tiny hazard

Really, just how can you give this apt justice in a description / review, a tough call, unpredictable – perhaps, unhinged – certainly, loveable – without doubt. This is Tiny Hazard who’ve an album coming down the tracks at a fair pace through Ba Da Bing entitled ‘greyland’ from which the audaciously crooked, wired and fried ‘sharkwhirl’ has been peeled off for adoration / annoyance or mere disinterest (delete where applicable), A track where we feel obliged in the applying of the seldom used descriptor ‘zany’ (a word which in all these years of cobbling together ‘reviews’ we can count on one hand, minus the odd finger, the times it’s been called upon in print). In short a brief electro shocking head slapping 101 seconds of teetering high wired roller coasting pop art hysteria with the finest and freakiest vocal gymnastics this side of Lene Lovich underpinned by a melodic backline clearly reading the wrong playlist and no doubt hammering out a totally different song. http://www.brooklynvegan.com/tiny-hazard-releasing-greyland-on-ba-da-bing-stream-sharkwhirl/

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