three dimensional tanx

Over on the opposite side of that forthcoming limited lathe from FdM will be these dudes….

As to Lancaster’s three dimensional tanx, shall we just say that the FdM guys might well have stumbled across the musical cog linking Cranium Pie and the Earthling Society. Recent set ‘Attack’ is a glorious cranium compressing collision of muscular kraut, weird ear prog and space psych all of which we here have found ourselves somewhat adoring of the albums parting track and, dare we say, aptly titled ‘Astral Plane flight attendant’ which by these ears sounds like a hulking melodic mushroom forged of a sci-fi-tronic silver age key swirled hallucinogenic psyched out pop pill found warp driving through a meteor storm. That said ‘son of go’ ought to find admiring glances from the Invaderband fraternity given it’s 60’s shimmered psych tweaked nodding to the TV Personalities.

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