transmission 13

I’m fairly certain that transmission 13 haven’t thus far had cause to seduce our listening space, it’s an observation which gives us cause for concern because a brief walk through of his / her just released ‘earthbound’ set (a retrospective of sorts featuring material culled over a recording period 2012 – 2016 peppered with three previously unreleased newly peeled suites) reveals an astute sonic awareness of space, timbre and toning, it’s a set that courts with a smoothed nocturnal sophistication, the starry odyssey that is ‘pictures of lakes and buildings’ wallowed in reflective melancholy chimes dreamily with a sepia teased frail fragility that morphs delicately to recall a youthful ‘transience’ era Tex La Homa swapping love notes with any number of folk on the quietly magnificent, though sadly missed Pehr imprint while for us, well we are quite smitten with ‘project echo’ not least because it sounds like some transmission from a forgotten lunar outpost replaying on loop a ghost in the machine collage of secret musical gatherings by Metrotone and Biosphere.  

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