublimely in stilled desert dry drone classicism. Both primitive in texture and expressive in detail, across this absorbing suite it’s as though McPhee has spell charmed and summoned the very spirit and harmony of the elements to secretly serve as an additional player, the sounds stately and somewhat majestic appear to circle the listener, all at once elegiac and head bowed, a sense of a graceful epitaph invades these arabesque snake charms, we here have found ourselves appreciably smitten by ‘effigy of clay’ its sense of spectral elegance and haunted mystery hollows and rings with timeless perfection like some ancient mistral surveying the echoing remnants of age old lost civilisations. In short, a breathless study of isolationist beauty and something that’s sure to appeal and seduce those sonic purists among you familiar with the mercurial tones of the likes of Roy Montgomery, Alphane Moon, Jack Rose and David A Jaycock.

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