torn from the roots

Okay enough pretty pop, I’m feeling your want for something extreme, noisy and quite possibly demonic, so let us first apologise to both Invaderband and EurNoVision who, internet glitches and other such like niggling hazards aside, will be arriving here very soon. Apologies also to the Kitsch Magik imprint who’ve been peppering our in box of late with releases, this one by torn from the roots being the latest. Available on a strictly limited cassette – so strictly limited that there are only 6 of them around, anyhow we’ve only had a chance to listen to side A of ‘simulated birth screening A’ – in all honesty we needed a rest from the exposure to the cranium punishing noise gore that encircled our listening space. In all fairness starts of pleasantly and mildly enough, lulling you into a false sense of security before unleashing something truly tormented and tormenting from the bowels of hell and then proceeding for the next 20 minutes or so to procure a festering and scalding rage storm that literally pinned us to the wall. Did we mention the disquieting nature of it all, well we have now, its disquieting. Not, we wouldn’t have thought, ripe for party music unless of course your parties involve fun games like having your head sandblasted.    

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