Admit it, doesn’t this just sneak up on you, maybe it’s the casual lazy eyed aura that smothers it or perhaps its shyly sly approach upon your listening space that translates into something that feels a tad afraid to demand your attention and rather more prefers to stand in the shadows hoping you’ll notice it. This is Viewfinder and a track going by the name ‘born ticking’ which should be emerging shortly on the memorials of distinction imprint – one of those rare wow moments I’m afraid and a cut that doesn’t easily lend itself to being referenced as this, that or the other. Sure enough that said we are hearing the misty faraway tug of a ‘tigermilk’ era Belle and Sebastian, but dig a little deeper, okay leave aside the Dylan bits and what blossoms amid this mellowing slice of deftly toned opining allure is something that forges a sonic kinship with both Nick Drake acolyte Scott Appel and Jackson C Frank.  

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