lo five

Those who keep a cautionary eye on these things will no doubt have spotted a mysterious posting from the patterned air crew alerting – hush hush – about matters relating to a new release in the offing. Well this is it, well an extract thereof, it’s by Lo Five, the set entitled ‘when it’s time to let go’ with this being ‘interdependants’. Described by the label as ‘deep landscape electronics’ (and before you ask – no me neither), it’s a delightfully demurring slice of rustic wooziness that affectionately twinkles amid the silken arrest of dreamy symphonia, bowed orchestrations and the subtle caressing noir crushed ghosting of oriental motifs, in truth if you are eagerly searching for reference points you could do no worse than to start your journey with the much missed Landshipping and Discordia.  https://soundcloud.com/patternedair/interdependants-lo-five    

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