This literally dropped on our door mat this very morning, sexy, scuzzy and seductive scowling and strutting its way onto the turntable in a blink of an eye. This be SLOKS, who just between you and me might turn up being your new favourite listening poison. Harking back to the days of Estrus, AmRep and Sympathy for the Record Industry, this four track sore thumb hailing from Turin, squirms, squalls and sneers to forge a delightfully discordant slab of ju-ju, ‘tank of gasoline’ heads up the charge, a rabid shock of swamp dragged primitive dragster twang that festers and scab picks its way through a hollering and howling b-movie car crash assembled from discarded hot-wired Cramps parts run through by a particularly scuffed up Mono Men and led from the fore by an insanely agitated Ivy. A lot less wired though groomed in a shadowy suffocation ‘Use me’ ups the psychosis quotient several notches, the sense of walls closing in paranoia unravelling intensely towards the groove ends. Over on the flip some nifty garage gouged rock-a-hula rumbles with the emergence of the psychotropically feral ‘into the mud’ while the raucous and damaged mutant blues shocked ‘close the door’ arrives fractured in the kind of up close and personal searing and manic savagery as to out shriek and out freak even the mighty Katastrophy Wife / Babes in Toyland. The release comes courtesy of a three way label gathering featuring  Resurrections Records, SOB Records and Double Face Records   

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