Those of you attending this year’s Fruits de Mer curated 15th Dream of Dr Sardonicus festival will have the chance to get your dibs on a what promises to be a bonafide barnstormer of a release pressed up on limited numbers of lathe wax – 50 to be precise – featuring 7shades on one side and three dimensional tanx on the other….guess you want to know what they sound like….first up…..

Let’s just say from the outset that 7shades are off the radar, they craft seriously unhinged, daft and deliriously essential listening gems which defy easy pigeonholing, self-confessed disciples of all things the Cardiacs, like Smith and Co they create a sonic universe far removed from their peers, I say peers with tongue firmly planted in cheek, hell’s teeth they have no peers, instead with magpie glee they pick and plunder from the spheres of prog, art, psych and more besides to cook up a surreal shapeshifting sonic palette of fried fantasia proportions. A recent album ‘bursting’ is the work of crooked genius, all at once wired, wiring and wilfully wonky, we here needed a long lie down just for barely getting through ‘nudey prod games’ without having our brain succumbed to mush, a wig flipping lunatic lysergic fairground, all furiously fuzzed and impishly psychotic, total merry madness. https://7shades.bandcamp.com/album/bursting  

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