look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping – transmission 5.0

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 5.0….w/e 4/2/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind…..

this edition features sounds from……

polypores, evil blizzard, Delaware road, the corporation, catastrophe disasterbator, josefin ohrm and the liberation, the truth about frank, Marcus fjellstrom, adamennon, slowdive, evil uses, taos hum, when nalda became punk, Adriano zianni, Spartan jet-plex, fret, kill alters, the dahmers, the rotten mind, amonism, wonky alice, holy now, temnee, eoin smith, kitchens of distinction, oskar’s drum, hey exit, ty segall, connect_icut, feral ohms,brian Jonestown massacre with tim burgess, the bordellos, snails, gulp, Django Django, new pornographers, razor sharp death blizzard, tempers, soft bodies, Quimper, revbjelde, yuri morozov, Van McCoy, Baccara, ABBA, Computer music yesteryear, John Lennon, John Chowning, Jean Claude Risset, Marryanne Amacher, Bido Lito, Nicholas Krgovich, Casket Girls, Moon Duo, the New Southern Electrikk, Mission of Burma, the Cifgaretts, Kip Tyler, Steve King and the Echelons, the Baroques, Tomorrow Syndicate, Shrinking Minds, Daughters of Grief, Lo Five, Dean McPhee, SLOKS, The Untitled, Vincent Price, 93millionmilesfromthesun, Wood n Head, Shed Show, Voice Farm, Ice Crean man Power Pop, Wonderful Sound Libraries, Blanck Mass, Camilla Fuchs, Kid Koala, Emilliana Torrini, Monster Movie, Colin Potter, Diane Marie Kloba, Brasstronaut, Dandelion Radio Festive 50

Not entirely sure for certain whether or not this is physically available elsewhere, but here’s Polypores with a live take of ‘lifeform 1’ – a deeply immersive full surround sound headphonic mind expander which despite its obvious coolly murmured kosmiche tracings had us here much recalling of those lengthy softly daubed psychotropic tripping cosmic odysseys once upon a time embarked upon by those Future Sound of London chaps. https://soundcloud.com/polypores/lifeform-1-live-recording

Staying with Polypores, talk about opposites attracting, here he is remodelling Evil Blizzard’s freak macabre dark dub anthem ‘spread the fear’ and perhaps into the bargain chiselling it into something more disquieting than the original mix by applying oodles of shadowy industrial pulsars, haunted playroom motifs and a whole load of head freaking and mind twisting paranoiac motifs. Assembled Minds anyone.

Just in case you weren’t too familiar with the original take – tut tut – here’s the waywardly impish Blizzards’ captured live at the Camden Barfly doing their wig flipping finest……

A little more context to this I feel is required…..as this comes as part of a hulking multi-art / sound / historical spectacle due to happen a little later in the year…..words from the man himself should help iron out any confusion, or who knows – perhaps muddy the mystery further.

Is it life copying art / literature or the other way around, in an age of alternative facts and truth, the spectre of Orwell’s dystopian nightmare ‘1984’ blurs with fearful consequence. So to with music, the genre known as hauntology has extended its borders to re-wiring our memories to confuse the distinction between the actual and the imagined. In a haze of misinformation, alternative histories and corrupted memories, the Delaware Road and the Corporation have ghosted the timeline of pop, twisting both its past and future by reaching back and forth in time to rewrite its script. Yesterday we featured a video drawn from an unknown vault of the secretive shadow dwelling Corporation, it featured Benson Fairlight, a lowly sound man at the mysterious facility moonlighting on synths with the Delaware Boys found here appearing, or so one would believe, in a chart bothering attack in the mid 80’s, however information received informed all it was from the 90’s, dipping their toes in the big shiny suits and big hair glitzy mirror ball world of synth dance soul, it was released on rent free records,, the track in question ‘you always knew I’d feel that way’ is – I’ll warn you now – a tad saccharine for our usual tastes around here, that said we’re not so snobbish as to not to pick up on the coolly grooved noir teased sophisticated vibes which unless I’m not very much mistaken have something of a sly nocturnal funk feel of Shalamar and Shakatak about their wares, 808 State heads might well be equally appealed. But did it ever happen……

Words from the man himself about this archive find…..

‘Its actually a bit of a piss take, totally fictional – recorded around 1994 and part of a series of imaginary productions by Benson Fairlight, manager of The Corporation studios in The Delaware Road. Confusing I know but nature deplores a vacuum etc! – Heres another one that features in the live show interval…….


‘there’s a ‘bunker gig’ in July – to be more precise in a nuclear bunker  – an evening with the Delaware Road, the event features Dolly Dolly as the Director of the mysterious Corporation  in the role of Sir Babington Gifford – details as to the background history, the interweaving playing parts and how to grab tickets for the event can be found here http://www.djfood.org/what-is-the-delaware-road/

Mr Gubby goes on to further say…..

‘All these dead ends, vids, details, odds & sods sort of come together in the show if you’re paying careful attention. I’ve also had Jarrod from I Monster drawing all the characters from the Delaware story for a brochure at the bunker show.

Benson Fairlight, studio manager at The Corporation and producer for Rent Free Records 1980s synth pop duo The Delaware Boys. also composed the classic library music cue ‘Your Dark Chocolate Box’ used in confectionary ads throughout the 70s + 80s.

There are 20 characters in The Delaware Road that have been fleshed out with their own back stories from world war 2 until the 1970s.  Some of which (but not all) may be vaguely familiar to fans of archival electronica & experimental music’.

Hell’s teeth this certainly pinned our ears back and damn well nearly fried them clean off, the latest sonic sore thumb to be unleashed by the skull dungeon imprint finds the aptly named caustic sound terrorists Catastrophic Disasterbator giving your speakers a work out the like of which they’ve never seen or dared imagine. The eleven track ‘demo #1’ certainly takes no prisoners, amid the blizzard of sand blasted skree, these short electro shocked slabs of power electronic punishment gouge and snarl with trepanning torment, the equivalent of re-enacting some kind of home-made cyclone experiment replete with room flying shards of furniture searching you out with an eye to flail your skin straight off your face, these dudes are obviously enamoured of merzbow, melt banana, kylie minoise, Tayside mental health et al – approach with due care is all we’ll say. https://skulldungeon.bandcamp.com/album/demo-1

As the press release rightly notes there’s the mysterious ghost like whiff of a ‘Ju-Ju’ era Siouxsie Sioux seductively attaching to this psyche arabesque, amid its grooves a kaleidoscopic tapestry is weaved that woozily finds a space between the dream dazed cracks that finitely link Jefferson Airplane and Jane Weaver, this be Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation with a modified reworking of ‘sister green eyes’ – their third single to be lifted from the critically acclaimed ‘mirage’ full length. https://soundcloud.com/rocket-recordings/josefin-ohrn-the-liberation-sister-green-eyes-edit/s-qhNt5  

The single will be accompanied by a short tour – dates as follows…..

24 Feb / Nottingham / Nottingham Contemporary

25 Feb / Liverpool / Liverpool Central Library

26 Feb / Newcastle / The Cluny

28 Feb / Glasgow / Broadcast

1 March / Manchester / The Soup Kitchen

2 March / Leeds / The Brudenell Social Club

3 March / Bristol / Louisiana

4 March / London / Moth Club

5 March / Brighton / Haunt

6 March / Oxford / The Bullingdon

7 March / Birmingham / Hare & Hounds

Channelling ever deeper the sub conscious of a youthful Cabaret Voltaire, this folks is new ear ware from those disquieting rascals the Truth About Frank. New material we hear is due to land this year kicking off with a visitation entitled ‘this cocoon is a tomb’ set to appear on a newly gathered compilation from Nektar that’s due to emerge from hiding sometime next month. For now though here’s ‘fountains and factions’ – a superbly glitch grooved slab of minimalist ice forged subtronic mutant dub which to these ears seems to skirt around some vintage Aphex Twin motifs before getting all comfortable and finding a homely kinship with Wagon Christ. Alas the embedding links have been disabled on the moving picture show so you might want to do yourselves a favour re-routing your mouse / cursor in the general direction of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hs2CciXTiCw   – and whack up the volume while you are there.

Oh my the tension dripping off this is quite something, eerily sinister and cloaked in shadows of uncertainty and apprehension, in truth it had us mind of fortdax when he briefly relocated into darkening environs upon the appearance of ‘a Beverley mythic’, this is heading out of miasmah shortly from an album by Marcus Fjellström entitled ‘Skelektikon’ – the teaser cut you are listening being ‘Skeleton Dance 2’ – very Biosphere it should be said. https://soundcloud.com/miasmah/marcus-fjellstrom-skeleton-dance-2

Blimey, still haven’t had a chance to turn my ears to the forthcoming Adamennon full length ‘Le Nove Ombre del Caos’ for boring machines in full just yet, so while we set about pulling our finger here’s another track in the shape of the ominous ‘La Sconfitta al Pozzo del Sangue’ – vintage Giallo groove indelibly crafted in the hand of Goblin but somewhat stirring from sonic shadows to loosely link arms with Cat’s Eyes, Broadcast’s ‘Berberian sound studio’ and Bronnt Industries Kapital. Stunning.  https://soundcloud.com/boringmachines/adamennon-la-sconfitta-al-pozzo-del-sangue

Emerging from recording hibernation here’s the much adored Slowdive with the exquisitely dream dazed ‘star roving’, just hits all the buttons at once, an orbiting bliss kissed visitation shimmered seductively in vapour trailing opines all teased in whisper toning rushes of euphoria all at once stately, statuesque and coolly sublime – any questions?


The band are soon to be touring North America shortly.

I guarantee that this will drive you to near distraction once its skewed and crooked motifs comes into early earshot. Forthcoming download only single ‘gambino’ from the Evil Usses via stolen body records arrives just ahead of their ‘amateur pro wrestling’ set, a becoming blighter that’s deliciously wired around a brain scrambling corkscrew Oriental riff that has a habit of veering off message without playful warning to imagine some kind of hitherto forgotten late night studio chill session gathering together Henry Mancini, John Lurie and the Grails, seriously I kid you not, whacked out and inscrutably wonky not to mention devilishly bonkers.

Same label, different artist and another download only single, this one by Taos Humm, incidentally called ‘hi hats for post punk heroes’ comes culled from the trio’s imminent ‘flute of the noodle bender’ album and finds the ensemble seemingly rephrasing dismembered elements of Joy Division’s ‘isolation’ through the angular art pop eye of a ‘154’ era Wire viewfinder drawing from the resulting melee a decidedly gritty hypno-groover into the bargain that had us here much recalling the sadly missed Playwrights. Alas no sound clips just yet but to whet the appetite here’s another album teaser taster in the shape of the strangely tripping math core mirage that is ‘Velociraptortoise’ – the clue to the references being, I shouldn’t wonder, in the title.

Quite smitten with this slice of c-86 styled shimmery power pop effervescence, the harmonies, the coos, the feel good vibes and the overall catchiness of the whole package as it swoons, sways and swerves into your ear space, okay admittedly it sounds like the Primitives in cahoots with Lush all overseen in the studio by a certain Mitch Easter, however last time I checked such happy happenings weren’t quite outlawed by legislation. Anyhow this is when nalda became punk with ‘hanging out with imogen’ – a new thing heading out on an album ‘those words broke our hearts’ coming soon through Discos de Kirlian / Shelflife…..

We will be revisiting this in a day or two, once that is that we’ve had time to rescue the press release gubbins from out of the inbox mountain. Imminent – well in truth slated for March appearance – a strictly limited 7 inch from boring machines featuring two slabs of wayward electronica from the exile returning Adriano Zanni this being the flip side of the ‘Falling Apart’ set entitled ‘black’ (lead cut incidentally is ‘white’). A little something that we here feel ought to prick the ears of those one time admiring of old school Atari Teenage Riot, Autechre and those early happenings emerging from the much missed Tigerbeat6 and boltfish imprints, interspersed and punctuated with film dialogue, this schizoid subterranean sore thumb wires itself upon a mutant punk techno framing pooled together from erratic glitch gouges and ambient cut ups, all very edgy and icy much like a future echo from some near distant future world. https://soundcloud.com/boringmachines/adriano-zanni-falling-apartblack  

loosely back with polypores who we must thank for sending over digital copies of last year’s ‘the wastes’ and ‘timeholes’ releases as well as giving us the heads up on two further polytechnic youth outings due to happen this year with the completion of an as yet untitled full length and a further volume of ‘timeholes’. He also pops up a rather smart compilation being put out by the spool’s out / beachers folk on the bezirik imprint entitled ‘spool’s out volume 1 now > ever’ – a 26 track gathering which alas due to a combination of time restraints and the fact that out free listening credits have run out, that we are able to only dip our toes into. As said Polypores features with ‘the unravelling’ – a track that finds him melodically mining the kind of sound worlds inhabited by the likes of the palace of swords and tomorrow syndicate into the bargain spooling kosmiche sounds of a faraway yesterday which positioned atop a pulsing motorik murmur radiate and transmit images of distant future worlds. Previously untroubling these pages, though after this visitation I can tell you now that’ll soon be at an end, this is Spartan Jet-Plex with ‘brain dead’ – now if I were to say that this is the best thing we’ve heard since we happened across death and Vanilla and Tara King th many years back, then I’m sure you’ll be aware that this is quite something, sounding like something casually sneaked out from the Moon Glyph imprint, this hollowing slice of aching beauty comes traced in a ghostly chill toned angelic poise that’s demurred and bruised as though a quietly vulnerable and woodland dead can dance variant had been pared back and sparsely stripped whilst opining frost flecked hymnals. Somewhere else, admittedly we were attracted by the liner notes describing them as ‘depressed Beach Boys’, Fret! stump up ‘hillbilly’ – a track that is anything but ‘depressing’ and rather more sounds like the work of twanging chap well versed in the delights of man…or astro man, link wray and that dick dale dude. Last one for this brief visit, we will endeavour to return soon, a strangely wayward sortie from Kill Alters by the name ‘sensory’ – a kind of art smudged post punk misfit that appears to delight in wiring, skipping and cooing its way through a deeply immersive sonic hatchling that fuses Delta 5 with a particularly darkly mooching Cobra Killer and smothering them beneath a gloriously skewed haze of playfully angular psychotropic vibes of tripped out wooziness. https://bezirk.bandcamp.com/album/spools-out-vol-1-n-o-w-e-v-e-r  

in your face up close and personal punch you groove heading out of the lovely imprint, this be the rotten mind with the panic attacking punkoid hysteria of ‘things I can’t see’ – a blistering bad boy scalped in day glowing daubs of shadowy 60’s shimmer tones all gnarled with a frenetic agit garage gouging, need I say more…..

More lovely imprint grooviness this time in the shape of the Dahmers’ ‘no one’ – this raucously raw and rumbling cow punk rumbler comes dragged from a forthcoming EP by the name of ‘nightcrawler’ with this sparring and spiked wired as hell musical melee sounding like the lost sonic twin that the Violent Femmes’ ‘ugly’ never knew existed.

There’s a degree expectancy around these here parts of Amonism groove hitting the racks sometime this year, here’s a quite arresting peak at some work in progress from the craftsman’s table of sound with the delightfully expressive ‘prologue’ fluttering between autumnal apertures and sun shy canters, to these ears elements of Vernon Elliott tuned to the darkeningly stark symphonic prose of Stockhausen appears to be the order of proceedings for the best part of the initial sparring which then blossoms beautifully reaching an impasse to reveal a most enchantingly romantic choral radiance. https://soundcloud.com/amonism/prologue  

loosely related to Amonism though irrefutably emerging from a differing sonic perspective, incoming happenings from the Arell imprint courtesy of a new release by Eoin Smith entitled ‘ivory’ – herewith a teaser taster which I’m sure you’ll agree is revealing of its principle player as being something of a sonic alchemist fully abled in the art of utilising and drawing from a widening resource of melodic textures and mediums with this hazy excerpt seemingly prone to moments of jittering activity and soothing tenderness as it rumbles from states of bowed groans and chaotic clatters to ghost lit sleepy headed mist emerging triumphal siren calls. https://arell.bandcamp.com/album/ivory-preview

from a personal point of view the Kitchens of Distinction where always, as far as I was concerned, one of the shining beacons of late 80’s and early 90’s sound alchemists emerging from the heady dream pop / shoegaze / guitar pop pool, not unlike the House of Love, both captured a crystalline sound that was seamless, surging and tenderly turned in a radiant rush of euphoric turbulence that at times bordered on near heavenly with ‘the third time we opened the capsule’ still regularly dusted down around here to serve as a prime example of the near divinity of pop. Due March time a long and much deserved retrospective is due with the news that One Little Indian will be packaging the bands albums for the extensive long box treatment. Entitled ‘watch our planet circle’ the hard book set gathers together a luxurious 6 CD appreciation that includes their first four studio albums remastered along with a disc of lost b-sides and a further set made up of radio sessions recorded for both John Peel and Mark Radcliffe replete with a 36 page book detailing their discography, history, photos and various gubbins – full details of which can be viewed via a pledge music campaign page at http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/kitchens-of-distinction-box-set?lf=8dc04e77e47506b867a9f27c5fa1a33f  

‘the third time we opened the capsule’…


Oskar’s Drum who you may have heard mention of, had you bothered to watch the pledge music video for the aforementioned Kitchens of Distinction box set, find the forging of talents of KoD’s Patrick Fitzgerald and Yves Altana who incidentally in another life was a member of the criminally overlooked early 90’s star gazers Wonky Alice. An album is currently treading water in the shape of ‘a cathedral of hands’ from which we’ve been more than a little smitten by ‘the last I saw Roger’ a witheringly reflective and noir scratched slow burning epic that at once smoulders and rises resplendently touched with the kind of mercurial etching of Jonny Cola and the A Grades not to mention being blessed with the emotional reach and sonic vocabulary of The Crimea, utterly crushing is all we’ll say about it.  https://oskarsdrum.bandcamp.com/album/a-cathedral-of-hands  

Initially becoming aware of these dudes, well dude to be more precise for Hey Exit is in reality New York based musician Brendan Landis, when they quietly ghosted their way through an ultra-limited twin set for the much adored Sonido Polifonico early last year. Now comes ‘slow names 4 – the bitter scent of light’ – a shyly though hitherto exquisitely frail     full length pressed upon limited quantities of c-66 cassette the sounds within of which, strike a seductive slo-mo chord with, it has to be said, the sensitive stylings of fellow New Yorker Cheval Sombre. Yet while CS crafts a bruised hymnal aura to his sonic visitations, Hey Exit instead serve up moments frozen in time, much like photographs, though expressed delicately demurred in opining ghost lights of a spectral delta folk detailing which on first encounter recall the late John Fahey albeit as though flashed through the viewfinder of a late 80’s New Zealand noise framing, most notably that of Roy Montgomery all rubbed with a flying saucer attack tracing. None more so is this best evidence than on the hollowing intimacy of the stilled storm approach that darkens the grooves of ‘there are some things that can’t fully happen, they are to grand and magnificent to fit in an event, they just try to happen’.  https://heyexit.bandcamp.com/album/slow-names-4-the-bitter-scent-of-light  

This babe is doing bad things on our sound player, lifted as a teaser taster for a forthcoming self-titled Drag City happening, this is the precociously cool Ty Segall with ‘break a guitar’ – a scuzzed up fuzzed out stoner glam psych love in cutting slick snaking Bolan-esque shapes, really what more can I say other than – adored. https://soundcloud.com/drag-city/ty-segall-break-a-guitar  

absolutely no information on this except to say its heading out on what we assume to be a cassette compilation entitled “Music for Granular Synthesizer Vol. 3’ through the Aagoo imprint. This is an excerpt of the quite immaculate ‘laureline’ by connect_icut’ – something of a serenely celestial shimmering visitation that put us much in mind, truth to be told, of the Astral Social Club as were at laid back and at rest cooking up night time chill trimmed sorties for the Moon Glyph imprint. https://soundcloud.com/aagoo/connect_icut-laureline-extract?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook  

believed to be heading down the tracks on Silver Current shortly this is the high octane scuzz out groove gouge of Feral Ohms with ‘god of Nicaragua’ – a untamed and primitive slab of wild delights nailed upon a blister kissed scowling retro sneer which had we not known better would have hazarded a guess was the work of a wired to the national grid variation of Sweet Apples. https://soundcloud.com/feral-ohms/03-god-of-nicaragua  

the cool literally drips of this, new thang from Brian Jonestown Massacre incoming February via a recordings entitled ‘don’t get lost’ from which has been jettisoned on scouting duties, the devilish dandy known as ‘fact 67’. A mooching ghost rider, sparse like Gun Club sparse, a shadowy 60’s renegade, a kind of spaghetti western mystic howled upon a desert dry hypno-grooving spectral trailing in its dust ridden wake the spectres of Link, Leyton and the Lux and featuring a guest appearance by that dude Tim Burgess. https://soundcloud.com/a-records-6/8-fact-67  

a quick message from Brian Bordellos to alert us to the release of the 5th volume of their ongoing vault plucking series ‘underground tapes’ – those with their heads and ear tuned correctly will be all too aware that these occasional sorties have a habit of turning up previously unheard or unreleased nuggets from their extensive archive. Ever the understated he reckons this volume is a good ‘un and truth be told we have a tendency to agree with him, for sneaked amid these gruff groovings there’s a blistering scab forming slab of skewed Fall-esque tastiness in the shape of an early version of their Bo Diddley cover ‘I’m a man’ for the esteemed Fruits de Mer label if I recall rightly – this ‘un sounding demonstrably dishevelled and all the better for it. A rare quiet and intimate moment when the introspective ‘Autumn Grey’ bruises into focus, all the time delicately unravelling to reveal the ensembles rarely seen vulnerable soft spot. ‘sun storm’ – the ‘brian vocal’ wraps up the set snaking to a faintly mercurial mystic prowl that irrefutably nods to a darkening Doors-esque vibe leaving the WA11 session version of ‘temperature drop’ to serve as notice of intent to their peers that at their most together, that this lot are untouchable with this spectral version of one of their finest ghosting with a stately tracing forged of an anthem like withdrawing majesty that cuts and wounds to the quick with the Teardrop Explodes’ ‘wilder’ acting as its guiding light. https://bordellos.bandcamp.com/album/the-bordello-underground-tape-vol-5  

aw heck we could have simply just given the page citation for this, but trust me, this set was one of the most quietly understated releases of last year. Now getting a new lease of life via Feral Child – a deservedly so on vinyl to boot, think on the last release this label put out was just between you and me, our favourite of the year – the New Lines were its authors in case you were wondering. Anyhow as said, or haven’t said thus far, Snails who hail from Bristol are set to have their debuting ‘safe in silence’ full length lavishly pressed upon wax in a strictly limited 300 only pressing. The set incidentally emerges from the shadows at the same time as another new Deep Distance set by Sula Bassana entitled ‘organ accumulator’ – we’re trying to nab sound links for the latter, for now here’s that Snails review from way back last September in all its unfettered glory……..

 Those of you with fairly long-ish memories might well recall us swooning in the ailes and getting a tad fond of Snails’ 7-inch outing from, oooh  – about 18 months ago on the ever hip and now temporarily put to bed great pop supplement. There were rumours of further singles to come, they never emerged, an album in the offing we feared might be lost. Intended for release on GPS before plans hatched to concentrate on polytechnic youth and deep distance, a schedule brought considerably forward by matters out of the labels hands, ‘safe in silence’ finally gets its deserved release via undergrowth records. We here are thinking those GPS guys have missed a trick for this full length is succulently wrapped in a classically toned pop vintage that cools with a deceptively soft stroke of 60’s psych, twee pop bubblegrooves (see ‘more than a second’) all graced with the crafted finesse and allured musicality of Belle and Sebastian’s debuting ‘tigermilk’ along with the occasional passing nods to a youthful Tindersticks not to mention a flashing of the gorki’s (none more so is the Mynci influence better exemplified than on the shy eyed love note ‘red nose floating’). Its not brash, its far from wannabe and neither is it immediate like a rash. Instead ‘safe in silence’ is coolly assured, it doesn’t see the point in shouting and rudely vying for your attention, rathermore it hangs about quietly at the back of the queue shyly hoping to catch your ear, and when it does, between you and me, lets just say that this might well be making a bid for one of the albums of the year. Perhaps the aforementioned Great Pop Supplement single ought to tell or hint of the affectionate charms that lurk amid these grooves, both sides of it feature here, ‘winter hearts’ chirps to Bacharach motifs while arrested in an autumnal glow much recalling the much missed L’Augmentation while ‘talking to Anthony’ – what can I say, smitten on first hearing, still am as it happens, its lazy eyed string weaved lolloping softly tingled with a radiant folk hymnal spraying, arcs and allures with the sensitive tenderness of the aforementioned belle and Sebastian and tindersticks with a sprinkling of hey paulette for good measure. In truth, each ttime we’ve put this blighter on its as though someone has switched on the sun such is its lightness and happiness. Opening the set, ‘jennifer jones’ is kissed with an autumnal opening ripped straight from a ‘durable dream’ era Moviola before repositioning itself upon a vintage Sunday afternoon bandstand piping out a soft serving of old psychedelic peculiar to a music hall framing that hints to a mid career Kinks in cahoots with the purple gang. Its safe to say that ‘safe in silence’ is an album of two contrasting sides, the more reclining and thoughtfully toned spirit of the collective found over on side 2 often tugs with a hymnal campfire glow, it’s a mood captured like no other than by the surrendering ‘maisie’ with its lolloping prairie motifs serenading duskily to a cosy toed melodic framing that blissfully sways and swoons to an old school timeless folk spiritual while elsewhere the mellowed ‘seventeen’ lazily nibbles away at a secret Hefner songbook of lost lovelies before the parting sun burn of ‘go on down’ knocks you off your lulling perch with its radiant sprays of pop shimmered effervescence. A very special album indeed. http://snails.bandcamp.com/album/safe-in-silence-album  

Trip tronic recut of Gulp’s latest lovely ‘search for your love’ by Django Django – the nautical twilight edit to give it its full title is set to cause temperature’s to rise and swooning fits to no doubt be regular occurrence each and every time it comes into earshot as it steps from out of the kaleidoscopic glow and into the shadow refracting pulsing lights of clubland, for this this babe comes smoked in trance draped wisps of vapour-esque kosmiche. https://soundcloud.com/e-l-k-1/search-for-your-love-django-djangos-nautical-twilight-editwav  

See Gulp live:

Feb 14th – The Social, LONDON

May 12th – Focus Wales 2017, WREXHAM

Aug 24th – Sea Change Festival, DEVON

Sometimes pop can be so straight, staid and well, quite frankly, up itself and seriously too serious and prim for its own good. Aren’t you glad then that there are still bands like the Buttertones around and about impishly taking life with a pinch of salt and into bargain cooking up the kind of class A rumble that’s liable to leave with withdrawal pangs each time the stylus leaves its waxen grooves. Described by their press folk as a gathering of ‘the Cramps, the Sonics and the New York Dolls colluding to score a grindhouse flic’ the imminent in dropping ‘gravedigging’ set for innovative leisure is previewed by the duelling Tarantino twang of ‘sadie’s a sadist’ – a full on rock-a-hula flashback who primitive twang-a-rella vintage had us here, imagining the Killer press ganged into the legendary Blue Caps by the dude of dudes Gene Vincent.


Absolutely no information on this, been an age since we heard anything by the New Pornographers but I can tell you now that this little cutie is turning on our turntable right this minute. ‘high ticket attractions’ comes resplendently radiant in feel good starry eyed effervescences all power popified amid buzzing binary pulsars and the arrest of astral toned ear candy transmissions that collectively coo, swoon and shimmy to form a swirling psychotropic solar burst of loved up cosmic cuteness. 

Festering swamp dragged uber agit groove from Scottish hardcore dudes Razor Sharp Death Blizzard comes lashed in apocryphal defiance, a war cry from the streets, a torch bearing anthem for the lost, the silent and those trodden upon without a voice let alone hope found barely existing in a world driven by greed, the lust for power at the expense of compassion and equality not mention bedevilled beneath the flag of fear and hate. ‘there will be blood’ comes cast from the legion of Killing Joke, it’s choking and claustrophobic cloak of stoned hardcore both restless and unrelenting, cuts deep with a fist clenching and chest beating bleak portent. 

Smoothly seductive and arrested in the kind of deliciously attractive frost framed Balearic noir fashioning that slyly shimmers beneath the defences and sets up a squatter’s residency in your head space to ping its slow burn melodic murmuring each time it fears and senses that you’ll forget its tender toned distress call. This is the opining spectral ‘further’ by Tempers from an EP set called ‘fundamental fantasy’ due for imminent record counter adorning shortly via the vinyl factory.

Sounds alert from the heart of the Soft Bodies HQ with two new happenings having just landed, first up a little melodic mysterio with which to backdrop a crowd funding campaign financing the issue of four Philip McAlpine titles from the pen of Adam Diment – believed to be the work of the guys behind Quimper – more about them in a second, this 60’s sounding spy noire lounge lizard grooves to the same hypnotic vibe as encountered on releases bearing both the names tomorrow syndicate and the palace of swords upon their liner note fine print, chic, cosmopolitan yet traced in a shadowy Radiophonic Workshop vibe it imagines Workshop-er John Baker carrying out secret studio recording assignments with Raymond Scott under the cover of night in the resting corridors of Maida Vale.



for a very brief potted history of the counter culture Bond spy check out these pages…..




As promised that second Soft Bodies selection comes courtesy of a mini album release by Quimper by the name ‘retrieval’. Described by its author as ‘haunting dark avant pop’, ‘retrieval’ comprises of seven vintage sounding electronic ghost lights traced in becoming and alluring spectral sepia trimmings which in truth sound not unlike the beautified disquiets emanating from both the horror pop sound and Villa9 studio sound houses with the set opening to the floral enchantment of the FortDax-ian (the same effect comes into more vivid and colourful focus on the title track ‘retrieval’) like ‘boundary’ before mischieviously relocating to pastures more commonly associated with the Assembled Minds hauntologist trance found haunting their acclaimed ‘creaking haze and other rave ghosts’ set from last year or thereabouts. The worlds of 70’s children TV and testcard symphonies collide for the perky playschool afternoon milk and biscuits snooze soiree ‘sorenson’ which if anything purists of the sound schools of both Plone and ISAN will adore in an instant before that is, matters manifest into darker and fracturing terrains with the Ron Grainer-esque ‘waterloo shoulder’ creeping out the listening space with a vaguely magical though hitherto supernatural aura, one for the midwich youth club heads among you I shouldn’t wonder. With its mesmeric pulsars and somewhat celestial shimmering ‘lovely lightning’ encroaches into the ethereal sound spaces more commonly breached by fellow Soft Bodies regular Jodie Lowther which leaves ‘everything is fine’ to guide folk to the end grooves no doubt leaving them somewhat chilled with its beautifully eerie visitation seemingly acting as a key to opening a ghostly portal through whose doors the beyond beckons. https://quimper.bandcamp.com/album/retrieval  

teaser trailer heralding the incoming of what’s set to be one of the year’s finest vinyl outings from the Buried Treasure sound house this is Revbjelde……more details to come for now some previously swooning murmurs can be sourced here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2014/09/25/revbjelde/ and here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/09/15/revbjelde-2/  while that promised trailer goes a lot like this……

Staying with Buried Treasure a little longer, just eyed this on their band camp shop page, due to land at the end of March, some hugely forward thinking vintage electronics from behind the iron curtain, as was, from Yuri Morozov. Absolutely no information on this, in fact truth be told information on Morozov is limited full stop for under the steel grip of the KGB, pop music as with other forms of free expression were outlawed by the Soviet state during the 70’s and 80’s timeline to which Morozov was at height of his creative musical powers. Thought to have released over 60 albums, most were never heard outside of the secretive tape exchange community of Eastern Europe, it’s only now in recent years and with the aid of enquiring minds tapping into territories beyond the recognised scope of populist music that these rich resources of previously unknown recordings are coming to the fore. As said ‘strange angels’ is due for record shop counter action at the fall of March, for now we suggest you pin your lugs to the darkly wiry sub psych funk of the flipped out ‘shall come forth the demons’ and tell me he wasn’t trying to channel both James Brown and Jimi Hendrix at the same time. https://buriedtreasure.bandcamp.com/album/strange-angels  

Arriving via sacred bones next month Blanck Mass’ ‘world eater’ looks set to turn heads aplenty with the glorious haze jubilance that is ‘silent treatment’ being sent out ahead on early watch to seduce, smother and serenade all in its celestial radiance, a beautiful alignment of choral swirls, ripples of euphoria and tripping high altitude vapour rushes all converge and coalesce into a becoming and blossoming solar flared love note, the effect – immediate and mesmeric with alas no known antidote. https://soundcloud.com/sacredbones/blanck-mass-silent-treatment/s-NvOIV  

Those of you preferring their electronic sounds somewhat chilled and traced in spectral folk motifs with lashings of eerily ethereal bewitchment might do well to take a moment out to fall headlong into the daydreaming mysterio that is Camila Fuchs’ ‘welcome my demon’, described by the press folk as a cross between Oneohtrix Point Never and Björk, we here are more minded to point in the general reference direction of a certain Fever Ray heavily imbibing on the craft of Steve Reich, utterly enchanting and a tad crookedly beguiling.

Fancy some defrosting twinkle toned tingles, in truth this is not what we were expecting when our eyes lit up to sparkle as their gaze fell upon an email mentioning new Kid Koala grooves in the offing. This, I have to say, is quite something else, okay there’s no envelope pushing, if indeed that is what you were expecting, rather more instead what you get is a chance to step outside of this maddening world for six minutes in order to blissfully drift among the stars, for here there’s poise, tenderness and majesty interweaved amid the porcelain ice sculpturing of this achingly slow astral sleepwalk whose navigational point sits somewhere between a youthful Earlies and a shyly retiring Low, a heavenly hymnal if you must all snow haloed and demurring. The track in question, ‘the observable universe’ comes peeled from a forthcoming full length for Arts and Crafts entitled ‘music to draw to : satellite’ – it’s an album that finds Kid Koala immersed in delicately woven ambient symphonia which at various points stops by to welcome on board Emilíana Torrini whose seductive shy tones can be heard on the beguiling visitation that is ‘Adrift’ – think after hours Musetta in a studio love in with a particularly bruised Shortwave Set.


About you in a euphoric sugar rush ablaze in dream driven strut toned raptures, this is recently re-activated Monster Movie swooning and swerving from out of the shadows of Slowdive’s recent return to both stage and studio. Aided and abetted by a smattering of Slowdive friends and the odd Air Foundation-er, an album ‘keep the voices distant’ is scheduled for shoegazing adoration shortly via graveface with ‘shouldn’t stray from the shadows’ being sent out ahead on reconnaissance and into the bargain ricocheting resplendently colouring the listening space in spiralling hazes of vapour rushing sky sirens. https://graveface.bandcamp.com/album/keep-the-voices-distant  

Deep Distance continue apace with their hectic release schedule with the announcing that Colin Potter’s ‘the ghost office’ is finally set to get a long overdue treatment to wax. It continues the labels affection for this creative sore thumb having already brought from out of the forgotten shadows and in to the light several of Potter’s solo outings for critical re-assessment. ‘the ghost office’ originally released in 1980, his first as it happens, was pressed up on limited numbers of cassette through the mirage imprint, all of which command fair returns on the noted online auction sites. ‘the lope 1’ provides a brief snippet of the crooked creativity at work inside the Potter headspace, all at once esoteric and oblique, foggy electronic echoes from a darker and uncertain yesterday permeate from the monochrome shadows to out weird and out strange the likes of the Flying Lizards, Nurse with Wound and even Tuxedo Moon.


Every so often something comes along that literally makes you sit up, you wonder where it came from, there’s no identifiable references to jump out in an instant, no bandwagon its hopped on or fancy press release prose telling you it’s your new favourite thing whilst simultaneously listing a tired and well-worn roll call of artists who’ve inspired its journey. Instead it arrives fully formed, strange, eerie and without a sonic compass point, its sparse mystic tonalities finding their way through a seductively smoky psych folk fog that twists and shape shifts crookedly spell crafting a curious enchantment upon all who fall beneath its glare. And while Diane Marie Kloba mightn’t sound anything remotely like say, Karen Dalton or Vashti Bunyan, there’s a unique out of step and out of time song craft presence here to suggest she shares a common free spiritedness with these two hallowed icons whilst similarly imbibing of the kind of distractive rule book shredding style of a youthful Polly Harvey. This is the mysterious ‘I am the sweeper’ – enjoy.

I’m not going to deny that the minute this reared into ear view we were hooked, quite why and explaining that fact might be a more difficult task, not least for the way this particular cut appears to shift perspective and morph delightfully keeping you constantly teetering on the back foot. Described by the band, who incidentally are Brasstronaut, as a ‘Frankenstein pop song’, ‘sooner or later’ sneaked from a forthcoming Tin Angel self-titled full length due at the end of the month, is a wonderfully blissful and airy convergence of bracing brass opines, flute florets and hot tropical trimmed riff sky sirens, its pace shifting from moments of lulling dreaminess accelerating through the gears to a math like pulse, which if we didn’t know any better would have believed it was those Goodnight Lenin chaps channelling Dark Captain Light Captain. https://soundcloud.com/tin-angel-records/brasstronaut-sooner-or-later  

Dandelion Radio has long continued to hold the torch and preserve the spirit of the late Mr Peel, since his death they have taken on the mantle of being the voice from beneath the record counter whilst serving as an outlet for those artists and bands swimming against the tide of commercialism. Those long time listeners familiar with Mr Peel will no doubt be all too aware of the annual Festive 50 soirees, the rules where simply, vote your favourite tracks of the year and the great man would gather them all together, meticulously go through said bundle awarding points in terms of the listeners choice of preference, scribble these in a ledger and attempt to draw up a chart listing the top 50 – hence Festive 50. Some years it was a non-event – remember the great phantom festive 50, other times tradition gave way to predictability – see the all-time Festive 50 as was until the early 80’s, then there were the Smiths years so on and so forth. Well getting back to base, Dandelion Radio have kept the tradition going, each year collating a chart from listener votes and then broadcasting said selections over several transmissions. This years has just been published and with the addition of personal choices from the Dandelion DJ’s a dinky little 5 hour mix cloud set has been knitted….among the list, cuts from the Bordellos, let’s eat grandma, the fall, the Weddoes and the aforementioned Diane Marie Kloba with a certain Mr Bowie commanding the top 2 spots……anyway its here – fill yer boots….. 



accompanied by a strangely disconcerting message that alluded to the fact that he feared this mightn’t be to our taste, foolish fool, this be the latest from the creative workbench of tomorrow syndicate. ‘altered state’ flirts and orbits around a classic forward looking ’79 era Wire here found cooking up lunar bliss toned love noted haloes from out of star shimmering vapour purrs and then pressed upon a deliciously demurring kosmiche pop solar surfboard which had we not been any wiser would have said was the work of Dan Carney in his Astronauts alter ego. As to the small niggling question as to whether it’s to our taste an expression involving bears and woods springs to mind, we’ll sign off though in saying ‘altered state’ – his finest to date.


Apologies, but here’s another track which for the life of me I can’t remember where the hell we picked it up from. Again another with absolutely diddly information with which to pass on. Safe to say such minor details don’t detract from the fact that it’s a bit of a dandy. By Shrinking Minds this is ‘chasing’ – a track which admittedly starts out noisy and shall we settle for say, a bit energetic and excitable, but which soon settles into a tasty slice of tuneage tripped in a wickedly head turning swoon thrilled cool that’s ripped in a killer vintage shade adorned 50’s bubble grooving that audaciously sits somewhere the Flaming Stars and Denim. Any questions, go on I dare you….. https://soundcloud.com/shrinkingminds/shrinking-minds-chasing 

Due to emerge shortly, in fact we’ve mentioned this particular track in passing a few weeks ago and no doubt will continue to not least because we suspect you’ll not hear anything so crushing and tender as this all year or at least till Glissando decide to grace us with their appearance this year. Absolutely bewitching and entrancing, which in truth amount to pretty much the same thing. This is Daughters of Grief with the assistance of the Hare and the Moon’s Grey Malkin with ‘the night’ – see also  https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/01/21/daughters-of-grief-2/ ….arriving soon we believe… https://soundcloud.com/daughtersofgrief/1-the-night-mb1  

Those who keep a cautionary eye on these things will no doubt have spotted a mysterious posting from the patterned air crew alerting – hush hush – about matters relating to a new release in the offing. Well this is it, well an extract thereof, it’s by Lo Five, the set entitled ‘when it’s time to let go’ with this being ‘interdependants’. Described by the label as ‘deep landscape electronics’ (and before you ask – no me neither), it’s a delightfully demurring slice of rustic wooziness that affectionately twinkles amid the silken arrest of dreamy symphonia, bowed orchestrations and the subtle caressing noir crushed ghosting of oriental motifs, in truth if you are eagerly searching for reference points you could do no worse than to start your journey with the much missed Landshipping and Discordia.  https://soundcloud.com/patternedair/interdependants-lo-five     

We tripped across this via a recommendation by Mr Cross of the Sonido Polifonico imprint, looks as though it’s been out for a fair while though seemingly buoyed by a recent pressing to wax, by Dean McPhee, ‘fatima’s hand’ is a superb five track set steeped in mesmeric mysticism all etched sublimely in stilled desert dry drone classicism. Both primitive in texture and expressive in detail, across this absorbing suite it’s as though McPhee has spell charmed and summoned the very spirit and harmony of the elements to secretly serve as an additional player, the sounds stately and somewhat majestic appear to circle the listener, all at once elegiac and head bowed, a sense of a graceful epitaph invades these arabesque snake charms, we here have found ourselves appreciably smitten by ‘effigy of clay’ its sense of spectral elegance and haunted mystery hollows and rings with timeless perfection like some ancient mistral surveying the echoing remnants of age old lost civilisations. In short, a breathless study of isolationist beauty and something that’s sure to appeal and seduce those sonic purists among you familiar with the mercurial tones of the likes of Roy Montgomery, Alphane Moon, Jack Rose and David A Jaycock. https://deanmcphee.bandcamp.com/album/fatimas-hand  

This literally dropped on our door mat this very morning, sexy, scuzzy and seductive scowling and strutting its way onto the turntable in a blink of an eye. This be SLOKS, who just between you and me might turn up being your new favourite listening poison. Harking back to the days of Estrus, AmRep and Sympathy for the Record Industry, this four track sore thumb hailing from Turin, squirms, squalls and sneers to forge a delightfully discordant slab of ju-ju, ‘tank of gasoline’ heads up the charge, a rabid shock of swamp dragged primitive dragster twang that festers and scab picks its way through a hollering and howling b-movie car crash assembled from discarded hot-wired Cramps parts run through by a particularly scuffed up Mono Men and led from the fore by an insanely agitated Ivy. A lot less wired though groomed in a shadowy suffocation ‘Use me’ ups the psychosis quotient several notches, the sense of walls closing in paranoia unravelling intensely towards the groove ends. Over on the flip some nifty garage gouged rock-a-hula rumbles with the emergence of the psychotropically feral ‘into the mud’ while the raucous and damaged mutant blues shocked ‘close the door’ arrives fractured in the kind of up close and personal searing and manic savagery as to out shriek and out freak even the mighty Katastrophy Wife / Babes in Toyland.  https://sloks.bandcamp.com/album/7-s-t    

Guessing you all fancy a spot of electronic disturbia, in truth sounds like something the late Mr Peel would play before going off on a stroll around Maida Vale only to return to find his audience had gone somewhat hypnotically gaga, no surprise given you can feel your mind evaporating beneath its hypno grooving pulsars, a bit like putting your head in psych techno tumble drier and then switching the settings to bleach. This is heading down the release track via Enfant Terrible, from the Untitled this is the aptly titled ‘sleep paralysis’ the b-side in fact of a mini-set called ‘unruhe’ – a humungous mushrooming cosmic mind melter which we suspect many listeners may not necessarily emerge out of the other side with all their faculties in place. We suggest you hike up the volume for maximum damage and guaranteed oblivion. https://soundcloud.com/repartiseraren/exclusive-premiere-the-untitled-sleep-paralysis   

Time for some lost curios, in all honesty they don’t come more curious or indeed macabre than a collection of readings by Vincent Price set to wax in the early 70’s, there’s a short write up by the week in weird folk giving the background on these much sought after releases here http://weekinweird.com/2016/11/22/adventures-in-demonology-vincent-price-summoning-demons/ along with a link to the full reading of ‘Witchcraft – Magic : an adventure in Demonology’.

Vapour trailing beautified bliss from 93milliuonmilesfromthesun this being a track from their debuting set released 10 years ago this year now remodelled, rephrased and softly sprayed in magic dust the type of which we wouldn’t be surprised to hear holds the stars in place in the night sky. Oh and its very dreamy and sedate so you might want to pinch yourself every 15 seconds or so not to mention try picking up your awe dropped jaw from the floor. https://soundcloud.com/93mmfts/the-times-we-have-are-now  

I’ll be open and honest in saying that we do adore the way this manages to simultaneously be both dreamy and disquieting. A head to head gathering the talents of the implicit order and the ephemeral man together for a limited 40 only cassette release – alas already sold out darn – if it hadn’t been for my absolutely useless broadband deciding to have a hissy fit I’d have nabbed one of these before they vamooshed of the shop page. Anyhow here they are hidden beneath their collective alter ego Wood n’ Head with this, their self-titled debut which due to time constraints we’ve honed in on the opening salvo ‘the importance of dreaming’. In truth sounds as though you’ve found yourself momentarily lulled to sleep only to have awoken in some bizarrely enchanted – though ostensibly macabre hinterland formed and forged from some Melmoth the Wanderer visitation, a place finitely balanced between reality and the beyond wherein the ghost like woodland rises to life and where the sonic footing dissolves, dissipates and disappears amid spectral sepia toned appearances of eerie creaks, ethereal choral corteges and the occasional attendance of haunted musical halls situated on ghostly promenades – think ‘the shining’.  https://rano.bandcamp.com/album/wood-n-head



second show if I recall rightly, hosted by Serafina Steer – I think, but don’t quote me on that, this was is chiefly a time travel trip back to the 80’s with crucial cuts from the Flying Lizards, DAF, human sexual response, Coil et al – best track of the set being Voice Farm’s ‘lost adults’ – a band whom I’m embarrassed to say and admit have till now managed to escape our listening gaze.


another killer playlist / show from the Ice Cream Man power pop and more dudes, the clues in the title as to what to expect here, this particular episode kicking off with the original power poppers the Raspberries, among the grooves so ear candy tones of Impo and the Tents with the audaciously tasty ‘pop secret’, Denny Smith’s rather dandy Petty-ish sounding ‘hyde’ and the over you like a rash head rush effervescence of ‘here we go again’ by Suzy Y Los Quattro who I should say sound remarkably like the lost twin of Blondie.


latest sound playing loveliness from the Wonderful Sound Libraries folk, comes packed end to end with oodles of life affirming blissfully toned lounge, library and bucolic beauties – among the grooves a live appearance James McArthur and the head gardners and selected tracks from Antonio sanchez, isley brothers, sarah cracknel, honeydrippers, willie thrasher…

https://www.mixcloud.com/sohoradio/wonderfulsound-libraries-30012017 /



wonky alice mentioned a little earlier in relation to Oskar’s Drum…..with ‘caterpillars’

Kinda feeling a little depressed and somewhat mortified that we’ve so far managed to miss this, this comes cut in ear candy hooks aplenty whilst armed with the most audaciously cutely toned vocal swallow dive and that’s even before we’ve gotten around to mentioning the rippling riff corteges that shimmer in at the 1.22 mark, frankly faultless, it’s by holy now who hail from Gothenburg and goes by the name ‘wake up’. https://soundcloud.com/beechcoma/holy-now-wake-up  

again another release we are now kicking ourselves for having missed, this is ‘dialectics’ by Tver, Russia based cosmic dudes Temnee, a killer slab of stoned out vintage psych, we here are much admiring of ‘steps to infinity’ not least for the fact that its beatnik-y mystic third eye grizzled arabesque had us much recalling the much missed green milk from the planet orange, something we dare say that ought to appeal the earthling society and sendelica heads among you. https://temnee.bandcamp.com/album/dialectics  

literary book club discussion type thing to note in your diary features Darren Hyman and Davis Shepherd in conversation about Mr Eno.https://www.eventbrite.com/e/brian-eno-darren-hayman-in-conversation-with-david-sheppard-tickets-31592767819

making music with computers yesteryear….

John Lennon talks about The Beatles Abbey Road album track by track……

Some vintage electronic sounds…..this from John Chowning from 1981…..

…and there’s this…..quite superb – from Jean-Claude Risset with “Songes” from way back in 1979..

…and then there’s this, embarrassed to say I’ve happened upon Maryanne Amacher previously but ‘Living sound’ released in 1980 is well worth a listen…..

Latest issue of Bido Lito doing the rounds at worthy independent record retailers…..


staying with the Bido Lito crew here’s their celebratory 50th anniversary of ‘the summer of love’ happening with a nifty 65 minute far out-y head tripping mix tape……


is it just me or this quite a gorgeous little think, a happy soul mooching mirthfully and dizzily in its own little world quite unaware we shouldn’t wonder that you’re their listening in from the shadows. Anyhow this is Nicholas Krgovich cutting a dizzily dainty dash across ‘Cherry Trees’ a by all accounts unreleased No Kids song feat. Geneviève Castrée…..


somewhere about this missive, you’ll find mention of new groove heading out of the graveface corporation, well here’s a little something very tasty that they sneaked out round about this time last year, this is the quite adorable ‘tears of a clown’ by the casket girls, worthy of a degree of adoration don’t you think…..  https://soundcloud.com/graveface/tears-of-a-clown

moon duo’s guide to psych……


couldn’t resist digging this out of the review archive having spotted it on a ramble through you tube world….this is the New Southern Electrikk with the adorable ‘brown eyes’ – mentioned in passing here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2015/01/27/the-new-southern-electrikk-2/



we suggest, if you haven’t already heard it previously, tuning into the quite sublime ‘no 1 fan’….




…and finally a nostalgic interlude……

A little Mission of Burma with the forgotten classic ‘that’s when I reach for my revolver’….

….and the Cigarettes with ‘you were so young’….

……Kip Tyler ‘she’s my witch’…..

..Steve King and the Echelons ‘Satan is her name’….

…and rounding matters up the Baroques with ‘Mary Jane’…..



Contact resources….

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Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thesundayexperience

Word press – marklosingtoday.wordpress.com

Twitter – @marklosingtoday

Physical – 46 Webster Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JF, UK


the end groove….

In these darkening days, a little fluffiness and lightness is needed, we’ve packed up our bags and gone back to the 70’s…leaving you with……

Van McCoy….


….and finally with news of their reformation……ABBA…..

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