the untitled

Guessing you all fancy a spot of electronic disturbia, in truth sounds like something the late Mr Peel would play before going off on a stroll around Maida Vale only to return to find his audience had gone somewhat hypnotically gaga, no surprise given you can feel your mind evaporating beneath its hypno grooving pulsars, a bit like putting your head in psych techno tumble drier and then switching the settings to bleach. This is heading down the release track via Enfant Terrible, from the Untitled this is the aptly titled ‘sleep paralysis’ the b-side in fact of a mini-set called ‘unruhe’ – a humungous mushrooming cosmic mind melter which we suspect many listeners may not necessarily emerge out of the other side with all their faculties in place. We suggest you hike up the volume for maximum damage and guaranteed oblivion.  

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