Moving swiftly to something a little lighter and trancier in tone and taste, here’s a little something heading out of the Boring Machines imprint shortly from Divus. According to the liner notes a coming together of jazzcore metal and techno disciplines forging something that by the sounds of ‘A2’ skips, hops and jumps with seamless effort to craft a curiously shapeshifting palette that blends noir glitch, down tempo motifs, skittish technoid tailoring and a dub toned detailing that smokes with an irrefutably chic cool, perhaps it’s the swarthy saxophone, very Ariel Kalma all said and mesmerically seductive to boot. One we suspect for admirers of those taste making early outings on Fat Cat’s celebrated split series not to mention muslim gauze adorers. https://boringmachines.bandcamp.com/album/divus-divus

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